Widespread unrest as curfews defied across US

Police struggle to stem arson, damage and looting following the death of a black man in custody.

5/31/2020 4:29:00 PM

Hundreds of people demonstrate outside US Embassy in London against death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis

Police struggle to stem arson, damage and looting following the death of a black man in custody.

Three other officers present at the time have also since been sacked.The Floyd case has reignited US anger over police killings of black Americans. It follows the high-profile cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York and others that have driven the Black Lives Matter movement.

Edward Colston statue in Bristol replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester Belgium reports ZERO new coronavirus deaths for first time since March Man shot dead by police after Michigan face mask dispute

But for many it also reflects years of frustration over socioeconomic inequality and segregation,.What's the latest on the protests?Huge demonstrations have taken place in at least 30 cities across the US. They were largely peaceful on Saturday, but violence flared later in the day.

One of the cities worst affected by unrest isLos Angeles. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in the city and activated the National Guard - the reserve military force that can be called on to intervene in domestic emergencies.

The entire city is under a 20:00 to 05:30 curfew. Numerous shops have been looted, including on the famous retail avenues, Melrose and Fairfax, while overhead footage showed fires burning. Earlier police fired rubber bullets and hit protesters with batons. Hundreds of arrests have been made.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said this was"the heaviest moment I've experienced" since the riots in 1992 that were sparked by the acquittal of police over the beating of Rodney King. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Why is this even a thing? It happened in US and the police officer has been arrested and charged. Am I missing something? London ?!... against racism ? Now it turns out! 😒 The joke is told alone! 🙄 This is only a hypocritical anti-Yankee protest! They are not against racism, they are against the Americans, do not be false, racism does not matter to you!

Social distancing? Honestly if this is allowed but I can’t have my wedding this year then I’m baffled. We’re either open or we’re not. If nobody is following the rules then let’s get this country open before the economy closes. It’s all well and good protesting, however now is not the right time at all, if you people even want the chance at a more relaxed late summer then be responsible and not protest in a small space with thousands of people. it’s ridiculous

“against the killing of George Floyd” and against so much more than that. Don’t edit the story- remember to say it all, otherwise we stay silent. Coronavirus thanks for spreading it you murders What. Why. Ermmm hello we have a pandemic here. Voice your opinions on twitter or any social media. This happened in America. No it should never of happened & it’s absolutely awful. But with this virus going on. Please.

pkamla1 Its still not clear why the police should place his Neil on him and what did he do What idiots BBCWorld Thank you. folk murder animals for sport, do these poor animals get attention and demos, Pretty sure blacks kill blacks on a daily basis with knife crime in london get a grip and look at yourself in the mirror boring

Why are they demonstrating here ? To be fair now that clapforcarers has ended I would be up for standing outside my house Thursday at 8pm and taking a knee in solidarity with the black community who constantly have to put up with shit us white folks don’t have to. Can we organise this takeaknee fuckracism

Dont forget the riots in USA saw 2 cops shot and 1 died were is the reaction on media. Police must enforce lockdown, left wing liberal activists wanted a day in sunshine but need to be fined for breaching lockdown re incident in USA of excessive use of police force. All lives matter in abuse of authority would they be out for white on white, or black cop on white ?

BBCWorld Iam sorry in my country Nigeria every day the attackers must killed person no missing is compulsory. The London George Floyd protesters are not being criticised by MSM for breaking social distancing rules. Yet the London lockdown protesters were blamed by MSM, who also accused them of being far right.

I think they should simply go to US and do this demonstration. In this country we do not have this problem yet. I support BlackLivesMatter but they’re killing people in another way. One infected person can pass it on creating thousands of cases & hundreds of deaths. BBCWorld Utterly disgraceful. Any point to the original protests has been completely lost by “thieves and thugs” exploiting the situation for their own benefit. Stay home and save lives has more than one meaning now.

Police officers should be wearing masks to prevent being affected by these idiots BorisJohnson this goes completely against the lockdown rules I wonder whether Dominic Cummins is to be seen here BBCWorld Only if Hongkees were given British citizenship, this peaceful march can be more forceful, aggressive, louder, with 'beautiful sight' side effects.

DefendWindrush Talking about social distancing when you put boris in charge, BBC is partly responsible for the 60k+ deaths Racist American's go your home. Go OUT Where the hell is that lol England news & the higher ups are deluded it's not just for George Floyd it's all black people that have been killed in police custody from all over the world as well as for George Floyd a lot of issues are going on with the police being racist in England plenty police brutality

Bought and paid for protesters. To think that not one of those people are conscious enough to look at a single statistic. I know somebody is behind all of this riot Estoy en contra de este tipo de abusos y quiero muerte .ojo por ojo y diente pordiente ✊ NoJusticeNoPeace BLM Remember 48 hours ago when you were trying for the scalp of Cummings for breaking quarantine... This is why no one takes you seriously anymore.

Utter morons HKPoliceTerrorists did the same to Hong Kong democracy protesters, but did not get punished! I don't believe they are really there for George Floyd. This is Antifa trying to take over the world. Wake up people. Protect your country do not let it get destroyed. They have already caused destruction over here but didn't let it happen there. God bless.

If George Floyd would have been white nobody would have cared Hace dias la Policía de Tijuana asfixio de manera muy similar a un detenido, aquí pocos medios le dieron importancia y la gente no protestaron por el abuso homicida, peor aún la CNDH IGNORO el hecho igual que el Presidente Mpal. techjoffrey London, this is big

Russia must of engineered all of this. Will be hoping there are no Covid consequences of this! joannalampert1 appreciate you London ✊🏽 osmanavcu how is this theater ? osmanavcu how is this theater ? What if George Floyd had been white? Compressing the aorta of the neck can easily cause suffocation。 Retribution for Trump to payback!

the covid isn't working, start the race war. GeorgeSorosNotGeorgeFloyd GeorgeSorosFundedChaos Globalists And free American prisoner DefendAssange BBCWorld Although I'm happy to see the solidarity. I cant help but wonder why people think we are out of danger with Covid. It is far from over 😪 colleagues and friends of mine feel helpless, they're desperately warning people. People hear but don't listen 😔

Thank you, London, for standing with us against hate and violence. Please stay safe. BlackLivesMatterUK BlackLivesMatter EndPoliceBrutality Hundreds ? What the fuck has it got to do with us. Mass gatherings allowed now? Looks like DC house last week with the media Pathetic 😡👎 Yet you wouldn't show the doctors and nurses that took the knee outside Downing street 😳 Tory propaganda mouthpiece will show anything other than the story of how many deaths the British government are responsible for 😡 fucking hypocrites

All I can think of is... THERES A FCKING VIRUS ON THE LOOSE! Go back home! UK isn’t USA. We won’t see so much racism, similarly we don’t want so many coved cases! Great social distancing! COVIDIDIOTS scumedia AllLivesMatter Where's the condemnation? Funny how 2 weeks ago demonstrations were not allowed over covid-19 but now it's okay over something else. StrangerThings happen 😂

BBC you are a disgrace. WHITE POWER All lives matter, I believe. Regardless of race. Common courtesy and decency as we all have to exist amongst one another. However, I believe it's essential to limit COVID. Now is not the time for this. It could endanger the progress made. Hopefully it won't. Selfish pricks

And nobody demonstrated for the Asians who had to deal with racism and agression against them during the ongoing Pandemic.. When there's a second wave Remember this Was it boris or was it people's failure to socially distance? People will no doubt cry about the failures caused by coming out of lockdown too soon But no doubt the media will conveniently forget gatherings like this happened scumedia

They should've all been rounded up and kept in enforced quarantine for 14 days,when there's a jump up in CV19 deaths we can blame these morons who think protesting about the death of one man in the US,justifies putting hundreds more at risk of catching a killer disease,fools Im angry so i made this sign.

No hundreds of idiots defying lockdown rules! Shame they weren't protesting for the grooming gang girls, Emily Jones etc A few hundred thick people take the streets to show how thick they are, after being inspired to ignore social distancing measures by the British media and its prejudiced coverage outside the house of innocent PM adviser Dominic Cummings

Next week when there is a spike in the number of Covid infections you will be blaming the government. mediascum. Social distancing is that a thing of the past now? Absolute madness! PatrickECooley Zombies, never took streets when own citizens are killed in knife attacks in London 🤦🏽‍♂️ Why do our youngsters (it's mainly them) always have to copy Americans? georgefloyd GeorgeFloydProtests Its not our fucking fight. Give it a rest.

And cue the 2nd spike in London ! July/August is looking bleak . wait, why the fuck is americas most security focused high tech embassy in london? do they not trust us? haha How about protesting outside the Chinese embassy over hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide? Thank You for marching in Silidarity with Us!!

Most of them are probably extinction rebellion types who were waiting for an excuse! THAT IS AN EMBASSY Holy cow.... DarkoneOfDamned I made Cheese Fries Auzqn Love to see it 💯💯 The fact it has a moat is could be seen as a metaphor.... ChristinaDonn11 Scum I’m just confused as to what this has to do with our police network? That doesn’t make me racist nor does it mean I do not care about what has happened, of course I do and my heart goes to everyone in the community who is affected by it but I’m struggling to see the relevance?

Excellent news. Arrest everyone of these treacherous Antifa anarchists. pritipatel BorisJohnson Bame deaths.. Hmmmmmm any chance of reporting the kids raped & murdered in OUR Cities FUCK RIGHT OFF ScumMedia As an American I want to thank all of those in the US and in other countries for the support that they are showing during this time. We recognize that because of the pandemic you are all putting your lives on the line to show this support. 1/

this, during covid? I’m American. This is proof of how pathetic America is. We need other countries to set an example for the country that thinks it’s the best! GeorgeFloydProtests BlueLivesMatter protests2020 .....and here comes the second Covid19 peak. I would have had sympathy with the cause but I can't take it seriously now. They, themselves, put black lives at risk with this stupid march during a Pandemic today.

And what’s this to do with England ? George soros pays these little freebee hunters to go and chant bollox. When you speak to them , most have no clue what they are even protesting about 😂😂- BBC news your pathetic , left wing nonce protectors along with the Labour Party Idiots It's fine for them to peacefully protest against the American Embassy, but they most definitely should not be abusing our police.

U mean left wing lunatics... When will they protest for this little angel brutally murdered in front of her parent in boulton recently? The silence is truly deafening. This is what happens when you let orcs into the Shire I’ll wait for the emily jones protest then t is both cowardly and despicable the UKPrimeMiniste4 BorisJohnson and his feral Conservatives government not to challenge the brutality of the police handling of the GeorgeFloydProtests in the USA and it’s deafening silence at the henious comments made by realDonaldTrump

Shower of wankers ScumMedia Nice to see social distancing is in place 😡 How stupid can you be to get involved in this when lock down has slowly started to ease, 2 steps forward 10 steps back springs to mind! It’s not our fight!!!! Awful what happened but can’t condone this behaviour either, selfish!! 😡😡

can’t believe y’all there marching for a innocent black person who was killed and y’all acting like there hasn’t been racism in the UK Second wave, here we come I’ll be honest, I saw the footage and it was bloody horrible. I respect anyone’s rights to demonstrate. When it steps over the line is when it gets bad as Police have to take action and then it’s their fault. Those demonstrators ought to thanked it’s the UK Police

CelticNotorious Is that you i see natgoodfellow Funny how BAME people are supposed to die of this shit and now huddled together? For goodness sake, yesterday DD beach overrun with people ignoring 2m rule, London today and schools back tomorrow...wonderful NHS hope your ready for next spike. Get back in lockdown until it's safe!!

Idiots, hope they all get the virus then turned away by the NHS antifa scum Rent a mob back out I see, latching onto any old excuse for a bit of protesting... Trump....Extinction Rebellion....Brexit.....Boris. All the same bunch of losers. londonprotests I really hope (when, if) there is a 2nd spike of the virus the people in this video feel some sort of responsibility, clearly no social distancing whatsoever. Regardless of the topic campaigned for the stupidity of minorities of the uk population is woefully at an all time high!

The hell England have to do with America. Y’all’s cops don’t even carry guns. Soooooo..... How many of the twats there have posted things like 'Not safe to open shops' '2nd wave' hahaha Hypocrisy Agree with the sentiment... but execution somewhat kills the message unfortunately VVankers These people will be the first ones to moan that there was another Covid-19 spike. I'm also wondering how long it's going to take before people use this as a reason to loot and set fire to everything. GeorgeFlyod BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS COVID19

'death of cocaine addicted thief'. Fixed it for you. FakeNews Cool, people 3,000 miles away are protesting, meanwhile here in America we have more riots, crime, and further examples of cops acting like thugs. Until every one of those protesters in London decides to board a plane and hop across the pond to help fix this mess, I don't care.

Wonderful cause, but, well COVID. Social distancing? The man who got so drunk or high he forgot how to get into a car but remembered to use the fake notes to buy cigarettes? 20,000 marched against the Turkish invasion of Syria no MS coverage whatsoever twitterkurds Why aren’t you calling for them all to be fined for breaking lockdown rules?

So lockdown is over ? Asking for a friend. Arrest them all Good God, walking Coronavirus. Lot of good that will do black people who are more likely to catch it. Madness FS What's this got to do with the UK? Meanwhile these people are irresponsibly spreading coronavirus stayxpatient The sheer fuckwittedness of these covidiots.

BBCWorld In South Africa we say, 'meng jy met die semels dan eet die varke jou op'. Justice is served. Floyd was an evil man. How low can you go in a time of this pandemic that has wrought economic hardship to communities by stealing through counterfeit notes and creating more hardship? Let them burn London to the ground, it's a shit hole now anyway. FTL

Social distancing at its best!!!!!!!! Kevekev73 What does anyone expect guys? I'm sick to the stomach with it!!! Do you mean thousands? Am glad because this can't happen again. It was disgusting. nickymca_nicky Trump is a global laughing stock. Change my mind This actually beggars belief. BBCWorld Watch the friggin video!!!

Trouble makers take to streets , to make a bad situation worse ..riots and looting to follow SocialDistancinguk Jesus. There is your second spike right there. Can we put a wall around London now? Dear metpoliceuk We’re all confused, can you help. Am I right your officers will target two people sharing a cucumber sandwich on a park bench if they are not 2m apart but angry crowds shouting obscenities get a free pass on the distancing & breach of the peace? Many thanks

BBCSanaSafi America has always treated blacks twice But when it comes to racism in Britain where are these protesters? protests2020 BlackLivesMatterUK BBCSanaSafi Hi Now why are they doing that in London? Who's printing and advertising this online , and who's paying them , follow the money ...China , Iran ?

That'll do it 👌👌👌👌👌 Solidity with our American Black brothers and sisters. nyebevan63 That's good, but people also need to demonstrate outside the Chinese Embassy for the disgusting racism in Guangzhou and other parts of China, where black people have been refused entry to shops and evicted from accommodation that they have paid for.

So when the R rate rises and we all get locked down again with no 80% pay, we definitely know who we blame and it won't be the government will it bbc. BBCWorld Whoa, that is a sight to behold. Please everyone stay safe. Why? And not a word from BBC news about the lack of social distancing! 🤷‍♂️ Can’t believe the lunacy of people, drummed into us to socially distance as 30,000 people died and then we do this..

Any comments about the breaking of social distancing rules? WTF So we can blame the BAME community if the R rate increases .... COVIDIOTS Pricks Terrorists swarm us embassy in London It's a really good thing the Covid 19is over or we would be in big trouble. Oh wait , that's right is still a pandemic . Good job these people aren't in the section of the population that has most fatalities. Oh wait.... Let's all clap the NHS....

Embassy USA? To have look Alcatraz Shizz284 Always playing the undervalued crap and using skin colour as an excuse, BBCWorld Oh. Looks like Covid has miraculously disappeared to allow their 'protests'? I’m agog why are there protests in London. I don’t see the protesters outside the Chinese Embassy. What is up with these dickheads? The policeman who allegedly killed george Floyd has been arrested,what more do these idiots want to happen

BBCWorld IMPORTANT: Please check out my profile if you are protesting or know someone who is. I have a whole thread based on precautions, tips etc. It’s the first tweet. Share it as much as you can.Stay safe! Potatoes gonna potate. What's has it got to do with UK Police absolutely stupid. I hope the Met Police use facial recognition & surveillance to fine each person breaking lockdown rules.

Good on them So British people are protesting for another country, while we are trying to safe lives from a pandemic. No social distancing, meaning spread of virus, meaning more deaths. This makes no sense to me 😳 Following their instincts perhaps Utter arseholes. Not good, some people may use this as an excuse to riot in the UK. Worry times could be ahead.

Martina Good on them. May Floyd rest in peace BBCLondonNews Everyone who participated in this illegal protest should be punished for it! 'against death...' ? against the murder you mean BBC Kaboom2018 and there still on lockdown I thought we was stay alert control the virus 🦠 save lives and our nhs well done guys I understand why there all doing this but guys this is England worry about ur own health and ur family’s and others around u.

Shouldn’t be allowed to do it no social distancing at all The US should receive sanctions from the UN. nalinashapiro4 Yes London! bigchill_LC Antifa is an international organization and as such can be designated a “terrorist organization” by the U.S. BBCWorld Arrest them all, they are breaking the social distancing laws that the law abiding citizens of this country are sacrificing there lives for!!!!

the man concerned has now happily been arrested, what this has to do with the UK....... Hope these are not the same people complaining about Dominic Cummings. Please report back in two weeks how many of those test positive for Covid-19. God bless those in search of equality, red blood flows through use all, one life to live, one love.

Crazy copycat attitude. BBCWorld Strange they don’t protest or march when unarmed whites are killed in greater numbers in police custody in US, or when girls are raped or stabbed to death in their own country. It’s almost as if...... BBCWorld why? i don't think UK police would do it to black people BBCWorld Do allof them really think of the man It seems a just rampage to take advantage of the confusion.

covidiots protesting Gertsroyals Wow! This is getting worldwide. I hope not violent as we have here in Los Angeles. Thank you for supporting Justice for George Floyd 🙏🙏 I would like to thank all persons of the world legally standing for injustices Fight the c u b e You forgot to add breaking distance rules.

Think your downplaying it somewhat. Looks like it could be thousands not hundreds. Hmm trying to appease the Tory govt in its support for Trump no less, just like it did with Emily Maitless recently in shutting her down for speaking the truth. Says a lot about social distancing 🤦‍♂️ Followed by a spike in COVID cases...

London COVID 19 Wave 2 Imminent. clem_burke Oh look there’s a band wagon let’s jump on it !!! But when people were dancing conga for VE day you had nothing to say about social distancing. BBCWorld clearly breaking distancing guidelines. Were the ‘protestors’ shouting Ola O Uber too Lawrence Thank you London!!👏🏾👍🏽

Maybe these people could swing past the Mayor's office and protest against his handling of the county lines stabbings..... BBCWorld metpoliceuk arrest them. BBCWorld This is pure madness! What do they want now? Isn't the world in a turmoil already ? Lawrence 🙏 UK. ❤️ GeorgeFloydProtests What's the point in a police line if it has a moat? Haha stand on the other side of the moat?

Just a pretext to a riot and looting... wait until the evening for it to start. Where were all these people when Harry Dunn got killed outside a USAF airbase in the UK and his killer fled back to America? Where the fuck is social distancing The usual suspects springs to mine AntifaTerrorist ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 Can’t we just cut London off and let them do their own thing? If it’s not gathering en masse on bridges, it’s protests. Riots next. They’ll all be taking selfies. Fuck em and let it spread.

the US embassy looks like a borg cube made out of anal beads Morons Hundreds? When reported in Hongkong,u like use use 'thousands' or 'millions'. Meanwhile, civilised people have eyes on the historic space station event. TwoClasses solidarity with protesters of GeorgeFloydMurder and BLACKlivesmatter in TrafalgarSquare Please also do right thing and quarantine for two weeks. Do not take Covid home to your families. Be especially vigilant about vulnerable EndRacismNow UpTheDegree

mistaspringer BLACK_LIVES_MATTER antifa? Before lockdown I got the train past that building all the time. I always wondered what it was for. Guess it's ugly on the inside too. Since T came to power, no longer can America claims it stands for justice. Trump's dictating China on how to handle Hong Kong is outright hilarious, at least to Chinese n rest of world given that he's acting like a dictator himself n kowtows before them while assailing allies.

Not sure why this is headline news in the UK They say black blood enriches the American soil since 1619 my friends, it is true © Rudel Simon They’ll moan about our governments response to the virus. Yet they’ll happily flout social distancing rules. Wankers Are you sure they were in hundreds? Multiculturalism at its best

Arrest them all no excuses Race card being played at large, never protest when a black person murders another black person which is common in this country. When fines get handed out for breaking lockdown watch the headline police have handed out more fines to the black community, race card is tiring!!!

Not just because of America ....Britain has it's own race issue. Black lives matter movement that they're protesting for includes the UK with the most recent victim of this being BellyMujinga. HK (where British nationals live) is invaded by China and yet people are turning out to protest an ally!?!? Pls focus on Hong Kong!

But bbc how angry Are you that they are breaking lockdown rules? Puppet show in London cesspit. Wake up BBC .... thought not! George Floyd Corona Light Buddy Bouncers Psych Warfare Divide and Conquer Black lives matter protest during a deadly pandemic? Was it organised by white supremacists? They should be worrying less about what’s going on in America and more about the young black Londoners trying to stab each over to death in the streets every day.

If this ends up causing a massive spike in covid cases I'll be rather disappointed in humanity as a whole Thanks to one of London’s greatest employers and my personal friend and mentor George Soros. Thanks for employing all these oppressed and otherwise unemployable people ❤️ SorosFundedRiots BlackLivesMatter BlackLivesMatterUK

Why 🤷‍♂️ Pointless BBCWorld yay here come the serial demonstrators wondered how long it would be before they opened their box to let them out warriorangel_20 Wonder if the bbc have ever paid into antifa Super spreaders BBCWorld Unarmed drug dealer and criminal who deserved to die Where are the police - standing watching again for fear of provoking a snowflake lefty using this as an excuse to be outraged or blame 5G again

BBCWorld Mind your own business, UK. you have your own problems So happy to come from a nation that's going to die out soon.. may Covid be nice to you all... silkiecarlo I bet Nike is boarding up their windows If I were on the NHS frontline I’d find the behaviour of some people this weekend utterly disheartening .......

BBCWorld Why are there so many Bots on Twitter - clearly many messages appear in milliseconds - crowding out and depriving proper, considered and respectful discussions Hope it doesn’t go violent? ‘Literally tens of people march for something they don’t know what for’ BorisJohnson get your tape measure out, you’ve lost control. Ask CummingsTheVirusSpreader what to do, if his eyes are better. Ask him about NHSuk this is shat he said back in 2017, remember this is your closest aid so you must agree with him!

Bunch of idiots will be the first people to complain if there is a spike in infections But what is a march in the U.K. going to achieve? It won’t bring him back, and it won’t stop police brutality in the USA? It’s just endangering the lives of the vulnerable family members of those who are part of the protest.

So in two weeks if there's a spike in covid19 cases, we'll know why. BBCWorld Where is the social distancing here? Yesssss , how pathetic is this 🙄 BBCWorld Yh go ahead mention that they’re not social distancing. Where was that energy on VE Day with white people filling the streets despite the advice being STAY AT HOME at the time To media outlets like this: You're not just a part of the problem - you are the problem

death no the MURDER OF George Floyd.... ProtectTheNHS kkkkkkk Ffs go home borisjohnson There goes your social distancing measures..These 🛎🔚's should be dispersed or locked up..Let's see how many of these dickheads from this demonstration end up with Coronavirus..COVID19 Half wits, still they're all back to work soon...

Thick twats. Ever heard of Covid-19? BBCWorld Lmao okay BBCWorld Oh look, no riot gear, no tear gas. BBCWorld Don’t want to judge the human right in US? IwriteOK Why are you not complaining about social distancing. scummedia COVIDIOTS Absolute Mayhem, God help the hospitals in a few weeks, beaches, fields, protests, schools opening

taisaitarou wow, even in london! is it going to be a world-wide wave? Lawrence Thank you Britons! Let's end American police brutality on a global scale! They are not breaking the lockdown rule, they are just testing their eye sights. Martina Mayor Frey and Governor Waltz let us burn for three nights before calling in help. Letting the 3rd Precinct Police Station be overtaken and burn to the ground was the catalyst for the riots throughout our country.

So London is free from covid 19 So they are not worried about the virus!!! Say it loud “When the soldiers and good cops cross the line and join these protesters.. then you will see America be great.” BBC not concerned with 2 metre rule this time! Antifa AS THEY SHOULD. BLACKLIVESMATTER What happened to lockdown social distancing where are the police arrest them quarantine forc14 days !!

Lawrence Thanks! I ❤️ Britain! That’s peaceful, at least so far. Are British more sort of less prone to violence or self-controlled or less “Democratic partisan”? Labour or Lib Dem are after all not exactly parodies to American Dem. Why? KickEcosystem Please stop the violence Lawrence People are STANDING all over the world, against what keeps happening here.

Thank you London! All the world is a stage! Great social distancing there 🤯 realDonaldTrump American police shooting at members of the public for standing on their porch at start of curfew! AmeriChina The world is already reeling under the pandemic, now these ugly protests are becoming a new normal. I've stayed indoors since 12th March, 80+ days now (Had symptoms so isolated 14 days longer than the initial UK gov '7 days'). I've left my house (wear a mask) on 8 occasions to get food at shops & help a neighbour during a fire. Why is it so hard for people to just StayHome...

Congrats on pushing that R number up folks Hope they catch corona This why the UK has such a high death toll FFS!! I won't be able to go anywhere in London thanks to these bastards. Second wave of Covid inbound Social distancing? 🤷‍♀️ I suppose these same people protest outside the Chinese embassy to fight injustice for those in Hong Kong? Oh wait...

Hundreds of people march from Trafalgar Square to US embassy in south London to protest against killing of George Floyd by police in the US FFS, there’s too many morons in this world Oh yeah? Then start looting? Fuck social distancing get the pubs opened! Wich level of human rights this black people looking for?

Did the bbc organise and pay for this ? They think they’re all living in downtown LA. The sun is obviously getting to them. Idots never see them outside Pakistani embassy You never report similar protests against the French government. Because this doesn't suit your political agenda. . Why are they doing this next wave of Covid coming soon this is nothing to do with us

Yawn. COVID wave2 here it comes BBCWorld It's funny that just a few days ago a bunch of Brits on IG we're making fun of the US for not social distancing. Now look at this. Funny. This is the new world order - with some teething issues nadinebh_ Good effort guys. People are right to be angry and to rage but I am worried about the safety of those protests right now.

Wait what? I thought the media and Twitter has spent the last week hounding a man who drove to durham with his family because it 'breached lockdown' rules. Yet this blatant breach is supportive. I'm confused....surely the cummingsgate wasnt a unwarranted witch hunt afterall.. marxshields And the police attacked in Bristol?

The cause of this protest? Very good and needed. But no one on that crowd can be a hypocrite about social distancing again. What time will they be outside the Burkina Faso Embassy in protest at the 20 unarmed people murdered there today? Must be what bored people get up to on a lovely sunny day, when the parks are full of the socially distanced

BBCWorld When the BBC reports on Hong Kong, it aims at the police. The BBC pointed its camera at the demonstrators as it reported on America. This is the famous double standard of Western media Mostly white people I see, happy to break lock down rules for a black man killed by accident but not for the thousands of whites murdered in South Africa.

So they getting arrested for breaking physical distance If antifa are there, they are violent terrorists. I saw one antifa black flag i believe in a London pic. Anyway, a small insignificant crowd for a metropolis like London They’re all at it. Why government allowed to do this pandemic. Those people may spread virus and before. This is lockdown situation. America issue Why bought to Uk .

They should worry about their problems in London and we can worry about our own here in the states!! In modern world there should be no place for racism or hate government’s around world and US president need to do lot better when comes to racism and hate crime. There - in one image London’s next corona virus spike 🤨

What’s the point in London? Wonder how many of these are shouting For Mr Cummings to be sacked and Boris to retire 😡 Members of the BAME communities are not more susceptible to contracting COVID19. Pls stop misinformation. ONS states that older BAME people have statistically worst outcomes if they contract COVID19.

BBCWorld VIRUS RATE UP AMONGST THOSE WHO ARE AT MOST RISK OF DYING MUPPETS!! Disgraceful. I bet 90% cried about Cummings even though he didn’t break the rules. Where was all this news coverage when France was going threw all this sort of thing ? Shameful media ! It seems ppl are longing for the lockdown to be lifted?

Didn’t happen here. People just bored after lockdown But you couldn't send a drone up over France for the last 12 months. ..scummedia love you UK Maybe it's time to change everything! This world is lopsided . What are the police doing exactly? Love that This is the 2nd wave ( riots ) that have pre-told LOVLEEANNWISE 'These People' amjoyshow cspanwj What is Donald J Trump gonna say about GB UK Citizens understand what's happening in America. 'New Normal' Autocracy isn't the 'Far Left' MI Capitol had 'Good People' armed with Assault Weapons repcleaver explain that!

并不意外。引用包子的话“吃饱了没事干” Why did d you not share this amount of interest for the yellow vest deminstrations? For clarification. All lives matter! Can understand the frustration but what if this cause a second wave killing thousands because the basic rules was not followed. The bigger picture is thousand more can die, country goes back into full lockdown and thousand lose their jobs. Think people!

How far did they travel to get to that protest? Are they observing social distancing? Why hasn't the BBC addressed those questions? may we ask what has this achieved for your person writing the article and the person doing the photography apart from a continuous job to try and attract the audience away frm main epidemic crisis. Still none of your people are looking at covid19 disaster. Disgusting

The usual rent a mob. Most of them won't give a f**k about what happened in America. That's pathetic. I hope they are arrested for breaking social distancing regulations So, if we buy into this media hysteria about the need for one rule for all - I guess now is the time for us to all break lockdown to pursue our pet projects?

the_60s_at_60 looks like shit ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾I love this city! .racism and racists must be defeated Not you too. Please remain peaceful The comment section is full of clueless racists.. The racism is somewhat different over here. Conversations never happen because defensive white people just scream ‘’WE’RE NOT RACIST!!’’ and then flood to the internet to prove that they in fact, are.

Why? The perpetrator has been arrested and charged. What is the nature of the protest? Are they angry that the perp. has been charged? NotAProtest FakeProtest Antifa Leftard BlackLivesMatter Terrorist HumanScum Bang out of order bloody go home! BorisJohnson it's time the army where put on to the streets to protect lives homes businesses act now befor it's to late 10DowningStreet

BBCWorld More and more people are protesting around the world. Spring of Nations 2020 🤡 the whole lot of them What happened is disgraceful, but rent a mob only turn up selectively. You see no demonstrations against absolute atrocities, but for ‘cause celebres’ such as this they happen at the drop of a hat.

Obvious this is China collusion Im worried gangs will exploit this to riot so they can rob. Also they should be obeying lockdown and not spreading covid Wankers. Londons gonna kick off This wouldn’t have happened if it had been a white man killed in America would it It's a historical disease for all the colonial powers.

ThankYouLondon Ow dear I get the strong upset this has caused but these protesters could take the virus back to their families and be the next peak and their children will be at school tomorrow . 😫 BBCWorld The Rona gonna get them. On a medical point how far have some of the people traveled to march in mass 1=5=25= your anger is very subdued bbc .. of course not political..🤔

Why? 😂 George Soros puppets(BLM & Antifa) That looks like more than 6 people 🤔 or were they all self isolating together before heading out? BBCWorld Surely protests should be banned during a pandemic. All we hear is WHITE SUPREMACY. These are the officers responsible.. where? I completely understand, and stand with, stamping out racism. However, the officer has been charged with murder - therefore justice, on this occasion, has been done. The more pressing matter is we are still in the midst of a pandemic and these ppl should not be allowed to gather

What about some guy, don't remember - but as nobody does- was killed by a diplomat from the USA in someplace in Uk? Not sure when it did happen, and who was detained, or something, or already arrested? Somebody knows, or remembers as well? Trump told - everybody off! Could they get any closer together😳

prob 20 ppl and 150 media Perfect virus spreading conditions. 🤔🙄 Isn’t COVID supposed to be more dangerous to those in BAME groups? BBCWorld let me say it again..when London begins to understand charity begins at home..a phrase they came up with..they will probably do better with containing COVID19

BBCWorld What's the point of doing this shit over here for fucks sake. We want to control the virus arseholes Bbc news comment “peaceful protest - police monitoring event” unbelievable! Why aren’t they fining and arresting people for blatantly breaking the guidelines? If the mayor and police cannot safeguard Londoners then the government needs to bring in the army!

Why BAME have a higher risk of Covid is a real head scratcher. Didn’t they have a water cannon till boris sold it Twats. Covidiots Wtf is happening, how is this allowed Shame they haven’t shown the same empathy for the 1000’s of Young rape victims in our country. Get a grip ppl I see you have failed to mention they are wilfully failing to social distance. Please explain why ?

What is Sadiq Khan mayor of London and the London Met doing about this? Totally unacceptable behaviour putting more of us and our NHS at risk ! Shameful Why what you demonstrating against it's already happened and the policeman has been charged already so just don't know what this achieving apart from possibly spreading Covid 19

Black people or white people.🤔 be specific. Why is this being allowed?😡 This is NOT b/c of Mr Floyd this is paid morons. we not gonna talk about the return of anonymous then? okay 😤 This whole situation is going worldwide!!The whole world is watching this and what They think of our government right now !!!

This kind of gathering in London is very dangerous because it’s likely many of those attending have travelled and will disperse after it’s done - ideal spreading situation See what you started Cummings...no one believes the government advice anymore. I am all for solidarity but we don’t need more people dying at this time. Lockdown has not been lifted, this breaks all the rules...but who cares, if one person can do it, we all can, see what happens.

That's not social distancing is it? harriet1marsden Let's hope our police know what NOT to do!! Why is this happening here ? I’m sorry but it doesn’t achieve anything. Totally understand that what happened was disgusting but are we going to jump the bandwagon like the Americans and cause havoc next ? 'Progressive' Left news sites are responsible for oversimplification of the issue. Police kill too many people. Black and White.

Start stocking up as the second more destructive wave of the coronavirus is on its way. How is this allowed to happen? Morons My god people.. my god. We can seek justice after the covid-19 is almost gone or just gone one right . Just my god. Why the hell is this being allowed to happen? I would quarantine the lot of them for 14 days.

Fucking embarrassed So how long before the setting things on fire, beating up random white people and looting starts there then? Second spike - here it is. These people don't care about their grandparents or our grandparents. Totally immoral. Their geography must be terrible. I can see the first place in the UK to enjoy the new regional lock down.

Why are we allowing large groups to gather like this in London and why are they all not being fined This is next-level virtue signalling. The man in question has been arrested, the crime was committed in another country, and we're in the middle of a global pandemic. These people are mentally ill. BBCWorld Pathetic the lot of them. What happened to social distancing?

that is good.I think trump will know that people need equality. Absolute idiots creating a 2nd peak COVIDIOTS social distancing ? BBCWorld cnni CNN AlJazeera nytimes you have seen 1 unarmed black guy George Floyd who was brutilly killed by american police but why are you not seeing Palestinians and Kashmiris Muslims unarmed facing terrorist Israel and India? would be there any justice for them

I love British people. Bunch of wankers. I'm sure most of them a filming themselves for social media. 'Look at me I'm an activist!' BBCWorld .. nice to see the world gives a shit, hey our potus doesn’t, won’t and is incapable... BlueWave2020 RealPaigeWWE more peaceful here!x And precaution against contagious

ChrisMumford99 That’s how not to social distance - right there Oh noooo we have to copy America protest over here too... 💁‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Solidarity. Sudaans I wonder how many are campaigning outside the Chinese Embassy, to protest about the treatment of its Islamic population and lies over Covid. Lockdown is over, second peak welcome, please don’t kill thousands of us because of these actions

Under social distancing wouldn’t it been a good idea to ban protests? love to see tommy robinson hold a march next week just to see if protestors are allowed to do this by the police. Surely they must be and does this mean we can all meet our mates now? Are the police handing out fines and if so how many?

How can you protest about something you can’t change? Amazing how many Trump bots hang around below news about peaceful protests in a city that's not in the US. So where was the march a week ago when the black guy was killed by a black guy, or the little black girl killed in a drive by, or the unarmed white guy killed by blacks. Selective outrage at its finest

Social distancing going well there 👌 And here’s me thinking London was in the U.K! this is not a protest it’s boarder line attempted murdèr It feels like London Riots in August 2011. They’re all related to each other 🤭 Where are the candle lit vigils and praying? What is fecking wrong with people. Just drop the fecking bombs now and end this madness

Hey, Trump, you wants win the election, here's the chance. He must do something, he must punish these abuses very strongly Long as they are not destroying people’s livelihoods, source of income and years of hardship then this is all in good cause 👍 Corona be like... I thought BAME people are more susceptible to Covid19UK ? What a load of clowns.

We know who to blame for the next Covid19UK spike then. Nope. Not even touching this one. The question is why was he arrested & why was the Policeman so worried he was holding him down in such a drastic manner? Black Lives Matter! Hundreds of STUPID people, where’s the social distancing? piersmorgan Fine them for not SocialDistanacing

So now lockdown is in over London no more coronavirus Protesting about one man being killed , while they could potentially kill many more by not adhering to social distancing... Pandemic? Bums. I am in some strange way buoyed by the fact that people around the world are also protesting and sending a message to the powers that be in the US that the status quo needs to change.


US cities order curfews amid widespread clashesPolice struggle to stem the violence as protesters take to the streets over the death of George Floyd. Its sure gone pretty bonkers across the pond there. This is no longer about Mr Floyd—it’s anarchists exploiting the situation!

Trudeau: Canadians watching US unrest and police violence in ‘shock and horror’Prime minister condemned racism and called on Canada to ‘stand together in solidarity’ against racial hate as protests continue in US squirtleseunie - for you... Trudeau is a pie man. He likes pies and gravy. Make make a statement embarrassing Trump. Tell him how people in Canada live in racial harmony.........🙏🏼

Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets as protests spread to dozen US cities‘Disperse peacefully from the area immediately. If you continue to obstruct police you will be arrested immediately’ these aren't protesters, they're domestic terrorists: Antifa and BLM Idle hands... You mean opportunities to loot spreads across US cities.

George Floyd protests spread across major US cities as police clash with demonstrators - follow liveFollow the latest updates Is there any different from Hong Kong? ***** Riots Momentum needs to be kept so this situation can 'snowball'. If the protests are crushed now they will be crushed again after the next death! This fire needs to burn until real change happens. It's the 21st century ffs.

Police officer ‘fires pepper balls at journalist’ as George Floyd protests spread across US'We were behind [the police] line, I guess a little too close for comfort,' says reporter Our freedom of speech is literally being attacked by police. Disgusting This is what happens when the president calls the media the 'enemy of the people'. Trump must be elated. It’s a show

Trump puts US army on alert to deploy military police in MinneapolisUS Department of Defence officials have ordered active-duty military police to 'prepare to deploy' to Minneapolis in the wake of protests and unrest across the US following the police killing of He wants a civil war to distract from his multiple failings. Giant twat Get the Gators. 👍👍👍