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Why could Stonehenge be stripped of world heritage site status?

Stonehenge could be stripped of world heritage site status

7/23/2021 6:45:00 PM

Stonehenge could be stripped of world heritage site status

Unesco expresses concern that ‘substantial harm’ would be caused by the proposed cut-and-cover road tunnel

of a short and shallow tunnel. It noted: “The state party [the UK government] determined that the additional landscape benefits would not justify the additional costs … It is regretted that for such an iconic world heritage property, the arguments persist that the perceived benefits of a longer tunnel do not outweigh the costs.”

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It added: “The scheme should be modified to deliver the best available outcome for the OUV [outstanding universal value] of the property.”The committee said a proposed 150m “green bridge” to the west of the proposed tunnel “could not be considered an appropriate solution”. It noted that about 1km of the proposed new dual carriageway would be “exposed in a wide cutting within open landscape”.

Traffic on the A303 that runs beside the ancient monument.Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty ImagesThe committee also appeared to rule out further talks with the UK government unless it committed to abandoning the current tunnel. It said: “While it is noted that the state party is committed to engage further, if the permission which has been granted were to be upheld by the high court, it is unclear what might be achieved by further engagement, as it would not be possible to compensate for the unacceptable adverse impacts of the present scheme.”

Last month the Department for Transport said: “We are confident the decision taken by the secretary of state to proceed with the A303 Stonehenge project was correct, lawful and well informed. The. We cannot comment further as this is a live litigation case.”

Stonehenge Alliance, which is campaigning against the tunnel,: “There is no act of ‘reverse vandalism’ if #StonehengeTunnel proceeds.” It called on the government to heed the views of Unesco and its own inspectors. Read more: The Guardian »

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SaveStonehenge Everything is being desecrated in exchange for thousands of miles of Roads, Mass Housing and Mamouth High Speed Rail. Loss to the nation both in terms of Natural Heritage and National Heritage is appalling. Far worse than your 2014 Article suggests. SaveStonehenge I am opposed to the tunnel (although it might speed my journeys along the A303 but why should anyone care about 'world heritage status' or indeed UNESCO?

Everton and that ground again Everton away is gonna be a fucking trek next year That'll be the fault of Everton s new ground Failing to heed warnings - & there were plenty for Liverpool - comes with consequences. Jesus fuck who cares? tomhunt1988 Given your stance on other heritage issues, I assume you also oppose the rank vandalism that is digging up the Stonehenge site for the A303 tunnel instead of using a TBM to preserve our national heritage?

_thequietplace That would be sad is a magical place Fuckin hell Everton, how big is this new stadium of ours actually gonna be? Not content with blocking out the Liver Building from the view of incoming ships, you’re now obstructing some bricks from the view of folks on the A303 🤷🏻‍♂️ Stonehenge Where the demons dwell, where the banshees live and they do live well. Stonehenge! Where a man's a man and the children dance to the Pipes of Pan.

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I expect Edinburgh to lose its status. Inappropriate developments approved by Edinburgh council are prolific everywhere in the city and continue. The character of the city is being eroded. It’s all about money of course and locals opposition counts for nowt. Seems to me you would only have to show up with an ice cream van, park it next to a world heritage site and you would be denied status in this country.

philosophybites ... so take your jab ! First Liverpool, then Stonehenge - where next? They're gunning for us now, what will it be next? Tories not just trying to destroy our future, but our history too 🙁 BorisJohnson your destroying our country GrumpyYetAmusin Fecking eejits! That’s like the Italians screwing up the Colliseum, like, it’s there, how the could you fail to complete this simple task

So depressing reading comments from people with so little pride in our heritage or interest in our ancestors that they think Stonehenge is just a ring of stones & don't care if it gets trashed. Seems even the British don't love their country any more.

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Oh no, what will I do with my life now ☹️ Meanwhile our Prime Minister is more worried bot statues of slave traders It seems to me that a cut and cover tunnel provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the archaeology of the Stonehenge site. The only question is, is leaving the stuff in the ground for future generations (with maybe better tech) better than digging it up now?

GovHowardDean Good job Florida! You are 1 Is this Everton's fault as well? I wonder what UNESCO had to say about the McDonalds and KFC built just yards away from the pyramids? Looks like the UK is being targeted by this self appointed quango. Aww I wanted to go there. I guess with no tourism it doesn’t matter anymore.

How ironic to use the word 'conserving'. Can you please identify how BMD in Liverpool had been preserved over the decades? You and your colleagues criticise a project to renovate assets to their original state but fail to identify that they would otherwise be lost for ever. Someone tell Unesco that no A roads existed when Stonehenge was built...

Another Guardian about Unesco. I note that in two previous articles complaining about Edinburgh and Liverpool, no replies are allowed. It's as if you do not wish to hear what locals think. Any thoughts on Paris losing its status for NOT knocking the Eiffel Tower down?

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In short, sod our heritage, nature, beauty and archaeology - let’s just do whatever the hell we want FOR PROFIT! 😡🤬 People think Stonehenge is just the stones you see in the Circle, when it stretches way beyond that, with barrows, cursus, avenues, trackways and ancient settlements that are all part of it. The cut and cover risked destroying huge areas of this, not protecting it as it was meant

Conservatives BorisJohnson What some people don't seem to realise is that the complex of Stonehenge is not just the stone circle, it's a whole landscape with features that relate to each other across thousands of years. Once part of it is destroyed the story is lost forever. The tunnel is a mistake.

BeingBoycie We know it's beautiful we don't need a fucking status to tell us. Unesco obviously don't have to in the traffic jams on the A303 as drivers rubber neck the henge. So it loses a label, what, doesn't change it's historical value. How stupid and greedy can ppl get? Just sad. Should have lost it years ago. It looks ancient.

Too much concrete It will be Everton's fault. Again.

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This is what the country voted for, unfortunately. WTF Best news all day Well, you could easily mistake it for Liverpool. Just how big is Everton's new stadium? Go ahead and strip it, I think Stonehenge will survive the loss of the badge.

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