When will our Sun die? Scientists reveal explosion that will destroy Earth

When will our Sun die? Scientists reveal explosion that will destroy Earth

12/2/2021 3:20:00 AM

When will our Sun die? Scientists reveal explosion that will destroy Earth

THE Sun will eventually die – but how and when has always been a scientific debate. One study suggests that humans will die out long before the Sun’s death. When will our Sun die? According t…

The Sun is predicted to expand so much it would engulf Mars and Earth as if puffs up into a red giant.It's thought humans would have died out way before then unless we can find away to leave planet Earth and exist somewhere else.The 2018 study suggests, at this rate, humans only have around one billion years left.

This is because the Sun is predicted to get 10% brighter every billion years and this could create some major issues for life on Earth.An increase like that would evaporate oceans and water sources.The study also suggests that when the Sun is done with its red giant stage, it will become a white dwarf and then end up as a planetary nebula.

That means it will end up as an expanding glowing shell of hot gas.Nebulae like this can be observed all over the galaxy.

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