World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros – live!

World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros – live!

World Series, Mlb

10/27/2021 2:25:00 AM

World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros – live!

Inning-by-inning report: Who will come out on top in the series opener? Join David Lengel for the latest news from Houston

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Ukraine news live: Erdogan tells NATO chief he won't support Sweden and Finland joining NATO without their support in fight against terrorism; Biden signs $40bn aid bill for Ukraine;

Ukraine latest as the US president signs a bill promising more aid; The UK MOD says Russia's high drone loss rate could compromise its effectiveness; Countries stage a walk out at APEC to protest against the war; and Russia stops its gas flowing to Finland. Read more >>

The World Series... cool when do we play? Busy doing other things good luck

An ice-cream sundae infused with Black history: how Rabia Kamara is changing the dessert worldRabia Kamara from Richmond, Virginia is sweet on success after winning the Ben & Jerry’s prize – and her ice-cream business is booming HeadMaster.OX💋

Poland warns Brussels it is 'starting World War Three' in legal rowPrime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki upset the bloc earlier this month after his country's Supreme Court ruled that EU treaties were incompatible with the Polish constitution.

Around the world in 50 photosFrom hot air balloons at sunrise to a backflip on a mountain top, these breathtaking images from around the globe will take you on a grand tour of some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

How China’s past shapes Xi's thinking - and his view of the worldHeightened tensions with Taiwan has the world wondering where President Xi Jinping sees China on the world stage. nice He's right that the biggest menace to the free world is the Anglo-American axis of evil countries. He is His best countryman 🙏🙏🙏

‘This is a place of death’: the fight for a meat-free world – videoHumans' relationship with animals is under greater focus than ever, as part of a drive to lessen our impact on the planet. In the UK, animal rights activists, buoyed by the rise in veganism and a developing understanding of animal sentience, have spotted an opportunity to grow what has traditionally been a fringe cause. The great majority of these activists are non-violent, dispensing with some of the tactics of their predecessors and aiming to harness this momentum to win hearts and minds. But can they really force the changes they are demanding?This is episode one of a new series called Human Animal which looks at our relationship with animals, after the pandemic exposed just how problematic that can be. Imma munch on vegans if you get rid of the pigs. Just sayin' I don’t deny my nature Artificial meat is the best.

Late cameo from Asif Ali fires Pakistan past New Zealand at T20 World CupThe Pakistan batter hit 27 off only 12 balls, including three sixes, to secure victory for Pakistan against New Zealand

Quirky fun Astros Did you know there is actually something fun about the Astros? I didn’t either until my buddy Erik Janssen brought it to light on our Jonny and Josh Show podcast (little shameless plug there). It turns out that someone made a polka about Houston’s favorite second baseman, Jose Altuve. Who knew?