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Woman who didn't know she was pregnant 'fell on baby and killed her'

Woman, 20, who didn't know she was pregnant accidentally killed her baby as she collapsed on her after giving birth

9/23/2021 7:00:00 AM

Woman, 20, who didn't know she was pregnant accidentally killed her baby as she collapsed on her after giving birth

Lisa Blagden, 20, from Portsmouth, passed out through loss of blood as she gave birth to Ivory Rose in at home and was unable to revive the baby girl when she came round.

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BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Sending money to family back home

Joice Etutu speaks to the workers sending their wages abroad to support loved ones.

That's a horrendous story I would have gone with a different title. 20 year old woman who was groomed from a young age gave birth to a child and she accidentally killed her baby after loss of blood.

Man tricks 20 'buyers' into paying £150 deposits for puppies he didn't haveReece Nixon took cash off people wanting a puppy during lockdown and never handed over the animals. Those tricked lost deposits of up to £150 each

The torso in the Thames: A 20-year mysteryTwenty years ago, a young African boy was murdered and his torso was dumped in the Thames. It's the longest unsolved child murder case in the recent history of the Metropolitan Police. 🙈🥺 I read today's very sad article with interest, and I'm no Sherlock Holmes - but this is far from a mystery. It's 100% obvious that the two people named in the article were involved. One of them (who's dead now) even confessed. This crime isn't unsolved - it's just unpunished. Left it a little late gave they not? Chances are those involved either dead or living in another country. Worryingly, if in USA we may be able to negotiate a settlement it seems!

Afghan refugee, 20, is charged with 'sexually attacking minors'The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that Bahrullah Noori, 20, is being charged with sexually assaulting minors, while Mohammed Haroon Imaad, 32, is facing domestic assault charges. They wasted no time huh😂😂.. wait till they get to town hehe They should for office as Republicans, they would fit right in. Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

Woman gives birth to 'miracle' triplets after two heartbreaking miscarriagesAfter suffering two heartbreaking miscarriages, Natasha O'Grady thought she might never become a mum and then the unthinkable happened - she became pregnant with triplets Wow

Woman charged after daughter, 3, found dead in garbage bagAuthorities have charged a Michigan woman with murder days after her 3-year-old daughter’s body was found with multiple stab wounds inside a garbage bag

Woman accused of 'living in 1940' as she explains 'how to keep a man happy'A woman who claims that in order to keep a man happy, their wives should wear dresses and keep the house tidy has sparked outrage on TikTok, as her video went viral its not 1940's its common sence, women & men have been forced into work and paying a stranger a fortune to look after their children and put their parents in a care home, MP's has destroyed the family unit because its easier to control you when you are isolated rhowardbrowne If a real man isn't happy no woman can change that, unless she has a time machine and corrects the wrong that made him so.