Woman stunned after finding odd note stuck to block of cheese in supermarket

6/11/2020 2:09:00 PM

Woman stunned after finding odd note stuck to block of cheese in supermarket

Woman stunned after finding odd note stuck to block of cheese in supermarket

A woman named Rebecca was shopping in her local Melbourne supermarket when she found a sweet note taped in the weirdest of places

We often hear stories about letters and notes being left on cars or popped through people's doors - both good and bad - but this is a new one.A survivor of a volcanic island explosion which claimed the lives of her dad and sister said her 'heart hurts for them' six months on since their deaths.19:57, Tue, Jun 9, 2020 | UPDATED: 20:14, Tue, Jun 9, 2020 0 To drop a few pounds, it can be helpful to look to those who have already lost weight for tips.Kalliny Trevisan, 19, has waived her anonymity to speak out about her experience.

A woman was left completely baffled when she found a note stuck to a block of cheese sitting on a supermarket shelf.While Rebecca loved the sweet message, others have joked that it was a bit "cheesy".She was with her mum, dad and sister on "a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas" when the tragedy happened 48km offshore on December 9 at around 2.Rebecca from Melbourne, Australia was walking around her local Woolies when she spotted the note, which read: "To whoever is reading this, you are doing great! "You deserve an amazing and happy day today!" Rebecca shared the note on Facebook, with the caption: "Not something you see at Woolies every day but made me smile", reports Kidspot.While she had occasionally lost weight over the years, the slimmer struggled to keep it off as life got in the way.A number of people commented on Rebecca's post, with a few saying how lovely the note was.Stephanie's dad Paul and sister Krystal was visiting the dangerous attraction, while Mum Marie stayed on the ship when the volcano suddenly erupted.One person said how sweet it was and another said they loved the idea.

Whereas another joked: "It’s a bit cheesy though! Now if it was in the beer fridge…!" Similarly, a mum from Brisbane, Australia discovered a note from a stranger hidden in the top of a baby formula tin days after she sent her husband to the shop to stock up.Sadly 21-year-old Krystal died in the explosion and Paul lost his month long fight for life on January 12.READ MORE: Best weight loss: The dieter shed an impressive 3st 7lb (Image: Cambridge Weight Plan) Best weight loss: She used a diet plan to help her slim down (Image: Cambridge Weight Plan) "Although we had a great time, I was over-indulging, and my weight suffered.Bizarre news from Mirror Online Tillz Siofele tought it was "strange" at first but when she read the message she was taken by surprise.It read: "Enjoy this little something.Stephanie opened her heart about her dad and sister's deaths in an emotional Instagram post.Happy Wealth Wednesday" and attached to it with a paperclip was a five dollar bill.Again, I turned to food for comfort.Taken aback by the heartwarming message, Tillz took to social media.In an hour, 12:11pm Aus time/2:11pm in Whakatane, my worst nightmare happened.

But it wasn't long before people suggested that it was a woman named Susanna Lucy, who regularly leaves surprises like this - and sure enough it was later confirmed that Susanna was behind the lovely note..“I get anxious.DON'T MISS.

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