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Prince Harry, James Corden

'Whatever you think about Harry, his James Corden appearance shows he's happy'

'Whatever you think about Prince Harry, his James Corden appearance shows he's happy'

2/27/2021 12:46:00 AM

'Whatever you think about Prince Harry , his James Corden appearance shows he's happy'

It was great to see Prince Harry talking naturally on the Late Late Show with James Corden , he seems like a man with the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders

Whatever you think about the decisions that Prince Harry has made, and the way he has gone about implementing them, watching his appearance on James Corden’s show one thing was simply undeniable.He’s happy.Away from over-choreographed photo shoots and Zoom appearances every bit as awkward as the rest of ours, it was great to see him talking naturally.

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What is your view? Have your say in the comments sectionAs they say in his former life in the military, at ease.He seems like a man with the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders – laughing, joking, excited about his future.Surely even his most critical detractors must be grudgingly pleased that at least the historic moves he made were not for nothing.

Admittedly, it was also bittersweet, seeing Harry like this and being reminded of who he really is and why we had such warm feelings towards him in the first place.He would have been – was – such a great asset to the Royal Family, especially with Meghan by his side.

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It’s really hard not to wish that things were different. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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Will Jame Courden interview me to show the world I am happy? He has to keep a happy face on. Don’t care What really, millionaire idiot who never has to work at KFC is happy? 🤔 I don’t think he is No it shows he for sale Meghan told him to ‘look happy’ He looks ecstatic 🙄 And as stiff as a board on tv If there’s a smile on my face it’s only there trying to fool the public.