1.3 million people filed for first-time unemployment last week

JUST IN: 1.3 million people filed for first-time unemployment last week, marking 17 straight weeks of job losses in the millions.

7/16/2020 3:37:00 PM

JUST IN: 1.3 million people filed for first-time unemployment last week, marking 17 straight weeks of job losses in the millions.

Three months after the pandemic first hit, the nation is still seeing more than a million people a week filing for unemployment benefits for the first time.

First-time unemployment applications peaked ata staggering 6.9 million at the end of March, before abating to levels that, while much lower, are nonetheless almost 10 times the usual claims. Weeks of elevated numbers are partly due to the fact that state unemployment offices continue to work through a backlog of claims, some dating back as far as March.

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Economists say the pain is likely not over yet. As government aid runs out for businesses who received a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program, more layoffs are expected. And any rise in coronavirus cases will lead to further contraction of the economy as consumer spending shrivels up amid continued — or repeat — shutdowns.

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Obama says he worries about Trump's efforts to 'kneecap' Postal Service

Former President Barack Obama said on Friday he worries about protecting the integrity of November's election in view of efforts by President Donald Trump to 'kneecap' the U.S. Postal Service to limit Americans voting by mail during the pandemic.

RosieBarton Maybe Justin will send them some 'WE' charity money to help out. The food bank lines are getting longer and longer. Where is the press coverage? The new death rate dropped to 0.5%. But the recovery rate is low. Use some real medicine, American doctors. Keeping everyone afraid and in lockdowns is the only way dems feel they have a chance to win wake up Amercia this isn't about a virus it's about an election

Compare reporting from the left, right and center at I work three different janitorial jobs. There's plenty of cleaning jobs but most people would rather take an unemployment check than clean for someone else. Looks like Trump was right. Watch the whole film based on George Orwell's novel Animal Farm. Share. MAGA

RosieBarton Democrats are trying to kill jobs and the economy 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🇺🇸 Opsie... Ive lost count. What day are we on? Open up so we can go back to work. Simple really. If your afraid... then don't change. Stay home away from everyone. Stay inside and wear a mask. Wash your hands after the bathroom and let the rest of us decide for ourselves.🤷‍♀️

Since masks work so well we need to give everyone a mask and send them back to work. The Democrats are trying to destroy the economy. That's why they drag their feet on opening anyting. In my opinion (Psst... these are the good jobs we’re losing now) RosieBarton Barton from CBC is all over this but here in Canada we have the highest unemployment in the g7 and it’s crickets from her and the CBC.

Yet the VP wrote an oped (one month ago today) saying we are winning the coronavirus fight and there is no second wave. Blaming the media and anyone but the WH for their mismanagement. What's the deal here? Are people temporarily laid off while getting the salary covered by the goverment? That was the case where I live in Norway (Europe).

RosieBarton But the job report was so incredible, all those new jobs created, beautiful jobs.Our recovery is faster than anyone said was possible, I am good with numbers, many people say I am exceptional with them. Even the dr. at Walter Reed said he's never seen anything like it before. Because they locked our states BACK down.. When is the media going to realize that this is a FORCED unemployment.. not organic..

WallaceRitchie Dont worry! Ivanka Trump says just 'Find Something new' its that simple. SMH Yes because now the PPloans are running out and everyone is getting laid off, but will only get 2 weeks of the extra UC. But the owner of the company got to make profit for 8 extra weeks and not pay labor! “Find Something New.”

But the Democrats will not open economy until Trump is beaten at the ballot box. Democrats have been working against America for four years. Aide - 'Mr. President your poll numbers aren't rising, those are the Covid-19 numbers'. DJT- 'You're fired!' Aide - 'Sorry sir, I meant the Chinese Kung Flu, and I handed you the page upside down'. DJT - (flips page) 'That's more like it. Now let me see my poll numbers again'

You know where unemployment is going down, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and everywhere they stayed home for two months and wear masks. Now we will suffer much longer because we have no leader!! According to ivanka trump, it’s as simple as just changing professions WINNING! New job market opening: burial of the dead. Grave diggers in Hamlett laughing their old bones off

🤬🗳🖕🏻tRUmp🤡🦠= NonEssentialGovernmentEmployee But stop the COVID payments at the end of July We Can All Collectively Thank China A few questions that need to be asked of this Administraton: 1) What's your long-term plan for individuals in industries that cannot be open right now? 2) When you said, 'Do Something New', did you come up with that after a three-martini lunch or dinner?

Trump has ruined our economy just like when I hear he filed business bankruptcies 6 times_Total failure, fraud, liar, cheat, traitor & deceiver in chief_ CNBC NBCNews If you thought the protests were bad now, just wait until millions of newly unemployed people are evicted from their homes. Gee I haven’t seen trump tweeting the good news. TrumpFailedAmerica

JoeBiden congressdotgov CNNPolitics ChrisCuomo American citizens demand our elected officials extend the additional $600 a week in Federal assistance for unemployment benefits! We are becoming a Third World County! Our politicians are failing us! Hey, just find something new! What is hard to watch, is the people who have been accustomed to earning wages that allowed them to buy the expensive house and cars, try to buy groceries and stay within the financial constraints placed on them by the reduction in Rocking Chair benefits & what they get for snap.

Cause the US government is bailing out corporations and ignoring the citizens. It's pretty clear just how corrupt Congress is. We must remove them all. We need a labor party. Fuck Democrats and Republicans. Thanks to the Democratic China Plandemic ThanksTrump for wrecking the economy with your incompetence, inaction, and lies.

Thanks to the Democratic China Plandemic The world needs cooperation RosieBarton One more fckup to add to Trudeau's legacy 'He speaks from the heart' 🤷🤷🤷 Are we GREAT yet? Is there anyone without a mansion doing any winning? I just want my job back. Tell the rest of the story. You lying, fake news media only find the bad and ignore the good news. How many people went back to work? The unemployment rate DROPPED to what?

MAGA Failure That's not good...Loans are running out... Oh dear. Well if people followed the rules then lockdown wouldnt have lasted as long and the economy wouldn't have been hit so hard so many people wouldn't have lost their jobs. 🤷‍♂️

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