Weight Loss Success Stories, Slimming World

Weight Loss Success Stories, Slimming World

Woman lost 10st because she didn't want to be known as husband's 'fat wife'

Woman lost 10st because she didn't want to be known as husband's 'fat wife'


Woman lost 10st because she didn't want to be known as husband's 'fat wife'

Sonia Greensill, a mum of two, weight 20st and was too ashamed to meet new people because of her size and says she felt 'abnormal'

"I used to think, if they meet me then they’ll know he’s married to a fat woman.

"I missed out on so much because of that, but still it wasn’t enough to stop me eating all the wrong things. I really wish it had been."

"I thought if I didn’t do it then it would be too late. It wasn’t just about being slim, I didn’t want to stand out anymore, I wanted to be unnoticeable.

“My daughter had put on four stones when she was about 16, then joined Slimming World and lost it, but put a couple back on so she thought it would be a good idea if we both went,” says Sonia. “But when she first asked me I said ‘I’m not going there, no chance.’

“I met my husband Colin when I was 15 and started eating at his house, having curries and things I’d never really eaten at home. It was this new world of food and I couldn’t get enough of it.”

As the weigh piled on, Sonia found it more and more difficult to indulge her passion for fashion, despite working at Evans plus-size clothes chain at the time.

Sonia, who lives in Cannock, Staffordshire, says she never shared her feelings about her weigh with anyone and her family never mentioned it.

With walking even short distances starting to become impossible, Sonia, joined her local Slimming World group in February 2017.

“I’ll have fruit every morning, or grilled bacon with poached egg and mushrooms at weekends, then I’ll make my own soups for lunch in the winter, and have something like Cajun chicken with salad and veg or pasta for dinner. It’s all the food I like so I’m having it because I enjoy it, not because I’ve got to.”

And the 52-year-old is finally able to shop where she wants and go where she wants.

"I go clubbing with my daughter and daughter-in-law and I dance everyone under the table! I’ve had a new lease of life and I feel like I’m living my 20s in my 50s.

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You look amazing Well done 🙌

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