Why The Cladding Crisis Might Not Be Over Just Yet

1/10/2022 9:56:00 PM

Why the cladding crisis might not be over just yet

Uk News, Michael Gove

Why the cladding crisis might not be over just yet

The government announces a fresh £4bn plan – but victims say they've 'heard strong words before' and developers criticise 'scatter gun approach'.

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Cladding: Why is it unsafe and what money has the government promised?The government wants building firms to pay for the removal of unsafe cladding from some buildings. Dunno, but I do know if they are private buildings I don't see what the government should be paying for. Why is the BBC bring this up now . should have kept pressure on the government at the time

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The government announces a fresh £4bn plan – but victims say they've"heard strong words before" and developers criticise"scatter gun approach".Image caption, Residents of some blocks deemed to be unsafe have been forced to leave Flat owners should not have to pay for dangerous cladding to be removed from their buildings, Housing Secretary Michael Gove has said.Rape Crisis England and Wales Jayne Butler said the app was “yet another example” of an initiative that puts the onus on women and their friends to be responsible for their safety.Android .

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