Road Rage

Road Rage

Woman hurls abuse at binmen and threatens to 'belt' them in rod rage stand off

Woman hurls abuse at binmen and threatens to 'belt' them in foul-mouthed stand off


Woman hurls abuse at binmen and threatens to 'belt' them in foul-mouthed stand off

The clip filmed in West Kirby, Merseyside, shows the furious female driver screaming at the workers because their lorry is temporarily blocking part of a street in a 30-minute stand-off

Aaron Casey-Sloan, 22, was in the car with his two young children aged five and 19 months, witnessed the woman's actions when he got stuck behind the stand-off on Tuesday.Aaron's video shows the woman shouting: "You four-eyed f*** - f*** off, before I belt you. These already think I'm high, I'm not high. You can record it if you want, I don't give a f***."

"I got out to film it because I was sat in the car for five or 10 minutes and I could hear this shouting so I went over with my phone."The incident seems to be sparked because the woman wanted the bin workers to park the lorry around the corner so she could pass.

She later shouts: "He could have got round that corner" to which one of the refuse workers replies: "Well you could have waited until he got the bins in."

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