10 Biggest Takeaways From Variety’s Music For Screens Summit

.@IronMountain's Lance Podell, discusses how the company organized, digitized and monetized hours and hours of home video footage for the Bee Gees documentary | #VarietyMusicForScreens

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12/7/2021 1:25:00 AM

.IronMountain's Lance Podell, discusses how the company organized, digitized and monetized hours and hours of home video footage for the Bee Gees documentary | VarietyMusicForScreens

As the content universe expands at a rapid clip, music has never been more appreciated as an essential aspect of visual storytelling. That’s the 30,000-foot view of the film and TV music marketplac…

” was still far outside of his comfort zone.Anderson .Paak Dreamed Up ‘Shang-Chi’s’ Epic ‘Fire in the Sky’ With Nothing But A ‘Vague Description’ Of The PlotWhy M. Night Shyamalan Refused To Use Temp Scores On ‘Old’“What is this person feeling in this moment, and what is their perspective? Are we connected to it or not? It’s my job to figure out the puzzle pieces of that,” says Saleka. “I would say the lyrics I was very deliberate about because I wanted it to reflect the relationships and not be too on the nose… But really, it felt so natural to write based off of a script because I was so excited and inspired by it.”

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