Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Woman demands men spend £2,500 on Valentine's Day - and will dump them if not

Woman demands fiancé spend £2,500 on Valentine's Day - and will dump him if not


Woman demands fiancé spend £2,500 on Valentine's Day - and will dump him if not

A woman has revealed how she expects nothing but the best from her partner on Valentine's Day and starts making a wish list for the occasion 11 months before

If your idea of a romantic treat for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day is a card and a bunch of flowers you grabbed from Tesco on the way home from work, you'll never be able to date Chantal Blakey. That's because the 22-year-old from Blackpool has some incredibly high standards that have to be met when it comes to February 14. And if she doesn't get what she thinks she deserves on the day, she's not afraid to cut ties and seek out something better. For 2020, Chantal, who works as a mortgage adviser, has given her fiancé, Joe Kyles a list of must-have Valentine's gifts totalling £2,500, reports The Sun. Chantal began working on her wish list 11 months ago and this year it includes 'flower bombing' where you are gifted multiple bouquets of different types of flowers throughout the day so your desk is 'bombed' with flowers. She's also worked out exactly how she wants the day to go - starting with rose petals scattered around the room and breakfast in bed. Then there has to be a Valentine's card for her to open, with a long, romantic message written inside. "If it just says, 'To Chantal, love Joe', then I'd make him rewrite it," she explained. Following this, she expects to find little hidden surprises throughout the day and then to finish the whole thing off she wants Joe to prepare a three-course meal especially for her. Instagram And the celebrations aren't just limited to today - Chantal also likes to be taken out for romantic dinners each night of the week in the lead up to Valentine's. She said: "Ever since I was a little girl, Valentine's Day has been magical to me. As a kid I dreamed of finding my Prince Charming like in the Disney films I watched." But not everyone has been able to live up to her expectations and she's dumped several men for missing the mark. "When I was 13 I was dating a boy called Jack [not his real name]. I was so excited for my first Valentine's Day so when he game me some fake flowers I was devastated," she recalls. "Age 17, my boyfriend told me he was taking me out for dinner, then pulled up at KFC. I couldn't understand why he thought KFC was romantic. He said he'd got a voucher for a free meal. I ended it over chicken wings." The next guy made a little bit more effort, taking her out for a meal and buying flowers and chocolates. But when Chantal took a closer look at the sweet treats, she realised they were out of date and decided to ditch him. "He'd bought them from the reduced rack, I had no choice but to end it," she added. Read More Dating, relationships, sex and break-ups Last year her fiancé Joe bought everything from the Valentine's list, including a £400 pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and £200 earrings. He also booked a five-star spa break for them both and took her for a luxury meal. The 26-year-old admitted that it takes him months to save up for Valentine's Day and he even has to take on extra shifts to make sure he has enough cash. Have you got an unusual Valentine's Day story to share? We want to hear all about it. Email Read more: Daily Mirror

Hope he dumped her immediately She said: 'As a kid I dreamed of finding my Prince Charming like in the Disney films I watched.' So basically she watches too much TV. But just like terrible films, as long as there's an audience for her insanity, she'll keep it up. DATA SCIENCE (courtesy BoxingNbt). Should this young man:

She saw you coming from a mile away. The cheek of it. 👋🏽 He’s some 🤡😂 Goodbye Love... 👋🏽 Dump her Dump her mate. I’d be happy with a kebab and a film on telly as long as he had my back 🤷🏻‍♀️ More fool him He should have dumped her by writing it in a Valentine’s card! She’s an ugly person both inside and out...

Six ways to spend Valentine's Day aloneNetflix and chill, but for real Spoiler: alcohol, self loathing, lots of 90s grunge music. Wanking Think we'll be ok, manage the other 364 days alright.

Advice for the future : don’t buy any pet bunnies IF true, tell her to get fkd. Ditch the bitch 😒 Swerve her right off money grabbing hoe 🙈 Let her go, then get yourself a good looking one. How much did you pay to get them Lip's for her. Let her milk somebody else sucker!!!. If a partner only loves you if you give in to their demands or spend money on them then they’re not worth a second of your time, find someone who would love you regardless of what material goods you have.

Fame hungry wannabes. Wasn't he caught for shagging another bird whilst on that Undercover Girlfriends? Bully If she wants that much spent on her for Valentine's day he better rob a bank because their wedding day is going to shockingly expensive!! Of course her fucking name is Chantal. What else would it be?

Queen heartbreak: How Queen will spend Valentine’s Day away from Prince PhilipTHE QUEEN arrived back in London this week following her winter break in Norfolk. Here's how the Queen will spend Valentine's Day away from her devoted husband Prince Philip.

Look at the state of both of them wannabes ChampCummings Dump her Absolutely ridiculous! Should've punted her into next week Certainly knows her worth! She would be required to give head and receive up the rusty sheriffs badge as a result Erm. No. How is this news 😂 they're both so ugly they'd make an onion cry.

ChampCummings Material things cannot buy love, maybe she is too young to have learnt that! Maybe she will as brought up materialistically therefore it will be learnt behaviour! The fact that it reached the papers says it all! I'm sure she has learnt now! 🦋 Markle?

Kate Middleton and Prince William news: The adorable way couple to spend Valentine’s DayKATE, DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE and Prince William have been extremely busy in recent weeks. This is the adorable way the dedicated couple will spend Valentine's Day

Is this you andypaps86 Seems a reasonable request, he is clearly punching🍾🍾 rawlimark They look well suited tbh; vacuous narcissistically materialistic tool-heads. Just don’t breed eh? Mag to grid... Never mind being dumped she’d be getting thinned out turbo quick... rawlimark Insufferable woman. Hope he didn’t spend that much on her? She sounds controlling to me, time he found someone who appreciates him better

You just know he’s going to. And he’ll deserve all that’s coming to him! the funny thing is she will more than likely tell him she is on aswell Pretty self centred of her. Then again, if he lets her get away with it then she’ll keep doing it. If I was him I’d tell her to give the ring back and cancel the wedding if she wants material crap instead Also, it’s The Sun, is there’s an 83% chance the story is bollocks

So how exactly is this not abuse?

Poundland sells 40,000 rings by Valentine's dayThe retailer says its £1 engagement rings are a hit, as it taps growing demand for Valentine's Day goods. Wow proposing on Valentine's Day. Rather tacky. Brexit bounce? Must be the aftermath of Brexit...

Typical Get her in the bin son. This would be me! really see ya 💩💩💩👻👻👻💀🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 It's not exactly heartfelt if he's just buying from a prepared list. Cheery bye love. He's the fool for being with her. Get shut, and loose the french Stewart eyes look while your at it! Well he’s a prize prick for doing it

Valentine's Day gifts you shouldn't get your partner if you're trying to impressPicking out the perfect Valentine's Day present for that special someone can be a tricky task - but there are some things you should always avoid adding to your basket AyiOliv tampons aren't there, that'll do just fine!

Awww, she's such a nice girl. 👇🏼 What a mug. My mrs got a card, a box of Milktray and a chinese takeaway and was happy. If shes only happy because of how much you spend then shes an EX Why is this news? Look at the smug grin that screams I’m binning this quim after I rinsed him of his cash 🥴 1. 1st Thing you would do is laugh. 2. 2nd tell her to get a grip. 3. 3rd your not dreaming anymore. 4. 4th your actually not worth it. 5. 5th NOW YOU GET NOTHING!

Pond life Get in the bin 🚮

Pugs ‘cooked to death’ after being left in tent for eight hours on 34C dayOwners banned from keeping animals for five years How can someone be so devoid of empathy or caring that they forget or leave purposely two small dogs - pugs to die in this way ! Poor babies.

Or.... it’s a complete non-story from two attention seeking fuckwits? 🤷‍♀️ She’s from Blackpool, and has high standards, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight This is a sign of the times unfortunately and stories like this are very common If this is true, she is an absolutely vile woman, real nasty piece of work, and the lad needs to get away as fast as he can.

Thick as shit. Tool So you're sharing a story about what is essentially early stage domestic abuse? Controlling behaviour. She needs psychiatric assessment. Wow. 🙄 Save the money n get rid of the 2 worst things in your life, that's that tattoo and her, but not necessarily in that order.

She obviously loves him then. I'd dump her and use £2.5k on a nice summer holiday to cancun instead 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤾‍♀️🤾‍♀️🤾‍♀️👋👋👋 He's a fool if he does that as love is pricelessx My dear just let her go because she will surely leave you one day when you're broke. Get rid lad Its because no ones ever spent (nor going to) any money on her judging by her actions and the state of her. She looks like council flat

Hope she closed the door on the way out 🙄 Is that all. Soppy bollox MrQueenVicMick spends £17k on Valentine's Day❤ The lad in this story, Joe Kyles, is saying on his IG that the article is “fake news” 🤔 Funny how these mingers who think they're pretty demand the most!

They are both as stupid as each other! The headline makes me think 'dump her' but the tattoo makes me think 'dump him'. On balance, I think they should stay together. ELGRANTURBO818 rsdx773 Is that live ManushRafatjah Mug Well she's a selfish woman.. Is the £2500 for her bail money? I ain't saying she's a gold digger but she ain't messin with some broke person.

Gold digger.

Get rid m8 she's obviously a gold digger That is pure ridiculous!! Beer and prostitutes. Slag Bin her. Save thousands. Winner! Bitch £2.50 give her another 50p and get a meal deal Just dump her ..... 'Give us some attention' Run from the mgb,

If that's how she values love, actually feel sorry for her being so hollow. Cya x Hahahahahahahaha If he can afford it I reckon he should spend £2500 on Valentines Day (not on her tho, she’s in the bin) on himself having a good one 👍🏻 There's only one choice he's left with!!!

Let her go. 👉🚪 I would get her nothing now just a red card to say you are dumped Bin bagged Bye Bye bye Dump her The day I spend 2500 grand on a single woman, please do lock me up and loose the keys. Get in the paper with a bullshit story faces

What a pair of idiots 😂 See ya!! Very vain and shallow!! She is not worth a penny I would be just happy knowing I'm loved xx She sounds delightful Yawn. Nah, he's better off without her. Cya later woman

Controlling and coercive behaviour. Basically stage 1 domestic abuse. Get out. Stay out. Move on. Why give these people the oxygen of publicity. Bye now. £2,500 wouldn’t even get her half way on one way ticket to the moon firkey_ Did she demand £2,500 for her (shit) article too? Women like her... demand this.... demand that...and if you don't, she'll leave... good... let her leave. She's only interested in your wallet. Be with someone whom loves you for you! (A priceless relstionship)

No morals or respect. Get rid! What a catch

With this for valentines. The wedding will off the scale. Then anniversary gifts. Possibly push presents etc... Working himself to exhaustion over years for her material things. Where does this beeing live? Asking for a friend.. I’d tell my son to get rid of the gold digging bitch. No way would any of my sons put up with someone like that, Plenty more girls out there,

dump her, man,you better of without her! when the money i gone so is the wife! She's a keeper These pricks do realise they are gonna get slated when they reveal this!? They were on a couples program on channel 5 just out for air time it’s b***s**t More fool him then.

I took my other half for a KFC, she loved it Big mans saved himself 2.5 large Get rid of her Get a life What a mug if he does, shallow woman. Dump her. She looks like an ex-girlfriend to me !! So she’s putting a price on love soooo romantic 🙄 .... he should run for the hills See ya love, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out

Time to say goodbye

🤨 See ya... 👋🏻 nicola_louise14 She’s a gold digger, she ain’t messing with no broke **** Dump her mate not worth the trouble Such a materialist woman deserves to be dumped. She might aswell write a card to herself, expects everything. I get that previous boyfriends have been cheapskate but Christ sake. She's more excited for Valentine's than christmas

Bye bye Walk And you decided to make a news out of it Dude save your cash for a better woman

That tattoo 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Dump her Would £2,500 be enough to have that awful tattoo removed? Kick her to the kerb mate, I'd be happy with a card and as long as you've got each other, selfish 🐮 Victim If he doesn’t he’ll have the woman’s liberation onto him and be the subject of discussion on many a day time TV and radio programme. Get down the bank sunshine and get shopping if you know what’s good for you!! 😂

Dump her mate. Love isn’t some commercialised BS. Find someone who doesn’t put those demands on you and tell her to find another mug

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