Why is Prince Harry comparing Meghan to his mum?

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Why Prince Harry is comparing Meghan to Princess Diana

Prince Harry has compared the tabloid press's coverage of his wife to the way in which his mother was treated.

The claim comes after the Mail on Sunday published a handwritten letter from Meghan to her father, Thomas Markle, sent shortly after she and Prince Harry got married in 2018.Image copyright"Diana became a royal icon unlike any other. She was globally recognised and internationally famous," royal author Katie Nicholl tells Radio 1's Newsbeat."Diana was criticised in the press.

Katie says"there were times when Diana courted and played the media. In the end it was a game that became too much on both sides".


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This is so irrelevant.

Not a patch on Di, nowhere near her league

Megan not a big a mistake as Sarah Ferguson but close

Diana had style Megan has not

No where near the same.

How dare he!

Because he is trying to play the victim to get the press from highlighting that he and meghan a self contradiction parody

You know prince william and charles are out and about today doing stuff for charity why dont you give harry and megan a break and report on what prince William is doing for charity today

She's nothing like his mum

Blackmail and victim card.

Shes nothing like diana

Theres more important things to report on this is rubbish news who cares


Many men do that choose women as partners or wives, who are like their mums. Women too choose men who look or act like their fathers.

Abolish the monarchy

I don’t know, ask Freud.

He’s not stupid, he’s comparing the vile press treatment of both, get it right.

No hay comparación! Lady Di era una mujer increible y NUNCA habrá otra. Meghan who

This is not even a close comparison. This is coming about because Harry is weak-minded and Meghan is narcissist that can't stand anyone criticizing her. These 2 will play the 'Diana' and 'Race' cards until they divorce or die.

Who knows. Ask a psychiatrist

Watched a video where it shows the presence of Diana appear in the palace sometimes even though after her death 😕

Because he has suffered both of them being bullied mercilessly.

meghan and diana are nothing alike. diana was essentially picked to marry charles because she was young and they thought she could be manipulated. meghan is the one doing the manipulating.

Leave Maghan alone 🤯

Shes not diana and never will be. Bad misjudgment imo

Hope this case goes to court and Meghan's father will at least give some evidence on behalf of the paper and maybe can see his daughter and the grandchild..just a thought !!!

1. Idiot media provide coverage 2. QED.

Oedipus complex?

There is no comparison, wash your mouth out harry!

He is wrong

Not even in the same subcircle....

On consideration to restore a positive Image of theirself, it could have been a better way to put time and energy on much needed long communication and dialogue with her father trying to resolved and forgive the bad done by him so that in time they (she) could over come the hurt

People in the public eyes should be up high to take good and bad press,she have been criticised as well as him ( none of them have been harassed)this step wasted of public money appear to be the outcome after a tantrum for not been glorified enough as they think to be entitled

Because he is looking for sympathy I guess.

Who is actually stupid enough to buy the mail on Sunday and soak it up anyway

People were obsessed with Diana because everyone loved her! However Meghan is trying to be like her and she will never take her place. It has nothing to do with Race at all she doesn’t want to engage with the people of the uk!

William and Kate get along with the media just fine.

Harry is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is easily manipulated by the gold digger wife.

There’s no comparison she’s nothing like her in any way or has the same issues

Umm, he loved his mother, he loves his wife. What have I missed. Oh Yes he wants to kill the gutter press

Good luck to them suing that Right Wing snobby paper.

They could abdicate and save us a few bob.

I just don't think he likes being a Royal then give it up people would understand many countries to live in for a quiet life

Really.... your gonna go there?

because he knows that the public don’t like Diana being slagged off,

Could it be that Harry understandably still grieves for his Mother and is protective of his Wife and Son. No one can forget the love of a Mother.The whole family should be supported.

Diana was nothing like his wife she knew what she was doing the press here loved her it was the paparazzi that could not be controlled that is why they both had a private childhood with agreed press releases it is very sad he suffers mentally but his wife is different , divisive

I read a comment earlier where someone complained that he was making comparison and THEY were offended. He is bereaved and Diana was his MUM ffs and he can make any comparison he likes!!

Harry has got away with a lot in past because everyone has given him a pass because of his mum. Now he is using it as his default position.

He's not, and BBC should know better than to spread the muck! It's simply that there are similarities in that some members of the Press can't mind their own bloody business; he's right! Royal Family's always 'fair game' for invertebrates trying to make a name for themselves.

They are complete opposites, Diana actually cared and had a heart. She did things because she wanted to not because she had to.

She’s a bloody yank. Nuf sed

Not a lover of the royals but I can see exactly where he is coming from...I remember his mother and it was truly awful what she went through...remember the media is interested in only one thing ....

And ye please focus on Andrew.

Because he is thick. 🤔?

We love Megan but no1 will come close to the peoples princess

Sorry harry but you're MUM was something else and neither Meghan nor kate will ever be anywhere near as what OUR Princess Diana was ever

No 🛑

'I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same [POWERFUL FORCES]?' - A bizarre phrase to use in a press intrusion beef. As I recall it was Charles that Diana suspected of plotting to kill her, not the tabloid press. HarryHewitt

It’s not the same

An Oedipus complex?

The press have no right to publish private letters! Complete infringement of privacy which even Royals are entitled to.

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Regardless for the papparats it seems clear that the British public have largely rejected this soap actress because of the way that her antics have turned what was a very popular you Prince, into a completely different person that people just do not like.

No comparison whatsoever but clearly he wants to believe this to sell his own version . It's all become tedious and boring this and he shouldnt have put out that statement in my view as it will no doubt backfire on him and her .

Unfortunately, the “comparison” isn’t about something positive. It’s about how afraid he is that history will repeat itself and the press will hound his wife to death just like they did his mother. People commenting on here about how MeghanMarkle will never be Diana is petty.

This is unfolding in a weirdly familiar way, as if history is repeating itself. What this pair need is to get out of the limelight, live quietly and responsibly (like Kate & William), and ignore the press, which feeds on reaction. I’ve often regretted my words, never my silence.

They don't compare in any way!!!

Why do you even have to ask? Are you becoming part of it. Mysogisnistic,Xenophobic,Racist right wing press bad enough without you jumping on the bandwagon.

Probably because of all the chances the media have had they still haven’t learnt.

Because like his mother she wants to use the press when she wants them

He is right to they hounded Diane right up to the moment of her death chasing her with no care for her safety. Now they are turning to young Meaghan honestly is that was journalism has become now? They are definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel these days

What an Insult 🙄

Time to send these pointless freeloaders into obscurity. No media intrusion for them, or cost for us.

UK tabloids are renowned for being sumbags, with their dirty professional ethics!!! They’re like a cancer, and that’s being nice...thesun dailymirror uktabloids

Surely the press should be hounding Andrew!! He’s mixed up in some really dirty business, leave this dull pair alone, I only mentioned Andrew because he needs to be dealt with whether it’s in public or private I don’t care!!!

Both married a rich but emotionally weak man who could be easily manipulated.

The two of them are similair in that they both knew how to manipulate the press when it suited them and how to complain when it didnt. If Harry and Megan want to be left alone then they should stop behaving like celebrities.

People are more loving in the past less loving right now.

No one could compare to princess Diana and she certainly doesn't.she could never be replaced she was truly unique and one in a million our people's Princess Megan is not a princess.and should never be one either I don't dislike her but she's certainly no royal..

Because we man ,want to see our mother through our wifes

nice i love it.

Chalk and Cheese there are none so blind as those in Love 😃

Because if he plays that card he thinks criticism of his wife will stop, a poor judgement to make.

I think Prince Harry is in the news too much lately! Do the people want to be reading that he's spending more taxpayers $$?

I would pass this one. This could get me permanent ban.

She's nothing like her at all .

Harris losing his way.

bit wierd

They both like having sex with copper nuts ?

Sympathy. and Ginger clearly needs more therapy ...or pop round to his dad Major Hewitt and have a beer.

I’m just wondering which part of my should I waste reading that crap.

Just remember he only one could do that.

He’s been in both ?

When did the press chase Meghan , think I missed that one

Generational difference.

Be happy that the media gives them their privacy and leaves them all alone, so I don't have to see them at every ‘type’ of event & here !

? No he isn’t.

He is being protective and rightly so. Some folk have short memories!

Good heavens BBC. Surprised you didn't ask Farage for his opinion. Wankers.

He stood helpless as tabloid press tore his mother apart like pack animals with little or no regard for her children and they were ultimately responsible for her death.

They both married weak men they knew they could manipulate?

A better question would be 'Why is Harry's uncle Andrew not taking the press to court?'

They both sleep behind thier husbands backs I mean he is blatantly Mr hewitts son

Princes Dianna was deeply loved, adored and admired, looked up from the beginning. Like how you adore an Angel, she is in a pedestal, she didn’t struggle to get anyone’s approval. It’s not in the case with Duchess, incomparable of people’s affection.

Angela merkel

These two need to stop acting like a pair of z-list celebs. If they want to be treated like Royals they should start behaving like Royals.

You can never EVER compare the two, PrincessDiana had charisma, was loved and adored and was genuine, MeghanMarkle isn’t any of those.

Because he loves her

Because he has deep ingrained mummy issues?

Is this news? Wtf?! What if BBC do some real journalism and ask PM about how leave campaign broke the law?

Royals are no different from us. Megan is completely right in suing the paper. meganmarkle

Very poor and tasteless headline.

Because she has turned him into a cuck and he will do whatever she says. Meghan fancies herself as a global icon like Diana and marrying Harry was merely the first step of her grand plan.

is it because meghan will die in a car crash soon?

Honestly don't get the hatred for Meghan, I imagine it starts on the internet with a bunch of girls who assumed they would marry Prince Harry and live a life of luxury....when that didn't happen that attack the girl who did.

Royality is need why?

Because she's being harassed by the press. Saved you a click.

Probably because the Media/Press hounded her incessantly.

They're both a waste of space?

It’s a smoke screen to protect his nonce uncle.

Because people have little to do...

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