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10 best on-screen crushes of 2020 (so far)

So far, so swoon-worthy 💖

7/5/2020 6:30:00 AM

10 best on-screen crushes of 2020 (so far)

So far, so swoon-worthy 💖

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Thus far, 2020 has an excellent track record with on-screen crushes.Over the past six months, plenty of TV and film characters have won our hearts. Whether they seduced main characters center stage or existed on the periphery as background snacks, heartthrobs of all kind have filled our screens and made an otherwise tumultuous start to the decade enjoyable. We're a long way from crowning the biggest fictional catch of 2020, but no reason we can't check-in at the halfway mark to see who has got a fighting chance.

Listed in particular order (because wow, how dare you), here are 10 of the most swoon-worthy on-screen crushes we've fallen for this year.1. John Ambrose inTo All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love YouThecase for John Ambrose McLarenas played by Jordan Fisher was made not with words, but with sounds. At a press screening in January comprised almost entirely of middle-millennials, Fisher’s turn as Lara Jean’s (Lana Condor) latest crush to unearth a love letter elicited gasps from his first moment on screen. The next 90-minutes of teen dream confection in the

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