Why melting Swiss Alps could trigger a green surge

Swiss election: Why melting Alps could create a green wave


Swiss election: Why melting Alps could create a green wave

Greens are hoping to come second in Sunday's Swiss elections, eyeing a climate change opportunity.

"We have a lot more women candidates this year," she says."An increase of 40% on the last elections. And we have more than 450 candidates who were not eligible to vote in 2015, so that means young citizens want to participate in politics."

Kelmy Martinez, also 21, is taking a different approach.

What is striking is that key issues that have mobilised Swiss voters in the past, specifically immigration, and relations with the European Union, are just not cutting through with these young people.

When the People's Party unveiled an eye-catching campaign poster, showing a perfect Swiss red apple being eaten by worms, one of which wore the blue flag and gold stars of the EU, there was widespread criticism, even from within the party.

There will be no green tsunami, then, but, if the polls are right, a drop in votes for the Swiss People's Party, and an increase for the Greens.

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