YouTuber Gives Damning Review Of Rare £4000 Louis Vuitton Football, The Most Expensive Ever Developed

6/29/2022 2:01:00 AM

Four YouTubers decided to test a £4000 Louis Vuitton football.

Four YouTubers decided to test a £4000 Louis Vuitton football.

YouTuber ChrisMD recently decided to test 'the world's most expensive football' developed by Louis Vuitton.

was used at the 2010 World Cup and proved to be unpopular among most players.Paul McMaster abused Grace MacKinnon's honesty, Glasgow Sheriff Court was told last week, to take £4037.filed a lawsuit against the Aquaman actress over an article she wrote detailing her experience with domestic abuse.apply.

Those two tests saw the balls neck and neck and it all came down to the final round.Volleys.The depute fiscal told the court how in November 2017, Ms MacKinnon was leaving to have a baby but had not been at the firm long enough to qualify for maternity pay.Image Credit: ChrisMD/YouTube It was here problems with the Louis Vuitton ball started to show.35million (£6.Advert 10 Chris remarked:"It moved very unpredictably through the air at times… just like a cheap £10 football.17 in error.The Mitre, on the other hand, was flawless.Anderson has previously been convicted of 49 offences, that date back to 1998, including possession of cannabis, amphetamines and heroin with intent to supply and being involved in drugs operation for which he was given a 24 month prison sentence suspended for 24 months in 2020.

Forlan runs riot with the Louis Vuitton ball but yeah, not a fan.Ms MacKinnon sent screenshots of her payslip and McMaster told her he would get bank details for her to pay the cash back.An insider has since told People : ‘[Johnny] isn’t even talking about the trial now." The Louis Vuitton ball started to take noticeable damage too."It's starting to crack a little, look at that," Chris says before Calfreezy asks if he kept the receipt.51 to the bank account provided by the accused.He probably should have kept the receipt as it's here the Mitre ball comes in clutch with a 5 -.He is now able to get back to what he loves doing.

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let me tell you guys what happened as I watched the video The Louis vuitton ball lost, they flamed the ball. The mitre 10 pound ball one. The challenge was done by ChrisMD (on his channel) and w2s & calfreezy & more. Raphinha for Chelsea, PL 22-23

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