Who gives the Queen medical advice?

Who gives the Queen medical advice?

10/22/2021 9:33:00 PM

Who gives the Queen medical advice?

The Queen's physician has to maintain privacy for a patient whose life is lived out in public.

He also works at another medical practice a few streets away from the Edward VII - a private hospital in Mayfair, used by the royals, which originally treated wounded officers from the Boer War.There is a range of other doctors in the medical household and other medical officers who attend the Queen when she travels overseas - and other specialists could be consulted.

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Another of her doctors, Peter Fisher, was killed in an accident when cycling in London three years ago.In his comments to Imperial College, Sir Huw pointed to keeping people safe in the pandemic as a "key priority" for the medical household.

Privacy challengeBeing the doctor to the royals has always been a mixture of medicine and diplomacy, says Elizabeth Hurren, professor of modern history at the University of Leicester.From the Tudors to the 18th Century, royal doctors were "as much psychological as diagnostic" in their approach, offering soothing advice to people who were unlikely to take direct instructions, she says. headtopics.com

How would you tell a monarch, ancient or modern, to take a rest?Prof Hurren, who has researched the history of medicine, says the doctor had to be one of the most trusted people in the royal circle. "It was very intimate. They needed to entrust them with the most private parts of their lives."

There are continuous tensions that are still true into the present day, she says. "How much medical information do you give the public? How do you maintain a sense of privacy?"In previous centuries, the monarch might have wanted to keep illnesses away from the eyes of the court, not wanting to show vulnerability. "The court was alive with rumour and gossip," she says. And the doctor would be expected to keep medical problems confidential.

Prof Hurren says the role of the court is now played by the modern media - and the same questions of balancing privacy with public life are facing the present-day royal family and their doctors. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Thank you! She’s 95+ and someone is asking such a question now?!! Human beings!! Bill the builder from Bristol, or Sharon the pundit opinionist from Shrewsbury? Aliens Harold Shipman I hope Wizards & Mystics Why The Queen is no giving £1 million? May god give your majesty the well-being and the best of health I have lots of love, respect and admiration for you God Bless you Your Majesty

I had to read this thread for the responses to such a ludicrous headline from the BBC Other than every roy… every reporter? The lizard people?

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Oh dear god. Leave it alone Let's think now 🤔.....maybe doctors ? Is it Twitter? Jacob_Rees_Mogg ...just a spoonful of convivial fraternal spirit helps the medicine go down. Rasputin ‘s descendants ? Google. World health organizations lucky her BBC you just dont know when to back off and respect a person privacy. This has nothing to do with anyone. This is definately not newsworthy!

Not Dr Hillary or Dr Khan I'm sure. I am sure the queen has the finest medical advice that the world can provide as it should be😊😊😊

The Queen has cancelled a trip overseas due to 'medical reasons'The Palace has said the decision was 'reluctantly' made

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Hopefully a qualified doctor She’s done 😐 How is that any of our business at all? Some dude on WhatsApp Nicholas Witchell is out the loop and rightly so, Karen off Facebook

Queen, 95, urged to rest for a week after cancelling NI trip last minuteTHE Queen sparked health fears by cancelling her first royal duties in 15 years yesterday. Her Maj, 95 — due to visit Northern Ireland — has been told by docs to rest for up to a week instead.… Take a brake , that's alright. I see she met Yasir bin whatever . That's something I don't get . Why ? Who came up with such a shite headline? She isn’t even ill. She was told not to visit Northern Ireland by the prime minister because he didn’t want any awkward questions about the Northern Ireland protocol. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Bowser_51 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Her doctor…? Health professionals. Now get on with news, not speculation, rumour mongering and malicious gossip. Report news, if you can remember how. It is not your job to try to influence, stir up shit or harangue. Your 'journalists ' are very well paid. Earn it. Properly. A Doctor. Not BorisJohnson .

Dr,s. She doesn’t trust the BBC. A doctor? I hope it's Fauci and the CDC merged with NHS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Boris? Her Facebook group ? No one face to face.

Queen ‘showing slight seasonal cold signs’ despite driving and walking dogs around WindsorTHE QUEEN is reportedly showing 'slight signs' of a cold after announcing she has canceled her trip to Northern Ireland due to health issues and despite driving and walking her dogs on the Windsor estate on Wednesday.

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Queen Elizabeth II's cancelled Ulster trip 'nothing to worry about', claims royal expertQUEEN ELIZABETH's cancelled trip to Northern Ireland shouldn't concern fans, a royal expert has claimed.

A shaman? Joey Essex? Torvill and Dean? Er her doctor. 😆 doctors who don’t blab about their patients on Twitter would be one theory Interesting Alan Titchmarsh? I think it might be her doctor. Or if he/she is on holiday, one of the corgis. If they're not available, one of her sons. why is that imp? why don't u do a story on NHS, how they are understaffed, underpaid and the waiting time for most medical purposes go on to weeks? where's that story?


Prince William 'acknowledges his role has changed' - priority is 'to support the Queen'PRINCE WILLIAM 'acknowledges his role has changed', a source has claimed amid concern for the Queen's health. 🥰

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