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11/25/2022 10:07:00 PM

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Rotherham is to become the world's first Children's Capital of Culture in 2025. Our BBC Young Reporter Ciara shared her story on growing up in the town. You can find stories by other young reporters here: bbcyoungreport BBCYoungReporter

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Competition 2022 is revealed.Posted at 16:41 24 Nov 16:41 24 Nov By Robbie Meredith & Jessica Lawrence BBC News NI Some staff at Ulster University and Queen's are taking industrial action over pay, workload and pensions.Image caption, The pair announced they were expecting in June England cricketer Stuart Broad and broadcaster Mollie King have announced the birth of their first child.Image caption, The pair announced they were engaged in January 2021 England cricketer Stuart Broad and broadcaster Mollie King have announced they are expecting their first child.

One of the winners of the BBC Competition 2022 is revealed.Huw Edwards and Alex Jones reveal one of the national winners of the BBC Competition 2022 on The One Show.Article share tools." Broad was congratulated by his club, Nottinghamshire, which tweeted: "He's big, he's bad, he's just become a dad.

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BBCYoungReport Is this Rotherham ? BBCYoungReport The capital of the pedo muzz rape Such a great thign to be proud of BBCYoungReport 'Children's Capital of grooming Culture' BBCYoungReport Just don't get into the oriental gentlemens car and you're good I guess BBCYoungReport The BBC and Rotherham should be ashamed.

BBCYoungReport This is to mock the victims. BBCYoungReport Where all the pakistani child rape gangs are? BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport Before you put on a big show to bring children to Rotherham maybe they ought to deal with the paedo rape gangs BBCYoungReport This is deliberate humiliation.

Northern Ireland News - BBC NewsGet the latest Northern Irish news from BBC Northern Ireland: breaking news, analysis, features and debate plus audio and video coverage on topical issues from around Northern Ireland. 🇬🇧 crimes of war Finally I assume he'll be released under the Good Friday Agreement like everyone else.

BBCYoungReport Some people think Rotherham has a bad reputation because of all the REDACTED BBCYoungReport 'Hopefully this regeneration they're doing is going to bring it back to how it used to be', says the old lady. So perhaps... deportations? BBCYoungReport Who is behind this ? Is this a sick joke

BBCYoungReport Are you going to mention why Rotherham has a bad reputation? BBCYoungReport 'Yes, there's a massive amount of child rape, but what about the music festivals?' BBCYoungReport This is the most Soviet thing I think I have ever seen. BBCYoungReport So, don't tackle the problem, ignore it completely, paint over it with new creative initiatives for kids. The problem will still be there, festering... but if you don't show it, who's to know?

BBCYoungReport What culture would that be? Getting raped? BBCYoungReport This is disgusting and incredibly disrespectful. BBCYoungReport From the people who brought you 'nothing to see here.'

Stuart Broad and Mollie King announce birth of first childThe England star and BBC Radio 1 broadcaster shared their news on Instagram.

BBCYoungReport Is this some kind of sick joke? BBCYoungReport Insane. Mass rape and Grooming gangs in Yorkshire, Bradford & Rotherham with police involved and the Commie propaganda channel comes out with this. BBCYoungReport People need to be shot for this. BBCYoungReport Tone deaf? BBCYoungReport This is sick. The elites are rubbing our faces in our total powerlessness to stop their wicked evil. Everyone knows Rotherham is where Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs raped English children en masse for decades with the authorities complicit. This is deeply insulting.

BBCYoungReport Presumably other towns will need to boost their rape figures to compete for this 'prestigious award' in future. BBCYoungReport How, seriously, are we living in this timeline? Rotherham is possibly the most dangerous place in all of the UK for children. It's like Derry from It, it's terrifying.

BBCYoungReport Be honest, you're doing this to obscure any research into dark side of the town. BBCYoungReport The BBC have a long and sordid history of child abuse denial. BBCYoungReport Is this a joke? Is it April already?

Stuart Broad and Mollie King announce pregnancyThe England star and BBC Radio 1 broadcaster shared their news on Instagram. Another Red in the making.

BBCYoungReport Unbelievable This video is why elonmusk needs to give us a dislike button!! YouTube have removed it for this very reason so media and companies can do what they like without being called out for it BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport Is it being organised by the Child Catcher? BBCYoungReport Disgusting decision. The establishment are trolling us now.

BBCYoungReport It’s an absolute shithole. Town centre full of crackheads and a massive child grooming culture. Say it how it is ffs BBCYoungReport I wouldn’t allow my kids to wander around the place and I live there… BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport You filthy animals, the capital of beastly practices and you lot “the bbc” are the worst for covering it up DEFUNDTHEBBC

BBCYoungReport How disgusting, this is open mockery while Muslim grooming gangs are still raping white girls unchallenged BBCYoungReport Given the culture children in Rotherham have been subjected to is one of systematic and racially targeted rape this is better understood as a condemnation of what passes for our national culture now.

Qatar officials interrupt another TV crew - ordering reporter to stop interviewing wheelchair user at World CupOver-zealous Qatari officials have been accused of censorship again after they interrupted a live TV broadcast where a journalist was interviewing a wheelchair user.

BBCYoungReport Joke. BBCYoungReport The place where gangs of Asian men groomed and raped children and the media and police turned a blind eye to it.. 😡 BBCYoungReport Oh the Irony it's hilarious and disturbing that they cannot see it BBCYoungReport You couldn't make this up BBCYoungReport Live and direct from our You-Couldn't-Make-It-Up Correspondent.

BBCYoungReport WHAT !!! BBCYoungReport Is this some kind of sick joke? You do know what the Pakistani men did to the kids in Rotherham. I feel sick. BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport You’ve got to be fucking joking right BBCYoungReport You gotta be shitting me!!! BBCYoungReport Good, now get rid of the grooming gangs

Iran's coach confronts BBC journalist at World Cup over her questions about protestsIran's coach confronts BBC journalist at World Cup over questions about protests 🟢 Speaking after the press conference to preview Iran’s clash with Wales, Queiroz asked Shaimaa Khalil: “Why don’t you ask Mr Southgate about Afghanistan?” iPaperSport iPaperSport He should...

BBCYoungReport Slap in the teeth considering Rotherham's past with grooming gangs BBCYoungReport If and when all the Pedio’s are sentenced, Rotherham should not push ahead with this. BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport Oh do please interview the 1,400 plus Rotherham white girls repeatedly tortured and gang raped by the Muslims. You might want to interview their families as well.

BBCYoungReport As opposed to winning ' The Pakistani grooming and child rape capital ' 6 years running SarahChampionMP BBCYoungReport A wafer-thin gloss of cute, smiley events will not undo the dreadful shame of this city. Only a serious hard-nosed determination to be the first city to introduce all-agency programmes to early-identify and monitor those who pose a risk to children will go any way in doing this.

BBCYoungReport Just totally unbelievable BBCYoungReport The metropolitan council in rotherham is a disgrace,corrupt afraid to call people peodophiles because of upsetting the Pakistani community.the people in power in rotherham ie mayor was also doing the same. Still the same now so powerful,they control rotherham

BBCYoungReport This Rotherham ... very child-friendly BBCYoungReport Did they crack down on those misogynistic religious pedos?

BBC Sport pundit believes Newcastle United star is playing best football of his careerNewcastle United star Kier Trippier is playing the best football of his career, according to BBC Sport pundit Danny Murphy.

BBCYoungReport Ricky Gervais made a joke about rotherham and the scandal that's gone on in the city the other night at the city hall.he was 100 percent correct BBCYoungReport WTAF StellaLeBeer BBCYoungReport Errrrm excuse my ignorance but wasn’t this the same Rotherham full of grooming gangs and filthy nonces

BBCYoungReport Ask one off the victims of child grooming gangs who was just one off the girls raped and abused how she felt about growing up in Rotherham bbc BBCYoungReport Wait..? StellaLeBeer BBCYoungReport Rotherham ! Lord help us SarahChampionMP BBCYoungReport who voted on that? and childrens what?

SarahChampionMP BBCYoungReport Grooming capital BBCYoungReport BBCYoungReport Unbelievable- have Rotherham Council no shame whatsoever

BBCYoungReport I’m not sure how to respond! This is absolutely the wrong message to send!! Who decides this shit? BBCYoungReport Pisstake surely? BBCYoungReport Are you having a laugh don't you mean children grooming gangs capital of the world BBCYoungReport HYPOCRISY BBCYoungReport Is that a joke? 🤣

BBCYoungReport Are you fucking kidding? BBCYoungReport Anyone else been watching the news in the last few years?