Who knew that a woman playing Dr Who could drive boys to crime? | Maria Le Conte

Who knew that a woman playing Dr Who could drive boys to crime? | Maria Le Conte

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11/28/2021 11:39:00 AM

Who knew that a woman playing Dr Who could drive boys to crime? | Maria Le Conte

Male role models are disappearing – to be replaced by women. So says MP Nick Fletcher. He should look again

for free school meals.Should they be told about the importance of doing what is right? They can look no further than Harry Kane, who wore a rainbow armband during the Germany game. Hell, should they realise that even if you are impossibly talented, it is always wise to have a back-up plan? Former part-time mortgage adviser Tyrone Mings is there for all to see.

The England football squad, led by the equally inspiring Gareth Southgate, showcased masculinity at its bestIn fact, it doesn’t even have to be about each individual player; watching this group of young men from all backgrounds and corners of the country get along, work together and care about each other was enough. The England football squad, led by the equally inspiring

, showcased masculinity at its best.But perhaps that was not what Fletcher had in mind anyway. Instead, looking at thefirst reportpublished by the all-party parliamentary group on issues affecting men and boys, which he co-chaired and which was behind the Westminster Hall event, provides some clues. In it, psychotherapist Martin Seager argues that “we are now at a cultural low point”. headtopics.com

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“Even the celebration of heroes (and it was recently D-Day #77) is never made a gender issue in terms of positive masculinity. We talk about the ‘menandwomen heroes’ even when females made up less than a tenth of a percent (2 in 22,000),” Seager is quoted as saying. “Rather than focus on the sacrifice and heroism of the 99.99% men and praise their gender, we describe this event in gender-neutral terms but would not do the same if the genders were reversed.”

Elsewhere, policy recommendations include “the need to tackle growing societal and gender stereotypical norms that view men, boys and masculinity as inherently bad/negative”. Clearly, the men Fletcher and his colleagues like the most are made of straw.

It is frustrating because both Fletcher’s speech and the report did identify some very real societal issues. As he pointed out, 13% of men are not in employment or education (compared to 10% of women), suicide rates for men are three times higher than they are for women, life expectancy for a man today is four years lower than for a woman, 83% of rough sleepers are men and 96% of the prison population is male. These are staggering figures.

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Though he probably wouldn’t want them as fellow travellers, Fletcher could even get many progressives on board with his argument that “we should need fewer police, not more; we should need fewer courts, not more; we should need fewer prisons, not more”. headtopics.com

Instead, most of his utterances on the topic seem to – sometimes implicitly, sometimes not – put the blame on those dreadful feminists who never care about poor, stupid men.Menare vilified because women talk about their experiences of rape and sexual abuse; they are left behind because women want more representation in popular culture and so on.

It is a disappointing and self-defeating approach. It is absolutely possible to care about the needs of women and those of men. Treating the issue as a zero-sum game helps no one, least of all the boys Fletcher cares about so much. A world in which more men are happy and fulfilled would be a happier and more fulfilling world for women as well; there is a way to do this in which everyone wins.

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This was not the point he set out to make, but in a way Fletcher has made a solid case for the need of more male role models in today’s Britain. There are issues that affect men specifically and must be dealt with, but they will not be solved by men who believe that a female Time Lord is turning boys to crime.

The very phrase “men’s right activist” reads like the reddest of flags because too often, the men who purport to care about men only do so because they resent women. It needn’t be the case; there is a space for men to help each other without bringing anyone else down. We need fewer Nicks and more Gareths. headtopics.com

Maria Le Conte is a French journalist living in London

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Is that what drove him to become a tory politician? Who knew that every time a Tory said a stupid thing, the media would jump all over it, thus distracting from what Boris is trying to hide. You fall for it every time. It’s planned. Just goes to show that no matter what you call the party that is on the conservative end of the political spectrum, it will attract the greatest morons of all. It's true of Republicans in the States, as well.

That's dumb... Yeah,Effin HILARIOUS!! This shit leads to violence against women! Misogynistic gammons voted people in like the tory d1ckwad who made this silly statement..its no surprise Maria? Ooh la la youngvulgarian. Here we go again, the Graun deliberately mis-repping what was actually said in order to foster some faux-outrage among its followers. A better question would be why is it OK to remove positive male role models? Rather than cast the Doctor as female, why couldn't the BBC have

Well said, Marie/a! youngvulgarian

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Twelve men played Doctor Who before a woman – I think boys will cope, Nick FletcherThe Conservative MP was met with mockery after seeming to link the trend of prominent female casting in ‘ Doctor Who ’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Star Wars’ to criminal behaviour in young men. While there’s no denying boys need positive role models, it’s an argument that fundamentally misdiagnoses the nation’s masculinity crisis, writes Louis Chilton Shes not even a good actress nevermind a role model to anyone.. Stick to your dying business model, political satire isn't in your wheelhouse

Tory MP denies suggesting women playing ‘male’ characters pushes young men into crimeA Tory MP has denied suggesting women playing ‘male’ characters pushes young men into crime after he was comprehensively roasted for making comments that appeared to say just that. Is he still banging on about that?! We ALL heard it.... 🙄 Didn’t he say it on tv or was it a clone saying it Tory MP's make outstanding role models for those wishing to be recognised as a tosspot.

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“No, Nick Fletcher, female TV heroes aren’t driving young men to crime”The Conservative MP suggested “female replacements” in TV and film roles are leading young men to crime. CarveHerName Not so sure. Those braces are potentially a lethal weapon. One flick and ouch. CarveHerName By that argument women should have had a lifetime of crime given we didn’t have any positive examples on screen until recently?

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