10 Cool New Pop Songs to Get You Through The Week: Alec Benjamin, Dawn Richard, Lauren Jauregui & More

These 10 tracks from artists like Alec Benjamin, Jessie Ware, Lauren Jauregui and Dawn Richard will get you energized to take on the week.

5/3/2021 8:45:00 PM

These 10 tracks from artists like AlecBenjamin, JessieWare, LaurenJauregui and DawnRichard will get you energized to take on the week.

These 10 tracks from artists like Alec Benjamin, Jessie Ware, Lauren Jauregui and Dawn Richard will get you energized to take on the week.

Alec Benjamin, “The Way You Felt”Anger, confusion, self-doubt and frustration are all transmitted through Alec Benjamin’s sweet, lilting voice on “The Way You Felt,” a post-breakup track in which the singer-songwriter sorts through his feelings in real time. The pain feels genuine, and Benjamin’s soothing delivery creates the impression that the shock hasn’t fully registered; in the meantime, programmed drums capably soundtrack his broken heart.

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Niko Rubio, “You Could Be The One”A percussivewhoosharrives when 20-year-old singer-songwriter Niko Rubio utters the phrase “You could be the one!” on her debut single, capturing the dramatic thrill of unsuspecting romance. The kicky pop-rock track allows Rubio’s tone to sink down low and soar skyward, turning into a captivating showcase for the newcomer.

Scarlet Pleasure, “Somebody Else”The long-running Copenhagen trio Scarlet Pleasure has unleashed a rhythmic, skin-hugging groove that manipulates and melts down lead singer’s Emil Goll’s voice, creating an R&B haze best consumed late at night. “Somebody Else” will worm its way into your brain and onto your playlists. headtopics.com

Sofiloud, “Dance You Off”Sofiloud comes from the Lofoten archipelago in Norway and touts “making her music from below the arctic circle” in her bio, yet new track “Dance You Off” is anything but icy, cheerfully deploying its hooks and embracing the pastel-colored synth-pop of the turn of the century.

Jessie Ware, “Please” Come June 11, British pop star Jessie Ware will release the deluxe reissue of her 2020 albumWhat's Your Pleasure? Read more: billboard »

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