Why is London air pollution so high and what should I do? | ITV News

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Why is London air pollution so high and what should I do? | By SallyWeather

On Friday some areas of London could see moderate to very high levels of air pollution.

It’s a result of the high pressure currently over us and light winds. These stagnant conditions can allow poor air to build up and linger.When the pollution isit’s advised that adults and children with lung problems, adults with heart problems, and older people, should avoid strenuous physical activity. People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often.


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theJeremyVine SallyWeather It’s all the bullshit coming out of Westminster

SallyWeather One of life's great unsolvable mysteries

theJeremyVine SallyWeather Reduce immigration may help!

theJeremyVine SallyWeather Failed transport policy, failed MayorofLondon, failed TfL and too much blaming the government.

SallyWeather Compared to other cities, rent prices are so high for retail outlets in London that far more goods need to be sold simply to cover the rent. This leads to a constant exaggerated supply chain issue. Politicians talk about pollution, but all their policies increase rent prices.

SallyWeather Use nat ventilation because electric vehicles are hitting the streets in ten years, or so.

SallyWeather Here's one reason (that's oil smoke, BTW, not steam)...

SallyWeather NothingtodowithLTNs

SallyWeather Why was polution so bad inspite of the ULEZ measures? Tottenham court road was practically deserted of vehicles yesterday. Vehicles are mostly green now due to the high ULEZ. Is there too much unnecessary construction going on during covid?

SallyWeather Funny how this thread had taxi drivers insisting the pollution is nothing to do with them. It’s time to reduce vehicles in London by force as persuasion is not working.

SallyWeather Ask non polluters to stay locked inside and let the Polluters do more pollution...

SallyWeather Because fundamentally motorists are lazy & teaching the next generation to be lazy. Because 43% of private car journeys in our cities are 2 miles. Walk or cycle or e-scooter any journey 2 miles (Blue Badge excepted). Work up to the same for 5 mile journeys (65% in cities).

SallyWeather Sally - I get the information in your piece is important for those who are vulnerable to air pollution. But why is there nothing it it to those causing the air pollution? Why don't you ask people to avoid using the car or not light the woodburner?

SallyWeather …don’t drive, obvs.

SallyWeather Could be something to do with 9000000 people living in less than 700 square miles

SallyWeather Too many people driving cars. Simple. Why not say it ?

SallyWeather A real mystery that one...🤦🚗🚗🚙🚙🚚🚛🚗🚙🚕🚕🚕🚕

SallyWeather Don’t drive

SallyWeather Ltn’s

SallyWeather Engineered traffic. Nothing more nothing less. Every council is guilty of land grab during last couple of years. And with khan and TfL in charge things will go from bad to worse!!

SallyWeather Cars, vans, buses, lorries, diesel trains. It's not exactly difficult journalism.

SallyWeather Yeah, why is that city full of SUVs and narrow roads so polluted?

SallyWeather Hmmm, if only they had a way to get around without cars.

SallyWeather Have less cars?

SallyWeather Not drive in London

SallyWeather Campaign & Vote for a mayor who’s top priority isn’t creating engineered congestion

SallyWeather Stop driving your kids half a mile to school?

SallyWeather Don't drive.


SallyWeather How about stop polluting by driving around the corner instead of forcing people indoors? Despite the alert, it was the usual chaos today. That's what happens when the message is to hide inside instead of stop polluting.

SallyWeather Stop driving so much.

SallyWeather Get rid of your log burner and stop driving unless completely necessary

SallyWeather Get on ya bike go through more reds and…..

SallyWeather Probably get in the car, start the engine up and put the air conditioning on.......

SallyWeather Drive less

SallyWeather Don’t drive!

SallyWeather Drive less.

SallyWeather Go by train, tram or bus

SallyWeather BanCars

SallyWeather Don't drive and lobby for better cycling and public transport infrastructure

SallyWeather That's a great question. I guess we'll never know...

SallyWeather 1 Because too many people are driving polluting vehicles 2 Don't drive. Walk, cycle or use public transport

SallyWeather My daughters school has cancelled outdoor sports today to protect their health.

SallyWeather Not Drive

SallyWeather Definitely plant more trees to absorb the Carbon dioxide,litter less,smoke free zone,lets start to take care off our societies & environments then maybe climate change will turn around,ever since there's more vehicles on the road,there's been more problems,let's start caring now

SallyWeather Sally please ditch the leather skirts. You're wardrobe screams 'Hideous skirt convention' to quote Emily Blunt. Please speak to trinnylondon and get some fashion advice

SallyWeather No idea 🤷‍♂️

SallyWeather Move to Ireland - looks like they've only got Irish mist?

SallyWeather LTNs are the real problem for London. And elsewhere to be honest

SallyWeather Simple TLF

SallyWeather Making traffic jams worse on main roads Because of those LTNS.

SallyWeather One of the London trademarks. Ever since Jack the Ripper hid in the dark fog ridden cobbled streets of London.

SallyWeather Complete mismanagement by tfl.... too many (mostly empty) buses... over 100000 private hire licences issued... poor decision making with placement of cycle lanes, some of which are barely used. All tfl has done over the last few years is create congestion on once flowing roads.

SallyWeather Gotta be oxygen tanks

SallyWeather Move.

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