Why the US protests resonate in the UK

George Floyd death: Why US protests resonate in the UK

6/2/2020 3:45:00 AM

George Floyd death: Why US protests resonate in the UK

British people explain why the death of George Floyd has had such a big impact in the UK.

on 25 May.He died nearly 4,000 miles away from the UK in Minnesota, but his death was felt here in our black community too.That's why people like Shayne defied UK government coronavirus guidance and went out to protest on the weekend."We didn't expect that many people to turn up at the protests, it was mad," the 20-year-old tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Donald Trump finally wears facemask in public Trump seen wearing face mask for first time during military hospital visit ‘He wrote to us as he waited for the train to Auschwitz’

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionThousands marched from Trafalgar Square to the US embassy in South London"The general vibe was electric because you could literally see that everybody was hurt."'When one is hurt, we're all hurt'

Shayne says she and her friends wore military boots to the London protest and were impressed to see lots of other women dressed like members of the Black Panther movement."There were a lot of black women with their natural hair out," she says.

"We wanted to show we're proud of who we are and that we shouldn't have to hide our blackness to stay alive."Image copyrightShayneImage captionShayne says black people in the UK are angry about how their community is treated by the police

Shayne says although George Floyd was killed in the US,"we know that it happens here too", citing the case of Mark Duggan.He was a 29-year-oldwhile police in London were trying to arrest him under suspicion of planning an attack and being in possession of a gun.

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No White people living were slave owners. No Black people living were slaves. Blacks in Africa sold Blacks into Slavery. Because the majority of Blacks like being the victim and getting the attention. Most will never be happy. 1. BLM resonates within the UK as we see them as being the closest culture to ours, however the cultures, and socioeconomic issues are vastly different.

Thank goodness we are in the UK! DONT CARE Absolute rubbish, if there was 1 Death that resonated in the uk, It`s the cold blooded butchers that killed our service man leerigby did we march for him or protest over who done it and the backward ideology. Impossible BBC and all you other clown FakeNewsMedia you sicken me,

Ffs people are so obsessed with what is going on in the US How many black presenters do the BBC have Dear reader, please don’t allow yourself to be sucked in to arguing with bots in this thread. The BBC comment section is targeted by hate fomenters for ulterior motives. Look at the profile ask yourself are they genuine actors. Be smarter.

ScumMedia Why don’t you challenge their views given BAME deaths are 10% of deaths in custody. As a proportion a white person is more likely to die. Mark Duggan was a gangster with a gun on his way to kill someone - unfortunately people do die we don’t have a problem like the us though. On this one I have to agree with Trump you loot we shoot this is not about being black or white ,yellow or green with pink spots this is just about dirty scum that think the world owes them a living

You haven't answered the question. Why do US protests stir up people in the UK when protests in other countries don't? BBC report from one perspective, agreed police brutality against African Americans is out of kilter but let's not ignore real crime statistics. African Americans make up 12.6% of the US population, commit 26% of all crime perpetrated and commit 52% of all the murders.

This is nothing more than propaganda to hate white people. Anti-white is the new trendy thing, more immigrants, fewer whites in white countries - This is what they want. Every day they move the line a little bit at a time and all of a sudden London is 55% non-white British. Nothing as bad as in the US anywhere in the world.

They don't. There is racism in the UK, its exists in the media & government! And it's against white people! They don’t. Im glad I no longer pay the licence fee for this garbage. It doesn't. Let’s keep the protest peaceful please. BREAKING: Whitehall sources tell me PHE_uk review into BAME ppl disproportionately being affected by COVID19 is delayed for 2nd time because No 10 is “worried about current global events”. They say it’s in “too close proximity” to the BlackLivesMatterUK protests. More SkyNews

Why. As this country is guilty of slavery Racism is endemic. Unity and equality is an idealism that will never exist as long as there are people on this planet... Looks like the is shit stirring again to create cultural and ethnic division in Britain and vilifying the white population. Why would you ever pay TV licence fees to this Leftist propaganda machine?

United kingdom and it's bloody, terrorist spy agency Mi6/SIS are themselves fully responsible for protests and chaos in the United States under the slogan of Black lives matter (they are experts in creating one line of slogans)!! This whole article is full of stupidity. The US and UK are nothing alike when it comes to racial issues like this.

Because racism is alive today and it hides behind the western systems they dont with me stop speaking for me lying bbc Had this GeorgeFloyd debacle occurred in India, there would be mass protests IN SUPPORT of Officer Derek Chauvin. Not just that, but he’d be promoted & honored as a national hero... as we’ve seen time & again in India.

Ehm, could it be that US slavery was instituted by the British? 🙄 Protests? Or looting? Twitter - FackCheck We have had people stabbed and murdered every week in London generally black on black also in the weekend before George Floyd was killed 25 people including a five year old girl were killed in Chicago..black on black..no riots no protests..

Georgiii364 Is it because we both have leaders who are blond, like to hide and have used racist language? JustSayin BlackLivesMatterUK The uk took racism over to North America -they invented it! Who is running the BBC They definitely got the name right the black broadcasting company i’m not paying my license fee anymore cost me £150 a year to be told I’m a racist every five minutes 🖕

Hope the BBC gives somebody a grilling On This Day in 1994: Diana in her ‘revenge dress If George had not used fake money to buy goods he would be alive. If he had given the cigarettes back to the black store owners when they asked him he would still be alive. George robbed people at gun point. Stay clean observe the law don’t rob and cheat fellow citizens

Till tomorrow to Biafrans Knife crime resonates in the UK They should do that for the people stabbed to death unnecessarily every year in London. I'll wait.. London protestors held up placards saying ' racism has no place ' , and ' I can't breathe '. Enoch Powell got one million letters of support when his own zionist controlled party sacked him. The same British govt who took us to war against Germany in WWII to defend Jewish bankers against the German empire who said no to usery and degeneracy foisted on our brothers.

Can the multi-million taxpayer funded totalitarian enterprise confirm that Derek Chauvin & George Floyd actually worked together in the past?! Do people not realise we are in the midst of a global pandemic? Have people not seen George Floyd’s family pleading for peace? This is just fucking wrong on so many levels.

None of this is about a single person. His death is literally the last straw. A lot of liberal nut jobs in the UK. BREAKING on CNN: Bishop Mariann Budde of Diocese of Washington denounces Trump actions after PEACEFUL PROTESTERS NEAR WHITE HOUSE GASSED, SHOT WITH RUBBER BULLETS SO TRUMP CAN HAVE CHURCH PHOTO-OP

That'll be the activists. MICHAEL JORDAN :- heart goes out to the family. of GeorgeFloyd

UK coronavirus live: England's schools begin to reopen as lockdown eases across UKMany parents sceptical about return of reception, year 1 and year 6; new rules for meeting outside come into effect in England, Wales and Scotland Donald Trump was taken to an underground bunker during protests over the death of GeorgeFloyd 😳 I’m so happy that in Northern Ireland our government is waiting until September when our contact tracing will be at a much more advanced stage to open schools.

George Floyd: UK protesters gather in solidarity with US – video reportHundreds gathered in central London to march to the US embassy “As you press on for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the weapon of love. Let no man pull you so low as to hate him. Always avoid violence...” - Martin Luther King. This is not a sensible protest GO HOME! American's don't know to protest. RETEU3 hope to see you among them soon. BlackLivesMatterUK BlackLiveMatter GergeFloyd

UK government's silence over Trump's response to George Floyd death in US condemned by LabourRaab says it would be a 'media distraction' to offer thoughts on US president's comments Untrue. Try to save the UK first. Why do we have to get involved in other countries business So wrong in so many ways. What’s the solution realDonaldTrump? BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd COVID19

UK reassesses decision on Huawei role in 5G networks following US sanctionsAmerican regulators are aiming to prevent the Chinese telecommunications giant from using any computer chips based on US designs. UK: Lets take back control from the EU. Also UK: Okay America, we'll do what you tell us. We are at war with China and their lying, deceitful regime. The world would be a terrible place if they were ever allowed to succeed. Big brother is watching you! ❌huawei! ❌China ❌CCP FightForFreedom

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Opinion: How one lie too many stripped the UK government entirely of public trustDespite efforts from the hard-right to seed the idea that lying is consequence-free, it is now obvious that this could not be further from the truth I wouldn't trust them to run a bath. What does the coronavirus do to you? ❓❓❓❓what are the symptoms ❓❓❓ I trust Boris more than any labour MP put together