10 Covid-19 cases identified on New Orleans-bound cruise ship

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10 Covid-19 Cases İdentified On New Orleans-Bound Cruise Ship - Cnn

12/5/2021 8:44:00 PM

Ten Covid-19 cases have been identified on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship set to disembark today in New Orleans

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Better add some extra fuel its going to be circling the globe Why the he’ll would anyone be stupid enough to take a cruise ship in the covid area I've always thought maaaaybe one day but now? no thanx And CruiseNorwegian continues to schedule more cruises and won’t allow passengers to request refunds I would never get on such a full ship in this current climate! 3200 people? Most other lines are 30-40% And you have to figure that at least 50 people may have had fake covid cards even on all vaccinate cruises. Low census is better even under the best conditions.

That’s funny, since most of the travelers are vaccinated Why would anyone be not smart enough to not get on a cruise ship. There’s escaping the Covid Rofl Forgive me for saying this, but U R covid-19 or z worst.don't tell us about it

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So let me get this straight...10 covid cases on a cruise...hmmmm. You have to be fully vaxed to go on a cruise....hmmmm...so vax doesn't work....hmmmm...then why do we need to take it? Please explain abdallahcnn I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent TreytonAdam who guided me and help me make a living through crypto with my LUNO app , I recommend you to him now and also be a successful benefactor

5000 people 10 are sick no sh=t Who cares, let’s hear more about what Epstein and his buddies did to all those kids! How? Everyone needs to be vaccinated to cruise . Wake the fuck up people Who will believe CNN anymore? When did the cruise tourism start running again? Bullshit. They have a cold. Stop calling a common cold covid.

Get over it scaremongers!! We have been dealing with COVID19 for 2 years and have to live with this even longer. People will get the infection. Just take precautions that’s all. Cannot stay locked up forever!!

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Sign me up for nope, never going on a cruise again Pls read lol.. Duh…why would you choose to live in a Petri dish…gross shocker 😳 Why would they be allowed to disembark instead of quarantining on the ship Asking for Louisianans Yup it’s going to happen I heard some people drove a car to work today and they had Covid

Estavam todos vacinados a bordo? I heard about this at curling

UK reports 86 new cases of Omicron COVID-19 variant, total 246Britain's health security agency on Sunday reported 86 new cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, taking the total number identified so far to 246. Travel ban should be implemented on UK and other European nations. As Most of the vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers are travelling.

Let’s say for instance, Covid 19 becomes a seasonal virus and let’s say for instance those travelers were already vaccinated minimum 2 times. So, why 2 years later this should be breaking news? When will you stop milking the cow with the honey milk? 🤬🤬 Hopefully they are all republicans!🙏🏽 Sink it!

I'll never get the appeal of cruises. They were kinda suspect even before COVID. What On a cruise ship? Shocking CNN thinks it is so etical that is OK to poach hosts right off the air w/o a heads up to there employer to cover their shift to become the latest CNN employee? It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re Vaccinated or not you will still get COVID-19 and that’s why people feel the way they do about getting the Shots, they say but if you do it’s mild but either way it couldget you.

Everybody was astmpotimatic. Sounds exciting. Well, if it was a cruise for swingers, The positive gonorrhea tests would far outnumber the COVID tests…/s

COVID cases found on Norwegian Cruise ship returning to New OrleansThe cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, departed New Orleans on a weeklong cruise on Nov. 28 and had stops in Belize, Honduras and Mexico, the health agency said. The ship is set to reach New Orleans on Sunday morning, according to its itinerary. People who test positive for COVID-19 will either travel to their homes or self-isolate according to CDC guidelines, the health agency said. This is all they got out of this number what ages and where did they come from and is this tested more then once. Knew of one gal who tested twice neg and then wham pos with home kits? WHY do most get this and recover and yet you get one here or there in 20 30 or 40 who dies?WHY?

It doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not so why mandate it? I know 12 vaccinated people who had covid in the past 10 days. The vaccine does nothing as far as spreading it. Zakaz takich podróży So give them some Ivermectin some Vitamin C and D and other inexpensive treatments and move along. Covid will be around for years. We need to learn to treat it and live with it. Don’t live in fear.

Cruise ships - floating petrie dishes. Quarantine the ship. The floating petri dish, and all of its germy allure, strikes again. 🤢🤒😷🤧🏥 Will they quarantine on the ship? Are we going to start this again? Cruise ships with sick and dying passengers looking for a port? Floating cesspit of disease, I'll be surprised if there is a cruise industry left in ten years.

Leave them all in the middle of the sea ..,

Omicron live updates: COVID outbreak reported on cruise ship docking in New OrleansPres. Biden outlined his plan to fight COVID-19 this winter: — Expand booster access — Expand vaccine access for kids — Free at-home rapid tests — Extend public transit mask requirement — Testing for international travelers Blah, blah, blah - what about making antibody testing available to all? I do not consent to this senseless waste of the American taxpayer dollars! How can Fauci be removed? Logiczne i skuteczne, plus obowiązek szczepień dla każdego

Yet another reason not to imprison ourselves on a tin can.. yup! was expected Why surprised majority of cruises have multiple illnesses Prevention can be a tool used… to spread fear Wow what a surprise Tweet something new. A lot of people are tired of hearing about 10 cases on a ship with 3,200 people. If 400 people died that would be another thing. That 10 people tested positive whoopie doo

I'm sure they won't mind in Louisiana. They don't believe in it anyway. Having a hard time trying to figure that one out hmmmmm...

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