You can book your teenagers in for half-term Covid jabs from TODAY

You can book your teenagers in for half-term Covid jabs from today

10/22/2021 11:01:00 AM

You can book your teenagers in for half-term Covid jabs from today

PARENTS can book their teenagers in for Covid jabs by the end of TODAY – with slots available as soon as tomorrow. The NHS has opened up online bookings for British youngsters to get on their…

22 Oct 2021PARENTS can book their teenagers in for Covid jabs by the end of TODAY - with slots available as soon as tomorrow.The NHS has opened up online bookings for British youngsters to get on their way to being protected against the virus.1Schoolkids aged 12-15 can now be booked in for their Covid jabs through the NHS system

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Credit: Gettyschoolkids have hit their highest figures yet.A total of 1,366.8 cases per 100,000 people aged 10 to 19 were logged in the seven days to 17 October - the highest weekly rate since October 2020, according to the UK Health Security Agency.Millions of letters will be sent to parents and guardians of children aged 12 – 15 over the coming weeks inviting them to book the vaccine online.

They can also secure slots by calling 119 as the rollout races on, with everyone eligible urged to get their jabs.Parents and guardians should go to the vaccine sites with their kids, and consent will be asked for on the day.If a child has already been invited through their school, they do not need do anything else unless parents wish to get their child vaccinated outside of school.

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STOP photos of nose swabs and injections - a cheap click-bait trick. No thanks. 😥 don't vax the kids wait till they're 30 or something it doesn't stops them catching and spreading it anyway so what's the point it can cause Myocardia in the Youngsters just vax 30+ and people with health problems watch out

Never… book for your kids. Those closely related to me and I are not going for any jab. Yay, let's all inject our children, despite consensus science telling is it is riskier than not injecting our children. Don’t do it ppl Yes that’s great but went to book for my son and the nearest vaccine centre was 100 miles away 🙄🙄🙄

Covid: When can I get my Covid booster jab?More than four million people have had a Covid vaccine booster dose. Article is dated November 2020 time it’s replaced PlanB.....

Timings and how to watch the Covid press conference todayPress conference comes as UK records highest figure for daily reported deaths since 9 March For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Bowser_51 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Deep within the UK’s shocking Covid data, there may be reasons for optimismAnalysis: soaring cases in schools are adding to the pool of the immune – which could soon see some community infections fall You guys finally catching up. Back in may of this year we had 83% immunity nationally. It's gotta be higher, Delta is more contagious. LOL. Hedging your bets so when cases fall in the next week or so you don’t look as ridiculous as you might? So you're basically advocating herd immunity and let's not worry about all the deaths that are necessary to achieve that.

Three in five Australian GPs say vaccine rollout changes among biggest Covid challengesRACGP Health of the Nation report finds psychological conditions were again most reported reason for patient presentations Earthing is good at prevent & help fight almost all health problem,go DIY a grounding mat,pillow or sheet to use at home.🌎 Insomnia chronicpain inflammation strokerehab heartdisease anxiety migraine diabetes headache Arthritis highbloodpressure В. ГАЙФУЛЛИН, ПУТИНУ: ТЫ, ЧТОБЫ ЗА 'ЛОКДАУН' ЗАПЛАТИЛИ ХОЧЕШЬ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЯ, А ЗА КАНЦЕЛЯРИЮ КРЕМЛЯ СДЕЛАЛИ ВАКЦИНАЦИЮ ВЕСЬ РОССИЙСКИЙ НАРОД. ТЫ, ПЕРЕОЦЕНИЛ ЯВНО СВОЮ ЖОПУ.

China's Covid outbreak grows as it sees a fourth day of new casesFrantic contact tracing is now afoot as Communist Party officials seek to stamp out the disease amid concerns it could threaten the 2022 Winter Olympics in February. Almost as if it was engineered to mutate in a lab Millions die worldwide of colds and flu´s as our natural immunity is being decreased by chemicals the facts released from Israel. Vaccine does not work well, 5/6 month everyone has boosters. Only actually method is natural immunity. Israel hospitals full of double vaccine people No one knows anything about China except Chinese nationals and is it lies or are you spies. I think lies.

COVID-19: Is the UK being too relaxed about coronavirus?Sky News looks at attitudes to coronavirus in the UK compared to other parts of Europe after the NHS Confederation warned the government must reimpose restrictions following a 16% rise in cases and 10% spike in hospital admissions. Still having to wear masks and have app to enjoy a night out, id say no. Yes it's like Covid never existed!! YES...This Javid is talking a load of BOLLOCKS basically