Why aren't more of our politicians wearing masks?

Coronavirus: Why aren't more politicians wearing face masks?

7/11/2020 6:56:00 AM

Coronavirus: Why aren't more politicians wearing face masks?

They are advised in enclosed public spaces in England, so what's with the mask-free photo ops?

There are calls for UK authorities to change their policies on face coverings.The British Medical Association has called for them to be worn"as a matter of course" and the Royal Society - the UK's national academy of science - has saidpeople should carry one whenever they leave home

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so that they can put them on when they enter a crowded public space.A Royal Society report found 71 countries around the world require face coverings in all public places, and a further 15 in all indoor public places. The UK is not one of them.Its author Professor Melinda Mills, from the University of Oxford, says her international colleagues find it"strange" that the face coverings are a subject of debate in the UK.

She says Asian countries affected by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) outbreak in 2003 have near-universal mask take-up."It's not even a discussion," she adds.Image copyrightImage captionNicola Sturgeon wore a tartan face covering during a visit to New Look in June

She thinks there is more resistance to wearing masks, compared to the guidance around hand-washing or social distancing,"because it's so visual".But confused messaging has also played a part. In April, the World Health Organization said there was not enough evidence to say healthy people should wear masks. Last month,

it changed its advice.A mixed messageProf Mills believes the confusion may, in part, explain why many British politicians aren't routinely seen in them. That in turn leaves the public"confused" and disengaged."It gives out a mixed message. You see one politician in Scotland wearing a mask and then the leader in England not wearing a mask so it immediately seeds doubt," she says.

"Whereas if you wear a mask, like politicians in virtually all countries across the world are doing, then you give a clear message and you set an example to the public that this is necessary - this is protecting me, but further more, and more importantly, it protects others."

Image copyrightImage captionBoris Johnson was photographed wearing a face maskOn Friday, Boris Johnson seemed to suggest a change to policy in the UK was imminent. He said"the balance of scientific opinion seems to have shifted more in favour" of face masks.

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"I don't think we are going to get to a world where we say everyone has to wear face coverings the whole time everywhere," he said, before adding:"We need to be stricter in insisting that people wear face coverings in confined spaces where they are meeting people they don't usually meet."

Later, he was photographed wearing a face mask in a shop in Uxbridge.Time will tell whether we see more politicians wearing face coverings in public places. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Because they don’t need to! Er, it's none of our business. Medical issues are private. We all need stop wearing a mask on bus and work and pub and anywhere uk because when people can’t breath at work or bus or anywhere xxx Why isn’t face coverings compulsory in the UK? Sod off I wonder self Yep, I was thinking the same 🤔

Why aren't all BBC and all other media and TV presenters wearing masks to cover there fake smiles and snide expressions. BBCPolitics It's one thing not wearing them in a shop, but serving food? And BJ standing beside food also. Because trying to introduce them now is a waste of time. Horse, bolted should have been done in March. Zero credibility for this idea. If you do it in shops, then pubs, schools,gyms, swimming pools etc must have the same rule. Moronic timing by the clueless inept government

Because they know when we looking back in the future and asking why the fuck did we allow this nonsense. There will be no evidence of them being mugs and wearing them Cos Tories aren't human? What is wrong with them, just do it!!!! It can help and doesn't harm It is the opinion of the major of health professionals worldwide. What is the problem? Make it obligatory for heavens sake, stop hoping It will just go away ,because that's not happening.

because they don't work and they know it, they are lying, hypocritical scumbags that are running terroism on the whole country! BBCPolitics No Tory was infected in the making of this pandemic. When we see & SkyNews reporters wearing masks you might be in a position to lecture others. Until then suggest you pipe down & start learning how to report factually, truthfully & without political bias. Whe you can do that people might listen to you.

Would all wear a mask looking like a C... , don't think so as who gonna take your mask off. Germs spread, no matter what, there is plenty of superglue to stick the masks to your faces for life. Think also when those who smoke too. Get a grip as its getting boring now .🥱 Vanity? True that BBC because they are all bandits after all 🤷‍♂️💰💰💰

Because most politicians think they are in disposable, look at our President, what a great leader he is, NOT!!🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ They don’t want to get sick. SCOTLAND. Announced on Saturday. Coronavirus (COVID-19). 0 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive. Scotland death toll. Of the people who have tested positive: 2,490 have died. coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) COVID19 Scotland

.....they won't be recognised , thus their popularity will disappear..! May as well wear a cloth condom Why aren’t more people altogether wearing masks especially in Northern Ireland A lot of them have already had the virus and recovered. It’s just a charade pretending you’re the same as everyone else after that.

because they’re stupid and unfit to hold office. They are th giants we carry upon shoulders. No longer men but constant state of apotheosis. DefundTheBBC Why is the BBC News photoshopping pictures to mislead? BBCPolitics Because money makes you invincible They want US to be muzzled submissive sheeple ......

BBCPolitics Why have contracts for PPE gone to friends of ministers and advisors without tender interimspace Defund this raggedy news agency. interimspace Because they are pointless? We are at the end of a pandemic, your eyes are a vessel of entry for covid, it lives on hard surfaces so mask don’t do much.

It will start with them being made mandatory indoors. Then later they will be made mandatory everywhere. This will not end with Covid. Once this starts it will not end - we will be made to wear masks forever. Because they have all the knowledge and understanding & medical prowess..they understand the real threat and danger... There isn't any. We have been lied to ... traitorous treacherous filth.

Intelligence and the ability to lead by example are not attributes the Tory Party requires. They prefer people who can enable corruption and pretend it isn't happening. They may be crooks but they're not all morons How do you wear a mask in restaurant? You gonna need to take it off when you eat? Because the masks are just an exercise in control, not health. You fell for it. Just like Cummings and Ferguson. They literally laugh at you wearing a mask.

obvious answer... they know they do little to nothing. Especially the cloth ones Hmmm. This certainly is a very confused government that desperately needs to find a single page for them all to get on. Shame the book burnt long ago. Cos they don't give a shit about others? BBCPolitics They clearly have no idea on how to behave

......bbc doesn’t get. They soon will if they carry on with this sorta shit. Cause they know it’s bollox? this is a photoshopped picture! Disgraceful BBCPolitics All BBC presenters should wear masks to muffle out all the shite that comes out of their mouths. defundthebbc why are you photoshoping pictures

Why was RishiSunak serving food wagamama_uk with out a mask? I would have believed their staff would have to ware them. They don’t have to, then we don’t have to. If anything this pandemic has taught us it’s one rule for politicians and their mates, another for everyone else. Where's the other picture of him serving a couple without the mask?

It is not law to do so. What is your problem? What a stupid question from probably a stupid journalist. Are the BBC continuing to doctor photos? Disgraceful. Do they know something we don't? Because they do more bad than good. We are being played. KBF Boris has been given a mask by Cummings to cover his mouth so he will find it harder to put his foot in it.

Virtue signalling meets mass paranoia in the form of the face mask. Now 'needed' in shops where we successfully socially distanced all along but apparently not 'needed', or even possible, when we gather in bars to eat, drink and socialise. Our politicians are setting bad examples by not wearing the masks and also not keeping social distance that’s why public is ignoring the scientific advice and coronavirus is setting back its roots. Generally public is conscientious and law abiding yet follow their role models.

Cos when they talk...you cant hear a fckng word...Took me 3 times yesterday...to order a fckng takeaway sandwich and a coffee... Who writes your shit BBC? Diane Abbott!!! Dohhhh. HerdImmunity Vanity, superiority complex, narcissism or their lizard overlords have ordered them not to. Because they are obsessed with the sound of their own voices, and anything that could potentially alter that sound, is a non-starter.

No masks in Sweden, the place where apparently covid would be rampant with no lockdown.Guess what, no lockdown there, no out of control virus and no masks. UK has been subjected to a psychological campaign of terror, bbc is complicit. Live fearlessly, reject the tyranny, no masks Keep distance = no masks! Most people don’t use properly, pull down to talk🙄

Because they’re idiots! Dunce! BBCPolitics Oh, I see that enforced submission through mandatory muzzling is the next focus of your propagandising. Who could possibly have predicted that... BBCPolitics Why wear one when the BBC will photoshop them on for you? Why are people making out that it’s some indious crime not to wear one! Besides it’s far to late to make any difference anyway!😩😖

BBCPolitics Why should they? Vainglory? FakeNews FakeNewsMedia lies bbc bbc pendling lies again Because they still can’t get hold of PPE. Invoke article 61, remove bbc! Or any main stream media! I do not need a yellow star, I mean mask to live my life COVIDIDIOTS In Finland , the POLICE persecute citizens,,

Finland must not be criticized Finland is otherwise placed in a mental hospital or involuntary treatment or in prison for fictitious reasons,,,,Finland is a corrupt country,,Finland thinks only of itself,, because they lie to the public and are full of shit..... just like BBC !! ohhh wait you are in on it all together 🤔 Pandemic2020

Masks don't work and may harm your health. One rule for them... BBCPolitics The picture is incredibly misleading - Rishi Sunak DIDN'T wear a mask. Most people will only see the tweet and picture and won't click through to the story where the picture is captioned as an 'artist's impression'. ComplicitInDisinformation

Because they are not all virtue signalling brain dead planks? Allthough Sadiq Khan is the exception as he does not wear a mask in interview but he is a plank. You're complicit in all of this Not being funny I like breathing oxygen so no to a mask for me The people who are saying all should wear masks.....I presume you will be wearing one for the rest of your lives then? Germs and infection weren't created with 'covid'

That is a fake image! DefundTheBBC The politicians know masks don't protect and can infect. Why would they put their lives in danger when they can just amuse themselves killing the rest of us? Reporting this - you seriously photoshopped a mask on his face and think that is acceptable?! And by the way why have you misled readers with a photoshopped mask on Sunak?!! He hasn’t worn a mask on any of his visits. Please MaskUp RishiSunak et al.

Because they don't work Because rules don't apply to politicians!! British medical Journal advisors against mask wearing. HM Govt: 'It is important to know that the evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small'. see page 35: How are you supposed to eat at a restaurant with a mask on Muppets?

Hmmm, probably because they know it’s all a load of bollocks... next question? Why are pubs open Why aren’t they back in Parliament Why superimpose a mask for a story? Especially when the fact it’s superimposed isn’t in the main headline it’s misleading. You wouldn’t wear one in a restaurant anyway it’s difficult to eat in one!

More the question is why can’t teachers wear face masks madness Covid19UK teacherlivesmatter Defund the BBC another misleading BBC headline Because they know face masks are useless. Time we realised it too. Face masks are the new tin foil hats. Incompetence? Stupidity? Ignorance? And so on and so on. Lead from the top, set an example and people with follow suit, it's not hard is it c'mon

Cos its 1 rule for them another for us Because they know it's not about health Probably the same reason news readers and television show presenters don't. Because no one gives a shit. ScumMedia Another Tory case of “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you” Because they know masks are unnecessary. They're just a way of exerting control. Showing fake pictures isn't a good look btw, BBc. DefundTheBBC

You mean the 'ChinaMask'? I think Fauci and Biden want everyone in 'ChinaMasks' until China takes over. I won’t be wearing one. I find it hard enough reading people when I can study their facial expressions. This will kill the high streets as everyone I know won’t wear one as well. Johnson should definitely wear one, he's had the virus once already, he shouldn't be risking getting it again.

They will be soon wearamask. show the politicians what to do . . . . The left doing what the left does best, dictating. What aren’t more journalists? Its DOMDEATH IMMUNITY TIME. GET IT? Capitalist culture will trade poverty misery DEATH for greed any day. And has educated us to obey every personal desire WE DESERVE IT. So we consume to fill emptiness act on addicted self néed. The death of others doesn't matter. OUR VALUES.

Becoz hydroxychloroquine is working against chinese virius It was not mandatory at the start so why try to make it now It's because they're trying to pretend the virus is no longer a threat. Also, it would be really nice if you stopped editing stuff to make the Tories look better. Really nice. The BBC photoshopping things to make the tories look better again is it

Because we're the peasants who are muzzled up ...disgraceful fake picture.....Sunak has never appeared in public with a mask...!!! Pure idiocy, fragile masculinity, intentional misdirection. Take your pick. They only make them for one faced people? DefundTheBBC Nazis who force people to wear muzzles should face severe consequences

Because they know that Corona is a scam, maybe How many of them have gotten sick? If there was a virus, and if is was deadly, they wouldn't get out of bed. Did the BIT lot write this crap? Ego or ignorance? Take your pick. Because they have COVID vaccine I don't think the BBC should be posting a photoshopped image without making it clear it is.

They don't wear them as they need their faces to be seen so they stay in the public eye, it's a popularity thing to be voted in again Seems to me a pretty stupid thing to do, for the BBC to 'fake news' photoshop Sunak wearing a face mask (when we know he didn't) when making the point and asking; 'Why aren't more politicians wearing face masks?' Pretty dumb! 🙄

Everyone has to use a mask Defund the BBC Nazis who try to force people to wear muzzles should face severe consequences Because this 'An artist's impression of what Rishi Sunak would have looked like if he had worn a mask' lmfao i love/hate this timeline It's a macho thing. Most have had it and I doubt any use public transport

Cause only the sheep need to... Scamdemic Because we are British and we like doing the opposite to everybody else in the world, whether right or wrong.. Why are they wearing them Because they are idiots. Next question? Which first world country is failing at this? Because they know deep down that masks are pretty damn useless

Delete this tweet! It’s completely missing leading. RishiSunak didn’t wear a mask and it’s not the to superimpose one for a story. Ofcom This politicians should be isolated for harming others 意味ないから。 マスクなんな何十年も前からあるものだし、現代にふさわしくない。 賢い人が迫害され、詐欺師が無茶苦茶してるだけ。 why doesnt BLM wear facemasks

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