WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron Covid variant

WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron variant

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12/4/2021 4:15:00 PM

WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron variant

The US and Australia became the latest countries to confirm locally transmitted cases of the variant, as Omicron infections pushed South Africa's total cases past three million.

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I think it's time to know the name of every variant over the last 75 years that we've had influenza marking its territory. 😂 When are we going to flatten that curve? It looks even softer and smoother than a ' normal ' flu! What a shame WHO UN who are yet to sanction china for chini virus Covid which all began .. now nature will show wrat against China

Still gotta take that freedom juice regardless Gotta keep sales up Im waiting for the omega variant to come. We still have a while to go Who? Wait 2 weeks 🤡🌎 Hangovers last longer. Move the F$&k on. Didn’t realize that Iceland & Greenland were a part of Canada?

Covid: First Omicron variant case confirmed in WalesThe first case of the Omicron Covid variant has been confirmed in Wales. 😴😴😴😴😴🖕

And how many under the age of 12 have died? Why are we vaccinating kids under 12? Sounds like it’s a safe variant then. Cool. Sorry, WHO. Better luck next time Get you scared Keep you scared You are more likely to comply when scared The WHO organization says no one has died from the latest variant of omicron . This is fact and the covid 19 has a 99%+ Recovery rate🤓

F u comunist Only folks panicking are the unvaccinated. til tomrrow Shut it down! Uganda is abound to announce some death. U involve money on it and see

How probable is it Omicron Covid variant will take hold in UK?Analysis: UK’s early vaccine deployment and use of different vaccines to South Africa mean it’s too soon to say Very probable. No need to read Very…with Johnson at the helm!

It's just the flu. Well the go-to argument right now that the 'people who are getting it are vaccinated' as if the vaccine is causing the variant (which is untrue) but here ya go, no one has yet died.. because they are VACCINATED! Vaccines manufacturers are the trillionairs , S. Africa obviously hasn’t got the hang of it yet, they should ask China

They should say it already that someone has died from it, it's very expected...or are they waiting for Nu, Mew and Psi variants to be the 'deathly versions'? RitaPanahi For South Africa it is less about Omicron, and more a political move and rightly so, to get that Communist, Hamas, Iran, Cuba & BLM ✊🏾 supporting regime back inline.

Omicron sounds like a proxy-vaccine. If it displaces the delta variant then we'll have a highly transmissible common cold to cope with. Game over The media need to quit sensationalizing the flu! Omicron was discovered at the end of November in South Africa. It's the beginning of December and it's in 38 countries. So it's been about 3 weeks, which likely means the person it was discovered from is still sick Also, WHO says, there is no Reported deaths

COVID-19: At least 50 people infected with Omicron variant at Christmas party in NorwayThe news comes as Norway joins a number of other countries trying to control the spread of the variant with tougher rules. Really...... And? Thats 50 lucky people who now have 6 mnths immunity. Where can I get it?

AGozdyra a_niedzielski To chyba rzeczywiście game changer As long as all variants are prioritised over cancer treatment, that’s fine. JaneRuth_Aceng ... TimKennedyMMA Idk who? No WHO says. IDK WHO!?! WHOOOO! WHO is a joke Who said that? Hard immunity Throw away the tests. Pandemic over. Nobel prize shit

TimKennedyMMA PUREBLOOD FOR LIFE!!! This damn jump scare Transformers mumbo jumbo costing me money. The damn CRYPTO MARKET took a dip cuz this BS. Good thing I already made my Fortune in Crypto lol Come try and give me a shot i DARE you!!! Hope you have Life Insurance 💯

COVID-19: US tightens travel testing rules as Omicron variant spreadsThe imposition of tougher coronavirus restrictions by the White House comes after America reported its first known case of community transmission of the highly contagious new strain Omicron.

Your map is racist What idiots still listen to who.🤣🤣 ezralevant Bill Gates Germ Game So why TF is anyone still doing this sh!t. Enough. Omikron was a Microsoft video game from 1999. Coincidence? How many waves did Spanish Flu have? That’s because it’s a milder virus hence why South Africa still refuses to implement mandates and passports.

BorisJohnson’s response with the Muzzle mandate, stinks to high heaven of a smokescreen to deflect attention from allegations of corruption within the Tory Government, especially in regards to MattHancock. WHO cares Yeah, sure they sequenced the viral DNA of everyone who's died in SA in the last 1-3 months. Jesus this headline is stupid.

Biden will extend his plane, bus and train mask mandate until March 18Sources briefed on the matter told Reuters of the extended mandates following concerns of the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron.

We gunna die anyways why ya worried Admitting the mistake early can reduce the jail sentence, WHO DrTedros Fuuk u Don’t bother. You have any information. Oh geez, lock everything down. Put people out of work. Stop food production. Have police beat anyone who goes outside. We're in this together This is turning into an almighty scam

I don’t know, WHO? nobody will ever die from the omicron variant. BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST. COVID IS A HOAX. THE VIRUSES ARE FAKE YvetteHenson I went for PCR today, as I'm fairly sure I have COVID. Again. And I'm vaxxed. If it's Omicron, it's nothing like the first wave, which was murder, knocked me flat for 10 days. This feels like a bad cold, nothing more.

How do you say 'Omicron'?Omicron is the 13th variant of the Covid-19 virus to receive a Greek name but the pronunciation is up for debate. I say ChinaVirus from Wuhan 😂 American 😂 Go for it WatchRatio

So is this person lying? No thats not what the article says . Its says too early to call. Shall we just take this as good news, rather than trying to twist it to suit a particular agenda. 👍🏻 Oh such a relief? Dear COVID, this is NOT how I wanted to learn the Greek alphabet. Maybe omicron is not so bad. Pfizer and Moderna are in panic mode.

I thought this was a question Neoavatara Panic!!! Shut everything down! I wondered if this new strain is a bit more crafty. Infect them first, then lay low for a while - just as we think all is well - the damage starts!

Pfizer hyped it up because their contracts say that governments must pay for everything thing order…even if it is not delivered. So they want big, big, big orders of their vaccines It’s fake. It’s been brought in to boost the booster numbers and put public back in the box. This is what we’ve all been saying. It’s a mild variant and not warranting the panic

Omicron is... The Omicron Variant has mild symptoms like soreness and exhaustion just like you'd feel after a hard days work. No wonder Democrats are terrified of it. Who does say it? No. You need to wait 2 weeks 🤣🤣 Probly bcuz it doesn’t fucking exist It's almost as if it would be evolutionarily beneficial for a virus not to kill its carrier.

Oh shit panic I herd it’s mild 😔

And how come asia has little to no red IndependentSage still hell bent on lockdowns. Absolute psychopaths. YET, lagging indicator Hard to blame this in brexit I don’t know who says that. Why would they lie like this? Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to 'post-pandemic stress disorder,' physicians in the UK now claim. Actually, vaccines kill more than Omicron.

How about with it? It sounds like we need to organize COVID parties around this new variant. Intentional infection is the best innoculation.

No shit, typically people don't die from a cold. But keep that agenda rolling you shills 🖕 They almost sound disappointed by this That’s exactly the question I’ve been asking, but ppl keep asking it right back to me (in all caps no less)… Western countries need to stop using Africans as the ' scary Yeti' to scare their White countries into vaccination!

“No one has yet died” says WHO as they wait with great anticipation. northerness Yet all the scaremongering nonsense DoNotComply They said it would get milder. It has. All the cultists won’t let that stop their hysteria. Cut them out of your lives. The Flu virus is much more deadly and there is no cure yet. However we live freely and work with that health issue out there. Yet the fear mongers are suddenly obsessed about this new variant which is not deadly. It's time we get a spine and move forward to live with it.

Open travel with South Africa

Quick lock everyone down in there little apartments! Still time to instill fear and panic before the news cycle changes. OmicronVarient clownworld 🤡🌎 This may or may not be true but all the other variants are still out there. Delta is still around taking lives. jimcramer this is what you want to deploy the National Guard for? Makes sense.

giaitrihanhtinh No one has died but global stocks are died Yeah that’s how viruses work they get more infectious and less potent there’s literally 0 reason to care Yet , but it’s coming for you 👿😈triple mask , daily boosters LukeJohnsonRCP Has anyone been Seriously ill? Or even gone into Hospital? How many have died from the clot shot Apparently... its the cold weather now.. And on a more serious note cold weather also means you're more likely to suffer from serious conditions such as a heart attack or blood clots.

That's it..Its pfizer in cohorts with DrTedros (who has mastered the game playing Wuhan coverup) doing a campaign for selling a few billion doses of vaccine..

And not a single hospitalisation in the UK with this variant. 🤔 certainly hope so. But it’s only been around a couple of weeks. Sky and BBC will be distraught at hearing this