World’s fattest man begs NHS for £100k weight loss surgery after moving back to UK from America

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The world’s fattest man begs the NHS for £100k weight loss surgery after moving back to the UK from America

A BRIT once dubbed the world's fattest man is begging the NHS for weight loss surgery after moving back to the UK from America.

But the couple soon split and his heartache led to him gorging again and he soon ballooned to a staggering 36 stone.but admits he's in "the last chance saloon" having been admitted to hospital several times since. On Fridays he would wait outside his local fish and chip shop and order four large cod, two pies, four battered sausages and six portions of chips.

They had met the previous year when Ms Mountain traced Paul on Facebook after seeing him on a documentary about his struggles - Eating To Death: The World’s Fattest Man.

Rebecca, who makes wooden furniture for cats, added: “We are no longer a couple but I stand behind him 100 per cent.”He claims that the stealing rap came after he moved in with a friend who offered to let him live rent free, but would demand money for cigarettes and take opioids.


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NO HE GOT FAT ABROAD Get SlIM alone Stop eating crap food get up walk exercise Not on our National Health Buggar off

Pay for it yourself, you decided to be that weight !

put him on the waiting list marked 'self inflicted' with good fortune he won't last

Just stop eating

No no no no ...

I can’t believe his name ex fiancée is Rebecca Mountain.

No. Sorry..

Taking the piss

Stop eating.

100k to stitch his mouth shut seems a tad expensive

No doubt he will get it. A fine example of everything that’s wrong with this country.

No way. Perhaps he shouldn't have gorged like a pig.

Bet he flew back on a jumbo jet

On yer bike pal 😂😂

He hasn't spotted eating as much because he wants to loose weight , it's because he can't afford all the food on £71 a week

Slim fast diet would be cheaper 🤷‍♀️ drop the sugar and get some fruit and salad 🍎🍊🍇🍍🍅👍

I wonder how he got on the plane ? Perhaps a private jet ?

People around him stop feeding him.

Might have been easier to move the UK to him

Well I hope they say no

Why should we the tax payers keep funding for people like this!! Help yourself and stop eating as much and exercise!!

Nah... beg him to stop eating shit

What are benefits? I haven’t moved back for them! I just want to abuse the tax system by making people pay for my personal choices!

Too much poo 😖

Now we know what’s eating Gilbert Grape.


NHS should tell him that if he piled on all that weight in the US then he ask them to pay its removal

Curious if surgery hasn’t worked before and he’s gained the weight again what makes him think I will work now ?

Like I have said before, it just shows what softy's we are in this country. I. E . NHS. He's got a bloody nerve.

Feel sorry for the guy...

Sorry but he should not get the surgery!. Its clear he put himself in this condition and has come back to get free treatment, thats abusing the system !. Unlucky but shit happens!!

Just cut him in half

Is it £100000 or 100000lbs?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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