9/22/2019 4:58:00 PM

Following the success of the Sky Atlantic drama series, this special documentary heads to Ukraine to meet some of the people involved in dealing with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986

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Hey did you know HMS Prince Of Wales left Scotland today? No? Mind it’s not big news is it?

YouTube is planning to un-verify some usersJames Charles called the move 'pointless' Shame on James Charles, he is transphobic

YouTube is planning to un-verify some usersYouTube is changing the rules around verification

YouTubeGreg Dyke is a Failure who's opinion means nothing. However, giving foreign students sufficient time to find employment is a good move.

YouTubeGretaThunberg GretaThunberg A really genuine and far sighted journal should give the following tittle: GretaThunberg ThRiseandFallofClimateStrike ! GretaThunberg By having a great PR team... and the support of MSM ...