Will we STILL have to pay for 'private citizen' Andrew's security?

Prince Andrew could be forced out of his royal residence next

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1/14/2022 9:30:00 PM

Prince Andrew could be forced out of his royal residence next

The Queen stripped the duke of his military titles, patronages and HRH titles yesterday and said he would have to face the US sex abuse case as a 'private citizen'.

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Today That Virginia lady said herself that no one chained her down. He had sex with a teenage prostitute. And she was 17 and the age of consent is 16 in the UK. So I don’t see what the problem is. Is His name just Andrew now billyrufc4 Good Lol wot happened to innocent til proven guilty ?

Prince Andrew will ‘have to comply and defend himself’, says Gloria AllredGloria Allred, a lawyer who represents many of Jeffrey Epstein ’s victims, tells krishgm that Prince Andrew will 'have to comply and defend himself' in the civil trial brought by Virginia Giuffre. Ms Allred does not represent Ms Giuffre. krishgm Who are the other abusers?Why we only heard about two men?If it was trafficking, many others are involved,so tell us about the other powerful men!Because if was just Andrew and Epstein wasn’t a ring of sexual abuse!Am I right or wrong?I’d like to know!Please end with the cover up krishgm You should have interviewed Randy Zelin for a more informative analysis - very sharp and illuminating in Americast! maitlis BBCJonSopel krishgm ☹️

Prince Andrew sex accuser Virginia Giuffre wants to be ‘vindicated’ over claims‘Andrew’s approach has been to deny, deny deny … we’ll see how that plays under oath’ Vindicated? Is that another word for a bag of cash? 💰💰💰

Prince Andrew stripped of military titles and patronages, Queen announcesQueen's son will also no longer use his HRH title and will defend his sexual abuse case as a 'private citizen'

Queen strips Prince Andrew of military titles amid sex abuse caseThe Duke of York will continue to not undertake any public duties and will defend a civil lawsuit in the US as a private citizen. She hadn't 'stripped' him of his titles OverTheTop Nonce belongs in prison

Veterans demand Queen strips Andrew of his military honoursBuckingham Palace said: 'With The Queen 's approval and agreement, The Duke of York's military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The Queen .' Couldn’t happen to a nicer nonce LeeJarvis10 Oh rhe grand ole Dick of York, He had a dodgy friend, At parties he'd meet teenage girls And his trousers would come down again. And Barry Gardiner MP sponsored by China

Prince Andrew stripped of all military affiliations and Royal patronages Prince Andrew stripped of all his military affiliations and Royal patronages “with the Queen’s approval and agreement” Don’t worry Andrew. We will get the establishment to release a story about Chinese spies to get the heat off you and Boris.