1 Killed, 1 Injured After Vehicle Careens Into Protesters In Seattle

Summer Taylor, one of two demonstrators who was struck by a car while protesting in Seattle, has died. The second protester, Diaz Love, remains in serious condition.

7/5/2020 10:00:00 AM

Summer Taylor, one of two demonstrators who was struck by a car while protesting in Seattle, has died. The second protester, Diaz Love, remains in serious condition.

Police have the driver in custody, but no motive has been given. Videos on social media depict the vehicle apparently swerving into a group of protesters on a freeway overnight.

Updated 2:30 a.m. ET SundayOne person has been killed and one hospitalized in serious condition, after a vehicle barreled past a police barrier and into protesters on a freeway overnight in Seattle.24-year-old Summer Taylor died Saturday evening at Harborview Medical Center, according hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg. Diaz Love, 32, remains in serious condition.

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Washington State Patrol said Saturday that the driver of thewhite Jaguar sedan, a 27-year-old man, is in custody. At this point, officers have not offered a motive, though Capt. Ron Mead said officers believe the suspect was not impaired.At a news conference early Saturday, Mead did not offer further details on how authorities believe the man bypassed a police closure to reach the victims. But he warned that the incident offers a stark lesson for protesters.

"My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate," he said,"because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple." Read more: NPR »

Why sfs peaceful protests becoming lethal in America? “Domestic terrorism” not being properly denounced by our POTUS? Why? Lets look on the bright side. They got free flying lessons! well, anyone with EYES can clearly see the CC footage of the accident. BLM protestors blocked off a highway. when the car went around the blockade, several protestors threw themselves at the car to martyr themselves. They failed, They should be paying for the repairs +AND.

Dawit Kelete is a criminal and a coward for fleeing the scene he caused. He was traveling at high speed, on a shallow curve and came upon cars in the middle of the road, he has fractions of a second to react, he decides to take the gap to his right, a gap occupied by protesters, probably didn't even know people were there until it was too late.

Let the driver go. BLM needs to be stopped let him go 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏☦️ Can we get some pogs in the chat Interstate 5 🤦‍♀️of course! What a great place to 'protest' I mean what could possibly happen on an Interstate? TRAFFIC!!! Ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer. NO SUPRISE, protesters out protesting a dead protester ON I-5 💩4️⃣🧠

So the victim was what, and the driver was what? I can see why the Libs are perplexed When are protesters going to rally against senseless deaths and destruction! When are they going to say to their brothers accept responsibility! Clean up your neighborhood, stop the killing there. Change starts at home with YOU!

Did the car jump the curb and hit they or were they in the streets again They was later arrested for impersonating a rag doll. Funny how the media makes every attempt to make it seem like an accident when a black man runs down and kills someone, but if a white person does it they are labeled a terrorist and given 400 years in prison? Oh it must be white privilege and all that systemic racism.

Against the law to protest on interstate because it is dangerous. Whoever lead protest there should be held responsible. Protest and follow the laws. Stay safe. No one wants to admit the driver was African American, why's that? Rip... to this mans grille like how is it going to get fixed if he is in jail 😥😥

anyone saying “standing in the middle of the road leads to getting run over” ooooh I better not see you crossing a street never smh You guys be pro lifers screaming about how 'every life matters😌' but this girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time and suddenly she deserved to die? The fuck? She got what she fighter for this deserved it

Reeeeal vague on the details of the driver huh? Y’all are going way out of your way to not use pronouns. The driver was a black man from Africa. The pedestrian was a white man. The driver was a black man from Africa. The pedestrian was a white man. The driver was a black man from Africa. The pedestrian was a white man. The driver was a black man from Africa.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes THE “Don’t walk in the road” guys have a point. Of course, the point is that they’re all ASSHOLES!!! Too bad Does have the information on the driver of the vehicular manslaughter Please idiots, tell us why you’re protesting, because your “protests” have caused more deaths than cops caused in ten years, so it’s clearly not about lives mattering. Boredom?Social Media Attention? Insignificant people feeling powerful for the first time in life?Please tell us.

Rest in power! ✊🏾 Won't be in vain. Won't be forgotten. First they stop the car, then rock it, then break the windows, then pull out the driver and seriously injure that person. The pattern is the same. The driver had no choice but to keep moving. People who play in the street inherit stupid prizes. Good

JohnLWeitzel1 ? Wow! That last paragraph was pure conspiracy conjecture. When are you gonna look into Antifa, or at least pretend to be unbiased? I used to donate to NPR and KUOW. Done w/that! Sad to see, but really! why would you stand on a freeway in front of a car Whoopee doo. Stop standing in the roads idiots. If divers are suddenly diving on the sidewalks picking off protesters that's one thing... Congregating on byways and hyways anytime in the day is really really stupid

My mom taught me when I was very young that I was not to play out in the street. This happens when you either didn't get this lesson or you chose to ignore it. NPR: “Dammit, this fuck out propaganda this week...a black man accidentally hits and kills a white girl at a reckless BLM party in the middle of a highway late at night...How can we twist this into a Trump hit piece?”

Roads are not places for protesting. It's fucking stupid and who would even be watching them and listening to what they have to say at that time of night anyway. They wanted to be an inconvenience to people and payed the price. Haha Dont riot on the Interstate in black clothes at 1:30 AM in the morning. They should have never been there. My fcking tax dollars are going for your garbage.

Poor car But if it had been a white guy in the car their headline would have said WHITE man kills 2 BLM protestors. She should probably stay out of the highway at night. 'SUMMER Taylor' of 'Diaz LOVE' Strange coincidence. summeroflove colintdwyer npr Just read your story. Can't figure out how you connected this story to extremists. Good journalism uncover a link btw Dawit Kelete & right-wing extremists? Or does you journalism merit no link?

A guy like that shouldn’t even be able to make it to the police station , should’ve beat him to death before the cops intervene Omg . Summer too a beating on that poor ole kitty (jaguar) There was NO MOTIVE on the part of the driver. There was A Motive on the part of the Anarchists Summer Taylor, Diaz Love and the other anarchists on the hwy that night to impede everyone else from moving freely, going about their normal lives.

Would the headline read different if a white man killed a black woman? Are people going to demand he be charged with a hate crime!? 😥🙏🏾 No f*cks were given. Children shouldn’t play in traffic. blm doesn’t mean be quiet & look away when a blk person commits a crime. Blk people just want to be treated equally in the eyes of the law. He killed & seriously injured ppl at the end of the day. He can go to jail for that. BlackLivesWillStillMatter Oh and DefundThePolice 🙂

Dont play in the road These are not peaceful protestors. People are getting tired of these socialists being coddled by government officials, while allowing them to terrorize law abiding citizens. The media, left, Antifa and BLM are pushing a race war. So a white person protesting BLM gets run over by a Black person ... DickHeadsKeepProtesting

Was the driver white ? A white girl protesting for BlackLivesMatter is purposely run over and killed by a black man. Soon BLMTerrorists will be marching against his imprisonment. Racism comes in ALL colors. I don’t think BlackLiesMatter they’re no different spreading hatred than the KKK. .k..M .PMPMP m .

It was the car's fault. Ban cars!!! Both sides are in the wrong imo. The driver is obviously an idiot and should be impisoned, but I have no idea why they didn’t make more of an effort to get out of the way? Like they could’ve easily avoided that car but instead they ran into the only path it could’ve came from

Meanwhile the leader of CHAZ, who was arrested with a stolen vehicle and eluding police, which is a felony, is released on his own recognizance. Too bad the driver is Black. Lol, too bad. Don't play on the freeway idiots Well, well, go figure. Yeah, that’s what happens when you stand/sit on a road or highway used for moving vehicles.

Great news Sorry for her family's loss but why were protesters allowed on a major roadway? Whoever signed off on that responsible also. Play stupid games win stupid prizes When did 'EASTERN AFRICAN' men start being referred to or called a 'Luxury Car' by the media Imagine if the driver was white, with South Carolina license plates? The news would've made it all about racism, especially if the women wasn't your average white woman like Summer.

I wonder if she is thinking this was a bad bad idea. Not talking down her death but come on how dumb does a group of people have to be to wear dark clothing block a freeway with cars around a curve then act shocked when you get hit... then blame a political group for it i thought the tide pods weeded most these people out

That's a whole lot of very cowardly passive voice in that tweet and headline, NPR. Do better. Good Black people driving luxury cars can’t get a break Stop protesting in the streets! It looks like the Ds are killing off their base. TeaTheScout damn I hope that car gets arrested Killed by black guy, blm supporter, justice

Shouldnt be protesting illegally on an interstate where traffic is moving at a high rate of speed.and when its dark to boot. SUSPECT? I think not mollyclark, off duty police officer, badge 5677 made two attempts at vehicular homicide prior to this incident and walked away from scene with help from corrupt SPD. There must be charges.

This is why protest should be done in parks not on the freeway. This death was totally avoidable. This only goes to show you that you should take your protest to your elected leaders front yard not to We the People Get off the freeway God bless the 2 people hit by this man. I pray this man has an epiphany about his attitude and actions. 1TermTrump BLM

White dupremacists at work! Since they have 100% support of the president, who considers protesters as vermines, therefore People be careful out there! Was the car ok? Yeah AND the Fake News does not emphasise the Driver was black BUT if he had been white........ Doing the lords work When u make bad choice shit happens

Natural selection at work. Thank you, Mr. Darwin. 👍😊😎 SummerTaylor BlackLivesMatter seattleprotests seattleprotest Black man trying to get to work..accidentally hit people protesting on the Hwy. There ..fixed ur bullshit headline. Again..lesson.. dont play on freeways. They got hit because the retards were playing on the freeway and an unaware driver was forced to make emergency moves to avoid hitting illegally abandoned vehicles in the traffic lanes

The driver was a black man. Fact Good Yes and guess what ... the luxury car was not being driven by a “white” Person. Of course - no one mentions that aspect of the whole conversation. Be honest and tell everyone that people are not comfortable with all of these protests - despite your reporting otherwise

Oh well The car was driven by black man, all the articles are written to make it seem like some white supremacy group drove the car. Fake news You mean trying to illegally shut down a highway. You talk so much about what the car did, yet it's inanimate. Please properly refer to the DRIVER'S actions. This matters. As you've written this headline and article, you're helping perpetuate this nasty culture of excusing drivers for vehicular violence. Bad reporting.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Seems some people are incapable of learning the basics. certainly a tragic story, but who closes freeways for protests? seems the fault of Seattle's mayor or WA governor. why do BlackLivesMatter only when a white cop kills a black man resisting arrest, but doesn't matter when blacks kill other blacks by the dozens every week?

Well play stupid games win stupid prizes These comments are vile. You're really going to blame the woman for this? Take a long, hard look at yourselves. Poor babies lol Good get the fuck out the road. What does protesting in the road do for you that a park wouldn't do. New headline : entitled black man kills white girl

My mom always told me be careful for traffic. Seems like reasonable advice Get out the road DontPlayinTraffic The headline should be 'A protestor, who was blocking a highway where we ALL have the right to drive, ....' All cars paint jobs matter Don't protest on a highway for everyone's safety. Well they refused to say “all lives matter”, and called whoever said “all lives matter” racist, so I guess her life doesn’t matter to them because she ain’t black. I feel sorry for her tho because for me ALL LIVES MATTER.

Thank god someone finally ran them down stay off the streets people have the right not to be falsely imprisoned by you blocking and preventing them from leaving the replies are satanic Laws that always have repercussions ... the laws of physics ... they know no bounds As tragic as this is, get out of the road!!! This could have been prevented.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. The guy driving was black that’s an important detail Antifa lives don’t matter. Did she learn nothing from Heather Heyer's death? The BLM movement only gains momentum with the spilling of white blood! Why isn't main stream media giving the details of the driver... Is it because he's black... 'White Protestor on Highway hit by Black Man driving car'.... Yea... wouldn't look good for your Narrative.

It makes me happy that she died, should've stayed out the road dumb bitch ☺ It is sad that a woman died, but dont for gods sake protest on a highway or freeway. The world is shitty enough right now without people interfering with the lives of others who just want to work a 9-5 and the go home. Use a road in town, otherwise your at risk

If I had to ...... Story has died because driver was BLACK ! remember when we were more shocked by this? like running over a group of people was basically considered a terrorist attack? The driver Only black lives matter is what I heard. Unless it’s now all lives matter. Protesting on a baracaded Highway with no one around to see the protest at 2 am seems kinda useless anyway.

So sad!😢😢💔 There is too much hatred in this old World! My Sincere Condolences to this Beautiful Soul's Family!🙏🏾🙏🏾 Or 'Citizen killed while dancing on highway' 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Should never had been on a highway to begin with. Her cause killed her not the the Driver! Notice the Color of the driver isn't even noted here? WHY? Doesn't push the agenda or paint the narrative they want!

Another life lost and another victim of the BLM movement. BLM? where's the outcry for this? it was a black man that killed her but ya dont see looting do ya? Now if the protestors standing in the middle of the freeway at night was hit by a car with a white driver, this would be a very different headline

DON'T STAND OR BLOCK The FRICKEN ROAD YOU BUNCH OF DUMBASS'S Always look both ways when walking in the middle of a freeway 🤦🏿‍♂️ There is a long list of names of people dead, raped, victims of violence, from this so called Peaceful Protest. I’m a strong believer of Peaceful Protest, but this protest has only encouraged death and destruction. Very sad 😞 horrible to watch as a mom.

Somehow, this will get blamed on the police... Oh well. No flashing lights to warn that the highway had been blacked off. All the 'protesters' wearing dark clothes walking on a 4 lane highway. What did they expect? This is tremendously sad. Glad they got the idiot driver!!! I hope Diaz makes it Roads are for cars

Rest in peace. Don't play in traffic! The Irony of a BLM protester being struck and killed by a black male driver If the driver were white, certain we would have been told that a few hundred times by now RIP Meanwhile the people not standing in the middle of a road weren’t killed. That evil, evil car!!! So I have this correct, a black male driver purposely drove through a police barricade and ran over and killed a white girl, at a black lives matter protest Let that sink in for a minute........

Am I the only one that doesn’t believe the road was closed? The video of the incident looks like protestors created a deadly situation by attempting to close the freeway. Also digesting the car was speeding is inaccurate. It’s like the only thing they got right was she died. Oh my God this is terrible. To lose the life of a 3 year old toddler. So young. Sad.

Target and Starbucks thanking God right now is a white person killed by a black person and not the opposite.🔥🔥🔥🔥 Shouldnt of been out on a major highway! People need to get to places more important than their little dances on the highway! Play on the highway win stupid prizes 🤷 Mom taught me not to play in the street

Good... peaceful protester my ass NPR, once again sympathizing for idiots. Sad that she died but if the driver was in fear of those terrorists he had every right to drive through and I am sure others would do the same You misspelled struck by a black driver “Call 911, call 911” don’t they want to defund the police? They should be saying “call a social worker to ask the bad man why he ran my friend over”

stop playing on the highway and you won't get hit! One TERRORIST,ANARCHIST,DOWN, TOO MANY MORE, TO GO 🗽 Interstate hwy parties suck. Don't be on an interstate at night dummies.....my condolences for her family but that was not the brightest idea Thank goodness some of these morons are getting what they deserve. Stay out of the road.

Standing i n the road isnt protesting. Another sad, tragic loss of human life 😞 Rip, and the p stands for piss if you don't know what that means 🖕🖕🖕 Lesson learned. Keep your children in the parks, playgrounds and off the Highways. Condolences to her family and friends My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family of Summer Taylor and the injured person and to Summer for giving her life for an important but thankless cause. We’re fortunate to have courageous people to speak out against injustice and inequality. Many complain.Summer took action

They should be ticketed for impeding traffic The victim's names include 'Summer' and 'Love'. What are the odds of that? You forgot to mention the driver is a young black man. MayorJenny SummerOfLove Omg who would have ever thought playing in the road could lead to being hit by a car !!! Darwin award goes too. . .

Why are they on I-5? WHITE LIVES MATTER! It’s horrible she died but what are these fools doing “protesting” on a highway? I mean at some point you have to wonder if these people ever actually think. Domestic terrorism. Driven by a black man. Play stupid games on the freeway. Win stupid prizes. Hopefully this will keep the retards from mobbing on the freeways.

LOL! You play foolish games you win foolish prizes. DefundNPR Read the whole article and not one mention to the fact the driver was a blackperson interesting 🧐 Killed by a black man...while dancing on an Interstate...wearing black...at night...BLMTerroristMarxists Play stupid games 💁🏻‍♀️ Then stop dancing in the middle of the damn road like a bunch of tards. What the hell they think was gonna happen. Plus if BLM is such a great thing where the fuck are they during this? I mean wasn’t she supporting them? And they don’t give a shot about her. StayOutOfRoad

From what I'm reading, everyone on Twitter is wondering why you showed a photo of the victim and not the perpetrator, comments? Why are they closing highways to let protestors on them in the first place My god. Why does this happen. Dude needs to be arrested 😡this and more will continue unless we stop this craziness 😡

This is so sad. R.I.E.P 💜🙏🏽 Stay off the express way and you will not be run over. Only wish he had taken out a lot more of them...😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎 Good for her. Is the car okay? This is extremely sad and extremely upsetting. RIPSummerTayler Rest in Power sister HateCrime That’s what messing around on roads do 🤷🏻 yes someone died and that’s horrible but I’m not gonna feel bad for stupidity

DAWITKELETE say his name Funny how every Liberal on here keeps saying what does it matter what his skin color is. When that is ALL that matters to you. If it didn't matter so many wouldn't have blamed a 'white supremacist Trump supporter' once again before knowing any actual facts. haha If you are walking on the interstate at night you are not protesting. You are just stupid.

Stay off the f*cking road. No sympathy Stand in a road like an idiot what did she expect It is never acceptable to wrongfully take someone's life. This violence needs to stop... But I can't help but see the contrast. When someone supports the protests is harmed, all hell breaks loose. But when some doesn't support the protests is killed by someone in the group, nah!?

If you think the media wasn’t planning to connect this to white supremacy and link it to the Charlottesville incident you’re kidding yourself. Race war averted, try next time CNN FakeNewsMedia So sad she died BUT what was she doing in the street? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Play stupid games on the freeway..... Expect stupid prizes. Sorry, not sorry.

Driver was a black man— nothing to see here. Move along. Irionicly killed by a black man. Just like 80% of All homicides. Who hit them Oh Dear... next! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! They are all dumbasses for being on the freeway, even if it was closed Maybe stop “protesting” in the middle of highways at nighttime . Ever think of that one ?

Maybe don't dance around on the freeway The driver just wanted to play GTA in real life. Or the early stages of the walking dead. When numbers of the infected are still low. I believe that they self-identified as a speed bump Jesus christ, why? I'm sorry but I don't have sympathy I'm actually finding it quite amusing.

People are really blaming the victims what the hell Natural selection eliminates defective species Mayyyyybe get the fuck out of the road The blood is on your hands too No better way to get support for your cause than stopping/delaying people from getting where they're going amirite Hit or Miss,I guess they never Miss huh,you got a shit point of view,I guess I'm gonna hit ya

People in these comments are disgusting and clearly did not read what happened . Rest in Power Summer. I cannot believe the hateful comments I’m reading about this beautiful soul SummerTaylor that got killed during their peaceful protest. blmseattle It sucks when a life lost. May The souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. That said play stupid games win stupid prizes. This is not a game of 'frogger'. Be smart SummerTaylor

It sucks when a life lost. May The souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. That said play stupid games when stupid prizes. This is not a game of 'frogger'. Be smart SummerTaylor I hope they catch the driver and throw away the key DownloaderBot But she's not black. 2020 is almost over I hope 2021 isn't worse

Death in custody, police brutality are not right, but isolated, non systematic, not discriminatory against any group of citizens. BLM is just a devisive blow up. It's a shame, EPL, F1 support it. F1 premierleague 10DowningStreet What?! A white 'ally' killed by a black man? If we follow the same lefty GUN logic then it's not the PERSON who killed her it's the CAR, so we need CommonSenseCarLaws Maybe only police should have cars? No wait, we're defunding them. Right?

Nice car The driver is black it’s all good Are you anarchists happy now? How many more Black kids must die before you stop supporting these terrorists acts? When is enough enough? The all lives matter people will be here any minute now. Folks get off the highway in the dark the driver did it on purpose but get off of the Hwy stay safe this young lady did not need to die.

Good and nothing of value was lost Commies arent people. why should i care? Highway no place to protest Lesson learned.... Stay off the roads blm/antifa a$sho!es Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Murder 1 nothing less! Oh no. Sorry no sympathy. You do not protest on the street. VirginiaLRoss5 In the middle of a freeway? Sad indeed. Parents: teach your children not to play on a highway...at night...dressed in black... and not looking for oncoming traffic.

Hmm don’t care Get a permit before you plan to organize a protest on a Federal Interstate Highway Should be more of this. Hey how about reporting about all the black deaths causes by blacks in Seattle! Since George Floyd's Death more blacks have been killed by other blacks claiming 'bLAcK liVeS mAtTeR' than cops so far. How about reporting those types of racist double standards.

It’s a road not a walkway! People don’t belong on the road! That's what you get for playin in the street!! 😍 lol Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 🤣😂 I’ll save ya a click: people stood on a highway and were hit by a car. Rest in power Summer Taylor. Tell your story to the angels, how you were fighting to make the world a better place. You will always be remembered Summer.

A black man driving a Jag killed a white Marxixt BLM supporter, but the headline said a luxury car killed her. What a shame STOP my conservative friends. Watch the video. The road was closed. Call things the way they are. This was deliberate. Telling the truth.. good bad or ugly is what makes us different. Evil guy did evil thing. Period.

Natural selection taking its course Pink hair, Dont care. Stop playing in the highway at night while wearing all black. Driver was black. This bored white girl ruined his life. black lives matter. This is what Trump's America's greatness is all about. This is the new GOP. They hate the rest of us. So a white protester was killed supporting BLM by a being run down by a black man?

Fact: Multiple signs stated it was illegal for pedestrians to be on the highway Fact: The road wasn’t actually officially blocked the police only set up barricades in meaner hope that the protestors would stop illegally blocking the road. Fact: They were wearing black at 1am. And the driver was black. NPR left that out. Doesnt fit their agenda.CNN MSNBC NBCNews ABC CBSNews

Nice car Press S TO SPIT The driver was just trying to get somewhere. Standing in the highway is dangerous! I really hope they don’t screw this man over to further a narrative. Lmao Lmao Her life mattered. A total construct...The Summer of Love.. turns into Summer dies and Love lives on...good lord. You all are ridiculous. This was murder. Read the article and do some research before commenting stupid stuff. Imagine saying “play stupid games win stupid prizes” to their families. I hope karma gets you all.

Bye Bye Felecia I guess it was the SUMMER of LOVE It was NOT two protestors who got hit, NPR! Get it right! It was at least 4. A nonbinary being has multiple genders, hence multiple persons in one body. They are referred as 'they'. You're disrespecting peaceful protestors just having fun and dancing on the freeway. BLM

Yellow journalism again. Forget to mention they were on a freeway The driver should sue the protesters for attempted murder. BLACK man KILLS WHITE WOMAN. nice, All Protestors Are Bastards 👍 Well that's what happens when you block traffic.... I guess these people didn't learn as a child to watch out for cars...? Shouldn't have been standing in the middle of the street I guess huh

That poor car. Let that be a lesson to not stand in the middle of a freeway at night, it doesn’t surprise me that the left wing media is trying to spin this to make these two idiots sound like they were in the right. It is illegal to stand in the middle of a freeway. Y aren’t ppl protesting the kids getting shot in the chop zones or the gun violence in nyc or anything else bcus they want trump out of office that’s wat it’s about

Lol one less dumbass...block the interstate, get run over..that's darwinism in action Shit on. Oh well nevermind She deserved it for marching for a dead criminal. BLM is a racist movment and they even have white slaves brainwashed into their phony cause. She died for nothing while spreading hate agaist white cops. She is in hell now

Well don't wear dark clothes at night or stand behind a 6ft+ tall van where no one can see you.. The BLACK MAN that MURDERED the protestors tried to escape- he was chased by a protestor for a mile and blocked. Black man was a murderer and a coward. She deserved it for marching for a dead criminal. BLM is a racist movment and they even have white slaves brainwashed into their phony cause. She died for nothing while spreading hate agaist white cops. She is in hell now.

anyone else watching the video on repeat? i guess not enough cops blocking the freeway...theyve been defunded So what does protesting actually solve on this world,the answer absolutely nothing ppl still gunna hate no matter what you do! Good Where are all the liberals with their stayhome hashtag now? 🤦🏼‍♀️

If you're in the street expect to be hit.... Pretty sure we all learned this concept as children. Weird that NPR didn't show a photo of the driver on the tweet headline 🤦🏻‍♂️ Her mom was just kidding when she told her to “go play in traffic” Maybe next time people won’t “protest” on a fuckin’ freeway I am dismayed and disgusted by so many of the responses here. Stunned, really. Just smh. People think they are being clever. No. You really aren’t. This is tragic.

'one of two (highway) demonstrators' Well that is manslaughter, so no voting for that Trumper at least... Bunch of psychopaths, God. GovInslee MayorJenny SUMMER OF LOVE ☮️✌️☮️✌️ Duuuuhhh! What do you think happens when you stand on a street designed for automobiles. Can these people be any more stupid?

Don’t play on the freeway don’t get hit by a car. Really shouldn’t need to be said. FYI: It wasnt a police barrier, im saying this because NPR is trying to fuel the fire. RIP Why I believe in the death penalty Imagine it was your daughter Imagine your daughter was doing the right thing Imagine your daughter was not a racist Imagine your daughter went the extra mile for a cause she believed in IMAGINE GOING TO THE MORGUE TO IDENTIFY YOUR DAUGHTER !

But you don’t report about the dozen plus black men killed during the BLM protests? BiasedMedia tedcruz Freedom drivers or terrorists? by a Black guy. Where are the protests ? Capt. Ron Mead...warned that the incident offers a stark lesson for protesters. 'My hope is...protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate, because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple.' Won’t. You mean, you WON’T guranteed it.

Shit was mad funny Honestly incredible how narrow minded and disgusting people can be. A person died violently but who cares, they’re on the other side so it shouldn’t matter. But y’all wanna try and “Blue Lives” and “All lives” people. So this person’s life didnt matter huh? Hello? Morons.🗿😂 Womp womp.

W Just think, somebody was enough of a jackass to tell these people to go play in traffick at night wearing all black, and they were stupid enough to actually do it. any lessons learned? She should never have been there , she brought death upon herself, how stupid can a person be? It’s not about BLM it’s about bringing down a duly elected president, and these sheep’s are following these orders blindly , some are even paid to protest,and paying with their lives.

No matter what happened potential for a tragedy is real. Bank robbers, any criminal with police in pursuit, terrorist or DUI can come through and inadvertently cause this. Interstate is no place for a social gatherings. Even when it most likely won't happen there's always chance. Tip: Get out the street

Things4WhitePpl this is about the video you tweeted just FYI Buh-bye. One less dunce. 💔 Oh well. Support Marxist terrorists, bad things happen. Stay out of the street. No one is going to let terrorists surround their car anymore. Only black lives matter. She was white, so why is this story even getting press? Her life didn't matter, even to her.

Cars don't hit people on their own, drivers hit people. Please change this title Lol That's what you get for playing in the freeway. You gotta be dumb af to do this protesting bs and especially on a road... lol people think it really makes a difference, it’s just making things worse... Very interesting is this what the MayorJenny was talking about Summer of Love? She is as sick as they get!

Summer of love. Aight. I'm not even beleivin y'all anymore. Natural selection is a bitc$. Idiots stay out of the road...👍👍 You live and learn. Oh... wait. She gone and one less idiot blocking highways More should get run over so they stop ruining our cities Don’t you mean: Two White BLM protestors struck by Black driver. One dies. ACAB to investigate.

Welp. Now protesters should know to stay off the fuckin interstate! No disrespect to the person who died at all but wtf are you doing protesting anything period on a road where majority of the cars are going at least 60? Anyone mad at the man who hit the 2 people shouldn’t be. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I'm sorry but it is not smart to be on a dark hwy. Her loss was total stupidity on her part.

Stay off the road problem solved. why does a couple dozen people dancing on a freeway get to deprive the rest of the people from using that freeway? seattleriots seattle SummerTaylor Black Drivers Matter Roads are for driving cars, not for protestors🤷‍♀️. Try a sidewalk if you want to go home after, the entitlement of these people is mind numbing.

Or,black man runs over young white women. That would be a truthful description BLM killing their own now. Sad. What a shock, for some reason the race of the driver is irrelevant. I wonder why 🤔 Freeways are for cars. The car won. Surely the driver was a white Trump supporter? Pray tell, NPR GET OFF THE STREET ! You should've listened to your mom.

Did you mention the driver was Black? protestcrossing sign needed? The driver of the vehicle was a black man. Good riddance. They 100% deserved it. someone needed some better parenting for sure STOP PROTESTING ON HIGHWAYS!! Self-indulgent behavior that only serves to make everyone else angry at you, regardless of your cause. Stupid childish behavior got someone killed.

Hey dummy was it worth it? Wait, you can't answer now. It's sad This is sad & tragic. But I'm not understanding why protesters are on the Interstate, or why Interstate is closed to drivers. Mayors are making dangerous, irresponsible decisions. An 8 year old was killed in Atlanta because the Mayor allowed protesters to occupy Wendy's. Crazy.

The highway is for cars! Sidewalk for walking. Keep off the freeways. Thats not protesting. Thats blockading and they people should be charged! Not the driver *rioter in dark highway. Dear NPR. Please retract your fake news story or I will file a lawsuit against your company for a slander and libel. fakenews purposelyskewed

She should not have been in the street in the first place. First of all that s*** has nothing to do with black lives matter Hate too say this but it’s so true. if the guy that hit her, If he was white there would be a lot more coverage of this. Also this happened: Also DefundNPR Stay off the highway and this won’t happen. The highway is no place for anyone to protest, especially in the dark. There’s still rules for protesting. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Too bad, so sad.

Pagain, this is so sad. all the condolences to her family and friends. So, since you found out it was a black dude that hit these two protesters the vehicle 'careened'?. Not the hyperbole bullshit language you would use had it been a white dude or even a black Trump supporter, right? Msm are disingenuous, unethical pieces of filth!!

Yea, I unfortunately scrolled to see this on instagram. Pretty fkn graphic. Quickly. Anything to divert from the little 8-year old killed in Atlanta by BLM protesters How is cnn gonna twist this SUMMER Taylor and Diaz LOVE? “Summer of Love” as MayorJenny said.. Ok, I get it. Good When I was a little mom told me to stay out of the street she must of forgotten that

Ummm...I don't even have the words. AMERICA grapples with racial injustice? Hmmm? What does that have to do with a black driver accidently hitting soneone? The driver was not speeding. You said the interstate had been shutdown for the protest. By who? Journalism is dead. Well... She won't the prize by paying the price.

I still to this day don’t play in the middle of interstates. Disgusting. That road had been closed the past 19 days. This was intentional. MayorJenny: Now that it’s game over for these gender-fluid Froggers, and given how CHOP ended in a hail of bullets and puddles of black men’s blood, can we now say the time of Summer and (likely) Love has finally expired?

You know who also died that you didn’t memorialize? His name is HoraceLorenzoAnderson Guess she shouldn’t have been illegally in the road... protester think they can do, say, be wherever they want... I taught my kids to not play on the highway when they were 5 years old. This is what happens when you play in traffic.

She didn’t deserve to die for supporting what’s right. what the fuck is going on Darwinism at work Natural selection My heart goes out to their families; this is a terrible thing Learn to put yourself in a safe position. I’m sorry for the death but realize what your situation is. Sacrifice for what? No one’s opinion changed.

that happens when you act stupid lmao A protester wouldnt be standing in all black, blocking a major Interstate freeway off with their cars at 2am in morning. FakeNews FakeProtest TrustFundTerrorists Prayers for the young man in the car. They got hit cause they weren't wearing a mask 👍 The driver was Black and the victims were White. Therefore we can all conclude that race was obviously the motivation. Right? Or is there something wrong with jumping to that conclusion based on skin color?

NPR you are part of the problem. They had no business being there. I listened to you before you turned Nazi. Now I know you are anti-American. The race of the driver is not mentioned which means the driver wasn’t white. Just imagine if he was white... doublestandard If you stand in front of a car in the middle of a road, you might die. Play stupid games- win stupid prizes.

1/ I don't know why anyone thinks doing this in the middle of an interstate is a good idea. Please explain it to me. Yes it is supposed to get our attention. Let me clue you all in about something. The people who's attention your trying to get don't give a shit. At all. The... He should get a life sentence plus 419 years. That's how such crimes are punished these days...

Correction: 'Black man hits 2 white protestors, murders 1' or does that not fit the narrative? Maybe...JUST MAYBE...They shouldnt have been standing in the middle of the road, OR blocked the road with multiple vehicles, one of which SERIOUSLY blocked the vision behind it... THE VAN FOR THE STUPID READERS.

Awwwww too bad. Guess you shouldn’t stand in the middle of an interstate. I wonder if BLM will pay for the driver's legal representation. The government official that said they could close off a freeway for protests should be charged with her murder. It is a freeway, paid for my taxpayers ... to use for traveling.

So a black man’s life has been ruined because these white “folks” wanted to play on an expressway at night. This man appears to only have wanted to go to work. Something these folks seem to not care about. So sad. Marxism must be defeated for black lives to matter. We should put bounty's on snowflakes subject to a new introduced goolag system.

whats even the point of this dumb shit anymore the peacefull protesters are getting tear gassed to hell and people are dying everyone fucking lost there morals and george floyd this isnt about black lives matter anymore this is just people taking advantage of others hysteria Don’t people know the difference between streets and sidewalks anymore?

Well, I keep hearing the protestors are willing to die for their cause... Booooooo friggggen hooooooo Why close a freeway at night for fucking protest? Is something wrong with sidewalks in the daylight? And why are these morons protesting on the freeway anyway, especially if it’s closed? That’s irresponsible leadership for the city & the protesters. The blind leading the stupid.

I used to like and respect NPR until I realized how biased they were. Where can I find an unbiased news outlet. Please show me the way. Also stay the f*** out of the road. Don't forget where the funding for NPR comes from. Tragic. Very avoidable using some common sense. Only last week when a cop was escaping. I said someone gonna die. It's beyond idiotic. Hopefully she's a lesson to all and no one else has to suffer the same fate. Now driver has to live with that guilt.

Sickening firearmslawyer Seems like staying out of the road while protesting is a good idea. I taught my kids not to play in the road. And who was the driver? Fucking fools Lol There was a police roadblock... hmmm.... maybe this is what happens when you don’t respect law enforcement, even if there is any

You mean two terrorist. Just a thought but my parents taught me not to play in the street. Poor Jaguar. It’s a shame that stupid people had to damage you. It’s a shame they were so irresponsible with their own lives. NPRisGARBAGE This is so sad and a result of public officials not keeping their constituents safe. Bless her and condolences to her grieving family.

So the protestors called the police? Weird. Thought they didn’t want police. Good. Fuck emmmm Muted. Black Lives Matter irony level EPIC. A Black named Dawit Kelete runs over Whites protesting for Blacks. Remember it's ALL ABOUT RACE!!!! What a bullshit story. There's no evidence at all to support the last three paragraphs of this story yet here's the media making shit up again just to manipulate the masses.

Killed by a BLACK DRIVER!! Hahahahaha Stupid protestor got what they deserve Why why why do they have to stand in the roads? “Since nationwide protests erupted in late May, there have been reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents — many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters.”

Well BLM wants to defund police. Hmmm, I wonder did they go run and report this to the......wait 4 it...police Cars will win everytime. Get off the road. Very tragic, could have been prevented with common sense. KILLED BY A BLACK DRIVER. Odd, the media doesn’t want to mention the drivers COLOR..... Get the F off the FREEWAY wastatepatrol Sorry she's dead but it's her own fault & if Wa state patrol allowed people to roam around on an interstate at 1:30 in the morning when it's pitch dark out then they have blood on their hands too! Absolutely the dumbest thing ever!!!

Stay out of the freaking road LIBERALS!!!! Such a eternal shame. RIP Why isn’t it unlawful to block roads? This woman lost her life, for what....a protest that has reached only the level of mob mentality. I could watch the video over on loop. Shame someone had to die but now maybe they will realize it's not some fun n games 'activity' to fill in a weekend

Life sentence + 419 years and $480k in fines. That's the only remedy for terrible events like this Summer Taylor, one of two people who was struck by a car while standing in the street in Seattle, has died. The second, Diaz Love, remains in serious condition. See it's not hard to be honest. Not gonna lie roads are pretty dangerous, standing in one could potentially lead to being hit by a car

closed or not, a highway is ALWAYS a dangerous place. drunk drivers. wrong-way drivers. tired drivers. distracted drivers. all traveling at high speeds. it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt or killed during one of these highway protests. a highway is NEVER safe. Since you imply that 'right wing extremists' are responsible, why not report who is actually responsible? The driver is known, but you aren't reporting it. You are the EnemyOfThePeople

Still trying to blame it on 'white nationalists' when the driver was from Africa? Her headstone should be a speed bump. What the hell were they doing on the Interstate Black man sees white van parked on interstate... Swerves to avoid van... Hits two white they\\thems that didn't know which way to run... Play dumb games win dumb prizes... He didn't do it on purpose... If he did run he thought he'd be killed on the spot by other protesters..

Stay out of the damn street, its that simple. Black man sees white van parked on interstate.. Swerves to avoid van... Hits two white they\\thems that didn't know which way to run... Play dumb games win dumb prizes... He didn't do it on purpose... If he did run he thought he'd be killed on the spot by other protesters..

Black man sees white van parked on interstate... Swerves to avoid van... Hits two white they\\thems that didn't know which way to run... Play dumb games win dumb prizes... He didn't do it on purpose... If he did run he thought he'd be killed on the spot by other protesters... Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Not sorry If the driver was white, CNN: 'RACIST WHITE SUPREMACISTS BELIEVED TO BE A TRUMP SUPPORTER RUNS OVER LAW ABIDING PROTESTORS. So they were dancing in the street ? Was it a busy highway ? Was it legally shut down ? And for the record, the driver was a black man Black peoples accused a white man behind the wheel

It’s a good start. SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN THE ROAD!! Assholes A black guy kills white girl for supporting black lives Lol what a oxymoron Well. Hope all this protesting is worth the lives lost. Beyond sad. Protest with a letter to your Congress or Mayor or pastor. Too young.. SharylAttkisson pawns of Marxists ... please protest safe with signatures. Not bullhorns and hurting All others, ☮️

Don’t protest in the street Can't wait for the eurobeat edits. Don't protest on a freeway. Poor people got to die trying to get a point across. Weather you like protests or you don’t you should respect what they are trying to do. Horrible it comes to shit like this. Sure it’s like anywhere else we’re there is 5 other directions you could go. Y barrier so shitty

Don’t stand on a major highway. Of all the places these people have the need to protest, why a freeway or highway. That poor driver. Now he has it on his conscience that he ran over an idiot who should have never been in the street. I was hoping for Trumper, but Dawit a NIGGA skyfishgoo Clear the street! Dumbasses

So, they were protesting... on a highway. You literally can't make this shit up. Barbara15527741 So sorry she died but why would they think it a good idea to stand on a freeway in the dark wearing black/dark clothing🤷‍♀️ Why do they all have pink and purple hair? maybe that blinded the driver? Don’t protest in traffic , can you feel sorry for being a dumb assMy parents always taught me when I was little I never played in traffic

Don’t stand in front of a moving car No matter which side of the issue you are on, this was totally uncalled for. The driver should be tried and convicted if the evidence merit. Lest you think otherwise, l also feel that not enough protesters are being jailed for the crimes they have done during the recent violence.

What about your ( SUMMER ) of ( LOVE ) Mayor. Isn't t that what you said? Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say. Should read “Black Man kills White Protestor”. But it doesn’t. Sad events indeed. DanielPantss Was this a self-driving vehicle , or was there a human driver? HAHAHAHAHA good, dont block cars then. its also not a protest either

You just knew innocent people were going to get killed in this BLM thing. Poorly organized. Incompetent leadership. Once again, we see bad parenting. These people never had parents that told them that it is dangerous to play in the streets. You know... WHERE CARS GO VROOM?!! Idiots. I don't feel sorry for ANYONE that is being a CRIMINAL in the streets and gets hit by a car.

Did none of yalls parents teach you to not play in fucking traffic? Rest in peace ..we love you CorlessHanson 💔 Hahahahah A good take on this issue. was the black man who killed her a nazi white supremacist? may they rest in power. 3 Protesters don’t protest on freeways. This was ANTIFA bullshit that caused this

Get the hell out of the road! Can you imagine if races were reversed lol. Oh the irony of this. WHST ARE FOOT PROTESTORS ON A MAJOR FREEWAY? They march on the freaking freeway! What the heck do you expect? Are we supposed to let them drag us out of our cars like we keep seeing them do? Go to haites. BLM=Muslim brotherhood

Protesters on a hiway? Coronavirus pandemic mantra. Stay home, save a life. I hope the car is ok Sad stuff, that poor car, and poor family. They don't mention the driver was black.... Stupid I demand riots! Protests, block the streets ASAP! That was an absolute unbelievable hate crime, why isn’t it being called that? Oh yeah......

Right wing white supremacists. Terrible reporting. Also, the driver here was black. Likely , NOT a fascist. Unfortunately, NPR is succumbing to the moral panic and isn’t objective any longer. who in their right mind would go do this on the freeway?& if it was closed they didn’t do signs correctly for this to happen. Parents keep your kids away from BLM, they do not care for your kids. They Use and abuse them.

Heard the guy driving the car is black. Horrible situation.... please get this mess under control for their own safety. BLACK GUY NPR WONT REPORT THAT K, noted, NEXT... Just because it is not illegal to stick a fork into an electrical light socket doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it. Having a protest on an interstate freeway is a Fork electrical socket moment. Darwin moments

And the car was driven by a black man. How does that fit into your racist narrative, NPR? Boy, you sure had me suckered. I actually used to enjoy your programming. It must kill you that the only way you can participate in Twitter is to allow comments (unlike onsite NPR posts). She died as she lived, stupidly opposing rules made to equally safeguard her life.

My heart goes out to the families Yet another tragedy occurred care to report on this or is this biased pandering reporting Can we just all agree blocking roadways and blocking intersections is 100% not a good idea its fucking obvious what the motive was ffs Your fault Dont forget it was a black driver to it was a tragic accident. Now reverse the rolls, white driver and black protestor... MURDER.. what a fucking joke.

A human speed bump. Got what she deserved. Rip car Kinda funny how it’s not mentioned that the driver was black. You forgot to include that they were protesting in the middle of a busy street. Unlucky Hit by a black man who was running from the police after committing a crime. play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Many news stories reported his color cause you know..but you won’t cause ..he’s black If only there were laws about pedestrians on highways... BLM is a controlled opposition propaganda organization designed to derail the Black Empowerment and REPARATIONS movement among the masses of Black people. Never let BLM lead your protest or they will set you up for ambush.

Excellent You forgot to mention the driver was a black guy Tough As soon as I read a 27 year old man with no race or photo was in custody and not a 27 year old white male with photo I knew FakeNewsMedia had given him agenda privilege. Real Headline: 27year old year Dawit Kelete (Pictured below) arrested for running over 2 protesters. 1 dead

Was it 'extremists' or 'white supremacists' this time, NPR? Was it just a car? IRONY So nobody in America even realizes the man who hit her was a black man. Literally, all the left-wing nutjobs across America are picturing a racist white man as the driver You don't get run over if you're not in the road

The car did it, all on its own Darwin wins again blacksupremacy continues quish like bug You could not make this up. Drivers supposedly should *not be on a public roadway*, because rioters want to intimidate and harass motorists, as a pretense of *protesting govt abuse*. 🤪 BeyondParody PeacefulConstructiveLivesMatter

Maybe they need to protest on parks and sidewalks and not in the road. 'Struck by a car.' Means the driver wasn't white. It seems like this would be more of a story if only it portrayed white people as evil. It is the Summer of love per MayorJenny ! Ironic, huh? When you walk on the street and dont want to listen to the rules, things happen.

Murder, no defense. Wait it America.... Sadley that's what happens when you at in traffic Sadly, this is what happens when we lie to our daughters and tell them that black people are being hunted for sport. They block highways and attack cars at night; dressed in black. One is dead, the other in critical condition. Great job Democrats, Media, Antifa, and BLM.

The driver must of been black since there is zero mention of his race. We would have known by now if he was white. Racism at its finest! 🤦‍♂️ If driver was WHITE the two demonstrators would've been hit by a WHITE SUPREMACIST NOT THE 'CAR',YOU ARE LAUGHABLE NPR......... Don’t play in the road. Common sense 101

Let me correct your headline: Black man kills white person. If the races were reversed, you'd have certainly mentioned the races. Dude looked liked he was trying to get a 7-10 split of white people Summer Taylor, part if the mob who parked two cars at night on a dark part of highway, attempting to cause an accident, was struck while illegally walking in the middle of the expressway and a motorist swerved to avoid their obstruction.

Take this as a lesson. A lesson that most 3 year old children learn. Don’t stand on the highway. Play stupid games get awesome rewards stay the fuck off the roads Why would anyone protest on a FREEWAY? Darwin strikes again. Sad news to cap a holiday weekend. How about get out of the middle of the road 'Troopers have arrested the driver.' I thought these protesters wanted to abolish the police, bail, and prisons. So why aren't they clamoring for this driver's immediate release?

They were in the middle of the street at night! The car hit them. That’s just plain crazy. Blocking roads is NOT a peaceful protest!! One less idiot. SummerTaylor and DiazLove SummerOfLove It’s sad for her family and the parents that thoroughly failed their duty to educate her. But you have to acknowledge the irony.

Murdered by a black man at a black lives matter protest. Almost ironic. White girl standing in the middle of the freeway for Black Lives Matter (BS) was run over and killed by a black man being chased by police. Say it like your other stories, bigots. Good Right wingers sure do love to run people over ggs

Most parents teach their children to stay out of the road. Fact: black dude murdered white blm protesters... The driver. Oh well This guy needs a go fund me page to fix his car NPR is trash Why were those white supremacists blocking the street, not even letting a black man use the freeway. DefundNPR Really...I 5 was closed down for a peaceful protest?

One shouldn't play on the Hwy. Who cares My opinion got me suspended for 12 hours...... just got out yesterday... PlayStupidGamesWinStupidPrizes Sad to say that if she wasn't white they would still be 'looking' for the suspect They were not 'struck by a car,' they were hit by a person driving a car into protesters. This passive form of reporting is part of the problem.

She was killed by a black man Struck by a driver. The car did not drive itself. The driver is black. A very inconvenient truth for NPR Pretty HORRIBLE that BLACK driver mowed down a 'peaceful' White Protester- huh FACT: doing stupid things, means you win stupid prizes. When will this end? R.i.p so sad this has happened

Watch the video. Both protestors ran right at the car. The car had his brakes locked up. Also, the driver did stop, but was chased off by the mob. He drove down the road 1 mile, to escape the mob, and called 911. This looks more like a really stupid act of suicide. Well seems one minute they want police gone now they want there help .... Now what's stupid you shutdown the cops who's gunna arrest that person? Still no person should of died but there's a Point for you lot to learn from this.... Police are needed in society not discarded.

🤸‍♀️ 💥🚗 Where exactly in Seattle were they protesting, again? Oh that's right, the middle of the highway. I suddenly don't have as much pity. You post this with intention to make people feel sorry for them. But they’re in the middle of a highway at NIGHT. Darwin hit the nail on the head with natural selection. This is why test dummies aren’t real people.

Nice, another fly that won't vomit on our tea. Dont stand on a fucking highway after using your 'protest' to force it be closed down. Sad AF, but car wins everytime. Stay safe, and don't be an idiot. Or just vote with your your wallet like I do. Judy99896273 Maybe don't 'protest' in the gutter no matter how much you think you belong there. So now we know a Black man killed Taylor and injured Love. So much for Black Lives Mattering

😢 Now do the 8 year old girl killed in Atlanta by BLM last night. So sad to hear this 💔 RIP Summer ✨ 👍👏 wouldn't have happened if they wouldn't have been in the middle of a fucking interstate. Terrible, even worse that the media won’t blow it up as much because driver was a black man. Also, don’t stand in front of traffic on the highway or risk eating front bumper

Oh well....that's what ya get for being stupid My deepest condolences to Summer's family. This must be so hard for both their families nd dear ones. Get well soon Diaz Love. I know you’d report the color of the driver if he were white. We all know it. How fast do you have to go to kill somebody in a speeding car? Lock that murderer up.

That’s the price one pays if they’re going to act stupid, and walk on a HIGHWAY! the driver was dodging other autos!! He did not see them! What color was the driver ? My parents taught me not to play in the street in front of my house. My common sense told me not to play on the freeway at night. Darwin award winner!

Where was the rational decision process in this? At night, on a freeway? Play stupid games win stupid prizes BLM Crazy I think this is why my mom warned me against playing in the street when I was 3 Don’t protest on a highway.... Rip ... mann. Damnnn. Thats my soul QutubuddinSana If this isn't terrorism, then there is no terrorism.

I never got hit by a car on a highway. My Mother taught me not to go in the street. Even my dog knows not to go in the street. NPR and MSM assume some responsibility by promoting this unsafe behavior. Get him for murder!!! Why arent you publishing the drivers details and photos? Doesn’t suit your narrative does it? Better to just show the car

Don’t go onthe road and you won’t get hit, simple NPR is trash! This is horrible. But WHY protest on the highway? Protest in a park, cars drive on highways and now someone died others have been injured. The city should not have given them permission. I dont believe the young man driving the car wanted to hurt anyone. Let's protest safely.

Taxpayers are paying for this mindless drivel from ? “Since nationwide protests erupted in late May, there have been reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents - many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters.” She wasn’t protesting. She was committing a conspiracy and a felony. Every one of her co-conspirators should be charged with 2nd degree murder an this was the natural and probable consequences of the implied malice inherent in parking cars on, and blocking, cars traveling 65 mph

Was she in the road? Umm it’s against the law to walk down a freeway. So I guess she paid the price Based She should not of been playing on the freeway! No ones fault but her own! ABC claims the 'luxury' car hit them on a freeway. Yes....freeway. They cant party anymore? We need to hit the reset button. And hopefully, that's not a nuke. Hopefully

lobstahsinmaine NPR you hacks not showing the identity of the driver bec it doesn’t fit your narrative, you were hoping it was a white supremacist. The moment I see it’s a white jag I know the driver is either Asian or black😂 13 people were murdered in Chicago yesterday... Sad news. Will state leaders be held accountable? Will the media slander state leadership?

Sorry for loss. Maybe not protesting on an interstate would be the wise course for future protests. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes I learned something in life I believe they might of missed, very crucial to life and that is..' if you play stupid games you get stupid rewards'.. While protesting “in Seattle”? Odd way to phrase it. Wasn’t it really “While protesting on a federal interstate”?

Poor driver, his car got hit by a protester Summer of Love eh BLM should go block the RR tracks, you know, lay on the tracks and study a physics book If she stayed home to prevent covid shed still be alive this is what all conservatives would do if they could get away with it White lives matter ✊🏻 wTF where they doing on a freeway?!?!

People: *dances on INTERSTATE black driver: *driving at what I assume to be interstate speeds People: gets run over cause they aren't wearing flashy enough clothing on an INTERSTATE People: (surprised Pikachu) me: 💔 Tragic. Avoidable. GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ROADKILL!! The poor driver that hit the protesters in the road. Now has to live with that. STAY OUT OF THE ROAD!!!! ITS DARK GO HOME!!!

😥😞😔 Stop BLOCKING CARS IN THE ROAD .. EVERYONE NEEDS TO PICTURE THEMSELVES TRAPPED IN A CAR WITH THERE BABIES.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO.. BECAUSE 99% ARE GOING TO GO WITH BEING ALIVE IN COURT BETTER THEN DEAD CHILDREN. Summer Taylor was killed while protesting in Seattle on July 4th. Diaz Love was hit by the same car and is in serious condition. Please help support them / their families Summer: Diaz:

seattletimes Nice job mayor! NOT! You speak of the Summer of Love from your mansion. Horrificly-because of your incompetence, your actions created the Summer of Death! Resign & give your pension to Summer’s family. Maybe, just maybe, you won’t seem so evil......Just maybe I have noticed that the most recent news articles are now omitting that they were protesting on the highway, both in the tweet body and in the articles title/short preview.

Why is the killer being left out of the headline? There was plenty of coverage of the suspected driver when people contemplated it was a white supremacist. Now that it’s a Black man..:crickets? Darwin Award winner More black on white crime. Hope he does too Awesome More false Journalism, the car was not speeding, the interstate was not closed. Its Illegal to protest on an Federal funded interstate. It seems like you are trying to blame the driver, when in fact the protesters were at fault and a horrible event occurred.

gonna be a lot more of that happening with these radical left wing protesters causing chaos a lot of legitimate protesters are going to be killed it’s a shame!! Why doesn’t your byline say “black man kills white woman?” Maybe... ya know... don't stand in the freeway lmao I'm going to take a guess here and say if the driver had been white, you would have made that front and center. But as he was black, you don't mention the drivers race. I could be wrong.... but I don't think so.

Was it a self-driving car, or was there a human being behind the wheel? Oh, never mind. Fact, dont respect authorities enjoy the chaos....poor driver SteveMotley I bet MSM wants to bury the story bc the driver was Black...it doesn’t fit their narrative Don't block the street and u won't have issue. Some people panic in certain situations and seen the mob in some cases doesn't help. R.i.p young girl

Please stay out of the streets. It would be fine if we knew for sure no drunk drivers are on the road, but we don't. You can help bring change more effectively alive. Be safe You mean people illegally blocking a public highway don't you? DarwinAwards It not worth it to protest on a highway Well, this was avoidable

Something seems odd about this... It appears to have been deliberate yet it’s not getting a sliver of the coverage Heather Heyer’s murder got... I’m sure more info will come out. Just seems weird. Dawit Kelete, a black man, was driving the car... you wouldn’t know that from any of the “reporting” however...

It appeared to me the driver didn't see them because they were dressed in black and dancing in the middle of a road and when he did he panicked and braked hard which caused the car to swerve,not aiming for them. Beautiful young woman killed because she opposed Trump. Just so sad. Only ugly Trump Cultists and Russian Trolls are gleeful over this. Block accordingly.

I guess they shouldn’t stand in the road. She must have flunked kindergarten. Playing in traffic can be deadly, I guess some parents did not get the point across. This is terrible, but you know what else is terrible? The 8-year-old shot and killed in Atlanta yesterday due to an immense uptick in violent crime. Let’s see which story gets more coverage.

With a name like Summer Taylor she was gonna end up in cheap porn, but with a plot, you know, or dead on the highway of life PLAP like a deer in the headlights.😇 People who are saying that the drivers skin color doesn’t matter are ignorant. But the color of george Floyd’s skin color matters? Both murders.

Can’t block traffic play stupid games win stupid prizes like they say GOOD!!!! Love it. Learning lessons the hard way 😂 Deserved I think media is lying... That was ANTIFA mob not BLM ANTIFA uses BLM as its TROJAN HORSE BLM does not march on an empty road in the middle of the night... ANTIFA is the DOG WHISTLE for MAYHEM....

Get off the damn highway and you won’t get hit or killed. Law enforcement do your job and keep the hateful protestors off the highways! The comments that people make over the death of someone. The kind of karma that is unleashed...I want no part of that bitch. When she unleashes her wrath, beware. Sad at what we've become as a society; crap as human beings. RIP SummerTaylor

Both people were in the wrong. Was the driver a “right wing extremist” like you said When she wakes up, someone should tell her to stay out of the road. It‘s very dangerous. Need to be charged I support BLM but protesting in the middle of the highway is moronic Streets are for Driving NOT protesting........Maybe someday they'll figure it out.

I guess white lives matter if your reporting it. Poor girl died protesting for George Soros. Why does BLM only when it's a white on Black crime? Why doesn't BLM matter in when it's a black on black murder? No protest?Nothing! Why have you all been brainwashed. Group think is ☠ I’d share my condolences but the victim who died was white and in this current hostile climate I don’t want to be labelled as a white supremacist for caring about her loss of life which is very sad and unfortunate but again I can’t admit that because I would be a racist. ☹️

Reality HIT her! Serves them right! Stay off the freeway!! Kinda thinking I'd be afraid to be hit by a car if I was in mid file of freeway 🤔 Protest in the middle of a freeway ? You kidding me The WHOLE POINT is to AGITATE AND PROVOKE people traveling on a highway. WHO IN THE HELL are you protesting on a HIGHWAY for? Go protest on a SIDEWALK OF A STREET in a city where people actually listen to you. . These 'protesters' KNEW EXACTLY what they were doing.

So it’s the cars fault now? “after a vehicle barreled past a police barrier and into protesters” This is hyper exaggerated based on the actual video we all saw. 🙄 Wow, they should really throw the book at that anti-BLM, racist driver......oh wait, forget it. This story will go away tomorrow. Sucks to be them. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Oh It's good to see so many are supporting the driver and not the dumbasses what about the man in chop was shot to death FFS you guys really are bad journalists. I mean, it's like you aren't even trying. I get it. You assumed all sorts of stuff that appears not to be true. We know, you're hacks. Can't help yourselves. But the word you were looking for was 'cause' not 'motive.' Until facts roll in.

The photos are horrific Struck *with* a car. They were struck *by* a *driver*. This kind of phrasing only excuses manslaughter by acting as though it was inevitable. Please do better. Sorry someone died, but I have no sympathy for these protest idiots!!! Darwinism in action I’m pretty sure I taught all 3 of my kids not to stand in the middle of a highway.

Everybody Hey! NPR DOES NOT SAY THE DRIVER IS *BLACK* IT DOESN'T FIT THEIR AGENDA !!!!!!!!!🤣 Y'all haven't shown the driver SO WE KNOW THEY ARE BLACK...If they were WHITE Their faces would be on TV 24/7 Took one for the “team “ 1. Who is supplying all of these white vans? 2. It looked like he was trying to pick up a 7-10 split.

She was protesting on a highway AT NIGHT and got hit? Lmao. What do you expect? Why were they on a road? That’s for cars. I was always told to not play in the street How's the car though? Don't play in the street, common sense. How you gonna spin this one🤣😂🤣 It was 1:30AM in the Morning...get the hell off the Freeway!

JennyHatch QAnon deplorable, no doubt. Minutes before she was hit, her & fellow ‘protesters’ (a/k/a rioters, looters, anarchistics) were dancing in the MIDDLE of the HIGHWAY, doing something like the Electric Slide! Complete idiots who think everything is fun & games. This wasn’t an accident-she died via Suicide.

that's what you get when you stand in the middle of the road I would like to know why twitter has had her pic up for two days? Innocent children have been murdered due to out of control violence in Chicago. Their pictures deserve to be put up. She was not a demonstrator. She was a TERRORIST. Now she's a dead TERRORIST.

may the terrorist rot in hell Self driving car careened into a crowd? fromonegeek Gee that’s too bad. Ashamed to be black sometimes smh. To whoever was driving the car, you are my hero. It is sad that she died. How about we dont allow protests on Highways. Sooner or later something like this was going to happen

npr and colintdwyer Im here to rebuke and expose your lies and you disgusting efforts to add fuel to the race division narrative. Prove to us where this was a an event of racial injustice, or walk this garbage back. Americans are no longer standing idly by. WALK IT BACK You forgot to put “while illegally standing on a freeway.” Into your headline... FalseNarrative

Darwin at work Now arrest the rest of them as accessories Good for her, she shouldn't of been on a highway, at night, protesting. I have no compassion for idiots. Let’s find out where he’s being held and **ll him on his way to an arraignment Great news. Poor drivers life ruined by some idiot dancing in the road Probably out of her head

The black man was driving the wrong way but she’s white don’t count shoe0nhead Seems appropriate for hell world episode 2. Also holy fuck these comments are abysmal like this is a new low Martyrdom drives the leftist agenda. Sad but true! This young woman didn’t deserve to die, but she followed the Leftist leaders and she helped prevent the free movement of her fellow citizens.

extremely sadz 😢 beautiful young woman. RIP Summer Taylor It’s a good start. Liberal white people are definitely among the worst type of people. One step above the Jews, one step below the blacks. The road was blocked BY THE PROTESTERS.. Not ‘closed to allow the protest’. Nice fucking spin! 😡 Is it true her middle name is “speed bump”?

She wasn't protesting, she was blockading, illegally, an interstate, at night, on a blind corner, with no reflective safety gear, and the group had the poor sense not to give approaching cars manouvering time or exit space. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Seattle closed a major interstate to allow protests on it. What stupidity. What a lack of responsible leadership. Lawlessness catered to is lawlessness that will be corrected by other citizens. That's just how it works. We saw it in L.A in 92 and we are seeing it again now.

Loot time This could happen if you stand in the middle of an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY. Derrrp. They was/were non-binary NPR, how dare you say ‘one of two demonstrators!’ They was/were at the very least ‘two of three demonstrators’ hit by a car! 😓 Maybe next time, don't stand on a dark highway at night, chanting your communist propaganda!

Cause of death? Darwinism. Thats what they get, Not very smart to play on a freeway!!! After watching the video The driver had plenty of time to slow down before reaching the parked cars and still drive slower without being stopped by protesters, Why was he speeding towards parked cars then into the crowd when nothing was chasing him

Hope they hit a few more Imma pray for Summer Taylor...no one deserves to hit by a car.. even GOP dont.. I might hate y'all but I would never wish any harm or Ponyo I'm sorry I don't think you guys would give me the same due diligence in return... All this conspiracy. He was probably high and didn't even think there'd be people on the highway.

The driver was an east African immigrant who can't read. Why are these white fools preening around on the freeway knowing full well liberal polices let illiterate east Africans who cant read road signs drive on freeways? If she really believed in the cause, then no charges on the black driver should be done.

Guess you shouldn’t get in front of vehicles then eh? Darwinism. Thinning out the dummies. we’re they blocking a street, side road, or major highway if so they deserve what they get sorrynotsorry 'assigned a motive'? WTF? So, Police blocked off a section of highway...what? Did they run out of street or parks? I'm sorry, but if you do 'stupid' things, you deserve every repercussion that comes careening towards you-protesting on the highway is one of those stupid things.

NPR provides ZERO names to support its spurious claim that right winger are responsible for ramming attacks. And this attack certainly wasn't right wing. Driver was black. Not that it matters, but it should be known that the driver was African American. Not a white male. He was a black African American of Color and we should be very clear on this to avoid any confusion that he may have been White, which he was not as he was black

While I’m sad that someone lost their life, I’m also smart enough to know that if you hang out in the middle of an interstate at night, this is a likely result. How's the car holding up? MAGA/KAG2020 Play stupid games win stupid prizes That’s why you don’t stand in dark clothes on a dark freeway! Can’t you see whomever is paying you doesn’t give a crap about your lives! Just their own🇺🇸🙏🙏

This headline is trying to make it seem like a terrorist attack. They were standing on the highway in the dark and he hit them on accident... If you stand on the highway and expect not to get hit by a car you've got to be an idiot. Stupid is as stupid does. Let this be a learning lesson to the rest of the morons standing in the road. If you see a car coming get the hell out of the way.

👍 Summer of Love? No sympathy. Have to wonder what example parents taught them. The summer of love? That’s an odd coincidence. 'I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple.' ~Capt. Ron Mead WA Sheriff Patrol. YES, YOU CAN! All those protesters consented to being hit and killed when they made the decision to stand in a place where cars are meant to be and they are not.

It's a highway that runs N and S through the state, speed limit average 75, WTF were they doing there? Police help them, WTH hell is wrong with Seattle. The Highway is not a place for a protest! Stupid is as stupid does. So avoidable! Where R the grown ups? Black immigrant man kills white woman supporting Black Lives Matter on a public road closed by the police to allow protesting. It's like a Woke version of Rock Paper Scissors figuring out who to blame.

Good! Its very sad to hear but don't we have laws saying you shouldn't be on a motorway on foot? Just mixing fiction with some facts, eh colintdwyer? '50 vehicle ramming incidents many of which were suspected attacks by right wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protestors.' - any proof for this? Since you're making it up anyway, why not make it 5K instead of 50?

Maybe they shouldn’t be in the street🤷🏻‍♂️ Stronger immigration policy would’ve prevented this. its terrible that she lost her like, wasn't she warned not to get in the middle of the road where cars could hit her. On video, when they saw the car coming in the distance, they said, 'car!', and moved further INTO the road, apparently to block the car.

SHE WAS MURDERED I hope the driver is ok . The family of the antifa member should pay for dmgs. Oh well.. It's hard to understand why the Teletubbies play in the street. Heartbreaking Were they is the street? Demonstrating stupidity for “protesting” by standing on an interstate highway at night blocking traffic while wearing black. It’s their own fault

This is so tragic. It definitely looks intentional based on the video footage. How heartbreaking for the victims and their families. My condolences. Reading all the hateful, ignorant comments about this story makes me deeply sad as well. Maybe you shouldn’t have “Accommodated” the “Rioters” who have been Doing this for a Damn month & instead Accommodated the Citizens Who's Lives have come in second them!

Hit by a car while standing in the middle of the highway Sorry this happened. Don’t play in the street. Obvious he attempted to avoid the obstacles on the road. The girls NEVER should of been on the road. I wish twitter had a 'Like' button “Protesting” I hope the best for Diaz Love. So sorry for the loss of Summer. A despicable act.

why would anyone protest at 130 in the morning? Sue the government ! What city official closes an Interstate highway for protest? Inconveniencing millions. Maybe these freaks can learn to go to work, protest by the laws we have and stay TF out of the roads or this will continue. Working people have had it with this nonsense!

Darwinism in motion. Natural selection. Don't dance on highways. Dance on the sidewalk. LOL. By a black man no less. Good thing she was white so the left won't riot. The irony. 😂😂😂 For those of you saying that the police were the ones that closed the road. This does not look like a police barricade to me

How come the White people called the police on a Black man and that Black man has to pay bail? It was a highway. People will laugh at the victims because of their political bias. Welcome to America Didn’t your parents ever tell you to not play in traffic... ❓🙄 Well id say the dumbass should have been taught to not play in the road among other stupid things her parents failed to teach her ..no pity here I applaud the drivers skill only wish he could have gotten more or the morons

Too bad....so sad.... Dont go on highways It was inevitable. Stay off the freeway Dressed all in black on the highway at night. These ‘protestors’ are insane. hope there wasn’t toomuch damage to the Jag This racism has to stop! Stupid is what stupid does. Sue the State for allowing no safety for the protesters. If the state allows it they must provide safety.

Get out of the road! It’s for cars STUPID! Your chances of getting hit by a car on the highway are 0% if you’re not on the highway Girl shouldn't have been out on the streets. Where were her parents I guess their parents never taught them that they shouldn’t play in the streets. Maybe NPR can start teaching people to stay off the damn freeway.

😞 Everyone I grew up with was instructed by their parents to look both ways before crossing and not to play in the street. Blame the parents. Here’s an idea get the fuck off the roads Too dumb to stay off the highway. HAHAHAH protesting on a freeway at night and she gets hit. Wow what are the odds? Tragic but play stupid games and you win stupid prizes

Wierd way to say someone targeted by a domestic terrorist died A stark lesson for protestors? Maybe they’ll start issuing stark lessons for women dressing like they’re asking for it next. 🙄 I'm sorry she died, but come on people. What were organizers thinking when they asked & 'got approval' to block an INTERSTATE on a HOLIDAY weekend? I put partial blame on this young ladies death on the organizers & the authorities that allowed the protest to go on. Stupidity!

Can't believe people are trying to put this on the driver! If the police closed the road, then why did they let the protester remain on a major INTERSTATE! A WHITE car! Don't forget to mention it was a WHITE car! Beat next time they get out the road Another tragedy. That mayor is a joke. Choosing to do nothing is worse than a bad decision. Either call in the Natl Guard and clear them out or give in to demands - but damn - pick one. Riding the middle puts too many in danger and makes you feckless , weak and hated by all.

I’m sorry about Summer Taylor,demonstrator hit by car. But your MLM Proctest is responsible for damages, looting, statues, racist issues need move on! I’m sick of hearing racism in years! Only thing I against cops what they did to George Floyd! But defund cops! Crazy no way! intentionally hiding the black driver identity? imagine if the races are reversed lol

They were probably trying to hurt the driver. Like they have done so many times. These so called protesters are not as innocent as the media and twitter portray's them Freeways are for cars and motorcycles. If she wasn't breaking the law being a pedestrian on a freeway, I bet this would have never happened.

Good Driver was... The driver should sue the city, the organizers and the estate of the deceased. What terrible trauma to hit a person in a highway. running onto a freeway at night... shouldnt this be considered a darwin death My kind of Summer of Love. oh darn. Stupid is as stupid does Black driver, is he BLM?

This is very sad indeed. 😞 Get out of the fucking road! Karma Things to remember. Don't play in traffic! Didn't your parents teach you that?!!! Here is the driver of the car that killed Summer. Please share this so we don't have more riots due to her tragic death. I don't want folks to riot again against evil white people over this. RedPill WalkAway

Hey guys, let’s dance on the freeway at night in all black, then when a black person accidentally hits 2 people and stops to take responsibility let’s hit him and his car so he fears for his life! All the hate in democrat run cities is causing death murder hate .anti police is making people very unsafe .The left is causing hate they are causing confusion they are destroying american cities.everything they touch dies

God bless the person driving that car. Thank you. More please. That's not true! She along w/many 'protesters' picked & chose WHOM to let through. If you weren't visibly 'black or brown' they demeaned you, threatened you & didn't allow you through. They BLOCKED drivers way. What IS WRONG w/the reporters? reportthetruth

Accidents happen, people arr late, want to go around barriers, try to understand it! Stay off the damn highways! Yoy made headlines only bec the girl is DEAD! The driver was black, this is not the story people think it is, a 'white person getting agitated.' Murdered by terrorists whoopsydaisy Do not stand in front of oncoming cars on Interstate 5, your chance of living just improved to 100 percent.

Terrorists hit people with cars My condolences to the bereaved loved ones of Summer Taylor 🕯 and praying 🙏 for the recovery of Diaz Love. Peace, blessings, and much love. 💙 I’m sick and tired this car running through people trash FBI realDonaldTrump MayorJenny JayInslee AP AFP BorisJohnson what they call this in the UK & around the world?!? Terrorism. These are white supremacists terrorists so charge them JoeBiden BarackObama

Conservatives are disgusting pieces of shit. You play in the highway, eventually something bad will happen. Don't ever stop for protesters in the road. If you do, they will try to kill you. Police report? Why is the media hiding this: My heart is breaking. The hate in this thread, just wow. RIP Summer Taylor.

Get out of the road easy as that Hit by a 27 year old Black man with an 8 year degree, driving a Jaguar who speaks a language from Eritrea/Ethiopa, and who was not impaired and who purposefully drove around cars to hit these people. It'll be interesting to hear what his excuse is. Nice Jaguar XJ tho👀 Was this a terrorist attack?

You disappoint me . If this was a white man driving your headlines would have been extremely different. she learned the hard way not to play in the streets So sad she was dying for some sort of attention - oh I just seen what I done there - well at least she got the ultimate selfie Highways should never be shut down to pander to terrorists! Protesters may apply for permits. LAW AND ORDER!

SeattlePolice closed down a FREEWAY for a PROTEST? Then somebody got run over while they were PROTESTING on the FREEWAY. No? Just me? Odd this was supposed to be a “Summer of Love”. Check these names out. No coincidences. Symbolism will be their downfall. In war, there are casualties. You, yes you NPR and your BlmDemMedia Terrorist Coalition declared war on America and continue to burn beat loot and murder across our country. This Enemy Combatant is simply another casualty of your hate-inspired war.

1 the car wasnt speeding.... 2 'protester' originally moved in the path of the car to block it so it had to serve to miss them which is how it ended up hitting the two that it did hit...3 are the protesters who tried to break the glass on said car smd get the doors open too Pull the driver out and try to assault them also going to be arrested

oh darn! chinavirus This is so sad. People can not demonstrate on the freeway because this kind of thing happens. I'm sure she felt she was doing the right thing but giving up your life was a heavy price to pay when she could have just voted. Young people let their emotions rule though. May she RIP No loss

Mother nature will always get rid off stupid people. Sometimes by sending them to the middle of a highway... Are white people suppose to start rioting and protesting now? Stay out of the road 🤣😂😂😂 Was it a driverless car? And the Darwin award winner of the year is... Why in the world was she on I-5, no walking on highways people! Have some brains!

jailllll Rip to the dead homie In most states, it’s illegal to be a pedestrian on the highway People are still trying to justify him murdering someone by any means possible.... What is wrong with people I hope the car is okay. maybe this will keep these dam blm thugs off OUR streets !!! Summer of Love, like Durkin stated.

Keep playing on the highway in the middle of the night while wearing dark clothes.... I think people getting onto the freeway is so stupid and illegal which led to this. People need to stop playing speed bumps on the freeway since the cars have the right away. I have a great idea. Let’s go on the freeway and hope nothing happens!!! Beep beep MF..

If it was a white driver your headline would be “white man runs down protestors” getthefuckout Good. Now let this be a lesson to all you crack-smoking communists rioters. The highway is for cars not your riots. Use her as a guide or a warning - your choice. Let's see more like this shall we? It's hard to care about protesters getting hit when protesting on a highway...I'm not happy that she died, I just don't really care. Feel bad for the driver though.

If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement. You failed to mention he’s Black. If he was White you would have plastered it all over the article and the headline. Hypocrites!!! I hope they catch the white supremacist who did this! Sad. Maybe people will stay off the freeway :(

When you play Frogger in real life Stay off the road. Call like it is, he's a murderer 🙏🏽 Can’t believe a car would do that to a person. Maybe sentient cars was a bad idea. Interesting but no liberals are mentioning the man driving the car that hit the girls in Seattle was Dawit Kalete and was African American? Hmmmmmmmmm

Endangering the lives of others. All the protesters involved should be arrested for the death of Summer Summer of Love? Actions have consequences 👉Children Don't PLAY in Streets👈 BlackLivesMatter Have ACTBlue Where all your donations go, FRONT FOR TheDemocrats PAY FOR HER WhitePrivilege FUNERAL💐 DemocraticPLANTATION Put on SlaveMasks TakeAKnee to Hillary Party of JFK turned Into KKK WalkAway from this 💩

Oops. I was taught to stay out of the road when i was a kid. Parents are to blame. What are people still protesting about? George Floyd was like 2 months ago? Another BLM casualty Highways are for high speed vehicle's NOT FOR PPL STANDING SCRIPTED PROTESTERS they all are suicidal PPL nice Forgot to mention that the driver was BLACK!

They should of been in their homes. One less asshole And this adult white will get more attention than the Black babies getting shot. PROVE ME WRONG MFers : Purely tragic. So sad to hear. 😢 Darwinism strikes again. Oh, am I supposed to pity her? I don't. My empathy is reserved for those killed by the Antifa and BLM terrorist groups.

Damn shame! R.i.p beautiful! Nice Nothing good happens after stupid games win stupid prizes.illegal Blocking highway & kidnapping,they used their cars to block a lane, guy in the jag never saw them because their own cars blocked his view. Personal responsibility was on her. 1 person killed & one hospitalized in serious condition after a vehicle barreled past police barrier and into protesters on a freeway in Seattle this weekend, the driver of the white Jaguar sedan, a 27-year-old man, is in custody.(Let me guess,a wht self-entitled, self-absorbed)

Millions have died after regime changes, throughout history. This is nothing, unless they plan a second, deadly wave for us. Stop protesting morons!!! Where these protestors in the interstate? People, what the hell? Stay off the roads! Don't play in the street. It's one of the first lessons my mother taught me.

This you wanna talk about, but not burned out black owned businesses and their destitute owners? AllLivesMatter NotAllBlackLivesMatter Very sad to hear Who was the driver? 🥳 santiagomayer_ Another Charlottesville Who the hell closes an interstate highway to allow a protest? Those people are insane. What the hell do you expect from protesting on a damn freeway. Goes to show, the left isn't that smart. Oh yeah....did the police show up at your 'defund the police' protest. Idiots! Darwinism LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Rest in piss. Serious question; why do all SJWs have pink hair and/or excessive facial piercings and just general 'look at me!' appearance? Jeremiah 6:16 King James Version 'Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.'

You mean the car she was blocking with her own body 😬 try telling the whole story Play stupid games,win stupid prizes Imagine if driver was white 😂😂😂 Sounds like Summer of Love Why were they on the FREEWAY?! MayorJenny MUST be held responsible. How many more people have to die before she is! Bye Felicia

Karma, race traitor. Stay. Off. The. Roads. Maybe they should stop blocking the interstate it wasn't the guys fault it was there I saw the video. She was fucking murdered! It wasn’t an accident Why was the protest in the dark of night on a highway? Too bad she was white. Should've aimed better and took out some darkies!

Will the driver be charged with a hate crime? The fact that Summer Taylor was white is irrelevant; the driver attacked a BLM event. The heck kinda country we live in where I can’t express hysteria by wearing all black and running around on the highway at night for social justice!? That's a shame. Maybe people will learn that a freeway is only for cars

No sweat off my sack. One less idiot Don’t play in the street A person has died, and y’all are saying shit like “oH, sHoulDn’t hAve sTooD iN tHe RoaD.” Have some respect. Seriously. She was killed by a black guy The family of her should sue the governor for allowing BLM into Washington. Black lives do not matter to the BLM

“Summer Taylor, one of two demonstrators who was struck by a car that was driven by a black man while protesting in Seattle, has died. The second protester, Diaz Love, remains in serious condition.” Fixed it R.I.P. Summer, and prayers going out to Diaz!🙏 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾

Great news. Defund Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. Maybe you don’t try to stop regular people from traveling on public roads? They aren't protesters Trusting the police (that you just told to F themselves) to barricade a highway while you stand and dance on it, isn’t smart. Stay out of the street! She’s white! Are we allowed to openly care or nah?

the police shouldn't even help them, they are protesting against to defund them. Play Stupid games, Win Stupid Prizes!! damn RIP but how can you be this thoughtless. Are people just born stupid at this point? You forgot to mention that a Black man was driving the car. Its a hate crime or terrorism. The amount of jackasses in this thread is astronomical

NPR - Not Particularly Reliable. Probably shouldn’t have been in the street, it’s her fault NPR, you already reported '50 cases' of assault by Right Wing extremists and made the mistake of offering an edited video, the original of which, others had seen. Your narrative-reporting removes your credibility.

Why the hell were the protesters allowed on to a highway. The Mayor should be charged as a accomplice to this tragedy for allowing this to occur. Seattle mayor said it would be a “summer of love”🤨 So who was the driver? Must be a slow news day when its national news that a black man accidentally kills a white woman on his way to work as she stood on the road.

Peacefully Protesting in the middle of a damn interstate highway. Hate to see anyone die, even an idiot. Sorry CNN the driver, Kelete, was black, and not a white supremacist. Lolz Deepest condolences to her family 😪 bussydouche Hope the person that ran them over is beat to dh. Not too quick though, want them to suffer.

ok who let the retarded kid onto the highways randypcox This is murder. Walking on freeways can be hazardous to your health? This could be a sign. Don’t “demonstrate” in the middle of a highway...poor choices made by poor people = death Isn't that dangerous to be on a interstate that isn't made for pedestrians (protester)? If was a black chick all hell would break loose. Black lives matter are killing more than the police.

This is a terrible tragedy that shouldn’t happen. The I-5 Interstate 5 Highway is the busiest, and arguably the most important highway on the west coast of North America. Over 33,000 vehicles drive the highway every day. That highway is no place for any pedestrians. Guy was black who hit her JennyHatch Why not post the photo of the driver? Why the selective editing? DefundNPR

Look both ways when crossing the Multilane highway kids. According to the Seattle times the road was shut down in response to protesters. Therefore they took over the road unlawfully. Accidents are bound to happen and did because they broke the law in the first place. LawAndOrder FactsMatter Common sense would tell you that if you stand in the middle of a god damn freeway you’re bound to be ran over... duh she is not a victim.

puffn27 Aren’t freeways for cars🤷‍♂️ How does illegally blocking freeways change anything? Y’all looted and burned a dozen of our cities which are mostly centers for black America. So now you made black people even poorer and caused deaths of both sides and not shit has really changed. BRA 👏 VO 👏 npr is such FakeNews a bunch of stupid people standing on an interstate gets run over and they say no motive stupidlivesmatter unless your Superman don’t play on highway

Man he really sent them flying!!!!👍👍🤣 She reminds me of Rachel Corrie. Another mad west coast liberal who went playing near heavy machinery and got taken out of the gene pool for it! Good riddance. Maybe now the police will enforce the laws against trespass and vandalism. Interesting that the ethnicity of the driver is not mentioned, but if the driver had been white, all the media outlets would have a hard on right now plastering his face everywhere saying “Domestice Terrorist Conservative Slaughters BLM Activists.”

Why are they illegally in the street? Forgot to mention his name. Dawit Kelete. And forgot to mention he's black. So the headline should read, 'black man runs over 2 white female blm protestors, killing one'. Because if a white guy had run over black people, you can be sure as hell they'd put that in the headline.

Unlucky Does anyone else find it rather strange that the Mayor said ‘Summer of Love’ and 2 weeks later woman Called SUMMER Taylor and Diaz LOVE are killed & injured - weird. Is there anything about Taylor Diaz ? As tragic as this story is, it does bring up the point that blocking roads is a terrible and dangerous form of protest and in this scenario doesn't make a whole ton of sense

NPR is slipping in their racial hatred campaign, surely there's a way to turn this black driver white with a clever phrase or two and blame it on right wing terror as they have before? Darwin taught me not to play in streets and for that I'm thankful. 😢🙏😢 They were dancing on I5 at 1:30 in the morning not protesting.

Well.... Spoiler: the driver wasn’t white. People really shouldn’t block traffic. It’s dangerous for everyone. On a motorway. Don't play in the street kids lmaooo there’s really people justifying this I guess using their logic it’s fair game to speed up and run over anything that crosses the road now rebeccanagle Oh, I see, it was the car that had the agency here.

Such a terrible tragedy. Now, for the life of me, I can't imagine why Twitter or isn't displaying the name and photo of the attacker/driver? BlackLivesMatter BlackTransLivesMatter ((DawitKelete)) Imagine playing in traffic and getting run over by a black guy while protesting for BLM Whatever people think about people protesting by closing down interstates, remember the driver went around barricades after the WSP had closed the interstate, allegedly gaining access by going the wrong way on an off ramp...this was entirely avoidable and the fault lies with him.

How about you don’t protest on a freeway .. play silly games, win silly prizes !!! why protest on a motorway! I feel for the family .... How many protests and unlawful closing of roads do they need. That's what happens when you stand on a freeway. 😂 😞 its ironic Good. Don’t be a dumbshit and be in the road

That seems to be the only way right supremacists can control situations—with violence. One of the first things my parents taught me was not to play in the street. The roads should never have been closed. Whoever closed them is complicit in this person’s death. You forgot to use the word “murder.” Summer Taylor was murdered by a man driving a car.

Don't play in traffic. Murder by a person using their vehicle as a weapon**** I would like to gofund the guy in the car! Only in Seattle would they close an interstate highway for a damn protest!! Who approved this idea? They are responsible.... Driver Involved in I-5 Seattle Collision of Female Protesters at 1:30 in Morning Is Doxxed — Antifa Calls Him “Racist Monster” but He’s Black

Semi-Finalist for the 2020 DarwinAward idiot BLMTerrorists Yeah, Stupid people did Stupid thing and cost 2 their life. File this under STOP DOING STUPID THINGS Stay out of the fucking road..I do not feel bad for anyone standing in the road that gets ran over.. protest do not have to block roads just to prove a point

Gouranga. Don’t stand in the road, it’s made specifically for cars Darwinism at its finest. 🤷‍♂️ That’s why I don’t stand in the road. Horrific. I mean this is evil. God Bless the families of the two victims. It's sad she died but, she shouldn't have been in the middle of the freeway, in the middle of the night. Now the BLACK man that hit you has to pay for your stupidity.

They were run over on a highway that cause she stood for killed her and seriously injured another getting them to protest on a highway at dusk not real bright! Whoever organized it should be responsible for liability of her death! Wouldn’t have happened if they had their party at the park. Darwin Award winner.

Don’t be distructive, & don’t riot in the road. Tough lesson learned. My mother told me to never play in the street . The freeways just seemed like common sense Road was closed by police trying to keep them safe so they could protest to abolish the police... liberal logic, gotta love It. Nice job Tiffany

It looks like the driver Dawit Kelete is guilty of Manslaughter in the first degree under Washington state law. While this is tragic, it is kind of expected. I mean you block off a highway. What do you expect to happen. Thank god only one person was killed. That easily could have started a massive wreck. Morale of the Story: Highways are for cars folks.

BLM protestor killed by a black man 🤦🏽‍♂️ I think you mean deliberately mown down by a driver. See what 'protesting' on a highway does for ya? Here’s the guy who was driving the car that hit the protester. He has been arrested. Many lives ruined because MayorJenny is playing politics! 😡 She was literally standing in the middle of an interstate, the signs saying “pedestrian travel banned” is there for a reason

Two white girls killed by a black guy, when they went walking on a highway in the dark Black on white violence. I'm glad it wasn't white on black or it would be crazy right now. But in all seriousness, It sucks that someone died, but people MUST learn to STAY OUT OF THE ROAD. It's extremely dangerous and the last thing this world needs is more people dying.

A white black lives matter protestor run over by a black white nationalist while protesting (standing in the highway in the dark). Is that the new FordMustang? She’s tragically lost her life, but I’ve watch that video a bunch of times-there’s no way you can say this driver intended to run her over. He was looking to get around the van that was blocking a part of the road. It’s fake news to say the driver intentionally drove into a crowd

I don't understand why the heading doesn't say Black Man runs over White women killing one. We know it would say White Man runs down Black women, because racism. 😆 This article & the comments by the police, sound like victim blaming to me. The protesters Weren't setting fires or throwing anything. They were dancing! They were not being in any way violent. That driver killed a young woman & seriously injured another human. nomoreexcuses

Bad headline a person was driving the car and chose to murder those people. Protesting? A life lost is sad. MayorJenny let BLMTerrorists run lawlessly thru Seattle.If SeattlePD were able to arrest protesters on I-5 from the start this doesn’t happen. Walking among 65mph cars is moronic & the end result is a greasy spot on the Hwy. Senseless & avoidable. MAGA2020

Where are the pictures of the white supremacist Trump supporter that did it Oh yeah, driver was black. Pretty racist reporting there that you only mention color if it is white. Even blacks don’t BLM HeyImAnde Poor baby 😟😟🥺 the way this post is written is awful and puts all the blame on the protestors and none on the man that *chose* to drive the wrong way on the highway through multiple barricades blocking the road, intentionally hitting these people. say it like it is, he murdered them.

Release him You have a right to peacefully protest, but you DO NOT have the right to block and surround cars. Sorry for the lost of life but this is a stupid thing to do. StayTFoutoftheway who would have thought playing stupid games would in realty win you stupid prizes🤷‍♂️ Lol This is unlawful premeditate MURDER. The driver needs to get the death penalty his car confiscated with the proceeds going to the families of the deceased and seriously injured I am 1000% sure he is a MAGAt and POTUS will say he 'is a very fine person'

Sucks, but that's why you're taught at like age fucking 2 not to play in the road. CLOSED or not, that's why you look both ways even on a one-way street. That's Karma! But, Hey... YOU proved that the BlackMan who ran you down MATTERED. Now what's left of your group can MARCH and demand his release. 'Nuff Said'

Maybe dont block highways.... In other countries, they refer to people who intentionally drive into crowds as terrorists. Have you figured out a way to blame white supremacy, and/or trump himself, for this yet? Let’s rewrite this - asshole purposely speeds into a crowd of protestors to inflict harm. “Careens” gives an air of that happening involuntarily like the driver passed out.

GunReformRyan 🙏🌠🙏 You will be shocked at how many people on Twitter cheered this and thought it was either funny or that these people “got what they deserved.” Or maybe you won’t be shocked. America has rot in its soul. “The message they're trying to send is, 'You need to get out of the street and stop these protests’” — no the message is racists will do anything, including murder, to stop poc from having equal rights.

this is the worst kind of news The road hadn’t been legally closed for protesters! It was over run by them! Don’t stand on a interstate and expect any less! Sad for her family that they raised a moron! I have no sympathy for her! I do however empathize for the driver who had enough and unfortunately cracked!

Meh. Next. Was it an angry white person? I think 🤔 not. annamerlan THE ROAD WAS CLOSED, but do go on...... 🙄 Should’ve read the sign Good!!!!! The road was closed to allow protestors demonstrate. This was murder In the middle of a freeway at night? What did they expect? Any idea yet who the suspect is? I was wondering why NPR didn’t paint this as a far right or white supremacist attack. They didn’t even mention the driver as being a white person, very strange. Then I realized they could t do that because the driver was black. But you bet they wish they could have done that.

Not one mention of the drivers skin color or voting record ... why is that NPR? Get out of the fuckin road clowns 🤡 be sure to share the full story without your usual spin.this is the man who hit her Who was the driver? Only shitty parents would raise a kids that stands in a highway. Poor soul. And the Darwinism in Action award winner recipient this year......

You think he would have seen her pink hair and avoided her. Their names sound like strippers names. Survival of the fittest STOP PROTESTING ON THE FREEWAY. Murder Black driver kills young protester and injured many more while white protester was exercising her right to protest at a BLM rally. I'm sorry for the description of color but it is usually the way the media would describe it if it was the opposite.

Maybe others will learn from this tragic event. When so called 'peaceful' protesters block and antagonize innocent people and scare them to death, this is what happens. RIP Summer .. Why hasn't CNN reported the name of the driver who killed BLM protester SummerTaylor? Other major outlets have, including The Guardian. Could it be because the driver is black?

struck by a car, huh? no one was driving then? with a closed road for the demonstration to take place, NO person would have seen this coming to protect himself/themselves. It is a despicable act of a driver that planned to hit innocent people. I hope the driver gets punished accordingly. So as long as it's a 'left wing' BLM protest hitting people and killing them with your car is completely fine 🙄

In America we don’t walk in the road cause cars live there... that’s what my 4year old knows The sad thing is no black person cares that she has died over there protest kında sad 😕😕 If it had been a white driver the headline would have been all about race. What’s wrong with people. If she was your daughter I don’t think you’d be so awful.

'Since nationwide protests erupted in late May, there have been reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents — many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters.' why aren't people outraged that a black man ran over a white woman? She was white and the driver was black, how did this make news?

Any updates on the Eritrean driver? RIP Somebody stupid enough to be dancing in the middle of busy interstate, well well well... Guess they never heard of Karma!!! So..... someone rammed a car through a person and killed them and people think that's fine only cuz those people didn't agree with your political opinions If this was a 'right wing' protest the right would be calling the radical left 'out of control' This is Trumps America.

White victim black driver. NPR only tells you when it's the other way. Usually they don't even tell the story, but they are able to frame it as a BLM victim so they do. must be a PoC. Only reason they wouldnt have mentioned his race yet. Weird how that works. It’s sad but people of all race are losing it over their lives being disrupted!!! If you want to Protest use the sidewalks. That is the way it was done in my town. No roads blocked off, the only road that started to be was cleared quickly.

Marxism kills trump people are dangerous. Most aren’t thinking people and/or are insane. They’re also angry. If they were normal, trump wouldn’t appeal to them enough to kill, to run innocent people down in the street. Be careful & remember what they’re capable of. Tragic. King 5 news is lying! They are claiming the driver went the wrong way! But this terrorist-murderer had texted about the protestors blocking I-5! Local news are racist!

What’s his race? People are getting pissed off that they keep closing the freeway down because these protesters keep randomly walking on the freeway...it was only a matter rime before something like this happened Looks to me like he was trying to get around the stopped cars,unfortunate Is everyone forgetting ALL DRIVERS YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS?! No matter what. “I can’t guarantee their safety” that’s your 1 fucking job!’

Remember kids - don't play in the road, and especially on federal highways. Also, the irony of a black man accidentally killing this white woman who was blocking the street as part of 'Black Lives Matter' is quite unique ... Reading these comments shows the true colors of America. The Confederacy is back. And they are more powerful than before. They've been killing peaceful protesters and police officers since these protests started. The Confederate federal government has decided to let it happen.

A white girl playing on the I-5 Freeway at 1:40 am, was hit by a speeding driver, who is a Black man. She was protesting for 'Black Lives Matter' & after the man hit her, he was arrested. But the protesters are also calling to 'Defund the Police'. What a dilemma. Its a very sad waste of life . Everybody alive must of heard of BLM and what they want . Stop these marches to stop anymore unnecessary loss of life . This is in no way excusing the fuck wit who did this .

Damn maybe don’t play on the interstate at night time I guess Who pays for the car damage? So, the car killed them? Or did a innocent black man get wrongfully charged by the racist leftists running Seattle? Let the black driver off, it's what she would have wanted Stone me, the Hollywood dickheads will drive themselves into a early grave not knowing if to post the black drivers bail or not

They were intentionally ran over. Please fix the headline. I feel terrible that people are dead. That does not change or alter any facts. Being in a freeway where the odds of death is multiplied to protest anything is utter selfishness and accomplishes nothing to advance their 'cause'. Plus the article is propaganda and manipulation.

Why protest on a closed highway? Who are you trying to reach!? Driver was black Natural Selection strikes again! Am I suprised the members, incels, trump supporters, and conservatives are the only ones with no sympathy and call the driver a hero? Nah People don’t kill people, cars do. This is the correct headline for the article: “1 Killed, 1 Injured After Driver Strikes Protesters In Seattle.”

What part of impeding traffic sounded like a goid idea to these uneducated, non-thinking dingbats? Here i was thinking highways were for driving. 🤷‍♂️Guess Not. The 'protesters' should stay off the roads. My question again. Why would ANY elected official or public works manager whoever, order a MAJOR interstate, not a quiet city steeet closed for “demonstrations”? It confounds the minds of rational indivdiuals. The interstate should never been closed nor a car run people over.

Who cares. How many folks have to be injured or die before a real conversation takes place? The news is not a conversation and is engaged in questionable intent. Please open your eyes and hearts. Traffic in truth not hate. Another reason Mayor Jenny should never ever never hold another public office seat again. This protest could have been done in a better way and maybe this Perosns life would not have been taken by shutting a high way down and walking in the middle of the road!

this article and situation sum up how absurd and ridiculous this whole movement is. These people running over protestors should be ashamed of themselves. Killing people for protesting which is their right and a president who incites this kind of violence. C'mon now, that's taking it too far. We're all Americans and this is supposed to be the 'United' States.

R.I.P, murders must pay. 😂😂😂 Pedestrians are not allowed on the expressways. My heart goes out to the driver of the car. I saw the video of him trying to swerve. I don't blame the driver at all. Never a bright idea to “protest” in the street. That’s why it’s illegal. Closed you say? 😂 Sounds like an accident for sure. Just can’t understand how it could have happened tho... Protesting on an interstate highway doesn’t sound dangerous at all.

Maybe people shouldn't stand in the highway impeding traffic. Not sorry. Poor woman and her family. The road had been closed this is so sad she was protesting to show support for black people in her community. I have watched the Anti BLM rhetoric increase of late and its disturbing. Victim blaming is becoming the new normal

Don't 'protest' on a freeway it dangerous, I try to teach my kids that. AllOneProblem 💔😢💔 Breaks my heart. Can't even imagine how these families are suffering. 24 yo, gone 💙😞, because someone full of hate gets irate- this has to change! Donald could help; he not only refuses to help, he speaks words to inflame his cult base to attack, defend HIM-from ppl exerting their rights and/or not in support of him.

White Supremacists have to punish white people who support Minority movements. If you look back at the early days of these protests the police were very agressive towards white supporters. This should encourage every white supporter to protest twice as much. It is working. My money says if the driver was white, it would have been a hate crime

I’m sorry she lost her life. But, perhaps she shouldn’t have been walking on the Freeway to begin with. Where is their common sense? Bet she doesn’t stand in the middle of the road anymore. Hmmm. Shouldn't have been on the highway More to come hopefully 💔💔💔 Please do better, npr. There was a person driving the car.

Dude was black. Where is the mainstream media reporting this? FuckBLM Interesting to note that your article doesn’t include the excused rather you’ve opted for a tangent about extreme right wing attacks on BLM protesters/rioters without any evidence the black man, the driver, is a righty wing sympathizer. Twitter complete misleading

Why are people dying all of a sudden and death numbers are rising more than every , everytime i go on social media its always Rip.💔💔 This was a murder. Who doesn't see people in the road? A blocked off road. Who doesn't stop? this is so sad and disturbing, praying for the girl who is still alive The White House is all you need to know that America is a racist country. Change the name of the White House and repaint it if liberals are truly serious about change in this country. But they won’t and all this is just BS and for votes.

Has the driver been arrested and charged with her murder? Looks like she shouldn’t have been out in the road 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Play stupid games win stupid prizes Sounds like EVERYONE involved got or is going to getting what was coming to them. That’s just it. Was she peotestibg in the middle of a highway? = dumb

'...driver drove the wrong way on the Stewart Street off-ramp to enter the interstate, which had been partially shut down in response to protesters.State Patrol announced Saturday evening that it would no longer allow protesters on the interstate.' R.i.p take the protests to the park, Or the middle of the woods. Anywhere far away from society.

Play stupid games... win stupid prizes Would like to see a pic of the 'police barrier'. The pic I saw yesterday was a dumpster pushed into the onramp. Dont play on the highway idiots I thought people are suppose to stay inside or die from covid? Now say it was a black driver So people say police know the risk they are taking and so if they die it’s their fault. Does the same go for protesting on the highway?

Mama always said, don’t play on the freeway. Sincerely, Forrest Gump. This should be considered a hate crime, black male killed a white girl Play with fire, get burnt Thank God a disposable white girl. Imagine if she was black. On the highway, at night, cars blocking the road with no lights. Standing in s dumb spot. Darwin.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The Washington State Patrol said Sunday evening going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway “simply not a safe place' for pedestrians, said he hoped protesters would cease unlawful behavior in blocking the interstate. Since nationwide protests erupted in late May, there have been reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents — many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters.

Suicide is sad, all protestors who challenge cars want to die, pray for them A white girl was struck by a black man in a white car on a black top highway. I personally would never protest in the middle of the street. It be like a death wish. Don’t play in the road, didn’t her mom teach her A human life was lost... a dumb human, but still human

Don’t play in the street kids! Yeah. You might expect something like this to happen if you walk in the middle of a fucking expressway. Momma said to never play on a freeway Another dyed hair lunatic, nothing of value was lost. Rip 🤡 now for the rest of the circus you need to change this headline. It was murder. It’s giving people the wrong impression. Summer Taylor murdered by vehicle bypassing barricades and driving wrong way on I-5. There I fixed it for you.

this brings no solace 2the families of these victims but the legacies their babies are leaving behind speaks volumes about their parents who should be very proud of their children and themselves thank u for blessing the world wit these remarkable humans 🙏🏾 Fail to mention the man was a black man. If this was a white man he's be considered a white supremacists to fit your narrative. However, this time it was just a man, who did not do this deliberately and believe him. He better get jail time for this. Where's blm and the bailouts

Okay I’m going to be blunt so take this with a a grain of salt.... but if your protesting on a highway slowed/closed or not be prepared to be hit by a car going “HIGHWAY” speeds. Don't stand in the middle of a highway at night behind horizontally parked vehicles... What were they ACTUALLY protesting? Completely senseless.

The driver was a black man , a immigrant from Eritrea. I saw several videos of that crash. It was dark. The protestors were right smack dab in the middle of driving lanes. The driver was travelling at highway speed and tried to avoid the people who were running across the road. It was an accident. I have a great idea that would perevent this from happening.

People standing in the middle of a freeway in the dark night , was bound to happen . Get out of the streets Has BlackLivesMatters bailed out Dawit Kalete yet? BlackLivesMatters is solely responsible for the innocent deaths we’ve seen in Seattle the past few weeks. BumperLivesMatter that poor bumper is going to need some work.

I’m torn. So many things wrong. Should she have been in th road? No but did she deserve to die. No. R.I.P So many garbage people not reading the article and victim blaming. 'its their fault for standing in the middle of an open road' the road was closed by the city for the demonstration The irony in all this....gets killed by a black man while protesting for black men. Can't make this shit up🍺

The idiots saying this is good are the same ones that scream All Lives Matter CieGrant The headlines should be “protesters in middle of street struck by automobile”. Eh she’s a commie Don’t play in the road, idiot Im not surprised tbh If this was a white guy, the fact that he was white would be in Every headline hypocrites

I 3 how they hyperlinked 'white Jaguar sedan' - thereby highlighting it. The fact that the driver was a black man is not mentioned. The media really has devolved into Orwellian propaganda machines. Not a protester. Illegally on a freeway at night. Omgosh I’m very truly sorry for their families and friends.

Don’t you mean , protester killed while fucking around on a highway. Didn’t her parents teach her to not mess around on highways. Absolutely embarrassing riteaid Wow the right wing trolls are all over this! Maybe stay out of the road next time. I have no sympathy for these people or their families. They don't care about anyone else. They got what they asked for.

Yeah the road was closed but this is what you get for protesting on a highway lol. People still protest on open highways and then get shocked when they get run over. Idiots. Well if you go on a motorway expect to get hit! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tragic yes, they put themselves in a dangerous situation. Reading the article you can see the NPR bias....living off the public teat you would think they could just report the news straight up using facts without editorializing.

Good Stand in the freeway...Win idiot of the year award 🥇. Get out of the road! Driver was black btw Very sad, but shouldn’t be in the middle of the street. It must have been one of those black white supremacy attacks. White chic killed by a black dude. I bet she thought she was doing something noble too.

They need to throw his ass under the jail...her life is over his should be too.let him rott in jail..he wont be driving a jag no more...he should be driven even every day of his miserable hateful life You misspelled Black man murders two white protesters. NPR fake news The driver was black The highway was closed off, and the guy used an off ramp to get to the protestors. He committed double the crime. He should do double the time, the psycho

Who’s the killer? Where’s his photo? Highways aren’t for protesting, common sense. TAKE. PERSONAL. RESPONSIBILITY. PEOPLE. I don’t trust anyone enough to risk my life standing on ANY road meant for high speed vehicles. Don’t trust the city. Don’t trust a road closed sign. Your life is YOUR responsibility.

And the Darwin Award goes to.... 😂😂😂 here’s a good solution don’t block traffic and you won’t get killed You do know the driver was a Black male right? Why protest in the middle of a highway? This is horrible. May she rest in peace. ERMAGERD ANTIFA!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Idiot shouldn't have been playing in the street. Smart Lives Matter. Who the heck blocks a freeway at 1 AM? What type of protest is that supposed to be?

Nature says their are risks in certain behaviors, like closing a Federal freeway.... You are Evil and I hope karma come looking for you. Press would be covering this like Charlottesville if the driver was white. Instead the silence is deafening. This is why people hate the press and don't trust them Hey ! Do you know if the car acted alone? Asking for the ghosts of all true journalists. They want to know if a car commited this crime or a human being.

Why NPR didn’t reveal the driver’s race this time? Because he was black and that will hurt their narratives. You can’t go more than 5 minutes without hearing the words black white racist on NPR. They r the new church of the medieval ages and should Be reformed Stop playing on the highway. Fact who gives a shit

Way to go Seattle Mayor and police. First u Allow Chaz, resulting in deaths; Now u allow protests on public throughways. The guy may have been drunk or high and making poor decisions. Many people have been killed by such drivers. What a cesspool of ‘leadership’. 🇨🇦🙄 This is the obvious work of the Altright/Trump supporter: They use vehicles as weapons...or they wave their macho Tiki posts & guns around like they are King 💩. Why do they use these weapons? Cowardice.

CHOPseattle chazseattle Was such a great idea.. 🙄 This is such crappy reporting. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. wow funny how you neglect to mention that they were dressed in black blocking a freeway in the middle of the night. The video shows them literally running in front of the car to block it. Problem is this isn't a video game you can't stop a car on the freeway going 65 instantly

Shouldn’t have been in the road in the first place. What? Do you think freeways were meant for cars to speed down at like 60-80 MPH? Are you crazy? Freeways were built so that brainwashed miscontents, who have been told by their professors that the USA is evil, can stand in them and 'fight the system'. Karl Marx is very happy.

She would gave been SaferAtHome . We have a mental health crisis that is only getting worse with the virus and unrest. Expect it to get much worse. The majority of the 'Karens' that are posted and laughed at everyday are suffering from mental illness, some from possible intermittent explosive disorder.

Freeways are not pedestrian-friendly 😣 Seattle SeattleProtest 🙏 Hope the car’s ok They were rioting and terrorizing people in their cars. Do you expect people to lay and be victimized? No! BLM, Antifa, Underground Weatherman, and other insurgents are out to kill law abiding citizens. nprpolitics start report with integrity or have CNNs reputation

Anyone notice the car was 'WHITE'. You don't own the road, rioters. Stay the fck off. thinking cops DID NOT PUT KNEE ON DRIVERS Neck‼️‼️ im sooo sorry for her family and friends. heart felt condolences 💔💔💔 It's heartbreaking seeing just how many people don't have any humanity or compassion for their fellow man.

So sad that happened. is here to divide. W/O evidence, continuing to claim RW extremists are driving cars into BLM protesters instead of people that are afraid to stop. Had this been a white driver, NPR would've been sure to include the skin color of the driver. But Capt. Ron Mead warned that the incident offers a stark lesson for protesters. 'My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate,' he said, 'because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple.'

Summer Taylor, one of the protesters in Seattle who blocked the interstate at night and standing in oncoming traffic and hit by a vehicle, has died. Noticed you didn't profile the DRIVER of the vehicle. Figures C'mon y'all. Do better. Shouldn't this read: black man kills one white woman puts another white woman in hospital with life threatening injuries

Give the driver a life sentence! I'd give the scumbag the hangman's noose tbh fxmct71 💔 Lesson learned? I doubt it. What did you learn first thing when you got your license? Drivers always yield to pedestrians no matter if they’re right or wrong simple The white girl had no business being there so good riddance

renee3147 Smdh at comments. America is so broken. I'm sorry she's dead. But I can't get an answer to one very important question: Did this group have legal authority to place roadblocks to stop traffic? Were they rioters, like the ones that vandals and kill? If they were, i'd say 'One less!' That's a start. Perhaps you don't protest on a freeway?

We're better off without her. What I see when an idiot runs into the street I guess now I understand white privilege. A black man’s life will be destroyed because a white woman believed she was above the law. There is no need of all these protests wow so the car was driving on its own, interesting The irony here is staggering

😡😡😡😡😢😢😢😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Let not her death be in vain!! Play stupid games you get stupid prizes. But will her estate pay for the car damages her carcass caused? stayofftheroad Got it, he's the 'far right'. NPR is trash. Of course NPR.. Sorry you block major hwy......Besides the fact people R being pulled out of their cars if they stop. NEVER STOP.. GET OF THE HWY

Did she obtain a permit to be stopping/altering traffic on an off-ramp of an Interstate Hwy? I think these people have all eaten some sort of drug that has made them lose every bit of logic. Ironically deserving. realDonaldTrump We won’t forget, Your inflammatory propaganda did this... & so many others... Your bunker won’t save you from justice being served.

Honestly people - Don't stand on highways at night. Come on. realDonaldTrump WHY are taxpayers funding this DNC media? And why are the rights of taxpayers being stripped to allow insurgents to BLOCK a huge busy interstate in Seattle? Sorry for her families loss Surprised it took this long to happen with all the Ants,etc illegally stopping traffic.

Too bad! If you have any sense you're taught not to pay in the road. Its them or the driver. The comments here have made me give up on the human race These comments are disgusting. RIP And this is the reason we teach our kids not to play in the middle of the street .... What did she think was going happen ?


This is the new method for second amendment racists to murder. I hope they end up in jail and their cars and other weapons are impounded forever. Will the BLM terrorists' lost in zombie trances twerk saunter around cities chanting her name? She can no longer breath! Add her to the lists of causalities deliberately ignored because it compromises the peaceful protesting narrative everyone with an 1-5 iq knows is b.s.

Wait, was the driver really Black? She was an ANTIFA Terrorist - funded by George Soros. What can possibly happen if you stand in live traffic? Get a permit to protest in the road. Most likely you will be a Democrat controlled urban area so they will be sympathetic to your lawless protest This is probably one of the most disturbing comment sections I’ve ever seen on Twitter. So many sociopaths.

What Her privilege didnt save her 'Don't play in the road kids' is something my Mom taught me as a child. Where are the parents for all these infantile people? It seems as if they dropped the ball years ago. May she rest in peace, and The Black Lives Matter movement isn't Blacks , they are cops & anarchist pretending to be blacks , cause its hijacked by GEORGE soros who wants to destroy America..

All lives matter except racist lives... The government needs to take them out to execute them in public so we can see. I am sure that WOMEN's Organizations will protest the fact that women are being brutally killed when they exercise their freedom of speech. We must ALL ban together to fight white male racism.

Lucky for the driver he is not white or his life would be over right now. His black privilege will keep him out of trouble. Lesson learned don’t play on the Street! Enough of the “Play stupid games win stupid prizes” It’s just uncaring as F Bitch did like 2 flips and face planted perfectly without bouncing.

Who was driving the car? America Will never forget this, America will never forgive this! Dismantle police oppression And NO ONE WILL TOUCH THE IDENTITY OF THE PURP. Why? Google it and be enlightened Fundamental rule of childhood——— Don’t. Play. In. The. Road. the good thing about your biased posting is it might get the black male a long sentence, so keep posting

My parents taught me at a young age never to play in the street. So there you have it........killed because she was stupid! Protesters should not be on InterstateHighways who’s the Genius that came up with that idea in Seattle Morons Stay off the highways and they were all dressed in black. I see joggers all the time like that at night and had to slam on my brakes

This happened first If this had been a white guy (or woman) he would've had his picture plastered everywhere... but only after he got the Reginald Denny treatment of course. NPR is shit. She was murdered after an attack. Word it correctly. 😂😂😂 DefundNPR PropagandaPress she was standing in the middle of a freeway at 1:30 am intentionally blocking traffic and bullying citizens. A black male murdered her

So very heartbreaking 💔😢😥 Rest in peace Summer Taylor🙏🏽 Now that poor driver has to live with that for the rest of his life..because of the idiots in the road.. The worlds smallest violin is being played right now.. You was in the middle of the road Sorry but the interstate is not a aplce to hold a protest, people have a right to get from A to B. Protest from the side of the road as much as you want but not in the middle of it

anti-protesters have now killed more people than all of antifa It's funny because if the dude who did it was white his face would be plastered all over national news and tge article. As far as the death, well it died for what it believed in, so I won't mourn it nor feel sorry for it. Just another unlucky martyr.

Not while peacefully protesting...but standing in the road at night...which is taught at a early age...do not play in the road...BLMTerrorists BlackLivesMatter owns this death and many more.... So senseless!! May she RIP & May the driver spend many years in prison GTF out of the road. Let this be an example, we’re not taking this shit anymore.

If the driver was white this headline would read VERY different, despite all other facts being the same. damn white supremacists. o wate he iz black 🙏🏻❤️ Stay out of the street. SeattlePD the driver of the car that hit those people needs to be charged with murder. It’s name is Summer Taylor! It’s name is Summer Taylor!

No mention that the driver was a black man. From Africa, literally. The fact that they're people here care more about what race the driver was to try and ' beat the narrative' rather than running over people bad and it shouldn't matter is astonishing. No humility left anymore.. just sad man.. Let me help everyone who didn't read the article:

RIP your sprit will live forever 💯❤️🌹 Was Summer a Snowflake? Awwww to fuckin bad!!!! Sick! Lock him up! The irony Strange, now Seattle removes protesters after a terrible accident. Looks like the mayor's batting a 1000% in stupid decisions. Maybe next time don’t “protest” on a fucking interstate freeway. The fact that the city allowed this is insanity.

Rest in power Did your mom not teach you how to cross a street. They bring it on themselves! Get off the highway! R.i.p but Why protest on a highway Murder cars. They drive themselves and run down humans. What can we do to stop this scourge ? Good! Don't protest on the freeway!!! Dont 👏stand 👏 in 👏 the 👏 road 👏 Maybe other idiots will learn something.

And this is trending why exactly? ONE rando got BTFO'd by a car and i'm supposed to legitimately care? Protesters need to use their own vehicles to blockade the highway and not rely on police who may not be motivated to protect them. A change in tactics is needed so the protests can go on until real change is achieved. BlackLivesMatter SummerTaylor

BLM idiots standing on a highway at night killed by a black guy. 😂 A lesson to protestors? We can’t guarantee your safety? A man willingly bypassed roadblocks and appeared to deliberately turn into protestors. This wasn’t an accident. It was murder. It’s literally your job to prevent murder, even if the victims are critical of you.

So sad. Rip to this young lady RIP. Don’t stand on the highway Don’t stand in the street blocking traffic while wearing black. Sue the family for damages to the car Struck by a car? Is that the same as someone being shot by a gun? Or is it because there's someone pulling the trigger of the car/gun? Play stupid games Win stupid prizes

Why would anyone walk on I-5. Stupid A woman has died after being struck by a car traveling at high speed on the FREEWAY after SEATTLE authorities approved PEDESTRIANS, dressed in dark colors, to play on the freeway in the middle of the night. There, I fixed it for you!! Seattlechaz VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020

Another “far right extremist” as NPR told us earlier SassCBrown If the idiots would stay out of the road, that would not have happened. It's not rocket science. I’m so sick of paying my tax dollars to fund TheDemocrats radio station. WhiteHouse needs to DefundNPR After months of quarantine life and weeks of riots it’s hard to not to think the driver was justified.

Seattle if just a big CHAZ now What’s the ratio of protesting Americans getting hit or run over by cars in a month to the same getting brutalized by police in a year? Anyone? By some accounts, over 50 protestors have been hit or run over by cars in the last 30 days. Math is not a progressive strong suit.

Cpt. Ron Mead saying he can’t guarantee the safety of protesters. What a complete and utter lie. He just doesn’t want to. Are we all gonna pretend that they were Blocking a Freeway!!! It's illegal for you to stop on a Freeway, Let alone block lanes of Traffic with Cars and Standing on the live Lanes Impeding Traffic!

It turns out playing in traffic is stupid as fuck, imagine that! They weren't protesters. They are agitators. THE LGBTQ ARE RAPING FAMILIES IN SEATTLE, AND THEY ARE TELLING PPL NOT RECORD..WHAT'S GOING ON , THEY ARE THE ANARCHIST trump will jail people for 10 years for defacing a statute, but actual human beings, run over by his unhinged critters, no problem. Fucktrump and his biASSED, dictator-BS.

👏Kill👏the👏driver👏 A road was blocked for a protest at 1:40 am? With so much racial hate I have to ask this If you were drowning in the water and another race color of skin religion or anything different from you would you care what color that person was he throws you a line could get you out of the water to save you. I love all people.

Yay, let's turn the loss of a person you barely knew before now into something you can use to reap cold material benefits from.... What the shock? I feel more bad for the car So, according to NPR, of the 50 or so vehicles involved in these incidents, MANY were driven by right wing extremists? There is literally ZERO proof of this propagandist statement! I'm truly sorry this woman died. ALL lives DO matter. I WON'T believe the bs though!

This is so sad to say the least there's enough hate in the world stop hating each other and love each other it's so much easier to be nice to be mean to be kind than be cruel gmacofglebe What has America become? The land of hatred and violence No motive given and driver was not impaired. Smells like foul-play.

Playing with the traffic after dark has its consequences Jeez. These comments. Assholes, mount up! proving evolution is real Damn she was hot ... oh well guess stay out street now This incident is the millennial experience in a nutshell; 2 gals w/ “look at me” hairdos performing the most superficial form of “protest” for social media points & utterly failing to grasp the risks bc they’ve been shielded negative consequences their whole lives.

😂 News Organizations Stop Pretending Non-Sentient Objects Can Act Independently Challenge I hope the car wasn't damaged too much. Jaguar XF vs the left wing Guess the jag one Who is the driver so I can buy him a drink? Two drinks if the driver was black. They shouldn’t have been in the road. the people victim blaming disgust me. the highway was closed so that the protest could take place. the driver knowingly got on the highway when there were signs saying it was closed.

Enjoy hell I don’t know, stay out of the road maybe? So, uh, the car was acting on its own? This is why we don’t protest. I mean it sucks but you all knew the consequences Maybe they shouldn't be protesting on highways at night? Just a thought. Stands in the middle of the road at night with no warning and no lights showing... this has got to be the most avoidable death of all time

Seattle police captain blames the victims for a man somehow getting around barriers in a speeding car running them over. As tone deaf as ever. Next week: BLM thug dies after 'protesting' on cliff edge. She was intentionally run over by a Trump-supporting right-wing nut, assholes. She shouldn’t have been in the road. People are not going to stop anymore. No one wants to be another Reginald Denny!

Release the name of the driver and let’s determine why he drove through a road clearly marked CLOSED with barricades killing Summer Taylor and seriously injuring others. The incident seems very suspicious and calculated. Capt Meade should do his job without criticizing victims. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 All I can say is good, these BLM protesters need to respect the law and other people, Americans are sick of these scumbags and this is a well deserved consequence.

I hope city authorities and police are held liable for allowing them to do their thing in the street Oh, the even handed neutral passive voice - was struck by - fucking do better npr Anarchy can be detrimental to your health... no tears here! AntifaTerrorists When asked where the body was protesters said 'Some are here, some are there'.

Given hippy names, winning stupid prizes. Intersting you didn't post pic of driver of course purposely. But if it would have creates more divide I'm sure you woukd have. But u make sure to write a blanket statement that most of car rammings have been right wing extremist targeting. RIP Summer. Prays to her family.

That driver was a brutal murderer. Someone wasn't taught not to play on the freeway. Play stupid games win stupid prizes Good... that will serve them right for hurting that car too bad he got the hitmarker on the 2nd :( She should have stayed home. Rioting is not protesting. Protesting on the highway is like protesting in a gun range. This is tragic but have some damn common sense...

'(police) warned that the incident offers a stark lesson for protesters. 'because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple'.' = Protecting the public, not my job. Traffic safety, not my job.🤔Remind me what we're paying them for? Very “all lives matter” of many of you. It’s easy to admit that you’re just racist instead of hiding behind useless words.

Play on the highway you take the risk The driver is a hero. Nice car. I think it can be repaired. Hope the idiots taking a stroll on an interstate have insurance. Hey NPR, self-driving cars don’t exist yet. This is a story about murder. Maybe people shouldn't be blocking traffic in the name of communism. No real loss. Good riddance. My condolences to the owner of the car for the repairs it now needs after being a great service to freedom and democracy.

You are trying to make a big deal out of this case just because the 'victims' were white and the 'perpetrator' was an innocent Black man minding his own business! BlackLivesMatter!!! Boohoo. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Next... Good dont protest First the highway should not be blocked...that’s not peaceable protest. And Waaaah, because I’ll hit anyone blocking my car.

RACES DRIVER ON THE ROAD The road was closed by protestors so it wasn’t actually closed👋 Jali_Cat They were blocking a highway at night with a van at a full stop across two lanes. They were dressed in black and standing on the highway. The police were trying to get them off the highway at the time of the accident. Why don't you report the facts?

May He rest is peace. These are not protesters these are terrorists. NPR there’s a named suspect. every other news outlet has named the suspect. Isn’t that newsworthy? Or doesn’t it fit the narrative? Maybe it's time for you to start reporting on white nationalism and the people who want to stop it, rather than glorifying the failed neoliberal policies that caused this.

Its violation of your 4th amendment to have anyone stop you from moving forward, unless it's an swore law person. If you however turned right, and get stopped by a parade, or protesters then you have to wait. But if you driving straight and people just decided to block, 🏃‍♂️🚗 Terrible headline. So people were standing on the interstate and got hit by a car that was doing the speed limit you do on the interstate? Surely they were standing in the middle of the road? No one deserves to get killed but wouldn't this be called DARWINISM?

So another black man will be locked up because of a white woman’s racism Why report this, she was white.. it's BLM 🤷‍♂️ She got the chance to fly at least 😂 Bias and n the Media again. Driver was a Black Male 27 years old. Dawit Kelete of Seattle drove the car around vehicles that were blocking I-5 and sped into the crowd about 1:40 a.m

Im sorry this happened but protesting on a highway is stupid and people will run protestors over after witnessing what protestors have done in previous incidents Get off the highway you dummy, you might get run over. It’s too bad this misguided fool was never taught that actions have consequences. Bad parenting and even worse educational system

stay off the freeway 🙄 did the car act on its own? or did a *driver* deliberately injure protesters? These idiots need to stop standing in the middle of highways. Do you see the irony in this? A large group of white protesters supposedly supporting BLM and blocking the freeway.. was struck by a black driver who was just trying to get home. I guess it's not a hate crime just an example of how stupid blocking the freeway is huh. DarwinAward

🤬🤬🤬😡THIS TOO MUST STOP!!! Condolences to the family. A martyr for justice was taken! Your life mattered, your support mattered! What would you think when blocking a FREEWAY!!!!!! Horrible The driver SAYHERNAME SummerTaylor Driver will never get a fair trial... Media is as much to blame for inciting the citizenry to this point... It's easy to say the 'road was closed'; how do we know that driver didn't enter road between road blocks... Protests shouldn't be on streets, but on public grounds...

Not protester. Rioter. There does need to be a distinction. Question. What were they doing on the road in the middle of the night where no one can see them. I don't teach children not to play on the road, let alone a fricking highway with cars driving over 100 k What is wrong in this hell hole we call america Sheer devils running people over ( I do not care what race..evil is evil). That person should get the death penalty. And this is coming from someone against it.

You never know what kind of lunatics you'll encounter when standing in the middle of the road Charles Darwin Umm...they were on an interstate. She would be 100% alive if she hadn’t made a very careless decision of playing in traffic. R.I.P - we will see you when we get their. No mention of the driver's race. How convenient. He was black btw. You can be SURE that a white driver would have been PRONOUNCED for all the world to see.

Was the driver white? Answer the question. So they can arrest the murderer of Summer Taylor but not those of Breonna Taylor. Gotcha. BlackLivesMatter Hit by MOTORIST. Look both ways before you cross the street She died fighting for the interests of globalists. Fight (and die) *for*, not against, the power. Fortunately, globalists have turned our educational institutions into marxist zombie factories, so her replacement will be easy and cheap.

Dam Seattle is still protesting..... Jeez Why did they call the police she hated police HYPOCRISY at its best What color are their eyes? Mayor is responsible for not having police arrest protestors for their own safety. RIP beautiful! Jali_Cat the real travesty is the that the driver is in jail...…….. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Bruh why tf have you people resorted to supporting and defending murderers, this dude didn’t even try to stop there’s multiple videos of the guy speeding up and aiming for the protestors. Fuck this country man. All the more reason not to block traffic. We should all stop with pretending these protests about George Floyd. They are about Donald Trump and the fact that you don't want him as Pres. Don't stand in the road. It looked to me like the driver tried to avoid the protestor and they stepped in front of the car.

It was interesting to read these comments yesterday, before everyone knew the driver was black. Racism is a powerful drug. Here is the question to all the rest of the MSM and think carefully before responding. WHY would an interstate, not a city steet be CLOSED OFF for a “demonstration”? Have we all lost our minds? To demonstrate what? ANTIFA? BLM...again? No reason to be on I-5 PERIOD.

NO MENTION OF THE DRIVERS RACE?!? Comon. Two far left white BLM supporters were run down by a black guy in a jaguar and you can’t say that? DefundNPR scummedia Is this news source going to actually post the video, since they tweeted this story? So we are able to see for ourselves unbiased information and discuss, whatever the facts are, in this thread. (I know I can add it myself but it doesnt address the news lacking in this action)

They’re not black. Do their lives matter now? Darwinism We’ve spent our whole lives telling our kids to look both ways, twice, before crossing the street, and they are never allowed to play in them! Especially at nighttime! Dangerous! Does the driver have a go fund me? I wanna bail him out and buy him a beer.

I feel sorry for the driver! Terrorism You didn’t parade around the race of the driver so they must not be white. They walked head on toward the vehicle. Other people ran. What better place to protest than on the interstate highway Here's a idea Hear me out Give the fucking protests a break? How about that?

What about the kids protestors SHOT No Headlines? Remorse? This is why your mother told you not to play in the street. Yes. When you wear black at night and stand in the middle of a road this happens. Nobody careened. They stood in traffic. Sooo. I’m sorry for her family who is grieving because she put herself in harm’s way.

This out if control madness has to stop. It’s like watching a bad B grade movie. I do believe it is illegal to walk on freeways is it not, Oh well Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 🥇 SummerTaylor this incident demonstrates how quickly and acutely people will politicize and display their own dark world views before the facts are even known.

notice how most of y’all justifying it have like less than 5 followers, the only people taking you seriously are the ones who also have less than 5 followers I guess playing in traffic isn’t such a great idea. Is NPR *incapable* of straight journalism? Do you have to speculate and editorialize EVERYTHING? You have no evidence that this was purposeful or had any political motive whatsoever and you’re still gonna press that garbage... enemy of the people.

Wow to read the responses let’s me see just how djt has tricked and harmed so many people really think blm are terrorist further they think they can decide who lives and and dies.. I fear humanity can’t be persuaded I mean I thought you learn as a child to not run into the streets but idk these people are lunatics lmao

What was she doing on freeway?They don’t teach them in school that freeway is for cars. Happy 4th to my fellow American Psychopaths celebrating mediocrity and kabooms wenyunchao Go on! Do what CCP wants you all Americans do. Just divide and collapse. Good for you all. This is empirically 1st degree murder. And punctuates the character of the Russian Asset's supporters, as well as Traitors Mitch & Barr & their GOP COMPLICIT Congressional CABAL.

Hmmm, first an Hispanic female soilder gets killed in Tx by POC male and now this by POC male. Can we conclude tht there is POC ToxicMasculinity in the US. This is terrible. Cause of death: coronavirus Since I don’t stand in the road, closed or not I don’t ever have to worry about dying this way. Play in the road win stupid prizes.

So why is this trending but not the little kid who died in a shooting? Similar thing happened at Charlotsville... Never mind. Easy fix. Stay out of the road. she shouldn't have been blocking the road.. Fucked around and found out. Get tf out of the road idiots! Who protest in the middle of the highway at night? Idiots. Saw video road was not closed off and if they did have permission what idiot allowed them to protest at night on a highway wearing dark clothes? Media sure does twist things..guy is arrested for driving his car on the rd?

KATW0F0UR The all lives matter people are showing their true colors. Thats what happens when you stand in the middle of a road and try blocking traffic. I hope the car is ok. Notice how none of the Fake News outlets are mentioning the race of the driver. Which means, it must have been a non-white male driver. Otherwise they 100% would be headlining a WHITE male driver hitting them. Because they are race-baiting human garbage.

Good. That’ll teach them. Oh dear. What a shame. After the destruction in the USA, lives lost, businesses lost, burning, looting, violent protests, persecution of all police not just the bad ones. This may sound cold & maybe after all that's transpired I am. I have zero sympathy for someone dying because they stood in the road.

And there this 👌 He needs to be changed with murder this was a deliberate act of violence turning his car into a weapon. Imagine if this was a white driver killing a black protester. The outrage would be astronomical! Rip to her, don’t stand in the middle of the highway next time! Interstate highways have signs, “ No Pedestrians.” I guess public education failed another.

Toll Paid ‘Protesting’? at night, wearing all black on highway, after trying to block it first with a white van. 🤔 Stay off the roads assholes Life is so fragile. Whatever the fate of her soul, which I pray for, she now has different priorities. Good, keep running them over. Seattle Washington to Connecticut? wow now that's a distance

How about using Summer Taylor's photo? Geez , whoda thunk dancing on the freeway was a safe activity? 🙄 Oh , now you want to pin this on a black guy, racist biggots That what happens when chaos spreads, more deaths and violence appears. Stay home and healthy people! “Washington State Patrol said the driver was Dawit Kelete, 27, of Seattle wasn’t DUI and drove the wrong way on the Stewart Street off-ramp to enter the interstate, which had been partially shut down in response to protesters.” DomesticTerrorism

Imagine being so threatened by peaceful protests that you drive a speeding car into a dancing and singing crowd. Headline should read, POLICE CAPTAIN BLAMES PROTESTERS FOR GETTING RUN OVER AND KILLED. 'My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate,' he said. That’s messed up.

Eritrean driver will not be charged FreeJamesFields who was maliciously prosecuted for a similar offense, except in Fields case he was being attacked and tried to escape. If James Fields were from Eritrea instead of Ohio, would he be free today? Signs point to 'Yes.' Please make it a law that White Supremacists will be jailed in Washington jurisdiction & hung publicly if they are found as being a part of, or associated with, or even sympathetic to that Terrorist Extremist Hate Group that is destroying America EVERY SINGLE TIME it manifests?

Republicans using vehicles as a deadly weapon. When Muslims do it it's terrorism. What does it mean when Republicans use it? LMAO Read your bible plenty is said about the traps of rebellion and protest and doing utterly foolish things. Jesus is LOVE but also He is WISDOM. He wants us to be safe not place ourselves in danger and never to walk with violence. e.g., jump out of a window you will not fly.

Please report that she was struck by a black man. Rest in peace. Stay out the street!!!! Something tells me that the protester shouldn't have been in the street. I better see Seattle in flames over the death of this white girl This is getting out of hand. horrible to hear someone has died, but ffs, she was a protestor, imo would be different if it was an innocent person getting caught in all this bullshit.

It's like real life GTA but they actually line up for you. Get out of the fucking road! I feel for the driver on this one. play stupid games win stupid prizes. Welp..... Finally! Bye! I saw the video of the entire accident and, as usual, the media is sucking this for all the clicks it can get. Protest peacefully but do not block up Federal Highways to do so.

The irony Good. Hope the other fucker dies too. Maybe stay the fuck off the road i donno? To those saying they deserved it. Would you run over these guys too? therealjmoney99 “Demonstrators”. Nope. Why aren’t you calling the driver “racist?” This was completely avoidable. Well, your headline strangely omits the fact that this 'protestor' was part of a group of young BLM morons who were standing in the middle of the highway... late at night... in the dark.

And the protester called the police ? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 And the protester were occuping a public street withouth any permission ? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 And the driver was a black person? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 So now white people has the rigth of start riots and burn cities with a good reason and the help of CNN? R.I.P but i hope the guy in the car uses the race card to get out of charges or a get lesser sentence.

Good riddens....let's send hopes and prayers that Diaz Love takes his/her/its last breath today. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Summertaylor diazlove blm terroristorganization lock the driver up Why not just allow them onto an airport runway next time? What could go wrong? Protesting doesn't mean Stopping Emergency Services and endangering others. Dumb liberals need to learn history and facts while Not Playing In Traffic. They're Showing Youth Stupid Deadly Habits. HUMANFROGGER 🤦🏻‍♂️

Even if there are a bunch of people being idiotic on the road, you slow tf down. I saw the video, and that psychopathic driver should’ve slowed down. She/he needs to face time in prison. And the driver? defend NPR now Wow. This is unfortunate. Tragic really. THE FATE OF THOSE THAT REJECT WISDOM: Wisdom cries out~ 'You ignored my advice and rejected the correction I offered. So I will laugh when you are in trouble! I will mock you when disaster overtakes you... For they hated knowledge and chose not to fear the LORD.” [Prov 1:25]

We don't know the story yet, and hopefully this was accident. However, the mayor is criminally negligent. The protestors are criminally stupid. Assuming the car didn't purposefully avoid the roadblock, the police were negligent. And, he swerved away from the crowd, not toward. O well.. I don't care what color the driver is, He/She should be given the choice of the electric chair or a cage of hungry lions

Freeways are for cars, not humans 🤡 Stay out of the streets ppl. Didn’t your parents teach you not to play in the road. Se video of collision below👇 Police Officers (and highway workers) are hit and killed all the time doing things on the road... if you say 'WeLl tHeY kNeW tHe risKs'... well, unfortunately, so did this protester...

Def an accident, your not plowing thru these people in this ride. Dressed in black, in the middle of a highway at night, wtf you think could happen. Stay out the fucking road Nice Jag Womp womp Dawit Kalete was the driver. RIP 😞 Maybe she will realize now America is the greatest country in the world Well to be fair there are people who gang up on people in cars wanting to beat them up, if the car had any common sense they'd hit the gas, instead of being killed by couple hundred people

Such a waste, but she's white and no cares about white people anymore. She died for nothing. Silly Rabbits-Streets are for cars-stay on the side walk and stop protesting and you won't get hurt Dont protest on a highway.simple lmao get clapped Very sad. I don’t think the roads a place to protest even if closed. I want to say they should have their own location, but then it turns into a CHAZ type thing. I wonder why people can’t protest in a park, clean up, and then leave by 9 pm?

trump supporters are going to kill even more of us as the election nears.....terrorism is growing in this country similar to how it grew out of control in the middle east The driver was from Africa...something seems very strange about this whole thing. He knew what he was aiming for and why were just 2 people on the road. It almost doesn't look real....

If you can’t guarantee our safety when we protest then we can’t guarantee the existence of your very job. The driver A black guy hits two white people protesting for black lives matter? That's odd. thomaskaine5 This situation is difficult at best, but that was inexcusable. Wisdom cries out~ The fate of those that reject wisdom: 'You ignored my advice and rejected the correction I offered. So I will laugh when you are in trouble! I will mock you when disaster overtakes you...For they hated knowledge and chose not to fear the LORD.” [Prov 1:25]

The driver of this care better be arrested for fucking murder Standing on a highway that’s operational 2AM. Sorry this is just natural selection. SummerTaylor 😂 Was she targeted by the driver? So who did you call? A social worker? SURELY NOT THE POLICE RIGHT!? The mayor did say it was gonna be the “Summer” of Love in Seattle! Maybe get the F off the highway!

How disappointed were the editors at NPR that they couldn't connect this tragedy with something 'White'? Their titles wasn't clickbait material this time. 😢 Nice work, NPR. The context that they were “struck” by a man who drove up an off ramp and around parked cars to hit them fits in the tweet but is left out, so that this headline can serve as raw meat for MAGAs who sympathize with the murderer.

A blm violent thug was killed by another blm thug. She reaped what she sowed They were a fucking beautiful human being Please note that you haven’t released the identity of the driver why? Does it not for your narrative? Blocking Traffic? People are sick of others who think they can impead traffic! AllLivesSplatter

Now tell us the real news. WHO was behind the wheel, NPR? C’mon, say it....what? Doesn’t fit the narrative? Natural selection at its finest. Why didn't include the fact that the driver of the Jaguar is black, to defuse any notion of racist intent? Is it because NPR wants to further incite racist division, as it did with its unsourced later assertion that 'white Supremacists' hit protestors?

My parents taught me to not stand in traffic. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. They blocked a highway, on a curve, at night and were hidden behind the van. Had this been an accident in the middle of the road and the driver swerved to avoid it at speed and hit someone, he would not have been arrested.

such a good idea to be in the middle of a freeway at 1am, dressed in black, trying to stop cars. Black on White crime,😭😭 Another pointless loss if life for a pointless cause. The Captain’s response, sounds as though the police allowed that car to break through the barricade! Running over the next jaywalking Magat that I see.

Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes. Karma I'll have a Coke. Again, knows the truth but they presented this instead, they are deliberately misleading their audience. The best part of this story is that she died for nothing. I don't see how the black guy is at fault here. It's obvious that the White car is the one to blame.

Driver was black 🤣 Black live matter amirite The BLMIsADomesticTerroristGroup are quickly losing support, only the leftist enemy media is spreading propaganda to protect these trained insurrectionists. Thanks for leaving out the identity and race of the driver -Dewit Kelete. In other words - two white women protesting blm are struck by a black driver (on e dead, one critical), but by their own ideology their lives don't matter.

The last 2 paragraphs of this piece are absolute garbage. Defund NPR. This driver was a black dude. Do you really think he was a right wing extremist? Get off the fucking highway. The Capt. “believes this is a stark lesson for protestors”?! WT triple F kind of response is that?!! What a complete arse! It’s clear to see where that arse stands on this. 🤬

That is terrorism. By any definition, that is domestic terrorism. Vehicular homicide. Intent to kill. Murder in the first degree. Boston Marathon Bomber, Dylan Roof, and now this asshole. Did her mother not teach her to not play in the road ? What is this guy's supposed motive? DefundNPR That's what happens when you play on the FREEWAY...

The driver was black so if they charge him is that racist? She was an enemy of the state and a casualty of war. Plus, why are American police and medical services attending to the traitors and the insurgents? BLMTerrorists BLMIsADomesticTerroristGroup Black man kills white woman Good Sorry for the sad loss of life but when people's right to travel freely is prevented by protesters then there is always a risk & you may not like it but people have rights to move freely as people have to protest & that's a plain fact. I'm sorry for this young girls loss R.I.P.

Play stupid games This was two days ago. Stop vaguely implying it happened last night. I think you left out some key details in both your post and the article but this is surely intentional Post the drivers name! Was it worth it Whats that song by ludacris? So black man kills white woman according to Democrats no big deal. Where's the story?

She’s white, why does her life matter? Incoming rednecks saying “WeLl ShE sHoUlDnT hAvE bEeN pRoTeStInG” Was the driver a Trump supporting white nationalist ? I just found his picture, no wonder twitter is confused. Reported driver of car was black. Ironic This has to be traumatic for the driver..I hope he has a good support group

Freeways are meant for driving not protesting your terrorist and Marxist group. It’s sucks that she had to die but maybe now the government will put a stop to people blocking roadways. BLMTerroristMarxists AllLivesMatter And ignorant, horrible people are cheering this. I’ve never seen so many ugly comments in my entire life. I hope karma exists.

The irony in all this is the driver was black and he hit two white women protesting Blm, and the irony still the man was taken into custody without a problem. Cue up the “protest the cars” march-lets defund all cars—and highways too!! LOL Simple solution, don’t protest on highways! alanaevansxxx The number of people here saying she deserved to die because a protest didn't happen at another location, where it could be ignored, is really something.

RIP for Summer Taylor. Diaz Love she sucks another loathsome encounter to my list with other loathsomes 1/ I knew there would be casualties beyond George Floyd before this was over. But this death seems so full of tragedy, even more so the deeper you go. Wow an unnecessary death for NO reason. A man from Eritrea has been arrested. On the interstate at 1:40am. Sounds like an accident.

Good news today 👏👏 And you have so called patriots saying it was deserved because she was on the road..Just shows how toxic they have become. RIP young lady. This is your fault I don’t understand how anyone for or against the protest could purposely take innocent lives and cause so much destruction and feel any of this actually serves a purpose or supports any type of positive outcome. What is wrong with people?!? This isn’t the way. 🙏😢

This is tragic 😥 😂 I mean she was on the road that tends to be where cars go I’m surprised this hasn’t happened waaaaay more by now Dont play in the road, it is taught to you from age 5 to being an adult How racist or just pure evil do you have to be to do this How do so many people replying just love that this person got killed? This fucking country sucks.

Me right now Maybe don’t stand in the middle of the freeway... I feel like some parent somewhere failed in some pretty basic safety messaging... Well she should have stayed home in her dad's basement Rest in peace Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Mom told me not to run with scissors also. played frogger and lost. good

This will hopefully stop other protesters, stay off the roads... Or this will happen again sadly. 💔 Except in cases of emergency 'No pedestrian shall walk upon a limited access facility (freeway or interstate highway) or a ramp connecting a limited access facility to any other street or highway' Can you imagine if the driver was white and killed black person? But since it was a black guy that killed white woman who cares i guess

PSA: Don't play on the highways. Black man kills white protester at black lives matter protest ,just wondering how you spin this one? walking around on an interstate at 4:30 AM in a large city what could go wrong 🤷‍♂️ HWY5 is a major freeway up Calif, Oregon, & Washington. Nobody should be on that friggin highway, not even demonstrators.

Is the race of the suspect a significant fact that will effect people’s interpretation of what happened? Are you intentionally hiding his name and identity as an editorial decision, why is that? This is partly a sad demonstration of why taking guns away and having background checks for pressure cookers won't stop psychos

Or was the suspect white and non-muslim? If you put their names together it could be 'Summer (of) Love'. And this is exactly what they mayor promised her citizens. Hell on earth. What a biased article. The journalists opinion is laced in it. Smh. 💔 Hope it was worth dying Who cares? They deserve it. Someone give him a medal. My free advice...dont stand on highways where cars go 75 miles an hour.

Hahahahaha, stupid fuck. Oh the perp wasn't white, how are you ever going to spin this as a right wing attack? Good ridence This is the guy who ran them over.... people are wondering why they’re calling it an accident What was the drivers Race ? Inquiring mind wants to know ? Rip to the lost one ... Rest in pieces.

What was the race of the driver? ANameinuse wow damn the vehicle! i can't believe they let non-autonomous vehicles drive on their own Anyone going to upload the video so we have a unbiased account? epic win if i do say so myself The people who are saying that this woman deserved to be hit are probably the same ones claiming that all lives matter. WILD.

Honestly, what does it accomplish to protest and block roadways? Does that roadway directly impact the very people that work for the government? It doesn't communicate your message it disrupts the very citizens you are fighting for smh I give them a 9 on the flips, but only a 1 on the landings. They need to work on sticking the landing.

S Darwin's natural selection on display I fixed your headline for you: Black man kills white woman at BLM protest Natural selection folks 'Was murdered' FixedIt Well some one did tell them to go play in the traffic. Darwinism at its finest. They got what they deserved. If she was home adhering to CDC recommended COVID lockdown procedures she would still be alive

I hope it is counted as suicide. It is very sad and I am so sorry for their families. There are consequences for illegally blocking roads. should a moved Two white woman, 'peacefully demonstrating that black lives matter, get run over by a black man, one killed... Speaks volumes. Even when whites are fighting your cause their lives dont seem to matter....

Oh well lefty, stay off the road. Illegal Jay walkers on a highway dressed in black hit by car driven by a Black man at night time is a more true headline. Domestic terrorists are not protestors, they're not demonstrators. The person that died after being hit by a car, did so in the process of committing a crime. 3 cars blocked the highway, causing the white car to go around one, resulting in 2 terrorists being hit. Play, you pay.

The car is ok good I feel bad for her and her family. But I was taught not to play on the Hi-Way. And the Darwin Award goes to Summer Taylor. Congratulations! Blame POTUS for inciting violence on peaceful protesters. America 🇺🇸 is a useless country. Well ,world is a better place now. idk maybe stay off the fucking highway

Protesting on THE HIGHWAY....shocked that's a bad idea. You get what you deserve Looks like a terrorist attack to me. Why do you assume there was a 'motif'? Accidents don't have motifs... you should know better. You call yourself a news organization? BTW I have a screenshot so if you try to change the wording and pretend like you're not biased or trying to start race wars I can prove it.

For all the hateful idiots in the comments, the road was closed for protestors. The car should not have been on there. That’s what a closed road means. But I’m sure logic isn’t common for most of you. 😢😢😢😢 RIP Leftist : America is an evil country When something evil happens Leftists : This isn't the America we grew up This is an accident. But the media and leftist won't accept that and they will still put blame on someone who isn't even related to this incident.

Pink hair = no loss to society You mean she was standing in the middle of a highway at night with vans blocking the road and their vision of oncoming traffic. I hate to see anyone die but this one was preventable and almost suicide. She had a death wish and was playing with fire wearing gas soaked clothing...

Condolences to the family may she rest n peace. My heart truly breaks for her family. Blessings Good get out of the fucking road !!! Enough. Already Nice car damn The driver should recieve the same treatment as the victim! The liberal/leftist media cares a lot more about this woman playing stupid games on the freeway getting hit by a car than they did about the 'CHOP' 'security' murdering a black teen-aged boy and putting another black teen-aged boy in the hospital the other day. SummerTaylor

Illegal protest blocking the free way at night. A black man driver hit and killed the idiots. Lol I THINK THE DRIVER IS AMERICAN AFRICAN ..I AM PRETTY SURE Murdered not just “struck by a car” it was deliberate This is 100% on the Police who 'thought' they had closed down INTERSTATE 5 so the 'protesters' could hang out and protest what? A potential 'racist' using the EXPRESSWAY at NIGHT!? WTF? Read the whole article, DefundNPR

Of course no one deserves but is anyone suprised? Both sides is like 90% thugs which cause trouble. Yet idiots will defend the thugs and ruin it for the decent people. The only people who are making negative comments are the people without a profile picture or they have a cartoon/Anime profile picture.

iMickey503 BLM is reckless with the lives of their foot soldiers. Imagine going out in the freeway and getting hit by a car what a tragic world we live in. Shouldn't of been on the road Good. HER not THEIR To bad he only got two What were they ...protesting ? SassCBrown Sucks what happened to the beautiful car!!!

Did you not know to spell murdered? Congrats, she got what she wanted, being alive as a white is racism, right? 1. The high speed was because it was a freeway. 2. They were standing in the road...at night. 3. The car tried to avoid her. 4. The victim has to assume some of the responsibility. Moral of the story: don't be on the road, in the dark, no high vis vests on, you probably will get killed.

I hope that person who ran her over stays behind bars till the end of their days well dont block the road Lmao dumbass got what was coming to her Why would anybody demonstrate on a interstate No sympathy, stay off the road if you don’t want to get hit. Weird how NPR did not post stories of all the cops (white, black and brown) that were killed during these protests. Or how protesters have ruined people's businesses and lives! In this story, highways are for cars, not protesters!

Get the hell out of the road!!!!! Black Drivers Matter. They were obviously trying to force white patriarchy on a black man who just wanted to go home and chill w/ a blunt and some netflix. Keep these people off the damn freeway already. These utterly cringeworthy, waste of time, obnoxious 'protests' do NOT belong on the freeways under any circumstances. Keep that crap on the sidewalks or in a parking lot. The freeway is for vehicles, not protesters.

Nice! But it's ok, her life doesn't matter because she's white. Another casualty of this senseless rioting that has nothing to do with black lives, run by a group of racist old white men who are using them as pawns while funneling their money & donations into the Democratic party LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Lol If the guy was white that hit them it would be number one on twitter and I this Article headline Lol black lives matter This hateful bastard should never again see the light of day! So for all those “shouldn’t be in the road” people, I guess that also goes for any of the said marathons, parades, or anything else that would require the streets to be partitioned off? It’s amazing streets can have more than one use. 😂

Sidewalks exist for a reason, that sheboon had it coming. Things you can learn. 1. Drive around pedestrians on an interstate. 2. Don’t be on an interstate. Reading these comments.....yikes. Are we really defending blatant murder here? A blm supporter ruining a black live? Big suprise. Wait a minute. Right after it happened protesters were saying it was an off-duty female cop and even showed her picture.

GOD HAVE MERCY JANET AND NORMAN SEND OUR PRAYERS AND condolences to the family and FRIENDS THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOU ALL OMG What the hell is wrong with people?! Goddam white supremacists i mean all of us are gonna die. but why would you waste a life like that? its not for you to decide for her to die. that is just so sickening. we should treat every life as precious. we only have one life. can every body help each other to enjoy it?

Hope the driver of the car is ok The anti-BLM crowd is enjoying this death. America is done for. Rest In Peace Quite predictable someone would eventually get killed this way, when you see crowds attacking drivers in their cars and jumping on the bonnets of cars. Sooner or later a driver will panic or try to escape a violent crowd

HA. KARMA was she blocking traffic? Get off the road covid carriers Good. Run over a protester on your way to work The highway should not have been closed and the protest on the highway should not have been permitted. Interstate closed for a 'protest?' When your organization can get an interstate closed you don't have to protest anything. You have power.

The protestors are 100% to blame. Darwin awards incoming. Stand in the middle of the road at night, get hit by traffic. What else did they expect to happen? I feel sorry for the poor black driver who was arrested. Hope his car is okay and he is not charged. For protesters safety, the road had already been closed off by police. This vehicle deliberately went around police barricades in order to do this. It was not the demonstrators' fault.

the road was closed guys; this should probably be in the title Don't want to get hit by a car, stay off the road idiots. Ummmm, middle of the night, wearing dark clothing, in the middle of a highway. Why is this driver even in custody? As sad as any death is, my question is why where they protesting on the I-5 & would Seattle allow that?

I guess that's what happens when you force close a motorway for 3 weeks. Good for the driver to bad they didn't get more of the bastards Play stupid games, win stupid prizes The right wing: we believe in law and order!' Also the right wing: we will murder people for doing things we don't like. Stand in the road you get hit by a car

This woman died and people here are making jokes about it. I hope none of you have to deal with a loved one dying and people on the internet blaming them for their death. THE ROAD WAS CLOSED! The guy should have never been driving there. Period. Find a different way home. He's dead. His life is over but he probably doesn't care.

Another big lawsuit for SEATTLE, pretty soon they won't be able to afford city services. Keep up the good work. but no one will say that the driver was black too Matter of time... Who cares That’s what they get The irony of conducting a 'black lives matters' protest in a road and then being run over by an African driver.

Funny how race is left out of your story when it doesn't fit your racist narrative Mom told me never to play in this be street. Don’t dance on a highway I drive my semi 70 mph on the interstate...not a safe place to be protesting :) The hell she in the road for. Road ain’t for walking a sidewalks is. The end result of liberal politics.

Deeply saddened by this news. May Summer rest peacefully in the Everlasting Arms of God and may Christ's love comfort and surround her family and friends. syntropian Wow weird, a car is responsible for yet another act of fascist terrorism?!?! The evil, deceptive MSM is just upset that they didn't get a white male to charge for this. It ruins their race-war, gender-war plans. But they'll keep trying! U know they will.

choptopmoseley KAYLEEBURRIS Heartbreaking 💔😭😩 RipSummerTaylor Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It wasn’t a white supremest who hit them. Just a man doing the speed limit on an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY ! She won the Darwin Award, not that she was the sort to breed anyway. Her genetic dead end is our win.

That's what you get for standing in the middle of the highway. Just another example of black on white violence. And how much u want to bet this guy is on some certain type of drugs 💔💔💔 Another heartbreaking example of black on white crime A motive? Idiots on the highway at night doesn't require a motive.

stand in the road at night You forgot white man drives trough protes- Wait... What? He was what? Nevermind ytregaws Why no name? So now the car driver is a murderer - hope it was worth it :( *********speechless********* 💔 Dawit Kelete Driver Dawit Kelete. Now that there's a death, will he get life + 419 years like James Fields or was Kelete just a good boy trying to get his life together who unfortunately made a mistake?

No more summer love, radical lefty mayor and FAKE NEWS MEDIA NPR!!! Oh, the protesters were on the freeway. Not a good idea. The freeway looks closed down - can anyone confirm any more details besides the obvious “they shouldn’t have been protesting in the first place” 😞 The vehicle hit people or did someone purposely drive into people? Why does your language make it seem like a person didn’t do this on purpose? Why is this so passive? Did the person who drove into protestors write this tweet Do better

Another black dude shot that 19 year old. His brother said so. The 16 year old was a black dude that was shot by CHAZ security, little boys with guns. So don't even go there with that BS about right wing people targeting them. Its not happening. 'many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters' What's your evidence for that? You guys are garbage.

many of which were suspected attacks by right-wing extremists targeting Black Lives Matter protesters. 👇👇👇right wing extremist? You forgot to include a photo as well as the name of the drive npr. Dawit Kelete. Here’s a photo from the AP. Driver shouldn’t have been on the freeway at all; it was closed by law enforcement for over an hour before this incident. As a law-abiding citizen, I don’t weave around police barricades, no matter how inconvenient. To then proceed at that high a speed? Felonious.

Careens Who80059616 Motive? There were people hanging around in the middle of the highway, at night. It's not protesting, it's just a dumb thing to do. And I see no intent from that video. If anyway, it conveys the opposite, that it was simply a tragic accident. He’s a murderer. Why are lawmakers approving these protests on freeways?!?!

You do realize that you in control of a motor vehicle you must ALWAYS yield to pedestrians. ALWAYS! You wait for the police to enforce the law on jaywalking. Sad. May she rest in peace. DID THEY ARREST THE DRIVER? Regardless of political affiliation, this sucks. People needlessly dying sucks. Lives matter.

Murder or just manslaughter, then? The driver was black. and NateAFischer feels safer, as do many racists. one less protester to instill fear in him. as a driver I know it is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the road !! thats life in prison to all you idiots who think this is cool She was a terrorist

There’s laws in place for murders that do this. Very sad about her death. Regarding the black man who hit her, he clearly was just trying to drive on the freeway and it didn't look like he intentionally struck them. You shouldn't block the freeway at night while wearing all black clothing. THey SHoUldN’t hAvE beEn In tHe rOaD - this response is beyond ignorant.

This is really terrible but what were they doing walking on I-5? Rest in Power, Summer Taylor 💓 they should have not moved to that section without notifying the police of their intentions. the whole thing sucks. Read text version at 😪😪😪😪😪😪I'm sorry for that family I hope the guy never drives again ( so to speak)

Who's gonna pay for the damage to the car now? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes 😂 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

An 8-year-old boy was killed, while 3 others injured, in shooting at Alabama mallA worker at the Riverchase Galleria said the gunshots “sounded like they were coming from every direction.” hmmm.... so what now? we should tell the police to never try to catch burglers because they might kill a child? Oh yeah our other virus: gun violence 🤦🏽‍♀️ Soo sad

8-year-old killed, 3 injured in shooting at Alabama mallHOOVER, Ala. (AP) — An 8-year-old boy was killed Friday in a shooting at an Alabama's shopping mall that left three other people injured, police said. Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said... It’s ok, they’re white. - liberals Sweet home Alabama America: Back to normal

An 8-year-old was killed and three others hurt during shooting at Alabama mallAn 8-year-old child was killed when shooting broke out Friday afternoon at the Riverchase Galleria shopping mall in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, authorities tweeted. All this well regulated-ness!!! Why the hell aren’t you covering the National guard preparing to attack peaceful native Americans protesting at mt Rushmore? It’s live on Facebook now! That Roll Turd education. 50 out of 50 states, can't expect much

Army IDs Fort Hood soldier who killed himself after being questioned about disappearance of Vanessa GuillenAuthorities said Spc. Aaron David Robinson, 20, ran away from Fort Hood Tuesday night. Local law enforcement later found Robinson early Wednesday in Killeen, Texas, where he shot himself. Very troubling What a coward

1 killed, 3 wounded in shooting at Mississippi sports barAn official says a man was fatally shot and three others were wounded in a shooting at a nightclub in Mississippi Now do Chicago

Tyson Brummett, former Phillies pitcher, killed after plane he was piloting crashes in UtahFormer major league pitcher Tyson Brummett was killed Friday morning when the plane he was piloting crashed in the Wasatch Mountains south of Salt Lake City. He was 35. RIP Tyson