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Greta Thunberg, Nobel Prize

Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg?

Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg?


Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg ?

The climate activist’s critics say she is unstable, hysterical and mentally ill, words straight out of the misogynist’s playbook. They’re scared, write Camilla Nelson and Meg Vertigan, because she challenges the view that the world is theirs, and only theirs, to conquer

Greta stages a protest at the World Economic Forum in Davos on 25 January

Greta addresses a children's climate protest on 1 March in Hamburg

Greta attends a meeting for the Civil Society For rEUnaissance at the EU Charlemagne Building in Brussels on 21 February

In the protest that started a movement, Greta skips school to sit outside of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm in order to raise awareness of climate change on 28 August 2018

Greta speaks at the House of Commons in London on 23 April

Greta addresses a debate of the EU Environment, Public Health and Food Safety committee at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 16 April

Greta receives the Special Climate Protection Award at the German Film and Television awards in Berlin on 30 March

But politicians and broadcasters appear to have confused the disorder with mental illness – a label used throughout history to label and potentially stigmatise “difficult” women who are told they need bed rest, medication or incarceration. Even today, doctors are more likely to diagnose women than men with depression, even when they present with identical symptoms. Advocates for people with autism have pointed out the disorder is not linked to mental illness.

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Not afraid, just annoyed by a brat. When they attack and try to ridicule Greta they make her more powerful and influential because she speaks truth to a rotten corrupt system and the people are waking up to reality at last ! Find something news worthy and stop retweeting this. They are not scared. They are mocking her

Two sides of the same coin. Most of these 'powerful men' are crypto communists (rich on recently printed 'fresh air' money), intent on weakening Western civilisation with false science, using a confused kid as a human shield. You're all in it together. Because imagine her impact when she’s older. I don’t think they are, who is and who has said they are? Why are you making up a story? Fake news I think one powerful man would say and you make the beast look correct.

I dont think they are. She is just a puppet Who’s scared? Are they? Really? Because Greta Thunberg will select for 'Nobel Prize 'which denied for powerful even after powerful man who demanded for it..😯

Italian officials investigate effigy of Greta Thunberg hanging in RomeImages posted on social media showed an effigy with a poncho and long braids hanging from a rope before a sign posted on the bridge in English reading 'Greta is your God.' Yep those violent liberals are back to it Would they investigate if it was anyone else? Nope, would they fck Wasn’t Pompeo just on Rome? Just asking lol

They’re not. More vaguely annoyed. Fear is a bit of a stretch. Fake news. GretaThunberg 🍀💜🍁🍂🕷🧚‍♂️ This young lady has an illness called PANS/PANDAS & has been molded, used &manipulated for an agenda far beyond what she is aware of.All who give her a stage are guilty of child abuse. Climate change is a fact of life on earth always has been.

Because toxic insecurity has caused people with questionable values to end up in power. The rest of us need to wake up and support the next generation in dealing with this toxicity. Fs stop giving her air time and ps is she not away back to school yet?! You’re mistaking ‘scared of’ for ‘not taking seriously’ and ‘pitying’

They are Not Scared 😦 they are Pissed Off 😤 Translation. 'Those who dare to disagree with the far left's radical message must be afraid of their child spokesperson'. No, we don't accept the message, don't care who you chose to push climate socialist propaganda Names please....

Teacher suspended after 'joking' about using sniper rifle on Greta ThunbergMatt Baish, a teacher at Waterloo West High School wrote a comment saying 'Don't have my sniper rifle' on a Facebook post about Thunberg's visit to Iowa City. it's more like a 'Conspiracy to Commit Murder' Her handlers have done an outstanding job. Her age & gender make her immune to criticism. At the end of the day Greta Thunberg is nothing more than a prop at the adults table.

They are not. They dont care about her. Neither should the rest of us PaulPaul49 Maybe its because the leaders know they are responsible for many mental health issues in society today. She may have rattled their souls and got them back on track! Who knows only them her and our Universe. Because they’re not powerful men but actually weak men that crave power in order to hide their weakness?

And why do we give power to men like this? They clearly dont say they’re scared, that would make them feel and look even weaker. They instead just throw around insults. Take Piers Morgan for example. Because she’s right and their power is fake. Hers is real. Were all scared of how often she pops up on our time lines. Cut it out independent, and let the girl fade back to school. Haven’t you got any “real news” to report?

No one is scared of her. She is a front for people behind who are the real target but concealing their identities. People who want to take away your air travel, your car, meat from your plate, your gas cooker and make everything you need to buy unaffordable. Could be a problem. You can read the Independent, or you can read this interesting article on weather data falsification.

your headline so ridiculous. lol

Effigy of Greta Thunberg hanged from bridge with noose investigated by policeMayor of Rome condemns ‘shameful’ scene as authorities open investigation 🤦‍♂️ Silly world.

Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg?....I am not :-) “Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg?” Answer : apparently there not,or are you saying criticising her is a sign of fear, or are you saying we have a God child and to criticise her would be an act of blasphemy and to do so means you fear her. Win win narrative.

They are not powerful. They are scared that their corruption is being destroyed by a girl GretaThunberg. Their sexism and misogamy is being shown. LOL!! Powerful men are what?!?!? Not difficult, Greta’s youth and speaking appeals to the emotional beliefs of mainly impressionable youth and others who are similar. WW TV and medias have bombarded all of us with Climate Worries that the end of the living world is coming.. But the science is still lacking!!

Not scared of her at all . Just perplexed at the phenomenon! “Why are powerful men so scared of Greta Thunberg?” Answer apparently there not. 👇 They are not scared of her .....they are embarrassed for her!!...she is a pawn that is being manipulated!!👎😡 Name one of the powerful men who have expressed there fear of Ms Thunberg ?

ABBA singer throws support behind Greta Thunberg's 'climate SOS'ABBA singer Bjorn Ulvaeus has thrown his support behind Greta Thunberg , describing the teenage climate activist as a girl with 'superpowers'. In a video message, he described the 16-year-old, who The environment is dying. Entire echo systems are collapsing. People are eating babies.. and all you can think about is support! How dare you! ok I can't unsee this picture now you know We have surplus Environment leaders, we want ground/grassroot workers.

Because by getting the masses involved, it will force forward big changes, and the changes will cost a lot of money. They saw Geobbels… scared!?!? what!?!? Scared for her, not of her. are they? Because she is trending with the next two generations suckled on climate change milk. Big Business power slowed it down - their greed has accelerated it

'cos the only meat she eats is gammon. Because she speaks the truth.

Why it’s worth waiting for winter squash | James WongNot all fruit and veg are best eaten as soon as they are picked, says James Wong Because when the squash grows in the winter the summer bugs infest then cook in the squash the additional nutrition makes you stronger than a regular boy (un-vaxed)

Yes, they are soooooo scared!! 😆 Those powerful men can hardly sleep at night now. 😆 Time the MSM stopped promoting her and her leftie backers. Oh I forgot, they back you too. Cause she don’t smile CONSIDER this, if you could save $2000 each year on fuel and help the planet, would you? They want her Propaganda platform ?

No one scares of this child. again ⬇️🤷‍♂️🤡🤣🌈🦄 Because she is a threat to that power. Dunno, why? They're not.

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