Women's safety: Sex assault victim may never feel safe again

Sex assault victim may never feel safe again

10/23/2021 3:08:00 PM

Sex assault victim may never feel safe again

Former student Whitney Dowler tried to run away from lecturer Kary Thanapalan as he pursued her.

Thanapalan, of Egypt Street, Treforest,was jailed at Cardiff Crown Court in Mayafter admitting sexual assault.He fled when Ms Dowler's friend arrived after the trainee library assistant sent a text message asking for help.Thanapalan lost his job as a senior lecturer of aeronautical and mechanical engineering at the University of South Wales following the assault.

He did not teach Ms Dowler, from Bargoed in Caerphilly county, who was in her final year studying IT at the university when she was assaulted.Image source,Image caption,Kary Thanapalan pleaded guilty to sexual assault at Cardiff Crown CourtShe said she had been walking home alone after meeting a friend for a night out when Thanapalan approached her.

"Avoiding eye contact, I hurried past him but he shouted 'baby' and began following me," she said."Panicking, I told myself to just keep ignoring him and he'll soon go away. But he didn't."I started to run and the man caught up with me and grabbed my arm." headtopics.com

She said she was assaulted and "shoved him off" before running away, only to be pursued again."He kept saying I was breaking his heart and that I was going to come home with him."I was sobbing and telling him 'no' over and over."

Image source,HotSpot MediaImage caption,Whitney Dowler: "If someone walks near me on the street now, I have a panic attack"She said: "At one point we reached a busy street and a car pulled up next to me."It was a male driver who asked if I was okay. Crying, I told him that I was being followed.

"The driver offered me a lift home but I realised he was also a stranger."I didn't know if he was a threat as well. I couldn't trust anyone - so I said 'no'." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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