Youngsheldon, Young Sheldon Season Five, Young Sheldon Season Five Release Date, When İs Young Sheldon Season Five Out

Youngsheldon, Young Sheldon Season Five

Young Sheldon season 5 release date: When is season 5 out?

When is Young Sheldon season 5 out? All you need to know #YoungSheldon

7/15/2021 9:22:00 AM

When is Young Sheldon season 5 out? All you need to know YoungSheldon

YOUNG SHELDON fans have finally been given an update for the release of season five. But when is the new season out?

Fans of Young Sheldon last got to see the show in May when season four concluded.CBS has finally updated fans on when to expect season five, which is part of the broadcaster’s fall 2021 slate.Young Sheldon will return on October 7, 2021, and will run weekly at 8pm on Thursday nights.

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This is a similar slot the show had previously, though no episode count has been revealed for the complete season.Season four only consisted of 18 episodes after the show suffered some setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.READ MORE: 

Young Sheldon: Season five will premiere October 7(Image: GETTY)Young Sheldon: Star Iain Armitage as Sheldon(Image: GETTY)GB News presenter takes knee live on air after Euro 2020 racismPrevious seasons received the full slate of 22 episodes, with the hope that season five will have the same.

However, the turnaround has been much faster this time around for the show so it is unknown how many episodes there will be.The plot for season five is also unknown as CBS are yet to release a trailer for the upcoming season.Season four ended with the hints of Sheldon’s (played by Iain Armitage) parents' inevitable separation, a major turning point in his life.

As a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, there are certain moments in Sheldon’s backstory the show needs to hit, with his parents' divorce being one of them.This could be the darkest season yet, as in The Big Bang Theory it was a moment in his life he doesn’t like to look back on.

Young Sheldon: Season four hinted at Sheldon's parents separation(Image: GETTY)The official Young Sheldon Twitter page also shared the news of the announcement in a post with four images of the main cast.The post read: “Who's ready for more #YoungSheldon? Season 5 premieres October 7on on @CBS!"

Fans have reacted to the news of the upcoming season five release date, with many of them replying to the official post.One fan said: “Music to my made my nine-year-old all smiles today...nobody else is more excited than I am...” (sic)Another fan added: “I was hoping it would be September 23 or 30. Ugh. But hopefully, this means fewer repeats. And hopefully, they get the full 22 episodes again as they did in Seasons 1 and 2.”

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