10,000 dead of coronavirus in USA, more fatalities than six wars combined

10,000 people in the US have died because of the coronavirus, more than the number of battle deaths from six US wars combined

4/6/2020 8:40:00 PM

10,000 people in the US have died because of the coronavirus, more than the number of battle deaths from six US wars combined

U.S. officials have repeatedly likened the coronavirus outbreak to a military struggle, and members of the armed forces have joined in the fight.

Face masks:CDC recommends voluntary use of face masks for public to stem spread of coronavirusOver the weekend, officials warned the coming days would be a major crossroads in efforts to contain the virus.Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Sunday that this week could be the nation's"hardest and saddest" thus far. “This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized," Adams said.

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Virus hot spots arepredicted to see peak deaths this week. Communities that have not seen a major spike in deaths are in a critical window for preventing a major outbreak in the coming weeks."This is the moment to do everything you can. ... This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not going to the pharmacy, but doing everything you can to keep your family and your friends safe," Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said Saturday.

The USA is seeing in excess of 1,000 fatalities per day, a daily toll more than double that of two of America's most deadly illnesses – lung cancer and the flu.There is some good news: Federal health officials said there were signs the outbreak might be reaching its apex in some hard-hit areas such as New York City and Washington state.

Social distancing measures are effective in blunting the spread of the virus, Birx said. Coronavirus patients often have a weekslong battle with the virus, which means death tolls often reflect infections that occurred weeks ago.

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And how many die from the flu every year? That’s just stupid ...and still fewer than one year of swine flu under Obama. USA been involved in false flag wars... No way, when? Gotta answer fow being born whyte, mf's...! Couldn’t find a seventh war with small deaths or did six sound good? Useless stat which demeans all the dead

What about the war against drugs? Stop LYING! You’re passing fear and propaganda news! Very selective in the choice of battles. Come on! nhannahjones FAKE NEWS Fix you’re intellectually dishonest insulting & fear monger ing article. M The virus is what happens when women LostTheir Fear of God, too bad Frightening: and its far from over.

An even higher number of Wisconsins will die, now that they have been forced to break their stay at home order and vote. More blood on the hands of Republicans and now the Supreme court. 647,000 Americans die of heart disease and 480,000 from smoking .. just saying This will easily go down as the stupid tweet of the day & certainly a nominee to stupid tweet of the year MSM in the US is truly a narrative pusher & a war monger. War creates jobs & generates revenue in that industry as well...FMD Oh, it’s invasions & not wars

Trash tweet of the day... nhannahjones Now, do the flu. Wtf are you guys talking about? The sensationalism is getting ridiculous the media is a joke! 40,000-60,000 people die of the flu every year I never see that being compared to battlefield deaths and 9/11. I don’t see the comparison. This is a joke. The Indian Wars? The Mexican War? Yet you show an image of a current soldier as your lead image.

In total, then, the tally is as follows. Some 360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War. Another 407,000 Americans were killed in World War II. - Washington Post. So sad nhannahjones Truth. We have a conspiracy in play called GOP “legislative obstruction” they wrote down their agenda in 1993 &aim to maintain republikkan majority &reject anything any dem has any interest i: GOPTaxScam TrumpIsALoser GOPGenocide -This- the bigget scandal in American history.

Which Wars are these? Iraq, Grenada, Panama, Spanish American War, what else? You can't compare a disease to a war, USA Today. What a horrible fear-mongering headline. What’s next? Comparing auto fatalities to the number of lost soldiers? Journalism is dead. Looking forward to tomorrow’s article that will show these wars were obviously sexist because it only seemed to effect men!!

This is rubbish. Your facts are not correct. Let's start with the American Revolution data...... Utter BS . Almost as many as Hillary whacked. Biological war ? Wtf is wrong with u! So now were past the point of MSM stretching & twisting things Shits just straight up WRONG... Whoever wrote this needs fired.

Still not more than H1N1 victims during Obama's administration, which y'all totally ignored. Today in 'Fun with Statistics '... The WHO says the US leads the world in ladder deaths Just saying Yea add up all our small wars and print a stupid headline Now do the flu, diarrhea, bees, food poisoning. More media fearporn

This is the dumbest headline I have seen since...yesterday? There has been a lot of dumb headlines recently. starting to get used to it. FakeNews and nothing but propaganda You mean more deaths were attributed to Can you do the same exercise for the 2017/18 influenza season that saw 61,000 US deaths? Dramatic much?

10,000 people in the US have died because of the coronavirus, more than the number of battle deaths from six US wars combined The recent statement from General Milley sums up another number, too. Maybe you can make a new comparison with it. 116,516 died in WW1. 405,000 died in WW2. 58,226 died in Vietnam. Your story is a disgrace to them. Your paper is a disgrace to them. Your paper is a disgrace to the truth.

That 10,000 number does not reflect the actual casualties of covid-19. EMTs are being instructed to not rush unresponsive people to overwhelmed hospitals. If a person dies of a heart attack because they couldn't be revived in the field, they are also coronavirus victims. What are you people smoking? Someone needs to go back to school. Not mention having their pot card revoked.

Lmao that’s some fine cherry picking there 😢 Still nothing on where you got that data from huh?... Alright cool. Is that true? More than Civil War, WWI and II, Vietnam, Korea, and Revolutionary War? MikeWil05143583 fear mongers- Abortions in this country are still going on and your ok with them killing babies! Yes a death is terrible!

And you can thank those lying Chinese assholes. They are the money ones to blame. Now do drug overdose. Still a small number compared to the innocent civilians the US has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan This may be the dumbest headline I have ever seen. And that is saying a lot. Really? REALLY? 😳🙄 Who’s the moron that wrote this? 17K Americans died during the H1N1 outbreak 418K Americans died during WWII 58K Americans died in Vietnam 34K Americans died in the Korean War

USA Today puts out Fake Story to create fear and panic! Disgusting! OANN BreitbartNews BlazeTV WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever KAG2020 Chi-na loves our media. ❤ TrashJournalism 🗑 For once people we need to come together, forget our colors, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever, we humans need each other right now. Our biggest problem ? Trump & his followers, believe America, we will prosper, far greater without ( Trump & followers) VOTE DUMP TRUMP

what a deadly hoax turned out to be USA Today is scrapping the bottom of the barrel with news writers. Dont hear you talking about the CDC estimated 24,000-63,000 deaths this season in US from influenza. Right, and half of what the flu killed last year. What a terrible attempt at fear mongering. litapi1 'It's like 15 people (sniff) and soon it will be down to 5 (sniff, sniff) ... and then it will be none .... '

USA Today just got called out for sure OK I'll let my 7 friends that were killed in Iraq know that when I see them again. Glad you got your headline. What a piss poor statement How many people would have died in that time period anyhow? Any figures or “models”? First of all, what 6 ‘U.S. wars’ are you talking about? Our military utilizes unmanned equipment to greatly reduce American casualties. Also, you should list the amount of deaths the other common sickness’s have caused as well. Would put perspective to this fear mongering.

Instead of a sensationalized headline, how about giving perspective in reporting these numbers compared to other causes of death, for example, the seasonable flu, vehicle accidents? How many fatalities would be for vehicle accidents in a year's time? Yet, we still take that risk Is it more than seasonal flu or drug overdoses?

battle deaths of whom? Ok, this virus is a major issue but this headline is absolute stupidity. This is shit journalism that might technically be true but let's not spread more fear than what we already have. Idiotic. Nice click bait, what a sham organization. Today for History NeverForget 911 Coronavirus Truth Coronavirustruth

Let's call this piece what it really is dishonest sensationalism intended to manipulate the emotions of everyday good Americans. So utterly off point and irrelevant. Just like HIV / AIDS deaths anyone Anyone? Lies!!! To say that 10,000 deaths is more than 6 wars combined is SENSATIONALISM. 60,000 died in Vietnam alone. 400,00 in WW2. Yellow Journalism.🤬😡

Fake news! Take this shit down. 620 million from the civil war. 58,000 from drug overdose. So sad :( Our president is terrible! ok this is just stupid at this point. this isn’t journalism Just out of curiosity how many deaths occurred in the United States from the flu in the year 2020? That would be a good comparison of how deadly this current virus is

You didn't know it but it's not one battle IT'S A WAR!!! War of 1812 50,000 dead Mexican–American War 17,435 Dead Civil War 655,000 dead World War I 320,518 dead World War II 1,076,245 dead Korean War 128,650 dead Vietnam 211,454 dead Afghanistan 22,266 dead Iraq War 36,710 dead Top-notch fearmongering headline

A really really irresponsible headline/title. “if it bleeds it leads/reads”. THIS is why you guys as journalists take flack and then wanna defend yourselves as if to say “what !? Just doing my job here” Lol what a ridiculous click bait headline. Media need to be called out for this type of crap If you are going to use your platform to cause misery and despair lets put ur stupidity into context. Battle of Normandy 29,204 dead Meuse-Argonne Offensive 26,277 dead Battle of the Bulge 19,276 dead Central Europe Campaign 15,009 dead Battle of Okinawa 14,000 dead

What a disgustingly framed headline. Who approves this stuff. Or even influenza...try that stat please huh? Limited to create a headline - why not spent energy to help during this time rather create headlines to push your agenda? Message from the one who predicted coronavirus. Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. He was one of about a hundred people in the country studying the coronavirus full-time.

Someone needs to recheck their math last time I checked our battle deaths in WW 2 was over 200,000 Yet still much less than Veterans who committed suicide, the flu on any given year, and the amount of automobile deaths on any given year. Where is the outrage and support for those things? Perspective Veterans VeteransForBernie VeteransAgainstTrump

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News COVID19 Coronavirus Health Medical Americas Wish our friends well on their journey. We love you. Now do the flu. That is a dumb comparison ClaraJeffery Thanks to realDonaldTrump leadershit It's really sad.Stay strong,do something

nhannahjones This headline is terrible. These are not “battlefield casualties.” This is a catastrophe caused by a completely inept “response” from the federal government. Stay safe Follow the money. * Michael Cohen sold WH access to Norvartis for $1.2M * Trump met with CEO Vasant Narasimhan in January * Giuliani bought 2M Shares in Feb & promoted heavily on Fox News * 28M doses of hydroxychloroquine purchased by U.S. TrumpCrimesAgainstHumanity

🤔 Comparing Apples and Oranges again? But the models said, 300,000 - 200,000 - 100,000....? CCP virus, CCP bio-weapon, take the regime down. If your “news” stories have come to this, I am curious when you’ll start reporting on how the JV Football team is doing - seeing you’re reduced to the equivalent of a High School newspaper

how about last year's flu? We had 34.200 deaths! China 🇨🇳 SUCKS What a dumb comparison. All to sensationalize and get clicks.

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Infectious disease expert's plan to crush coronavirus in 10 weeks'If we are in this as a war, we should be in it to win,' says Harvey Fineberg, fmr. Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. 'To win we have to do a great deal more than we are doing.' We’re doomed. We have been in a shooting war for almost 20 yrs. I wish we would act accordingly for it too. Citizens who lost health coverage in past 2 weeks due to economic collapse: USA 3,500,000 Australia 0 Belgium 0 Canada 0 Chile 0 Denmark 0 Finland 0 France 0 Germany 0 Greece 0 Hungary 0 Italy 0 Japan 0 New Zealand 0 Norway 0 Portugal 0 S Korea 0 Spain 0 Sweden 0 Turkey 0 UK 0