Why I’m Glad I Got Chlamydia In The 'Summer of STIs'

This summer engendered something of a 'sexplosion'

9/17/2021 6:07:00 AM

Why I’m Glad I Got Chlamydia In The 'Summer of STIs'

This summer engendered something of a 'sexplosion'

reported that as we eased out of lockdown in April there was a 1000% increase in internet searches for ‘STI tests’. When restrictions eased further in May, they saw a 167% increase in male STI test kit sales, and a 42% increase in female STI kit sales from one week to the next.

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Even the next date I went on revealed that four of his friends had chlamydia at that very moment and he was waiting for his own results after an ex-fling had contacted him. We were lucky we’d got the dreaded text at all. In the past year, experts say the number of people visiting sexual health clinics dropped by 85%, meaning a worrying number of STI cases could have gone undiagnosed. This has caused spreading to spiral, but if left untreated, some STIs can lead to serious health consequences, such as infertility in women.

South_agencyGetty ImagesIn a twisted way, I’m glad I got chlamydia. I’m glad because it knocked me down a free-wheeling peg or two and reminded me that being so blasé with condoms – which are 98% effective at protecting you from most STIs – has big consequences. I'm fortunate that a seven-day course of antibiotics put paid to what I had contracted, but there are plenty of things I could have caught which wouldn't have been so easily treatable. headtopics.com

Though HIV/AIDS is certainly no longer a death sentence, there are lifelong repercussions, from daily medication to having to keep future partners safe. It’s estimated that there are currently 6,600 HIV positive people in the UK who are unaware they have it.

Experts have also been trying to warn us for years about the aforementioned 'super-gonorrhoea' - a strain that has become resistant to antibiotics. The more we contract and spread things like gonorrhoea, the more chance it has to build medication-resistance. Should you contract an untreatable strain, complications – predominantly affecting women, of course – include infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ectopic pregnancy. Data from the

State of the Nation report from the Terrence Higgins Trust and BASHH, revealed that in February last year, cases of gonorrhoea had risen by 249% in the last decade.STIs happen to normal people. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about them or get treated for them, especially not for any reasons of perceived sluttiness or dirtiness. But we

needto be less carefree about condoms. Lamenting the momentary pause in antics isn't worth the fall out of catching something with serious consequences.You might be hyper aware about catching Covid, but don’t let your double jab fool you into thinking you’re immune from everything out there. The fact is that any sexual contact – including oral – puts you at risk, that’s just science. We’re all used to regular lateral flow tests for Covid, so why not add the NHS’ free at-home STI test to your repertoire? If I've learned one thing from my own experience of the 'Summer of STIs' it's this: there’s nothing sexier than a negative test. headtopics.com

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