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Woman who can't control anger says what life with violent mood swings is like

Woman who can't control anger says what life with violent mood swings is like


Woman who can't control anger says what life with violent mood swings is like

Sophie Hackett, 28, from Plymouth, says there should be more help for people who struggle with anger management issues as she reveals her mental health battle

Their evening was ‘chilled’ and ‘lovely’ but this isn’t always the case in their flat because on top of taking medication for epilepsy, Sophie struggles to control her anger.

“I was using the internet through his (Matthew’s) phone and he went away because he was expecting a call," she said.

“That was the most recent one and made me realise I need some help. But I didn’t know how to get the help.

She explained: “I lost my uncle two years ago. It was a traumatic death. He lived in Birmingham, so I had to find out over the phone.

“He died before they could get married and before they could move down. I think part of the anger is that he didn’t get to experience it down here.

"You’ve gone back to the office and you’ve lost your pen, and you’re like ‘for God’s sake’ but for me I can’t stop it," she said. "It affects every area of my life.

“I will avoid talking to someone because they’ve said something some people might take as a joke but I’ve taken it the wrong way.

“I don’t want to be angry. I don’t like the angry person I’ve become. It’s not how I was brought up. I just want to change it but how can I change it if there’s no support.

She couldn’t go too much into the ‘trouble’ she mentioned, but it was regarding a neighbour who would play music until the early hours in the morning.

“I’ll get angry because I’ll be embarrassed. I then have to push that deep down so I don’t explode in the shop, but then I’ll get back here and it’s ten times worse.

Matthew Chandler, 28, has been in a relationship with Sophie for nearly nine years. They moved to Plymouth to look after Matthew’s mother who was suffering with lung disease. They decided to stay after she passed.

“I shouldn’t have to do that. I’m 28 years old. I should be able to go ‘yeah, Ok, I’m p**sed off.’

“It would be good to go to a session twice a week, and as you deal with it better you go once a week, then once a fortnight.

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