Why Christmas could be stuck in a shipping container

Why Christmas could be stuck in a shipping container

10/19/2021 9:01:00 AM

Why Christmas could be stuck in a shipping container

China is the factory of the world but exports have been hindered by the global supply chain crisis.

Supply chain overhaulBefore the pandemic took hold - and amid concerns over the US-China trade war - some manufacturers had already begun to move their production away from China, to countries like India and Vietnam.But, Fredrik Gronkvist of Chinaimportal.com, an advice service for companies making goods in Asia, says these countries now also face challenges.

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"For example, Ho Chi Minh City, which is one of the fastest growing manufacturing hubs in the world right now, was under a pretty strict lockdown for the last couple of months."When it comes to toys: "China is also strong on plastics and it has a huge industry of injection mould and tooling makers which are important in toy manufacturing. This is not something that can be replicated elsewhere in just a few years."

So, how long could the logjam go on? "Maybe three months down the road, we will see the choke come back to Asia again," Mr Ea says."But that is cyclical. It's always been like this because there is an imbalance of trade between West and East." headtopics.com

He is expecting some of the supply chain problems to be resolved next year as the shipping industry sees more containers coming on to the market."The world is adjusting to living with Covid as endemic," says Mr Ea.There are a number of factors disrupting the global supply chain which the world needs to adjust to.

The hope is it doesn't disrupt Santa Claus' plans and Christmas too much. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Christmas has become very materialistic and full of merchandise. Kids want branded stuff. We say We're religious country but i can't see it now. Debts for presents. Over buying food. Alcohol to fill swimming pool. This might be a good year to give to charity instead I feel so sorry for the Americans that they might not get shiploads of plastic toys and cheap decorations.

Nobody cares ffs Someone is slandering My Christmas is already sorted. Container ships are stacked up waiting to be off loaded at most ports because of the knock on effect of the Evergreen ship blockage. Absolute rubbish,BBC scaremongering again.Yes there is a backlog of containers from China,but 95% of them are full of other goods,not only christmas tat.

The West Christmas has nothing to do with Christ...it's about Santa Claus... maybe go back to the original.

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