You probably shouldn't be kissing anyone at the office Christmas party

At least wear a mask as you’re doing it. If only for anonymity.

12/4/2021 10:00:00 AM

'The advice on festive gatherings coming from Westminster this week has been as clear as Christmas pud' 😅 nicolathorp_ writes for MetroOpinion

At least wear a mask as you’re doing it. If only for anonymity.

remixes to flail your arms to.If you’ve had a year of pent-up WFH zoom rage towards Gary from finance who refuses to mute his mic as he eats his daily breakfast Doritos, it’d be a bad idea to pull him aside for a deep and meaningful under the watchful eyes of the HR team.

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I’m yet to attend a work Christmas do where someone hasn’t snogged someone they shouldn’t – myself included. Not ‘shouldn’t’ in the sense that either one of us were taken, but ‘shouldn’t’ in the sense of ‘what the hell was I thinking’.I reassured myself that by the time we had returned to work in the new year, no one would remember our dalliance on the dancefloor. I was wrong. They had photos.

Single folk aside, a recent survey by AYRE Event Solutions found that 8% of Brits confessed to cheating on a partner at the Christmas party, and the same percentage admitted asking a coworker for their number while in a relationship. Straight on the naughty list.

In fact, the 17 December is being referred to as ‘Frisky Friday’, as it’s said to be the day that the people are most unfaithful at office parties. Still, not as impressive as the Tory party, who last year cheated 67million of us.As we enter our first winter without social restrictions, it feels like now more than ever we are being expected to calculate our own risks and do what makes us feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not every in society will take the same measures we do – and that’s all part of the calculation.

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Snog whoever you wish at Christmas, says Sajid Javid💋 Sajid Javid has declared that “people can snog who they wish” at Christmas parties, overriding another minister’s advice against kissing strangers under the mistletoe I’m opting for NO….

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Politics latest news: Tories will host \u0027normal Christmas party\u0027 this year despite backlash, says minister\n\nThe Conservative Party is planning a "normal Christmas gathering of staff in London", a Cabinet minister has said, despite colleagues cancelling their festive parties.

Tories to go ahead with Christmas party despite Omicron risksMessage to public is ‘keep calm and carry on’, says party co-chair Oliver Dowden Johnson doing it again, encouraging people to put themselves at risk because to do otherwise would highlight his hypocrisy. Party away no problem, follow your leader.2 pints,2 white wines and a covid. chaser please. Straining every sinew, drinking day and night to show we care. RECLAME MON COLIS OFFICIEL POUR LE DEPLACEMENT EN SECURITE QUI SIED A MA POSITION DEPUIS 20 ANS Last Christmas we partied like mad The rest of the country Were lonely and sad This year Because we've no fear We're partying even harder

Top scientist ‘would not feel safe’ at Christmas party over Omicron Covid fearsNo10 adviser Professor Peter Openshaw says 'the chances of getting infected (with coronavirus) were too high' to have a Christmas party this year, amid mixed messages from the Government What if you wear a Oxford tie and surround yourself with people who presume all poor people are lazy. It all started with a word to try something new. My first payment came after 3 days when I invested $1000 and since then I have received countless payment, he's Worthy to be recommended Geoffreypreud

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