10 things that make cutting and styling hair at home easier

Time for a trim?

5/24/2020 1:33:00 AM

Time for a trim?

Everything you need for a salon-worthy cut without leaving your house.

, you need to feel comfortable and in control of your scissors—which is why our beauty writer suggests this lightweight pair of steel shears. They're ergonomic thanks to their carpal tunnel-proof 3D multifaceted grip handle, while the smooth design allows you to seamlessly alternate between the shears and a small comb in your right hand. A highly lubricated pivot point ensures the shears open and close smoothly and efficiently, so you’re not held back or distracted by a creaking sound. If you make your purchase from Sally Beauty instead of Amazon, you can save hundreds of dollars.

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3. These highly-rated thinning scissorsCredit: ULGcutting mens hair. For starters, it can help remove mass from your mane, giving your cut a sleeker and more well-kept appearance while allowing your scalp some extra breathing room during warmer months. These thinning scissors, boasting over 1,800 reviews on Amazon and a thumbs-up from our expert, feature a sharp Japanese stainless steel razor blade on one side, “sharp knife teeth” on the other that snip off only a small number of strands, and two rubber inserts to comfortably fit the size of your thumb. “Even [good] for a lefty like me. I love the results. Anyone with thick hair should get a pair,” says one reviewer.

4. This multipurpose trimmer for menCredit: Wahlgrooming your facial hair or head hair Read more: USA TODAY »

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