Wildlife can now be detected by sniffing DNA in the air

Hard-to-see animals are thus easier to record

1/18/2022 8:35:00 AM

Just as DNA traces on an unwashed glass or a carelessly discarded cigarette butt can place a suspect, so can DNA shed by a creature as it goes about its business

Hard-to-see animals are thus easier to record

DNADNATwo of these groups, one led by Christina Lynggaard of the University of Copenhagen and the other by Elizabeth Clare of York University, in Toronto, have used zoos to test ways of extractingCurrent BiologyDNAit was carrying and so permit thatDr Lynggaard’s zoo of choice was Copenhagen’s. She put testing stations inside some of the animal houses and the rainforest house, and also near several outdoor enclosures. She let the water-percolation and large-fan systems run for 30 minutes. The small-fan system was allowed a more generous 30 hours to do its stuff.

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Just a sneak peak for the World Govt lol 🤪 There's film of a likely thylacine sighting from just a few years ago, that's where I'd start with this kind of technology.

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