Why the US election could decide battle against climate change

10/18/2020 8:05:00 AM
Why the US election could decide battle against climate change

Why the US election could decide battle against climate change

Why the US election could decide battle against climate change

Who next occupies the White House could be decisive in the battle to limit global warming.

.As well as confirming America's departure from the Paris deal, a win for Trump will likely see further efforts to step up fossil fuel production. This could have serious consequences for global temperatures.a scientific review of the targetHow are US cities and regions responding?

With a pressing need for new sea defences, theCharleston in South Carolina has suffered increasing floods from rising sea levels"It is an unusual situation that we've been pushed into."plan for climate changeHis plan would not just benefit the US, say supporters, it would help keep global temperatures down.

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Climate change has bombed at every election except NZ as they are potatoes Trump will win a landslide. Hard Cheese. There is no battle. There is no change to normal change. Battle against what!? You cant fight mother nature!!!! MattMcGrathBBC Utter delusion... Believing that Biden can change anything kills the planet faster.

So if you believe the whole CO2 thing, then look at the decreased emissions from the US vs the increasing emissions from India and Biden loving China. Without these countries doing their part, it doesn’t matter what the U S does. And FYI, the CO2 thing is crap. There is no battle against climate change. There is a battle against you commie's.

Why do you interfere in so many elections Let’s hope Trump wins, and the fake globalists green agenda is binned Give it a rest. The ClimateChange hoax has been supplanted by another far more effective means of control & manipulation because no one was buying it. There is no climate crisis, no evidence to support it, CO2 is a harmless but essential trace gas. FakeNews lost that one.

surely they don't want this nuthouse to continue. they have a responsibility to the western world.

Andrew Harding: Why the killing of South African white farmer Brendin Horner matters

Andrew Harding: Why the killing of South African white farmer Brendin Horner mattersIn a country where an average of 58 people are murdered every day, the death of Brendin Horner might easily have gone relatively unnoticed. But a few days after the killing, something unusual happened in the nearby town of Senekal Why don't you share this terror? Why are you silent ?

This is not a photo of climate change. DefundTheBBC Meanwhile, BBC fake TV news runs a tedious propaganda interview defending their and others exploitation of child-climate-saint Greta Greta 'knows where she wants to take her activism' insists one of her eco-wack exploiters Pity she's thick as mince on the actual science, then.

Yeah the climate changes on a seasonal basis.....and naturally over time too.......tell us something new! Your photo is not representative of climate change. The fire could be arson, poor forest management, or sparks from utility wires. Begs the question, why wasn‘t more done during the Obama years? Flogging dead horses again forest management is the answer

Vote VoteBiden If, God forbid, the orange freak gets back in, the world is hardly gonna change much in 4 paltry years. Then after that, he's out anyway for good! (Unless he gets his way and alters the amendment to three terms!) 😫 Federalist Society lawyers who have been appointed as Justices on the U.S. Supreme court (representing carbon energy billionaires) don't know if climate change is real, or caused by greenhouse gases. They'll gut any legislation passed into law, that's why they're on the court.

Biden running for Senate 🙄😂😂🙈

Why have British schools white-washed history?There are huge gaps in our curriculum and this needs changing

bc Biden will join back 'Paris Agreement'! Truth sets us free, sustainable, prosperous, peaceful... with divine people, all species on our same HOME: Earth! just as that Beautiful UN Constitution prepared for the NEW WORLD in truth Peace Harmony! (CNN)-'An ozone hole that formed over the Arctic this spring and eventually grew into the largest ever recorded there has CLOSED.' 'Thus, despite what you may be thinking, it's recovery most likely CAN'T be tracked to the reduction in pollution......'

Hi Ya that pesky climate change that had fires raging out of control on the west coast but STOPPED right at the Canadian border. Funny how climate change works! This shows the level of delusion within the BBC. You really think that Joe Biden is going to save the planet (or Donald Trump destroy it)? It's so petty, irrational, hyped, nonsense. Any possibility you could get back to reporting news - not projecting fantasy?

Get Biden in quick or else the fossil fuel barrons held up by Trump will kill us all Because the current US President thinks forest fires are caused by exploding trees. Next, he might say the bombs inside these trees were planted by Obama.

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US election briefing for Australia: Clashing Trump-Biden events highlight US divideDonald Trump and Joe Biden attacked each other in split screen spectacle, as Kamala Harris cancels travel I really wanted to watch the show, but had already scheduled dusting, or something, for that time slot.

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The president denied the link to climate change when discussing the California fires But many still support his decision to leave the Paris pact.Don't show me this message again ✕ Farmers pray during a march to the Union Buildings calling for action to be taken against the high number of farmers murdered in Pretoria, South Africa.Alice Cowling At secondary school I remember learning about King Henry VIII and his six wives.Welcome to today’s US election briefing for Australia.

"What I've found is that really big goals and really high targets don't really mean anything if you don't actually have a plan to achieve that goal," says Danielle Butcher who describes herself as a young conservative with the American Conservation Coalition . "We've got China saying that they're going to reduce their emissions by this year. Two weeks ago, the body of 21-year-old Brendin Horner was discovered, tied to a pole, with a rope around his neck, and a bloodstained knife at his feet. And they're financing coal plants all around the world. Knowing about our history is important; our modern society didn't happen by accident, it's the result of a series of events and it's vital that we know about them." "Even though the Paris Agreement may sound good, there has to be follow through, right?" What happens if Trump is re-elected? As well as confirming America's departure from the Paris deal, a win for Trump will likely see further efforts to step up fossil fuel production. Brendin had worked as a manager at a cattle farm in the Free State, on the high plains in the centre of a country wrestling with a deepening economic crisis, increasingly inflammatory and racialised political rhetoric, and growing fears that the nation’s hard-won democratic institutions – not least the police and the justice system – have been gravely weakened by years of corruption and mismanagement. This could have serious consequences for global temperatures. NBC host Savannah Guthrie was a deft interlocutor, fact-checking the president in real time and showing Australians that commercial breakfast TV hosts need not be sycophantic dolts.

"The 1. In a country where 58 people are murdered – on average – every day, the death of Brendin Horner might easily have generated a few brief headlines and some angry social media posts from South Africa’s overwhelmingly white commercial farming community, before the story was overtaken, and side-lined, by some new outrage or scandal. Surely Nigerian soldiers will have fought and sacrificed their lives too? Why wasn't I learning their names? I was right.5C temperature target is very difficult to achieve right now, although it is theoretically possible," says Michael Gerrard. He's referring to one of the goals of the Paris agreement - a global rise in temperature of 1. The two suspected killers were due to appear at the local magistrate’s court.5C is regarded as a kind of gateway to dangerous levels of warming. When I brought this up with my classmates, suggesting that we need to learn about “ everyone who fought in the war,” one of them laughed at me and said “yeah they’re called the World Wars Seun, everybody knows that. Two years ago, a scientific review of the target concluded that keeping the temperature rise under this threshold would make a huge difference to people and to nature, compared to letting them increase by 2C (which previously regarded as this threshold for many years). Some held banners or wore T-shirts reading “Stop Farm Murders” and “Enough is Enough. You can read our full report here.

"If Trump is re-elected, I think it goes into the realm of physical impossibility," says Prof Gerrard. "We'd have to wait another four years for another election to try to rectify that. Many farmers maintain they are at particular risk of violent attacks in South Africa and feel the police and courts are not doing anything like enough to protect them. Even in those lessons I cringed, as one girl remarked:"Why are coloured people always so behind everyone else?" As a Black person who was born and grew up in Britain, I never learnt anything about my own history from school. But by then, a lot more fossil fuel infrastructure will have been locked in and a lot more greenhouse gases will have gone into the atmosphere. So, it would be very bad news for the climate indeed. Far-right groups here, and abroad – their messages amplified by some world leaders – even claim they’re victims of a “white genocide”." How are US cities and regions responding? In some parts of the US, the lack of action from the White House on climate change has served as a call to action. Black people like my dad, who was born a British subject, were erased from the story. As Congress remains deadlocked on a new stimulus package, two new studies show at least six million more people in the US are in poverty due to the effects of the pandemic.

For residents in the coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, questions of climate and sea level rise are high on the list of political issues. Shots were fired. Water levels in Charleston harbour used to rise about 2.5cm every decade - now they're going up by that amount every two years. And what might have been a relatively small incident in a quiet farming town was transformed into a new flashpoint in South Africa’s increasingly fractious and racialised political landscape.. With a pressing need for new sea defences, the for their role in producing the carbon that is linked to the rising waters. image copyright image caption Charleston in South Carolina has suffered increasing floods from rising sea levels "Flooding is at this point an issue on 100 days of the year," said local climate activist Belvin Olasov. In a carefully balanced statement,. Twitter has staged a partial u-turn on its policy of blocking a New York Post story about Joe Biden after a wave of criticism from Republicans and some non-conservative voices.

"This situation calls for leadership and there is currently a huge vacuum, because of the President that we have. It was only online, mostly through Wikipedia, that I was able to learn more." "So you have a city government taking on a giant conglomeration of oil corporations because nothing is being done on the federal level." "It is an unusual situation that we've been pushed into." Many states and regions have pushed ahead with climate action, but this has its limits. It was this idea that helped give way to the popular concept of"intersectionality" that we're so familiar with today. For example, road transportation is responsible for around one third of US carbon emissions but car fuel standards are set by the Federal government. Election views “Americans must reckon with the fact that one of our two political parties increasingly sees representative democracy as either a hassle or a threat,” argues David Litt, in this piece exploring Republicans’ voter suppression tactics, including cutting polling places, leading to the extraordinarily long lines seen this week.

While the Obama administration sought to strengthen them significantly, President Trump has watered them down. How does Biden differ from Trump? Joe Biden says that his plan for climate change would see the US energy sector go carbon-free by 2035. These are names that should be common knowledge in Britain, but it aren’t. This would allow the country to become a net zero emitter by 2050. Achieving net zero means that any carbon emitted by industry, transport or other sources is balanced out by removing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere, through, for example, planting forests. Mr Biden has ambitious ideas to revolutionise transport in the US using electric vehicles and trains. Without it on our syllabus we are telling our pupils that Black British people are external from our national heritage. Caroline Giuliani, daughter of the aforementioned Rudy, has become the latest political scion to sensationally enter the election fray, urging Americans to reject her father and Trump in Vanity Fair.

He also wants to build 1.5 million sustainable homes and housing units. His plan would not just benefit the US, say supporters, it would help keep global temperatures down. "This is the first election ever that really may determine whether we can prevent runaway climate change," says Paul Bledsoe. image copyright Getty Images image caption Joe Biden plans to the make the US a net zero emitter of carbon by 2050 "Joe Biden is proposing that the US adopt climate change tariffs on nations who do not reduce their emissions. As they say, you decide.

Biden's international climate plan, if anything, is even more ambitious than his domestic plan. So the contrast could not be starker." President Trump has accused his opponent of wanting to ban fracking. But Biden says it should continue as the US transitions to a green economy. The oil and gas boom opened up by fracking - including in battleground states such as Pennsylvania - means thousands of jobs hang in the balance. Topics.

The candidates are aware of the need to tread carefully - irrespective of their more general positions on climate change. Where do religious groups stand on the climate? Evangelical Christians are among the religious groups to have strongly supported President Trump. Polling shows that they will probably turn out for him again in overwhelming numbers . But younger members of the faith are less enchanted with the president, especially on the topic of climate change. Emily Robertson is a 21-year-old student at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, and a first time voter in this election.

She says that if she could have voted last time round she would probably have voted for Trump, like her parents did. But her growing awareness of the climate change issue has persuaded her to vote for Joe Biden this time. Despite growing recognition of this planetary problem, she believes that most of her fellow young Christians will still back President Trump. "On social media platforms, I have seen a lot of young evangelicals move toward voting for Biden, but those are in select circles," she says. "So for some people, perhaps, but honestly, just based on some people I have talked to, even though they care about climate change, I don't believe they care enough to still vote for Biden rather than Trump.

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