Will 'Super Saturday' be a decisive Brexit moment?

Will 'Super Saturday' be a decisive Brexit moment?

10/10/2019 12:56:00 AM

Will 'Super Saturday' be a decisive Brexit moment?

A one-off Commons sitting may show how far Boris Johnson is willing to go to resist another Brexit delay.

That promise is that he would not ask for a delay, he'd stick to his Halloween deadline"do or die" - you can pick your particular dramatic metaphor, there are plenty to choose from.But he will overtly do his utmost to pin the blame for a delay on MPs. Whether you agree or find it repellent, there is nothing subtle about the obvious pitching of this No 10 against former Remainers.

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The truth is a delay would be a policy failure for the prime minister - forget for the moment that he and his team would use it to help their efforts to win a broader political argument.But inside government there is a belief that it might not quite be over. Don't all scream at once. Yes, there are lawyers everywhere warning that there is no way round the so-called Benn Act and they may well be absolutely right.

There are active attempts in court to make sure that the legal provisions to force an extension are watertight. And several Cabinet ministers have told me they can see no way to avoid a delay if there is no deal. More in sorrow than in anger one told me"the EU will do what it always does, play long, and we'll have to agree".

But inside Number 10 there are still discussions about whether to send a second letter to the EU - meaning the government would comply with the Benn Act demanding that the government has to seek a delay in letter one but then send another letter alongside it essentially denouncing that idea from a political perspective.

Put that alongside likely protestations from the prime minister that a delay would be pointless, and perhaps that he would refuse to negotiate any further, and we might all find ourselves in an extremely turbulent period, where the reactions of the EU could be hard to predict.

This would likely see the government almost immediately facing challenges in court, or perhaps even pursuing a few of their own.But despite all of the legal and political speculation, as I've written before, this is an untested area where there are no precedents and no conventions to guide us. That's why some of the wilder suggestions, including one that Boris Johnson might even refuse to move out of Number 10 if he loses a confidence vote and can't form a government, are impossible at the moment to exclude.

Whatever happens on 19 October, that may be the moment when the extent of the provocation Downing Street is willing to pursue becomes clear.PS. Whatever you think of the aggressive noises coming out of the government about the state of the negotiations and the audacity of their plans, be in no doubt it is designed to convey a message to the EU not to expect Boris Johnson to compromise more readily after the likely general election.

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Essentially the dramatic language is designed not just to irritate their opponents, but also to make it clear to their negotiating opponents that any Brexit offer from the UK, if there is a Tory majority after the election, is likely to be a harder not softer one and the EU will face a government less willing to compromise, not more.

The hope is to make it seem to the EU that their safest choice is to grab this deal. But at this stage, there is not much sign of that happening.PPS. All the hostility has created a separate row in the Tory Party over what goes in their election manifesto. Some Brexit hawks believe it ought to promise an automatic no-deal departure if they win the election (a huge if!)

That suggestion riled some ministers and MPs who believe they now have some assurances from Mr Johnson that it would not be so stark.As I understand it there is no final decision. But a likely position is a souped-up version of the PM's 31 October pledge - where the manifesto would say the Conservatives would like to leave with a deal, but if a tight deadline - maybe extremely tight - can't be met, then it's no deal at a pace.

Their upset is yet more evidence of Boris Johnson's challenge in keeping the Tories together, and trying to be able to please both former Remain voters and Leavers alike. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

TRUMP 2020! 👌🏼🇺🇸💜 ...what is occurring on the Sabbath...? The PrimeMinister will hopefully answer questions; it should be in the Parliamentary RuleBook / statutes that questions asked have to be answered and not circumvented How does this fit into Labour’s policy of a 4 day week. Labour MP’s should boycott the sitting in protest.

A non event? Why call it “ Super Saturday “ It will just be like ever other day in there , ba’heids screaming at each other , acting like 3 year olds Hopefully more of them will be awake and able to join in EU and IRE will decide that, if the deal is fair and sustainable Super Saturday? The BBC continues to dumb down the nation with drivel

Eu demanding that we hold another referendum or they won’t negotiate, the Eu is failing and the quicker is does the better, the uk won’t surrender to the Eu empire Nope the entire lot of them in both houses should be removed I've seen better behaved toddlers GET RID OF THIS VILE CREATURE. PLEASE SIGN: Get in there & sort them BorisJohnson

Nope, a shitshow like every other day Not sure but come a General Election Laboutr is going to get Slaughtered at the ballot box. The EU is crumbling, Germany going broke, they want UK billions urgently, have been living off us for decades, are still ordering the UK about like children, Junker is a drunk, so go for it Boris, Brexit is a good thing.

If not time for a second referendum. It would be the only way to break the deadlock. Ask the people:- Do you want to leave the EU with the Deal or NoDeal? Simple question Brexit bbc5live Emmabarnett We would definitely be leaving on a set date one way or the other No. Just a another page in the prelude to a Civil War.


Wait a few days and have Traitors Tuesday? We’ve waited three and a half years for this Parliament to have a ‘decisive Brexit moment’ but under Bercow it is nothing more than useless talking shop. Will the BBC be objective ever again? Super Saturday? There's nothing 'super' about this bunch of clowns. They reckon they run the country - I wouldn't trust any of them to run a bath. More than three years and we're still in the bloody EU. GetBrexitDone

Didn't parliament get prorogued yesterday, meaning business is closed? So they'll come in for a Saturday when there shouldn't be any business and claim the extra expenses but wouldn't dare turn up during the recent prorogation?!?! hypocrites Of course not No . . . . . . Please note how Parliament hasn't done much since screaming that they shouldn't be prorogued for so long during this time... It's almost like they're behaving like toddlers... Don't want to do something when they can.... Cry and stamp their feet when told they can't do something

No, next. Is this NigelFarage . . . . I sincerely hope so. Lets see our Members of Parliament Work together, for the sake of all the people who elected them. Not fighting each other, but working together, for Great Britain. Considering Brexit plays into the hands of Putin, I can't see how the people of Britain can allow this to happen.

BBC u are two faced! Also opinionated! Racial have few white presenters! Plus taking my free TV licence away as a nice bill for me 83years to pay for! Thank utheTimes Please allow me to see a free U.K. before I die!theTimes OAP No. I don’t think there will be anything to vote on Having taken 3 years, and achieved nothing,and even no progress since the supreme court ruling to reopen parliament, so what's an 'extra' day gonna do, apart from pad out expense accounts 🤔

I have just hope. That enough people will admit the whole thing was a mistake. Misled by the elite to further deregulation, they don't care, so long as their offshore portfolio gets fatter. Nothing wrong with social Democrats unless you're a satirist, then they are just boring. No but they will claim double time and extra expenses for doing sod all on a Saturday same as what they have done for 3 year, remain MPs blocking and veto'ing at every opportunity.

How the hell do we know ? Super Saturday must be meant ironically, the UK has been brought so low that a Trump Deal - economic fate at the hands of a sociopath - is all that is promised by Boris. Will 'Super Saturday' be a decisive Brexit moment? 🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...🤔...NO

I Don think so Well Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas and Le Tissier can’t do any worse than the MPs. I say let them do it. I doubt it. But thank you for trying to engage my enthusiasm (even though I haven’t got one anymore).

Parliament set for historic Saturday sitting on 19 October to discuss BrexitWhile the move could technically be voted down by MPs, Downing Street thinks the chances of that happening are slim. But WHY? except for theatre. EU line has been for weeks, we either have a deal in advance which summit can endorse or the Brexit issue is not even on Agenda unless to discuss another extension. Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break! I worked on a Saturday for most of my working life. Not one mention. Anywhere...!

MPs could hijack emergency Saturday sitting of Commons to force through second Brexit referendumMPs to meet at weekend for first time in 37 years as massive anti-Brexit crowds gather outside Traitors. Could, should, would? Good idea !

Brexit LIVE: Barnier reveals EU panic with promise to Boris a 'Brexit deal is possible'MICHEL BARNIER has said a 'Brexit deal is very difficult but possible' after Boris Johnson's plans appeared to be all but dead last night when Downing Street said an agreement was virtually impossible. Express comedy 🤣😅😃😂🤣 How is it ‘panic’ to say what you’ve been saying for 3 years? The UK has thoroughly humiliated itself on the world stage Propagandists should be put through a wood chipper

Parliament to sit on a Saturday for the first time in 37 years as Boris Johnson fights to stop delay to BrexitMPs to be recalled on 19 October, even with no agreement to vote on – and told to choose between crashing out or an extension Meanwhile, someone is digging a ditch... Once upon a time, King Ferdinand of Spain sacked his favourite jester because the latter had lost his ability to make the king laugh. Indeed, the jester admitted to his greatness that he had committed an act of deception & for that, he was ready to face his fate as he was a fake! You mean the Boris/Cummings plan to apportion the blame on everyone (the EU, the judiciary and Parliament) for his shit, written on the back of a napkin without about as much time spent on it as he spends on the toilet each morning, Brexit deal?

'Immature' No 10 briefings trigger another day of Brexit troubleBlame game row as Downing Street turns fire on Leo Varadkar and Angela Merkel Borexit , time for him to find that ditch he promised. The Eu should state that no deal is possible without solving the Ireland boarder problem

'Transparent and outrageous': European papers on No 10's Brexit strategyGerman, French and Dutch media criticise ‘out-of-control’ UK government My God.... 'Aversion to Britain’s wartime opponent, and its return to power via Brussels, was a reason for many especially older Britons to vote for Brexit.” Enough of your Britain bashing. Please report on other side's woes of no deal reached. We all know they've changed their tune since the Benn Act. Ffs! Brussels beginning to understand the realities I see. The UK is leaving 31st Oct without a deal. And it's all Barniers fault....along with all those couched by Tony Bliar on how to keep the UK in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣It's gunna be great