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1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election

1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election

10/1/2020 11:15:00 PM

1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election

In an open letter, former Justice Department attorneys expressed concerns Thursday that Attorney General William Barr is using the power of the agency to help Trump win reelection.

"We fear that Attorney General Barr intends to use the DOJ's vast law enforcement powers to undermine our most fundamental democratic value: free and fair elections," according to an open letter signed by about 1,600 former Justice Department employees.

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Barr has echoed the president's attacks on mail-in ballots as more states have allowed voting by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic."People are trying to change the rules to this, to this methodology – which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion – is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire," the attorney general said in an interview with CNN last month.

Trump emphasizes violence in cities: Are his 'law and order' tactics working?Last week, the Justice Department announced an investigation into nine discarded mail-in ballots reportedly recovered from a county elections office in northeast Pennsylvania. Seven of the nine ballots had been cast for the president, who has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that massive fraud involving mail-in ballots is underway. The announcement, which did not suggest the type of"out-of-control" fraud the president has claimed, was"premature and improper" and gave the White House and the Trump campaign a talking point to discredit mail-in voting, the letter said.

The Justice Department has not responded to a request for comment.Intelligence officials have said they have"not seen" coordinated efforts to manipulate mail-in balloting. FBI Director Chris Wray also told a Senate panel that the bureau has"not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise."

Story continuesThe letter also accused Barr of using the Justice Department to discredit the Russia investigation, which cast a dark cloud over much of Trump's presidency and led to the indictment of half a dozen former associates and campaign aides. Barr has tapped a federal prosecutor to investigate the origins of the probe. The investigation by Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham has led to a criminal charge against a former Justice Department lawyer who pleaded guilty to falsifying an email investigators used to justify continued surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

JAMES COMEY: Defends Russia investigation, concedes on Carter PageBarr has previously told Fox News that there would be more significant developments before the November presidential election.The letter said there is no justification in releasing findings before the election.

"Such a blatant politicization and abuse of federal law enforcement power risks immense and lasting harm to our democracy and to the integrity and reputation of the DOJ," the letter said."Given Attorney General Barr's demonstrated willingness to use the Department to help President Trump politically, the media and the public should view any election-related activity by the DOJ – including any announcement or findings related to the Durham investigation – with appropriate skepticism."

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The attorney general has publicly attacked the Russia investigation, telling Fox News it was launched without basis to"sabotage the presidency." Barr did not offer evidence to prove his assertion. Trump's unrestrained full partner?: Attorney General William Barr echoes president in slamming DOJ

The Justice Department's inspector general has found that the FBI had legitimate basis to open an investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016. Special counsel Robert Mueller took over the probe in 2017. The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee, which launched its own Russia investigation has reaffirmed findings by Mueller's team that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential race and that members of the Trump campaign were eager to take advantage of that effort.

The letter also called out Barr over his recent remarks calling career Justice Department attorneys"headhunters" who have become overly aggressive in pursuing criminal cases. 'Criminalization of politics': AG Barr says prosecutors become 'headhunters'

Career prosecutors, or Justice Department attorneys who aren't politically appointed,"are generally part of the permanent bureaucracy," Barr said during a recent speech at Hillsdale College in which he defended his involvement in criminal cases."They do not have the political legitimacy to be the public face of tough decisions and they lack the political buy-in necessary to publicly defend those decisions."

In the past year, Barr has overruled line prosecutors by recommending a lighter sentence for Trump political adviser Roger Stone, while he has also sought to drop the prosecution of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn."Attorney General Barr’s comments display a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of career prosecutors and why many of them have openly resisted his interventions on President Trump’s behalf," the letter said."While it is of course true that the DOJ is managed by its political leaders, when those leaders violate their oath to faithfully execute the law, the career staff is obligated by their own oaths of office to uphold the principle of equal justice under law."

Sedition charges against protesters?: Attorney General Barr suggests charging protesters with sedition in call to federal prosecutorsPatrick Cotter, a former federal prosecutor and one of letter's signatories, said Barr's actions are"very serious breaches" of the Justice Department's traditional role as an apolitical institution. 

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"But of particular concern to me is the threatened Durham Investigation. That the Attorney General has gone so out of his way to designate a hand-picked prosecutor to engage in an amazingly unusual investigation which seems both in its subject matter and even more so in its apparent timing intentionally designed to affect a national presidential election is breathtaking in its impropriety," Cotter said.

DURHAM INQUIRY: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan interviewed for 8 hours Read more: Yahoo News »

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Key word “former” 🤦🏻‍♀️ Who knew the corrupt swamp was so vast? 1600? Wow. We now have the names of 1,600 panicked corrupt traitors. Makes prosecution much easier. Much appreciated. ngpenate Their called former for a reason! Lmfao Who cares? Change the headline to 'Progressive hack lying lawyers' DrainTheSwamp

followthemoney How do they feel about illegal spying and a coup attempt by Obama criminals in the FBI/DOJ? 16 million support you, worldwide.. Lol former Obama hench men accuse Barr of using DOJ to help President Trump win election..... Nice! Here for the ratio. 😀 rmoreau2014 He's his wingman Stop using former why can't you come up with current? current lawyers current Republicans current Democrats current anything but no everything you guys use is somebody that's a former

Nah, the DOJ is now just starting to do their job. Investigating. 🤦🏻‍♀️ How come it's always FORMER lawyers? Deep state creatures panicking. What. If he did wouldnt THAT BE RISKY. WHAT A DUM STATEMENT GOGETEMAGBARR Of course they did, QuidProQuo goes both ways. Where do you think Government workers come from Dems

There's a reason why they are former, because they were shitty at their job! Keep, draining the swamp, AG Barr!! Trump2020 VoteRed2020 Is this a serious headline? After release of the FISA abuse & the Steele dossier information? There us a lot of shady business coming to light. Career beaurocrats do not like transparency I see. These people are insufferable!💯

keyword: 'FORMER' which means they're FORMER for a reason. Trump simply has something on Barr, and from what is being spread around, in articles, it has to do with Barr's Father and Epstien. But it seems to be pure conjecture. Is interesting.. read up make your own mind up. He is doing his job in cleaning up the shit show of a mess the democrats have slowly put in place over a decade. Evidences are all over the place. It’s just that people in high places are being sheltered and protected.

'Former' LOL. Who owns Yahoo! News oh yeah that’s what I thought🤣🤣🤣 dwh112655 Good. Because he did, Lol yeah right Put “BARR BEHIND BARS” 1600 swamp rats. Lock these treasonous scumbags up! This is getting old. So old people no longer read the article or give it credit. Yahoo News needs to hire Someone over the age of twelve.

Must be getting real close. Sounds like the old climate fraud scam but in legal formation. Look we have 'consensus' wonder how much it cost $$$ Man this is getting old... Panic in DC !!! Even many in the MSM are going to jail. yahoo website turned off its comments because they mostly supported trump LOL funny theu never accused him of that when ragan was potus explain why he would all of a sudden change his policy more liberal bull shit

Stick an Apple in this one’s mouth🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Barr is my new patron saint. Lock Barr up If They are former employees then how do they know? Barr is looking like a dirty pit bull Breaking 1600 swamp creatures with sealed indictments are very nervous Sure Yahoo news, who also put out the fake dossier. The operative word is ‘former!’ Nobody gives a fig what these swamp rats think! LawAndOrder KerriKupecDOJ realDonaldTrump

1600 former DOJ lawyers will be weighed and measured next year. Trump2020Landslide Out of an estimated near 50K former workers. Next manufactured outrage lie. In a team of 10,000 I believe... And you stand accused of hate filled, divisive propaganda! See how that works? Is this the same list of former DOJ lawyers that first appeared in 2016 and then numerous times afterward?

That is why they are former employees . Obama / Holder thugs Dc is panicking, they remember hillary said ' if i go down, i'll take half of dc with me Former That sounds like obama and erik holder , doesn't it, that may be where they got that shit from Seriously?! Have you reported about the damage and destruction Antifa and BLM have caused? Are you willing to discuss why the Democrats aren’t willing to denounce the anarchists?

😂😂😂 When you start shining the light on cockroaches they start scurrying. Sounds like many are very worried. The streets talk. The word must be bad.... 60M Americans accuse former Justice Department lawyers of complicity (before or after the fact) with regard to Conspiracy Theory that became Crossfire Hurricane.

90% of government employees are democrats. That says a lot... that actually doing the job of the attorney general and prosecuting crimes would help a political candidate... must mean that there’s a lot of criminals in politics... 😏 Names or it never happened. Now we know who will lose their pensions ... and what % do you think will GO TO PRISON

I’m sure they did! They are scared AF! 😂 And this is why we the people read nothing on your website. Please just stop tweeting. No one cares. “former” = swamp rats TinaHerig 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Total BS Key word being *former* Is this the best you have Yahoo? The word “former” speaks volumes about their opposition!👀

Who cares the key word is FORMER!! Former 😂😂😂😂 All Democrats of course 😂😂😂😂 SafirbluPatriot Doubtful 😂🤣😂 Yahoo is FakeNews 1600 Clinton, Bush, Obama lawyers. They are nil and void. Oh... more useless complaints from worthless “has been’s” who either quit or got fired. Good job, 👍🏼 Whoopi F**king doo!

Former I love when swamp rats expose themselves. Takes all the guess work out of it. 😂😂After what Trump has gone through the last 5 years and the way Comey handled the Hillary scandle, this is hilarious!!!😂🤣🤣 Look over there, not over here former 😂😂😂 “”1600”” Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. doesn’t give a fuk ! Deep state is going down

the swamp knows their ass is grass That's 1,600 folks that doxed themselves as bought and payed for! Name lists are helpful. hahahahahaha, Yahoo News that is the biggest joke of all! Well at least their already former, I would have been a perfect 'you're fired' list. Yahoo News.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1600 🤣😂 FORMER. SO... Swamp endorses swamp. Gotcha.

Same list of deep staters that complain about everything. 🤣😂🤣😂 Former 😏 What’s a matter? Worried about the Irrelevant. Why do you think former employees matter? They don't. No minds will be changed. Swamp Speak AG Barr is pledged to uphold law and order and that's what he'll do regardless of political impact. On the other hand, AG Holder declared he was Obama's 'wingman':

Citizens of the US are winning. Democrats are loosing control. United we are strong. Panic in DC. Think. Media has been controlling us for too long. Power back to the people. We need new government. He must be over the target. Keep going Barr! 1600 Trump hating Democrats. Former is the key word. Former .. translation- Team Obama

Key word: Former. 'Former' Thankfully Deep State further self identifies. Good. Bringing up disgruntled ex-employees doesn't sway anyone. just goes to show how fckn deep and corrupt the whole JD, DOJ DNI FBI CIA really are. 1600, come on man ! joke ! this is the greatest president ever. they just want power and thats all there is about it.

Dems in panic mode! 🤣 Now do Yahoo News used to support fake Russia collusion by being used for circular reporting of the dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to impact the 2016 election through a weaponized DOJ, CIA, DNI and FBI Circling around their meal wagons. How many JD lawyers accused comey of using the DOJ to help re-elect hag hilldo?

1600 former lawyers are deep state DFs who like their cushy jobs, they don't want to be held responsible for the morass we are in. Their opinions hold no weight beyond their narcissistic , self serving greed. The operative word is FORMER!! 😂 Those former lawyers are loser, lost job and just complainers

All these former what evers, do they have them on speed dial? All these old legislators who had a hand in the policies oppressing this country, Oh the irony... 1,600 Deep State hacks just outed themselves. Who gives a rat's ass? Lol..... 😂 This is what PANIC looks like! Former is always the key 🔑 word Did he send the F.B.I. in to spy on Biden? That would be a step too far! Oh wait.......

Emphasis on: FORMER And there will be a whole lot more 'former' employees to join 'em if there's any justice. Former = Democrat Sounds to me like they're panicked So how many lawyers are there in the U.S.? 1600 is just a drop in the bucket. Why print this? Not much of a story. Cobra627 I wish He is? If thats the case, he needs to do a better job at it. The DOJ can easily arrest HRC, Comey, Brennan....and they have a good case against Obama at this point since he was in the Jan 5 oval office coup meeting. You know the one where dumb Joe brought up the Logan Act.

So said attorneys that worked for a department that illegally spied on the incoming administration for political reasons. Ho-hum. Not surprising, TRUMP has a penchant for hiring & using YES PEOPLE feeds his ego. Hope he stays strong! We need Justice! Help Trump 'put criminals where they belong', there fixed it for you.

helping trump = fight cheating, chinese yahoo. “Former” Hahahaha Former government fleas have to find a different dog to live off of...so what? Never Trumpers! Barr's days are numbered too. The DOJ is clearly created to only fabricate evidence and conspiracies to hurt Trump—Com’on B2, get with the script!

Bill Barr personally is sending ballots out to dead and moved voters I heard. Those lawyers are garbage. The garbage needs to be taken out everyday, because it stinks. Try not spying on the president next time. Or burning cities down. Try not doing that and maybe it would work out better for you. 🤷‍♂️

Ya-who? Swamp creatures squealing. Panic in DC! [former] 🙄 More accusations that will go NOWHERE Not surprised at all 🤣 PANIC I say a job well done - Barr Former? The key word is ‘former’ justice department employees! Bullshit Where is the fact check Twitter But the pools show Biden ahead? Why would the Lawyers need to accuse this. When the polls show Biden ahead? Unless they don't trust the polls :)

And how many former justice department lawyers are there is awful.. Panic over the crimes DOJ ,FBI and CIA committed. Barr is disinfecting by bringing in the sunlight Yeah, might make sense if the FBI and CIA were actually declassifying documents instead of slow walking the process. Lol. You people are desperate.

Yeah not gonna work, nice try guys👍 Silence on Obama, Brennon, Comey, Susan Rice, Clinton and a corrupt Obama DOJ trying to single handily overturn the 2016 election? Cuz that actually happened. It’s now public Information, well documented and vastly ignored. Just in time for indictments to drop. Let me guess 1600 former democrat Justice Department lawyers. Also, these government workers have gotten away with their corruption because there’s ALWAYS an election.

Swamp rats saying ther’s bias. Everybody sees this for what it is. Go back to your swamp! Expose all 1,600 of them!! PainIsComing The article could easily have the alternative headline '1,600 former DOJ employees complain that their prior behavior is being scrutinized'. They sound panicked Swamp is deep and wide

Killary is probably threatening every one of them. But has he laid up on a beach in Hawaii with him every Christmas like Holder did with Obama? FakeNews 1600 Democrats? Good. Now we have identified precisely who the 1600 Deep State former Justice Dept Lawyers are! Ex employees. Who cares. Disgruntled traitors...yeah, we heard.

Let the swamp creatures keep exposing themselves That claim is BS. We're actually getting pissed that nothing seems to be coming from all these investigations. So no, I don't believe he's helping Trump in reelection. I can’t wait until the social media and internet companies go dark and senior officials arrested for their crimes—- for they are many..... it’s coming!!!

Lawyers or ambulance chasers? It's pretty obvious Accuse and cry all you want, everything he does will be by law. Anyone accused of actual crimes will be tried in a court of law. The House will slander him baselessly as long as Pelosi remains SoH. Carry on, AG Barr. 'former' '1,600 former DC swamp rats accuse Barr of using DOJ to help do his f*cking job.' There. Fixed it for ya.

.....says agenda driven Yahoo News Rag! 👌🏿😆 WTH! Deep State anyone? panic fk um The Deep State is scared. lol!!!! Yahoo with the name news next to it is a joke. 1,600 corrupt swamp creatures who are whining because they've been exposed as the cock roaches they are. Thank God !! Obama drone bomb to 16-year-old and his father

Simply because they were part of the problem for a long time. So don't waste your breath 😜 Former or recent JD lawyers are not wrong in their criticism of Barr. In normal times Barr would have been impeached for his interference in the Mueller investigation, help Trump's convicted felon friends and not supporting the JD's role of impartial justice.

Isn’t that rich, coming from the same agencies that tried to prevent Trump from winning in 2016 🙄 Yahoo News needs to hire investigative reporters, not reactive journalists running cover for corrupt bureaucrats. FORMER.... that's the key word! Lol former Meaningless. 'Former' lol Look one sided BS all day, everyday.

Former. Former DOJ lawyers. Meaning before. Has been. Not now. You mean 1600 communist ex justice department lawyers. Pray - Pray -Pray 💥🙏🏼💥🙏🏼💥🙏🏼💥🙌🏼 😂 swamp rats 'Former' being the operative word here. FakeNews is getting worse and worse. They will manipulate any headline to create controversy and sow dissent. Absolute 🗑

Yawn.....get in line. Hahahahaha Barr should be dis-barr-ed! operative word: former We've already heard that before and from what I can see they haven't Former for a reason obviously; and people trust lawyers now? ...did I miss the memo? This has FakeNews written all over it. Another made up story. Yahoo is not a news organization

😴😴😴😴😴 They need to realize they lost. Game is over. The dems will never recover. American citizens are taking our country back! Former means: No Longer Working There. Sour Grapes from the drained swamp creatures. There is your GTMO interrogation list Barr. We are not going to allow you to overthrow this Republic. China, Russia, Qatar, Iran and Democrats/Deep State/Antifa/BLM/DSA/CAIR. We see it.

All exposed.🤡😅 This should say '1600 citizens' Did they happen to be in DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/DNI during Obama-Biden? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lol... I suspect this tweet will not age well. I also propose a little self reflection. I've just received a list of 1,600 former Justice Department lawyers that need to be investigated for crimes against humanity.

Is that the sam 1600 that have been whining for 3 1/2 years? Nobody gives a shit what FORMER anyone says, especially lawyers! RidiculousBullShit FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople So when the intelligence apparatus uses foreign disinformation to spy on political enemies, that’s perfectly fine But when DOJ holds those individuals accountable, it’s somehow improper because it may impact the election. Because running for office makes you immune to scrutiny

And there goes the kitchen sink lol. Panic in DC Just makes me wonder what kind of corruption those 1,600 have been involved in. President Trump is an anti-corruption President. The corrupt know and they scream the loudest. Bye swamp creatures...your reign has ended Keep these names handy, these are the MARXISTS JUDGES we will need to clear THE COMMIES OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENTS !!!!

agnew122 Amazing how the people who wouldn’t care about a homicide on 5th Avenue can’t get the point. Huge numbers of people are formerly something. It generally indicates experience and expertise. But if you’re intent on supporting evil, there’s no point in further discussion. Lol 😂😆🤣😂 P A N I C You have no more power. Signed, 63 million people that voted for Trump.

Deep state trying to hang on And all 1600 probably have indictments against them for corruption. What a shocker. DC is pretty much ALL lawyers. No one cares. Trump is threatening the status quo and they are clearly scared about what is being exposed. Desperate much? We're dealing with Domestic Terrorism and their sympathetic Democrat Governors go cover Biden's impending doom. Deep State is going down.

Everyone has woken up to what you leftist idiots have been doing in our country... it's about time to pay the piper. Those of us that actually love this country are taking it back from those of you that clearly do not. 1600 people trying to cover up their swamp activity So the Swamp Rats are pretty worried. Nice.

Panic in DC Yahoo ok and you don’t carry the Democratic party’s water Former for a reason. DemPanic 😂😂😂😂😂 indictments treason sedition 14thAmendment Trump2020NowMoreThanEver 🇺🇸 This is what deep state panic looks like. 🤣🤣🤣Their melting...😁 Trump administration slashes refugee program amid president's campaign attacks on immigrants via Yahoo

1,600 former JD lawyers use their jobs to promote the Democrat Party. Done. FORMER FOR A REASON janet_yackle And they intend to do what exactly? Talk is cheap. Rachel_McRea PANIC Democrats are terrified their years of crime and corruption will be held to FINALLY account. America sees it and clowns like Yahoo 'news' are doing everything they can to continue the gaslighting.....but it's not working.

Yawn Former! 😂😂 The traitors and swamp rates keep exposing themselves. Thanks And 1,600 criminals expose themselves 🤡clownworld fishingfun 1,600 pedophiles most likely. Lol, he hasn’t even done anything... Yet! They’re jumping the gun In related news, 1,600 former Justice Department lawyers are terrified their chicanery, malfeasance and grifting will be discovered.

Nothing more untrustworthy than a former DOJ lawyer. 90% of lawyers are democrats. Enough said. There you go with the 'former' lawyers. How bad do you have to be to be a 'former lawyer'? Yahoo disabled comments because they were getting slaughtered by people calling them on their propaganda. PanicInDC 'Former' for a reason.

1600 swamp creatures who got their asses fired. Unfortunately, Government agencies are infested with Democrat's and their corruption. FORMER... How do they know this? FORMER!!!!!!! Show us the “open letter” with names signed. Makes it easier to identify former or still active swamp. Translation: 1600 Deep State lawyers who have something to hide are trying to stop Bill Barr from draining the swamp.

panicindc DrainTheSwamp The Trump Administration is coming up against many dark forces! Pray for their protection. If anything, we are seeing just how DEEP the swamp is! Just glad that nobody takes serious The swamp is panicking Key word: FORMER For a 'news' organization you really don't have any idea what's going on. Baffling

😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂

1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in electionIn an open letter, former Justice Department attorneys expressed concerns Thursday that Attorney General William Barr is using the power of the agency to help Trump win reelection. Biden or Bi-Dumb Must watch this video

DOJ lawsuit against John Bolton over memoir can proceed, judge rulesA federal judge in DC is allowing the Justice Department ’s (DOJ) lawsuit against former National Security Adviser John Bolton for his new memoir to proceed. Oh my John you may just may be in trouble

Trumpworld 'worried' amid debate performance falloutSome of President Trump's allies said after his chaotic first debate that he had squandered one of his last opportunities to change the dynamics of a race, coming off as mean and angry rather than confident and in command. Will You Shut Up Man! Why does tRump still have allies? He has telegraphed his intentions loud and clear. Love Trump. Can’t wait to vote for him again

Flynn lawyer says she asked Trump not to pardon his former national security adviserA lawyer for former national security adviser Michael Flynn acknowledged at a court hearing on Tuesday that she recently spoke with President Donald Trump about the politically charged case. Let’s be clear: Black ppl are going to bed for the 1st time in recent history knowing that The President of the United States of America just directed a far-right extremist group to 'stand back and stand by” on national television!!!! This is a direct threat to Black Americans!!! They are all traitors CNN is pretending her name is Voldemort.

Michael Flynn's Lawyer Says She Asked Trump Not To Pardon Her ClientA lawyer for the former Trump administration national security adviser acknowledged she recently spoke to the president and updated him on the case. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked that he not replace her seat until the next president is elected. So what? Perhaps because executive branch interference is politically and inappropriately motivated?

The Trump Campaign Is Reportedly Plotting an Election Coup to “Bypass” a Biden WinTeam Trump could ask GOP-controlled state governments to choose electors, completely ignoring an unfavorable or uncertain popular vote, state and national Republican sources say