Woman fined £660 for breaching coronavirus rules

Police say prosecuting Marie Dinou, who was arrested at Newcastle Central Station, was a last resort.

4/1/2020 4:03:00 PM

Woman fined £660 for not telling police who she was, and why she was at Newcastle railway station Under the Coronavirus Act, it is illegal to fail to comply with the instructions of police without reasonable excuse

Police say prosecuting Marie Dinou, who was arrested at Newcastle Central Station, was a last resort.

Marie Dinou was arrested at Newcastle Central Station on Saturday morningA woman has been fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions after she refused to tell police who she was and why she was at a railway station.Marie Dinou, 41, from York, was arrested at Newcastle Central Station at 08:00 GMT on Saturday.

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North Tyneside Magistrates' Court imposed a £660 fine under the Coronavirus Act 2020 on Monday.Dinou, who did not enter a plea, was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £66 and costs of £85.British Transport Police assistant chief constable Sean O'Callaghan said enforcement of the new legislation was a last resort.

"In this case, officers tried their utmost best to engage with Dinou."I can assure you we would much rather not have to take such action."Under the Coronavirus Act, it is illegal to fail to comply with the instructions of police officers without reasonable excuse.

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You might want to consider dejecting this tweet Yorkshire is the home of the great and good MakeYorkshireGreatAgain I bet I know where she’d been - it was the “Night out in Newcastle train ride of shame...!” 😂 Yorkshire Lancashire MakeYorkshireGreatAgain Yorkshire! MakeYorkshireGreatAgain 'Ow much?! MakeYorkshireGreatAgain

I am not chuffed by this MakeYorkshireGreatAgain I agree £660 is an exaggeration. Police are being too zealous. The White Rose MakeYorkshireGreatAgain The police could've issued an on the spot fine, removing the need for a face-to-face court hearing This fine doesn't reflect the aims of the Coronavirus Act, which are to protect health & prevent further spread of the virus

Good. Silly woman!! Presumably the reasonal instructions of the police ? In a similar situation, I would have told them to go and duck themselves. Ah yes, a fine: legal for rich people then. Some people are just ignorant. Maybe this fine will deter other idiots from wandering about. My name is 'Nunofyur Fookinbisnass' 'Travelling to Twatt'

PMOIndia narendramodi ArvindKejriwal Why didn't she just tell them what she was doing? Saying 'I'd say she was trying to catch a train'... Yeah but where? £660 is too steep, people would listen at much less, but I don't think the police are wrong to take action for not complying when the death toll is rising.

Good, why isn't she answering a simple question, should have doubled it every 10 seconds parisfumo Meanwhile the detection rate is presumably even lower than last year's new low and their bad behaviour puts many off reporting crime in the first place. Why does public money go towards this ineffective force getting a kick out of using their powers?

Should have said she came off a plane from Italy as that’s still happening She literally refused to cooperate. She excused to give her own details etc. So no fucking sympathy. Right to remine silent? I do wonder what reasonable excuse would be, international spy? Tough shit she should have grown up and answer the question given to her.

Libertarians care so much about vacuuming up virtue points they'll gladly put society in danger if it means they can take their values to the grave. A temporary emergency power, if kept under scrutiny, is not a bad thing in this context Apr 1st Welcome to the Police State. I'm afraid I have no pity for her. Comply with the law

It's not an offence to with hold your personal details. The police cannot force you to give them to them. Troubling. If these powers are not withdrawn post virus then we should March on parliament. Don't blame the police. They are doing a hard enough job as usual. Blame some of the idiots who think they a clever.

She Dinou nothin' £660 if believed is over the top...It would have been easier if she'd just complied ffs..please BBc and the rest of the media stop the bullshit please...IT IS EASY TO SAY YOUR NAME!!! It is China Communism Dream taking the all World! The police are losing support in more ways than one, over zealous police officers are making a mockery of their duties to the public. Crime is going up, but a person waiting for a train is deemed as a potential criminal by the police Appalling abuse by the police force involved

I get the strangest feeling she was probably catching a train. Outrageous Police action. Have we lost the right to silence now? Revenue stream. If i was asked I would tell them why I was there, but not my name. They have no reason to know my name Absolutely stupid £660 Jesus wtf is going on with the police

Can the Police do it at Leicester Station ? Disgusted at how many people were travelling and clearly not on the way to work as key workers. Now everyone knows her name 😂 Not enough bang scum up I thought it was a Bill, not an act Excellent, big headed twit. Heard she was a fare dodger as well ? Why not answer the questions and give her name?

I wouldn't admit to being at Newcastle either😊 I just hope it's an April Fool's Day joke. the renaissance of totalitarianism quite of some hypocrite called for human right again, sure when these people got the virus and fight for a breath, they will cry for a ventilator, where is human right? dont care

Section 50 police reform act 2002..failing to provide your name and address following anti social behaviour. Her actions could be deemed go be anti social behaviour. Good serves her right Police state. £660 a little over the top, people can do burglary and damaging property over a 3 yr period and may only get 6 months suspended and £150 fine

Don’t agree with the fine but she should’ve just made up a plausible excuse and then she’d be allowed to go about her day. She took an unnecessary L there. Didn’t think it through. Not worth it. I'll be honest not a lot if this has been well communicated, this is the first I've heard about that law. It could have happened to me if I was in a bad mood.

🎵a walk on the Tyne is all fines all fines, a walk on the Tyne is all fines🎵 Good lucky trying to get it when everyone is losing there job Put the rest of the story in that she dodged fare etc Clickbait drivel from national broadcaster setting everyone off Perhaps she has memory problems and really Dinou her name.

It’s the same as these people who react with indignation, aggression and even violence when questioned by police. Simply comply and be on your way. Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about. Wow... That's violation of human rights. They have no rights to do that. Is she African? Deserve what she got. Others obviously don't matter to this arrogant person.

Nice one. Bet she was being a right smamry cow. 👊🤣 UK quickly degenerating into a police state without consent It's now a crime if you try to excercise your human right to freedom of movement, also freedom of assembly and association are cancelled... 🤷‍♀️ Pity they aren't so zealous over catching burglars/thieves/fraudsters & perpetrators of domestic violence But this is a 'soft target' and they don't need to work on any extra investigation to milk another cash cow If the police continue like this they will lose a lot of respect

Sieg heil BorisJohnson. Good. Follow the law. Sky news said it was £650 Yikes. Police are loving this, little fascists

Coronavirus: Woman fined £660 for refusing to tell police why she was outCoronavirus: Woman fined £660 for refusing to tell police at Newcastle railway station why she was out Why did you miss out the part that she was arrested for ticket fraud in your headline? Bit harsh! She’s been waiting for the train since last Wednesday 😝 Unbelievable why are we questioning this it’s a fine that they uk people have been warned about. We lucky we ain’t in a 24 hour lockdown this virus is getting worse we are the next ITALY. Pay the fine and prey u haven’t caught it stay indoors

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