WTA SUSPENDS all tournaments in China in support of Peng Shuai

WTA SUSPENDS all tennis tournaments in China in support of Peng Shuai

Dailymail, Sport

12/2/2021 12:58:00 AM

WTA SUSPENDS all tennis tournaments in China in support of Peng Shuai

Steve Simon, chief executive of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), issued another robust statement calling for a transparent investigation.

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shiroihamusan No CCPChina anymore The silence 🤣 shiroihamusan No one should join the Winter Olympics in China too Well done WTA on taking a stand Bravo! WTA really puts safety of althetes before profits! FreePengShuai BoycottBeijing2022 BoycottBeijingOlympics Hypocritical! Over the past two years, more than 770,000 people have died in the United States due to the epidemic. This is a huge massacre. All sports competitions all over the world should leave the United States immediately.

dutch_franklin WTA just being used as part of the belligerent western foreign policy towards China. Stupid and self defeating. WTA is giving the IOC and its see-no-evil, hear-no-evil clowns a lesson in morality, integrity and backbone WTA shows real leadership and trying its best to protect its member Hope the others can learn from WTA

ezralevant WTA has more balls than the IOC. While the IOC is giving 🇨🇳 clean chits on everything, the WTA is standing firm against 🇨🇳 That guy who forcibly dated her looks like a big headed SAUD from MARS or PLUTO ice cold blue as a popsicle but mangled in his complexion so maybe he just has so much HATE & is LONELY.

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ezralevant CHINA, you have a bad situation with Peng Shuai being stolen by your EUGENICS INFECETED LEADERSHIP at this time in history. May the ANCESTRAL HONOR of LOVE, PEACE, HOPE, RESPECT, READINESS, FUN, and ANCESTRAL PROMISE rescue her from this forced ABANDONMENT/BETRAYAL. Democracy is whereisPengShuai CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations BoycottBeijing2022 StandwithUyghurs StandwithHongKong CCPLiedPeopleDied

Well done WTA. Good for them! Problem is, China always sees stuff like that as an attack on its right to do whatever it wants & will always try to figure out a backlash! Even when it's officials screw up, they're protected in the most dramatic fashion. Makes you ask why? What's there to hide? Three cheers! - WTA

Thank u WTA for your courage

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