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Why Adele's 'Easy On Me' video look is the ultimate trans seasonal outfit

Her new single is excellent, but Adele’s chic ensemble is also worth noting

10/20/2021 4:37:00 PM

🧥 If you were to conjure up an image of the ultimate autumnal outfit that ticked both the fashion and function boxes, it's probably a version of Adele ’s most recent video look

Her new single is excellent, but Adele ’s chic ensemble is also worth noting

The star’s highly-anticipated new single ‘Easy On Me’ has been a hit: in less than a week, it’s broken Spotify streaming records and garnered 80 million Youtube views and counting. As much as the single is a showcase for her stunning vocals, it is also further proof that Adele is positioning herself as a major fashion player.

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The ‘Easy On Me’ video sees the singer pack up and leave an old house in an oxblood vinyl trench coat over a pumpkin-coloured turtleneck knit, paired with chocolate-hued flared wool trousers and coordinating leather stiletto boots. The French luxury fashion house Lanvin was behind the ensemble.

This look is the latest in a string of stylish outfits, including a puff-sleeved Schiaparelli gown, as well as a fabulous Valentino haute couture confection and a pastel lemon Vivienne Westwood corset on the November covers of US and British Vogue respectively.

What was particularly great about the ‘Easy On Me’ video outfit though, is that as well as being fashion-forward, it’s easily replicated, and nicely solves the trans-seasonal dressing dilemma for what to wear right now in one fell swoop. Here’s how: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Adele (@adele)

The jacket When the winter chill hasn’t quite set in, a weighty trench coat is the ideal cover-up. Adele’s Lanvin number is a wipe-clean leather style, but you needn’t have deep pockets to tap into the trend.On the high street, Cos and H&M should be your first stops. The former does an excellent khaki one (£150, Cos) which makes for a stylish pared-back option, but a bold shade or vinyl material (like this shiny chocolate number, £59.99, H&M) will make more of a statement a la Adele.

The knit A fine Merino turtleneck is the perfect base layer for every trans seasonal look, as Adele well knows - a slim-fit layer works nicely under her trench coat. In a burnt saffron shade, it blended seamlessly into her look, which is the style trick worth noting here. Black might be a go-to, but it would have jarred in this outfit. If you’re not keen on orange, other autumnal shades like camel, oxblood or forest green - would look just as good.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Adele (@adele) The trousers Wide-leg trousers are big news this season, and Adele is in stylish company, since Demi Moore, Holly Willoughby and the Duchess of Sussex have all worn them in recent weeks. Hers are a deep brown wool, so they look and feel warm without feeling as formal as black or navy versions would. There are similar versions at a range of price points this season. Sister brands Massimo Dutti and Zara are doing the best iterations: Zara’s pair has a chic kick flare (£29.99, Zara) while Massimo Dutti’s pleat-front style (£89.95, Massimo Dutti) is a close match to Adele’s designer pair.

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Come colder weather, the sleek leather boots she sports are a must under wide-legs: look to By Far and Russell & Bromley for the best ones. Speaking of which…The boots Cosy sleek-fit aside, Adele’s stiletto heeled boots aren’t the most practical, but they do add polish like no other shoe would. Block-heeled versions (like the Charles & Keith pair below in a similar shade) are a great compromise, and are a walkable heel height for every day. The wipe-clean leather material is what’s worth noting: come rain - which is highly likely this time of year - you’ll regret anything else.

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