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Why Twitter should ban Donald Trump | Julia Carrie Wong

Trump has used and abused the platform for long enough.

5/28/2020 11:09:00 PM

Why Twitter should ban Donald Trump | Julia Carrie Wong

Trump has used and abused the platform for long enough.

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guardian free speech = my way why not have free speech if you don't like trump listen to greta howard stern who ever you w .... That’s not gonna happen. Twitter won’t even delete KTHopkins horrific account despite her constant racist tweets to her millions of followers. I had a meeting with them about it last year. Apparently her calling for a “final solution” to an entire race isn’t bad enough for them

Trump mentally unstable so thank goodness only 5+ more months of hell to go until Biden wins in Nov I read the article, Julia, but you failed to tell me why, as promised in the headline. Such articles confirm how totally biased The Guardian is. How I miss quality reporting from my younger days. Because he’s a liar

Orange man bad. A Guardian OpEd advocating Authoritarianism absolutely no shock there then Because you don't like him? The whole US should 'ban' Trump. They can do that easily - by not voting for him. And vitally for the UK, the UK govt should distance itself from Trump. The UK should not have a 'special relationship' with the US, but only normal, formal, international relations

Will the ban Trump by not reporting what he says? Fact checkers on twitter. Can men become women? OH HELL YEAH , they should deffo ban him ! so he can go to another platform and bring the world with him leaving all the crying Karens to have Twitter for themselves 😂😂🤣 Mankind should ban Trump. Who has the authority on free will?

Freewill Trump2020 The left have well and truly abandoned freedom of speech. So an argument against the prevention of free speech by banning free speech... For everyone who doesn’t want to read this “notes app” article. he should be banned because of coronavirus numbers. It’s literally a list of stats, nothing about Twitter. Nothing about him. What’d I miss juliacarriew

Twitter should ban Trump because he would become even more unhinged and spectacularly meltdown in a grand finale of hissy fits. He's relying on Twitter like a 13yo kid seeking for attention, using teenager lingo as 'lame' and 'haters'. TrumpMeltdown TrumpHasNoPlan Dumb articles like this is why the guardian is losing readers weekly. Not only that if they did ban Trump, twitter would literally lose billions of its value over night. Trump would move to Parlour. Free speech advocates would follow, twitter would have a mass exodus.

Yaa ban those you disagree with, sounds great Oh he’s got burners I have no doubt. Ban all shitty democrats! But I know twitter won’t.. More biased propaganda of liberal left. But realDonaldTrump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TRUMP2020 KAGA2020 You guys wouldn’t have news if that happened He has 80 mil. followers on Twitter, so banning him would mean losing many of them.

I'm assuming you did this for clicks. Hope it was worth it. cc Jack It's time. Because he uses it as a propaganda platform? 100% ban him Why the guardian should be banned and killed by bombs 💣 When you complain that Trump's EO would undermine free speech while simultaneously stating that Trump should be banned from Twitter

'Ban anyone who I don't agree with' Wonderful. Maybe just give him a time-out so we can laugh at his meltdown. .yeah but he's the potus it's better to know what he's focused on even if it's not what we'd like to see. Do it, everyone will follow. Don't ban him... how else will I get my daily check in with the mentally deluded apart from our own government

Donald Trump: President accuses Twitter of 'stifling free speech' for flagging his 2020 election tweetsThe president said the social media platform is interfering with the 2020 presidential election by placing a warning on his tweet. If it's not leftard mentality it gets censored. No, just stifling a fool

Donald Trump threatens to shut down social media as Twitter fact-checks himPresident Trump hit out hours after Twitter added a 'misleading information' tag to his tweets to flag up inaccuracies 'He's a fool' ~ Joe Biden. Keep up the good work Twitter. You have a responsibility to the community to make sure your platform isn't used to disseminate lies, hate speech, and misinformation. Guilty as the Tories

Donald Trump furious as Twitter fact-checks his tweets for the first time Twitter said Trumps claims about mail-in ballots were false and had been debunked by fact-checkers, with the US president then accusing the social network of 'stifling' his free speech 人挡杀人,佛挡杀佛! Lol kuku27 Twitter has done no wrong, it must be appreciated, all are equal on this platform

Donald Trump threatens to shut down Twitter amid fact-check social media rowIt comes as Trump is expected to order a review of a law that has long protected Twitter , Facebook and Alphabet's Google from being responsible for the material posted by their users, sources claim Thats because twitter is shutting down the voices of anyone who has alternative opinions to the government of the worlds opinions and this crazy insane culture we live in today where insane ideologies are free... Thanks Dude! Let's hope he does it. These companies need to be held accountable

Trump threatens social media after Twitter puts warning on his false claimsPresident vows to ‘strongly regulate’ or shutter platforms that ‘silence conservative voices’ a day after Twitter added warning label on falsehoods Ha ha what a big baby doesn’t like it when Twitter question his fake news what goes around comes around foolish man He makes conservative people feel ashamed. Trashy man makes the good people look bad For more cartoons subscribe to

Trump signs controversial executive order that could allow federal officials to target Twitter, Facebook and Google'The First Amendment is what allows companies to say whatever they want in response,' Democratic congressman says A long time coming. Trump is talking too much. He must spend his whole time being angry. Sucks to be you Donald