Why 'lookalikes' Jessie Ware and Gemma Arterton teamed up

'Lookalikes' Jessie Ware and Gemma Arterton team up

2/27/2021 12:39:00 AM

'Lookalikes' Jessie Ware and Gemma Arterton team up

The pop star and the award-winning actress discuss their haunting video for Ware's new single.

Inspired, Ware "pursued" the actress - first as aguest on her Table Manners podcast, where they bonded over Arterton's obsession with cheese, then as the producer/director of her video."As soon as I heard it I thought, 'Oh, this feels like an anthem for this moment that we were literally in that right now,'" recalls the star.

"I was walking around listening to it in the park, and I thought about how amazing is that in London, at the moment, there's no-one around, especially at night-time, and how unique that is in the history of London."I don't think there's ever been a time where there's been no cars, no buses, no people - even during the wars."

The idea began to form of shooting a video with Arterton wandering, lonely and isolated, around the empty streets of Soho - before making her way to Primrose Hill to see the sunrise, offering a glimmer of hope and joy for the future."I thought, we'll never have this opportunity to shoot this again," says the actress. And although the song wasn't written specifically about the pandemic, it serendipitously felt like an anthem of hope in the middle of the third lockdown. headtopics.com

"It felt right," says Arterton. "And to have it coming out this week, as we're getting the news that we can kind of gradually come out of lockdown, I just thought, 'Oh, this is the right feeling for this video.'"Valentine's night

The video was shot and directed in a single night by Dominic Savage - with whom Arterton previously worked on the critically-acclaimed marital drama The Escape."I didn't really know what to expect because I hadn't been in central London during the night-time for about a year," says the actress.

"And it was really sad but at the same time, kind of beautiful to see these iconic streets that have always been so populated - Carnaby Street and Regent Street - just having literally nothing and nobody on them.image copyrightimage captionThe video ends with Arterton's character watching the sun rise over Primrose Hill

"Also we shot the video on Valentine's Day, which is the night when usually people go out for dinner and people are everywhere. It was kind of poignant, yet so beautiful, and hopefully it's a bit of a love letter to our city".There's no lip-syncing in the video, but Arterton - who is due to play Dusty Springfield in an upcoming biopic - does sing a few lines headtopics.com

sotto voceas the film progresses."Dominic worried that if I started singing, then it would take us out of the realism of the moment but I sort of felt like, when I was walking around, I wanted to dance I wanted to sing."You know, if I - Gemma- was in the middle of London and there's nobody there I would definitely do a cartwheel or sing a song. So, we wanted there to be natural little moments in there - but it's definitely not performed singing!"

"It makes a connection between Gemma and the song," says Ware. "It's how I feel when I listen to music in my own headphones. So for me it was a huge honour to have her hum and sing."The finished video was released on Friday, 26 February, and Ware says it has given her song "a new lease of life".

"I don't take anything for granted at the moment, so to get to do something like this in a pandemic - it was just the most beautiful experience."Figure captionWarning: Third party content may contain adverts Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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