Woman revamps her porch step for £9 using B&Q tester pots but vows ‘never again’

6/11/2020 4:42:00 PM

Woman revamps her porch step for just £9 using B&Q tester pots 😍

Woman revamps her porch step for just £9 using B&Q tester pots 😍

A WOMAN transformed her battered concrete porch using a lick of paint from B&Q and a stencil – but vowed ‘never again’ after she did her knees in trying to finish it. Jayne W…

, where nearly 5,000 people have liked it.A survivor of a volcanic island explosion which claimed the lives of her dad and sister said her 'heart hurts for them' six months on since their deaths.19:57, Tue, Jun 9, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:41, Tue, Jun 9, 2020 0 To drop a few pounds, it can be helpful to look to those who have already lost weight for tips.: 9 Jun 2020, 13:14 A WOMAN ‘pimped’ her garden path using paint and a stencil and she’s so proud of her work she’s banned anyone from walking on it.

Jayne wrote: “Doorstep update!!! Started at 9 finished at 1!!! “Sealant down and one step nearer to my knee replacement..She was with her mum, dad and sister on "a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas" when the tragedy happened 48km offshore on December 9 at around 2..While she had occasionally lost weight over the years, the slimmer struggled to keep it off as life got in the way.3 Her front porch looks unrecognisable after the makeover Credit: Jayne Warbrick “At one point had to lie on my stomach to complete!!!! “Never, ever again!!!!! To anybody who wants to do this.Stephanie's dad Paul and sister Krystal was visiting the dangerous attraction, while Mum Marie stayed on the ship when the volcano suddenly erupted..She wrote: “After being inspired by this Mrs Hinch fb group, I decided to pimp my path using grey and black masonry paint and an etsy stencil.

.Sadly 21-year-old Krystal died in the explosion and Paul lost his month long fight for life on January 12.READ MORE: Best weight loss: The dieter shed an impressive 3st 7lb (Image: Cambridge Weight Plan) Best weight loss: She used a diet plan to help her slim down (Image: Cambridge Weight Plan) "Although we had a great time, I was over-indulging, and my weight suffered..don’t!!!” And for anyone willing to redo their own porch despite Jayne’s warnings, she added: “It's just masonry paint, I used in total 3 tester pots 2 for base and one for the stencil.Stephanie opened her heart about her dad and sister's deaths in an emotional Instagram post..Again, I turned to food for comfort..In an hour, 12:11pm Aus time/2:11pm in Whakatane, my worst nightmare happened.” 4 Before the makeover her garden path had seen better days and was covered in marks Credit: Facebook She used grey and black masonry paint along with a stencil to create the look Credit: Facebook People are in stitches over her protectiveness of the patio, with one person saying: “Am not laughing at the job lol LOVE IT.

3 Nearly 5,000 people have praised the makeover - saying it's worth the pain “B&Q's own total cost £9 for paint!!!” Hundreds of people have commented on the makeover - claiming it’s worth the pain.One person said: “That looks amazing!! Know how you feel about knees.“I get anxious.DON'T MISS.” Another commented: “Looks great! That was worth a knee!!” A third thought: “But worth the pain, looks amazing!” This person said: “I totally understand ur knee pain but I've gotta say it was totally worth it, it looks amazing.Now go n put some ice on ya knees.“It just hurts more and more when I think about how much time has passed since I was last with my dad and sister.” While another pointed out: “Looks fab though and you’ve got another knee!!!” Most read in Fabulous THE ONE WITHOUT A BRA Amanda Holden & Rita Ora bring back ‘Rachel Rack’ by going braless WORK IT Primark worker reveals all - from the £1 thong table to returning USED undies BUMPING ALONG Pregnant Millie Radford's nursery for baby with white crib & animal prints Exclusive We cheated on our partners during lockdown.Woman completely changes colour of the grotty patio she hasn't washed in SIX years using £2 spray The Range spray.

.“My heart hurts and aches for them every day..but for different reasons HINCH HAUL Mrs Hinch slams eBay seller for DOUBLING price of £8 jumpsuit after she wore it Exclusive MADE UP I started saving for a nose job at 10 & get up at 4.“Time feels weird now… We’re just picking up the pieces of our new lives and doing the best that we can do.30am to do my makeup Meanwhile this mum.

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Woman ‘pimps’ her path with masonry paint & banned everyone from walking on itA WOMAN ‘pimped’ her garden path using paint and a stencil and she’s so proud of her work she’s banned anyone from walking on it. She’d seen similar projects online so decided to get stuck in…

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